Monday, March 31, 2014


Much has been made of a visit to China last October where the Justice Minister on an official trip, detoured to the Head Office of a company her husband is the NZ director.

Now one serious duty of a Government, particularly around matters dealing with a one party outfit such as China, is to smooth the way for business to operate as effectively and beneficial to NZ Inc as possible.

Her Majesties Loyal Opposition sat on what Judith Collins did on those travels last year, until the eve of the Prime minister's visit to that behemoth, well published  as a repair mission in the aftermath of the  false health scare over dairy trade, more specifically alleged contaminated Fonterra  produced whey powder.
New Zealand is nowhere near the biggest dairy producing country, I think we rate 4th but they are pretty damned dominant as a trader so the hiccup at a little link in the chain had massive potential for damage and subsequently required a significant repair effort.
I say hiccup as the product that raised the red flag, whey powder is around 1% in tonnes of Fonterra's annual production and the suspect batch was a fraction of that.

Ms Collins husband is the NZ director of Oriveda. Established in 2011, the company exports produce from New Zealand to China, including milk, meat, seafood, vegetables and fruit along with others.

Milk trade suffered across the board from NZ in the aftermath of the scare, with all product, even that from other companies such as Westland Milk, Synlait,  Tatua,  plus a myriad of niche companies using milk from any NZ source including Fonterra having problems real and imagined and of course Oravida was included.
In the world marketplace all NZ milk was literally tainted.

Why would not a significant citizen, a minister of the crown  no less, not take every opportunity and be seen promoting NZ Inc in our number one market.

But no, according to the Chatterati and coffee classes it was variously; graft, corruption, abuse of position, failure to comply with the Cabinet manual, misjudgement, unfitness for office da de da and whatever all packaged up in an attempt to derail the Prime Minister as he traveled to China with the results of an inquiry to repair any residual damage from the entirely false Botulism contamination cockup beaten into a major threat to dairy trade,  by fear, ignorance and innuendo.

Meanwhile the very serious apparent corruption of one of the two major NZ political parties being beholden to the Trade union movement, delivering favors and largess to them, and in return receiving funding generated by liberal interpretation of rules around "Training initiatives" and monies collected for welfare and representation of members on the very vague claim of connection in the form of political gains.
Ignore any people included, who may well support National at the ballot box and might well resent their share in Union funds being so donated.
Add in the dominance awarded to the unions in providing MPs and a not insignificant chunk of influence in who will lead the rabble and therefore aspire to the Top Job, by way of procedural rights in the election, the question must be asked who is really in charge there.

Toss in a very unseemly and well outside the spirit of our democracy furor with the one focus to assist a presumed justice fugitive from another jurisdiction avoid extradition to the US  and Ms Collins efforts from last year soon  become the irrelevancy they always were.

The Polls from the weekend tend to reinforce that view.
8% support as preferred Prime Minister, hell that is only a quarter of his supposed loyalists, is that a true indication of the strength of the ABC faction.

Sunday, March 30, 2014


Michael Smith at his blog quotes a scientist mate who has researched and proved a light bulb giving similar light to a standard candle, produces one eighth CO2 emissions of the coal fired electricity needed to power a 5 watt light bulb for the one hour dedicated to Gaia

Earth hour was last evening, I am led to believe, and it is an acceptable show of support to eschew electricity for one hour and sit around by candle light to demonstrate how to save the planet.

Ha ha Ha Ha and some claim the socialists are a humorless lot.


So the fat German has launched his political party and he reports he is well on the way to finding five hundred fuckwits to sign p as members..

If he had an ounce of honesty in his bones he would have called it the New Zealand Nazi Party.

In reality the party is the EEP.  It is the Extradition Prevention Party

Saturday, March 29, 2014

100 not out

The Pickering post reports 100 days with no illegal immigration boats arriving in Australia or its territory.

Recall how the banshee socialists decried the Liberal Country party Coalition's promise to 'stop the boats"

After The ALP dismantled Howard's policies, up to three boats a day were arriving at Christmas Island, and hundreds were drowning when their leaky boats were scuttled.

100 days and the only arrival at Christmas Island was this boat with the dinky orange ones as deck cargo.

At 200k each, the dwindling opposition to Abbott and Scott Morrison's military action "Sovereign Borders", allmost all from the chattering classes Fauxfacts and the ALPBC, claimed they were a very expensive option.
Put that 200k each, I think they have loaded three with boat people and sent them safely back to Indonesia from whence they came, savings to the Australian taxpayers in settling, welfare and crime  from the illegals have been many times the real cost so far in unsinkable lifeboats.

Of course those with brains and no need to bolster their voting stocks understand these illegals  are actually not refugees but people with cash and resources jumping the queue of genuine displaced people in camps throughout the world seeking a better life in The Lucky Country.

100 days and counting, don't you like a government that makes keeping its promises a point of difference.

Why do I think this worthy of a post, well I hope our border control is watching, as this success by the Coalition has raised the stakes and how long now before a larger more seaworthy boat crosses the Tasman and Indian Ocean and puts ashore here in gods own with a  thousand fare and fee paying passengers with no passports and all with applications for asylum.
Monthly arrivals in rubbish boats to Christmas Island reached over two thousand a month and at an estimated $15 000 each in payment to people smugglers, you do the maths.

Where Is David? David WHO?

Buried under the superficial load of garbage in the MSM, including a saga on an overweight German of Finnish birth, currently living in New Zealand as a resident, while the USA legal system seeks to extradite said lump of lard, is an almost invisible leader of Her Majesties Loyal Opposition.

David Cunliffe current occupant of that office, in a desperate struggle for relevance and exposure in the news cycle continues to make a total arse of himself on a regular basis
Imbued with a belief he can connect with younger citizens he uses social media and makes his biggest ripples Tweeting on Twitter or is that twittering on tweeter, sadly too often for his comfort, in the form of SMOGs

Yesterday his most recent cockps came on  a revisit to the "decline in the Provinces" meme.
Now as Ele at homepaddock and Keeping Stock among  many, accurately point out, the socialists hold only two seats that come within that designation, The Provinces, Palmerston North and West Coast Tasman leading to a serious deficit in an information stream as to what is actually happening in the far flung nether regions.
Compounding that deficit, the NZLP failed to win the Party vote component in either.

His sporadic and pointless forays from The Beltway have resulted in spurious lies, misinformation building a picture working NZ Inc see as on another planet.
A parliamentary inquiry in conjunction with lobby groups, fellow travelers and sycophants travelled throughout our country to discover the dire state of "Manufacturing".
That charade ended up eerily similar to the Rena, on the rocks, spewing detritus and pollution at considerable cost to the Taxpayers, all in the face of an inconvenient truth.
Manufacturing in this country with its well documented problems of a small domestic market, currency disadvantages and distance from the rest of the world has been on a growth curve the whole time the current government has been in the chair.
From the lowpoint of the then government created dive into recession, a year earlier than the rest of the world, driven by the suave smarmy history graduate and his props in the Clark administration, manufacturing has enjoyed a rise that continues on an upward curve, largely sans direct state promotion but within a framework policy of the state keeping out of the way

Yesterday DC excelled again with his "Prophet of Doom" persona on twitter from the provinces, leading to some  putting theories out there as to who might be shafting the temporary leader, implying he is not capable of creating that scenario unaided!!!
Jesus wept, he doesn't require the ABC faction, a daft gang suddenly aware that electoral oblivion is the oncoming train, an incompetent CoS or any other problem contributing to his ongoing refusal to acknowledge reality. He demonstrates an inherent ability to get there all by his stupid self.
The prick had most of January/February to do what most other citizens do in the Summertime, just drive around this beautiful country with his eyes open and he would have seen "main street NZ" occupied and ready to trade, trucks, vans and coaches full and delivering,  thousands going on holiday, among  many indicators we are not on the skids.
In the evenings he could have sat in a motel room and read a few local giveaway papers full of tales of growth, expansion, industry and things to see and do, or alternatively, gone down to the  local with his hearing aid turned on and observing a vow of silence. 
The real economic facts of provincial NZ were there for the taking away.

Yeah nah,  not for the Messiah, he relies on a bunch of misery guts whingers clamouring for yet more welfare to compensate for  incompetence and inadequacy in managing personal affairs, delivered hourly by those who spend an inordinate amount of their time searching for negativity.
Many of these messengers with tales of doom and disaster are also in the media, another bunch who refuse to see what those whose glass is above half full notice every day on their way to work.

While idlers sit around drinking, sniffing, smoking and whinging,  immigrants on a variety of visas are milking cows, picking fruit, gathering vegetables, cleaning hotel/motel rooms washing dishes in jobs that often come with free accommodation or at least heavily subsidised options
Dont for gods sake start on about the jobs not existing in South Auckland, they aren't in Fiji, Tonga, Samoa, The Philippines, Somalia or the freakin Balkans either. 
They are in Hawkes Bay, Southland, Manawhatu/Horowhenua and throughout "provincial New Zealand, not far from a "backpacker hostel" and there are buses  going there every day.

Meanwhile will the leader of the opposition stand up, oh he is standing up, just obscured by an obese visitor, unwanted by a majority who just wish Uncle Sam would come and collect him.

Thursday, March 27, 2014


In the interests of democracy and transparency I am left with no other option but to reveal the terrible truth that the rush of people to trumpet themselves as 'haters' of the evil John Key is but a dastardly plot by the National Party to garner support from the previously uncommitted voter.

Clearly it's been money well spent and working brilliantly because who in their right mind would really want to be seen aligned with the likes of Hone H and tribe, (aka Mr Schmidt), Pam Corkery, Edward the Confessor, Martyn (Bomber) Bradbury, Wussel Norman, Clare Curran, Marian Street, Brendon Horan or Kyle Chapman.

One on one and John Key is looking like Saint John.   Collectively .............. go figure.

It certainly was a brilliant mind that came up with the idea.   Well done that person.   

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Game over

The fat German from Coatesville has been exposed as a Nazi

What an Unmitigated Disaster for Democracy.

I guess I am being politically naive to suggest the whole Dot Com, Internet Party shamozzle is a total perversion of any shred of democratic principle.

I freely accept the barely concealed conniptions around the ACT party in Epsom are seen by opponents from the political left as a manipulation of MMP for electoral advantage just as any suggestion of a similar deal to accommodate Craig's mob will be seen should it happen.
Isn't that being achieved within the legal parameters of the flawed system

Surely I am not being overly concerned with the current attempts by an obese Finnish born German to just purchase NZ Democracy for the one single reason to avoid extradition to face a court in the US, as being a much greater gross manipulation of the dogs breath electoral system, MMP and as a complete perversion of what little remains of our treasured Westminster system of government

Green Party Co leader Norman has all but stated he will thwart any extradition order if he is in a position to do so after September 20th 2014.
If that is indeed his position it appears to me to be outside what government, the courts and precedent dictate as the powers of the minister of Justice.
The Mana party of Harawira is locked in an ecstatic dance of desperation with Dot Com, seemingly to take the "Epsom strategy" to another level'
The obese German, convicted of crimes in other jurisdictions cannot gain a right to a seat in our Parliament for himself on the basis of his residential status yet we are witness to a saga of political manipulation by almost every grouping in our political landscape other than the National Party and it is not inconceivable that is only because no one has yet found a credible link to them.

A country gets the government it deserves, oft repeated I know but I sure as hell do not think for one single minute I deserve what the kraut is threatening to dump on me.

I come back to Edmund Burke's words 'All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.'

From where I am sitting it seems good people are in  short supply and a tragedy is threatening to envelop NZ Inc and it's democratic traditions.

I have never, and never will support MMP, a position entirely predicated on the simple fact a majority of electors in an electorate seat have no legal way to reject a thoroughly bad bastard from gaining a  list seat in our highest court and parliament.
Auckland Super City faces a similar scenario over a now seriously discredited and unwanted Mayor but at least the Parliament in Wellington can act on the wishes and desires of citizens both resident and non resident should PDB  be designated an even greater pariah and replace him with a commissioner.
What The Kraut and his desperado minions are proposing is to trade our democracy for 30 pieces of silver and in my opinion that is a potential disaster. 

I accept John Key is the Antichrist to somewhere around 25% of the electorate for any of many reasons, but surely electoral success for those people and their fellow travelers who number a total  closer to 45%  is valued considerably higher than current behavior of all those displaying fealty to Kim Dot Com suggests, surely the price is already far too high.

RIP Hill Billy.

I note the passing of Henry Arthur Burgess, latterly a resident in The City of Sails aged 75.
Henry was a character who inhabited the talkback community on Radio Pacific and was a bit part legend in the life and times of the late Geoff Sinclair among others.

Born in Staveley at the eastern end of the Ashburton Gorge where Mid Canterbury folk claim winter is manufactured, Henry's anecdotes around his early life there were a great snapshot on hardships and struggle around the time of WW2.

A bard and a published author, Hill Billy as he was known on the wireless had problems with the law involving time at Her Majesty's pleasure yet with a prodigious memory and a laconic delivery style his entertainment of insomniacs will be remembered by many.

Yet They Ask Why They Are So Judged.

Scumbag real estate operatives both management and drones is what I am alluding to.

A bunch of provincial nobodies hitch their wagon to a now national brand that until a couple of decades  ago was only recognised in the Northern City.

They get a listing for a lifestyle block, owned by a family trust with an obligation to give residential rights to the widow of the trust settlor who is not a beneficiary.

The Widow getting older with mobility issues required something smaller and more central.

A buyer makes an offer part cash and including a property suiting the current needs of the widow, for the rural lifestyle property, it is accepted and a deal concluded.

Now the useless scumbag agent is claiming a $20k commission on that  property included as part payment.
As if he sold it!!!

I have 10 years in that industry including holding a licence and although my knowledge of the small print surrounding this now lawyered up dispute, it would appear the  wideboys have used form and manipulation well beyond the knowledge base of the victim. It is incidents such as this where professionals take advantage of the vulnerable that are the  major reason I am no longer in the industry.
Had the asset value of the small town house been say a Ferrari or the deeds to a brothel instead of a house,  offered and accepted would they have claimed commission, on reflection quite probably.
 Btw I understand that town house was not listed or under a contract of agency to sell with the wideboys or any other RE company.

Even if it was, morality  and ethics tell me the town house value was merely a part of the total consideration making up the accepted offer.

It may be too much to hope the court will see beyond the understanding of Joe Citizen and tell the rapacious bastards from the self styled "leading property agents" to involve themselves in sex and travel and even award costs and compensation to the only victim.
Although is his defense it is possibly the 'tits' agent's  only deal in a year, he would struggle to sell bottled water on a hot day at half price.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Pied Piper

I didn't get it quite right first time round.

The fat Pied Piper played his seductive tune and all the rats flocked to Coatesville.


The Qantas subsidiary Jetstar doesn't have a great reputation and so it was with some trepidation that Pam and I decided to take advantage of a special offer from them to fly Auckland-Singapore direct, business class, for a total cost of less than one normal return economy class fare flying S'pore airlines.

We figured that as time wasn't the essence we could afford any delays and, if everything turned to custard, travel insurance would kick in.

Was down in Christchurch and Queenstown last week doing Gods Work and in a 'Oh Bugger' moment picked up the news that Jetstar was pulling out of the Auckland-Singapore route as part of the restructuring of that company.    

I thought at best all we could really expect was to get our money back ..... not so.    Got back home to Paihia to find an e-mail from Jetstar advising that they had re-booked us on Qantas, business class, flying via Melbourne to arrive in Singapore a few minutes earlier than our original ETA and coming back departing Singapore a couple of hours later.     In addition they have given us a $100 gift voucher for our 'inconvenience' ..... some inconvenience going business class on a regular airline.

So, all I can say is well done Jetstar.   

MH 370 is officially down in the Southern Indian Ocean.

The Malaysian Prime Minister has announced it must be assumed MH 370 followed the Southern arc and ended in the sea west of Australia with the loss of all passengers and crew.

No id of any of the growing debris reports or confirmation  they came from the lost aircraft.
This conclusion and subsequent announcement coupled with english language texts to those awaiting news is based on accumulated data leading to this logical official assumption of the loss.

Unprecedented acceptance of the analysis of the growing pool of data, confirms  a realistic view on a basis of probabilities.

Still no smoking gun but Beijing and Kuala Lumpur are arranging transfer of those waiting  for news and or confirmation to Perth.

Monday, March 24, 2014

The 285,000 child LIE

Life in the Far North.
As some of you know I moved back to the Far North last year, scratching around for something to do I stumbled across a role through a friend that offered me an opportunity to do some good.
Or so I thought.
I run a small business that is effectively a not for profit. And no, it is not a failing business that we call a not for profit. It was set up with no profit motive. We just need to cover our costs.
We are aiming to provide safe reliable transport for people in the North that we will politely call credit challenged.
The Far North is massive, we have very poor infrastructure and have never really enjoyed any large pointless spending from either National or Labour. Labour don't because they could stand Richie McCaw in the North and lose. National don't because they can stand an odious wanker like Mike Sabin and win. So these people really do need cars. But more importantly they need safe, legal cars so you and I can drive around with slightly less fear of being killed by a clown in a car with no brakes.

Like many I had dark and not altogether poorly founded thoughts on why we have so many people in the North who seem utterly incapable of functioning as a reasonable and useful member of our 21st century society. Until I began this project my preconceived notions were without much research, rigorous thought or first hand experience at what the daily struggles of the underclass are.
So, in other words I was in pretty much the same boat as the overwhelming majority of people and especially every Labour and Green MP, all MSM left wing commentators/ journalists and the legion of useful idiots that are trotted out to bang on about poverty and the starving children.

Let me tell you.
I am dealing with close to 100 families from Whangarei to Kaitaia that will never join the mainstream. They are almost entirely hopeless in every aspect of their lives. But none of them have kids that are starving, in fact they are using techniques and schemes to travel through life that are incredibly complex and would stun most of you if you witnessed them first hand.

I am sick to death of seeing stories about WINZ being heartless/ inflexible/ mean.
Bullshit, WINZ will pay your speeding tickets, your lawn mowing, your rent, power, phone and any other manner of bill if you rock up and turn on the sobs. The lurks and perks are fantastic if you know how to play the game. And by far the best way is to keep getting knocked up. Most of the families I deal with have a male and female parental unit under the same roof and anything from 3 to 11 children. But the Male parental unit is registered at a different address of course. You need to do that to defraud the state with DPB. Gets a bit tricky when dad gets convicted and given home detention. I have three "Dads" having holidays at Auckland addresses currently because they are wearing a bracelet. You see if you are cheating WINZ it pays to have one partner notionally living in a different city.
And they moan like hell that the state is out to get them.

They are a self fulfilling prophecy, my customers rock up in their cars and try and sell me the free food, two or three times a day. The cardigan wearing numpties who provide these services are part of the problem.

So, anyway back to the business.
We sit down with each family and help them work out a budget on what they can afford, we then tailor a package to suit and ensure it will not stretch them.
If they get past this hurdle (90% do not), we find them a cheap car and provide it to them with a service contract that guarantees we will pay and complete warrants, ensure the registration is paid and provide basic insurance. All this for a surprisingly low weekly amount and a goal to own the car within 12 months.
We encourage them to pay by bank account but of course most prefer to pay in cash. We teach them to change a wheel, check the fluids and how to keep the car clean and tidy.
At Xmas we found a bulk load of child seats that we GAVE to a number of mums. They sold, lost, burnt or left in the garden every single one of them within weeks.

Through all this I have seen things that would break your heart, but I have never seen a child who is hungry for food.
When I see Labour and Green MP's keep promoting the fake statistic about 285,000 hungry children I want to grab them and drag them through Otangarei or Raumanga or Otaika, come here and show me a hungry child. Suburbs that I go to every day are areas that would make Jacinda Ardern shit her pants if asked to walk through.
These fucking rich socialists make me physically ill.
They know nothing, they add no value, they suck resources that would be better spent on a tractor and some sacks of spuds.
More money with the current failed system is not  the answer.
Stop fucking preaching to me about poor people and try and meet some.
Every current program, effort, policy and NGO and Maori gravy train is failing. They will always fail because we are soft, we will never do what needs to be done to break the cycle. The problem is only getting worse.

Tomorrow, I may tell you what the answer is. But let me leave you with a clue. It involves spending Billions and has to have Paula Bennett running it. She is the only member of Parliament who understands what being on a benefit means and she beat the stats and dragged herself up.

It took a while and to some watching, seemed unlikely.

Ele at Homepaddock reports Clare Curran has finally been confirmed as NZLP candidate for Dunedin South and closes with a good comment:

"If her own party don’t really want her, why should the good folk of Dunedin South?"

Sheesh they sent the very strange ex school teacher, Benson Pope to Wellington for three terms, not sure if Curran was a step up or backwards

It will be no great revelation to most who visit   at Homepaddock and understand the demographic that makes up Dunedin South, as Ms Curran will have a support base that is indoctrinated second, third and probably fourth generation tribal Labour, who even though circumstances have raised them from the desolate real poverty of those old suburbs that vote labour because they didn't grasp there exist options in a modern world.
 They are locked into a mindset, largely due to the suffocation of welfare, turpitude and lethargy.

In 1950 Dunedin had; St Kilda, Mornington Dunedin North and South,
Christchurch;Avon, Riccarton, Lyttleton, CHCH Central and deep red Sydenham,
Wellington; Mirimar, Petone, Hutt, Brooklyn,
and Auckland; Grey Lynn,  Arch Hill,  Onslow,  Auckland central, Mt Albert, Waitakere and Onehunga as tribal labour populated electorates with hard working manual labourers and public servants for whom Micky Savage and his first labour government in 1935 brought a real revolution.

To think of many of those very concentrated electorates as Labour today is laughable as they have morphed into home territory  for equally hard working people but who like little kittens, have opened their eyes and seen destructive socialist based labour in its true colors.

Clare Curran represents an electorate that has changed so little it is quite quaint and even a little Brigadoonish.
I have stated previously, a manuka stick with a swede stuck on it and sporting a red rosette would romp in as a labour candidate.
Many of the diminishing labouring class have been augmented by academics and school teachers in tribal Labour, who through book lernin and a dreamtime existence on OPMs replacing earned wages and  savings from  life shortening hard manual work, have a similar unthinking irrational tribal link to the increasingly irrelevant NZLP c2014.

Eventually education and burgeoning awareness will release  the delightful hidden areas of Ms Curran's electorate for what they are  and what they offer as a lower cost base for entrepreneurs and intelligent people to advance their lives using assets such as the University and Dunedin Hospital as the mother lode they truly are. Medical research, technology, arts and science all suffer from high costs of space and staff yet here is housing and space oh so very affordable.

Meanwhile far too many will continue to whinge about the loss of 19th century industrial monuments to a bygone era such as Burnside workshops, and send Ms Curran to Wellington on a continued search for fools gold in a party that doesn't currently rank her, even as a second term MP.

Sunday, March 23, 2014


The TV arm of the NZLP propaganda is hard at work.

After the very tight control exercised by Helen Clark with management support from her formidable Chief of Staff, Heather Simpson and a compliant party of 'fifty shades of Grey', identity politics for Labour leadership  has disappeared in a fashion eerily resembling the  disappearance  of MH 370.
Accurately described as turtle on a post, helpless, shouldn't be there, no idea how it got there,  placed there by people with equal deficit in ideas and no way of humane removal with dignity.

First up to bat after the dismissal of H1, clean bowled Key, was good old Phil Goff, nice earnest chap, been in the team since Muldoon was the problem, bit tarnished and tired but seemed solid enough.

Three years later after some serious problems with insects damaging Phil's bat,  team management installed a new opener in the shape of another very likable bloke with overseas experience on the very uneven pitches in places as exotic as Somalia. Shearer was his name and as a virtual unknown he was given an easy ride by most commentators but frailties in technique were soon exposed and he was dumped without ceremony after a forgettable golden duck,  I mean double snapper.

Then followed from the national administrators, a departure from where skippers were appointed by management and selectors with agreement of the players.
The national administrators set up a captaincy selection system that not only involved the team on the pitch albeit seriously diluted, it included stakeholders and funders with another sizeable input from their ever diminishing fan base.
What followed was a skipper imposed in opposition to a clear majority of the players and the result is a marshmellow centered melting moment that lurches about trying to be the flavor desired by every different playing arena with no consistency unless sticky sweet smarmy is your every desire in taste.

As a counter to this mish mash that threatens to unravel at any time the TV propaganda arm has embarked on a program of employing so called significant greats from past glories as closing images with supportive commentary of their flagship program Q+A on Sunday mornings clearly designed to give the leaderless rabble a leg up.

Last week it was stationary engine driver, youngest ever NZ Mayor, built his own home in Kaiapoi, extremely non telegenic(until later Mayor of Waitakere, Bob Harvey gave him a makeover), very overweight, paranoid, "Big Norm", Norman Eric Kirk.
Now Norm is very fondly adored by the remnant sycophants still in Labour, currently around 29%, as a "great leader". Sadly as time passes his image is tarnishing faster than a bronze monument in the ruins of an East German chemical works.
Sure he made an impact with populist initiatives funded with OPMs in the form of reserves built up by the Holyoake and Marshall administrations, however it was not just his health that was running out with the sands of time.
 His image, vaunted by followers, blinded by dreams, didn't see how his economic policy was heading for an end as dire as his health.
But the images and the legend remain as a beacon to socialists. Who truely remembers elevated deputy PM  Hugh Watt and eventual elected leader, Wally Rowling?

This week the closing of Q+A was another window on the past based on the next Labour Legend who remains  a monument equal to Kirk, in the minds of many.
Another overweight, big mouthed, fickle, insincere and shallow legend of "The Party", David the 1st, aka David Lange.
Like Kirk, a flawed legend that because of a political desire for a cup of tea that  derailed what many would today hail as the Salvation and Resurrection of NZ Inc from the  results of the great socialist incarnate Muldoon,  who had our nation teetering on the edge of an engineered bankruptcy.
Had his administration been allowed to continue under the second generation Douglas family member Roger now Sir Roger who knows where we could be in 2014. Very little of what Douglas introduced has been tampered with by any succeeding government.

So who to next week, Walter Nash a one term wonder who was too old for the task when Peter Frazer popped his clogs nearly a decade earlier, Frazer himself or Micky Savage, the real one not the presumptuous git using his name on blogs today. None of them with any resonance with voters under 50 today.
In the real time of Political history, Muldoon would be a candidate for pin up of the week for the advancement of socialism but he wore a blue tie.

So who will be selected as the great hope historical image for an ailing political movement, "Tune in for next weeks exciting episode". Sunday 0900 repeat on Sky 501 an hour later, dont rush though it is the closing that reveals this NZLP promotion in the face of the charade that TV ONE is an impartial media outlet,  the rest of Q+A is pretty forgettable talkfest crap provided by a very shallow puddle of talent.

Little Toad ignores 53% of South Australian Voters.

After 53% of  voter gave their support to the Liberal Party in a hung parliament under a rather unusual electoral system, Independent Geoff Brock has thrown his lot in with rejected Jay Weatherill  ALP leader to form a minority administration.
ALP 23 seats, 47%
Liberal party 22 Seats 53%
2 independents. One Bob Such has taken two months leave of absence)
1.9 swing to the Libs.

The other Independent Bob Such an exLIB, has suffered a health setback leaving pseudo ALP Brock and Weatherall to set up a notional government with indecent haste and boy did Brock have all the guilty body language of a tumbled burglar. At turns angry, sweaty, talking so fast as to be unintelligble and only informed Lib leader Stephen Marshall by way of a answerphone message.

Had Weatherill and Brock had a smigeon of regard to the will of the electors in the face of a performance of a very inept Electoral Commission, they  could have allowed for The 47% ALP to put up a speaker and allowed the will of 53% of electors to be respected.

Funny no calls from anyone let alone the socialist for an MMP system, I guess that is due to the present system year on year delivering the urban vote to the ALP via seats won and the Liberals understanding what a monkey's arse MMP actually is. It is estimated in the light of a 1.9% swing to get the Libs, to get the other  two seats, it is estimated they would need to poll 55% two party preferred to win the treasury benches.

Not a great look Weatherill and Brock,  just a tad quick to take advantage me thinks,

Best of luck to Bob Such .

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Meanwhile back at truth honesty and integrity HQ.

Those very nice trustworthy political operators are just putting the facts out there.

Recently after a transparent review and reallocation of Vote Health funding to address problem gambling, contestable funding was removed from The Problem Gambling Foundation to the Salvation Army, apparently on the simple premise the Salvos made a better case.

Definitely nothing to see here but hang on how did that play out.

Poster boy for anger management programs, ex school teacher, vendor of complementary tickets on Trademe,  convicted thug, allround bovverboy and Member of Parliament for Hutt South immediately hit on the media with the allegation this funding denial and reallocation was all because the Problem Gambling Foundation had opposed the Sky City convention center deal that increased the Casino's poker machine cap.

His erstwhile leader immediately followed with his favoured weapon for personal foot shooting (the season was recently extended) and tweeted his support for that allegation.

Only one little inconvenient truth stood in the way of this latest charge of the government using its powers to punish opponents.
Simple fact is that the Sallies had equally opposed the Skycity deal along with the PGF.

So perhaps a bit of digging might reveal what triggered this self immolation.
Well well well who might have been an insider to alert the occupier of the Herne bay "do up" and his ferocious Doberman, now defanged and minus some jewels.

A leading suspect might well be the National health manager for Problem Gambling Foundation  and apparent possible job seeker, non other than one Tony Milne, recently nominated NZLP candidate for ChCH central, protegee of a past MP for that seat and now "the man" at Party HQ and along with Milne rainbow faction member, Tim Barnett.

Of course Mallard, Cunliffe, Milne, Barnett et al are merely hard working political operatives doing their jobs with no manipulation, half truths, falsehoods, self interest and not a glass of milk yet revealed.

Friday, March 21, 2014

At Least it would give answers.

 A large chunk of me hopes the bits in the sea 2000 Kms SW of Perth WA can be identified as from the Malaysian 777.
A whole lot better than what the relatives are clinging to up till now.

If that is the outcome the "Black(orange) boxes" will never be recovered.
Deep ocean, currents and 14 days where would one start looking.
More than the remaining two weeks of battery life will be eaten up with working out where to start

I have often mused why technology has not delivered a detachment/ejection system including floatation for those repositories of such valuable information.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

A Gaff A Day...

...keeps the voters away.

Mr Cunliffe has demonstrated a truly remarkable attribute.

He has made more gaffes in less days than any other politician in history.

As they say here in the paint industry:-

Wattle he do next?

Here's a present for the poor bugger.


 The ongoing pursuit of Judith Collins has revealed zero evidence of wrong doing but has generated considerable opportunity to smear and distract.

My take was it was the only game in town with the rest of the soundbites very unhelpful to the opposition.

Slater at Whaleoil may have the true reason.

Over recent years successive governments have handed considerable sums of money to Unions, ostensibly to enable programs to improve such nefarious things as can come under Health and Safety training.
There has been little scrutiny of where such money ended up and a growing number of the cynical among us suspected it was recycled to the political wing of those unions to fund their election campaigns.
A fact that has contributed to a serious lethargy as that political arm deserted so much of the belief mode of the army that raffled, cakestalled and employed traditional financial support systems.

At present J C, no not that one, is on a legislative journey to make such a rort more difficult.
With an election looming and the NZLP pretty bereft of funds, members and donors, that funding stream has expanded in importance.
So what better way to keep the money coming in than to disrupt Ms Collins threats to it by having her stood down or sacked.

Very plausible.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014


 No relation to Sir Frank.

Hot on the heels of a promise to increase participation of the idle in forestry notwithstanding the current widespread problems of a high accident rates, too often fatal, Mr Cunliffe is proposing a drive to turn that around and is again proposing a many times rejected notion, NZ Inc can further process our trees.

A couple of little problems identified over and over again.

Buyers of our logs want to process them in their plants, with their lower labour costs and use every last bit of sawdust in the process.

Has the dopey bastard never noticed the enormous piles of bark, wood chips and sawdust rotting adjacent to the few mills still cutting up logs here or smoking kilns generating energy from that waste

Has he never driven past a subdivision where tilt slab, concrete block and steel framing are increasingly the preferred materials.
Cladding is manufactured from cement or resin based product.

His Lapdog soon to be in situ spoodle has joined the chorus with a promise of a Million bucks to the first highrise constructed after they win power.

Will look great in Greenhithe or out West.

Maybe rearm the police.

The next peacekeeping deployment

Or the SAS

Ministers' selfdrives

Or even new trains


How To Kill Off Trade, Jobs and Votes

Shout from every roof top accusations of corruption on the part of an NZ cabinet minister who met with and dined with a senior Chinese official.  The implication of course is that the Chinese official also is corrupt.  It turns out the official was one to whom NZ diplomats and trade officials had been unable to gain access.

It took a post from Cactus Kate, a seasoned Asian business person, to show the fools Cunliffe and Robertson in their true light.  No more than clumsy, clod hopping bunglers who should have known better than to shoot their mouths off.  These guys went to the same school of diplomacy as did the little Aussie nose picker who famously called the Chinese 'rat fuckers' and the Secretary General of the UN 'Spanky Banki.'

Here's the axe through the shoulder blades for Robertson and Cunliffe:-

This is why the Labour Party in their ridiculous obsessive questioning of Judith Collins going to a dinner  and who paid, is way off beam and showing complete diplomatic and racial ignorance.
Embarrassing really when they want to connect to the Chinese community to help with their fast declining vote in Auckland.
To make matters worse Grant Robertson used to work for MFAT and David Cunliffe’s CV claims he did as well.
I look forward to a further rapid decline in Labour's poll ratings.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Convicted of fraudulently enjoying union funds paid by Australias lowest paid workers, for sex, food, booze, and entertainment, ex federal MP, who propped up the Gillard ALP government from the cross benches, New Zealand born Craig Robert Thomson faces sentence next week in the Melbourne magistrates court and has been advised to bring his jamies and toothbrush.

His brief has claimed he is mentally fragile and should not be sent to the big house where Bubba is waiting to discuss his predilection for sensual enjoyment.

He is a Piece of shit and his whole life has been about Craig.

A commenter on Michael Smith News, Rooster, suggested he be deported back to NZ when Bubba is finished with him.
I replied no problem just do a backload with the co leader of our greens to Queensland before he does serious damage here. A sort of pre-emptive move so to speak. What is one more corrupt union scumbag when we get shot of the commy wetback.
Win win really.

Silent "un"

After years of Cunliffe being referred to as "silent T", now that he is leader the real truth is revealed.

It's actually "Silent un" as he is successfully leading Labour over the C'liffe.


Yesterday I wrote a post on Jonathon Trott's abrupt departure from the recent Ashes Tour of Australia.

Unusually for me I 'bottled' and deleted it on the premise it would be seen as kicking someone who was vulnerable.
Today after a good sleep, I an in agreement with Former England opener and Captain, Michael Vaughan, so here it is.

John 'J K' Kirwan has made a tremendous advance in depression treatment with his open and constructive support for how it is treated and more importantly accepted, particularly by males.

The recent tragic death by suicide of Charlotte Dawson after a long running battle with her demons around depression was yet another example of how black dogs can subsume anybody at any time.

Trott's very sudden and unexpected run for sanctuary placed significant additional pressure on his team mates with a five zip whitewash, an outcome after a three nil win in a home series only months earlier.
Skipper Allister Cooke floundered with his form and tactics, Joe Root, a rising talent succumbed, Matt Prior and Graeme Swann also came under pressure leading to Swann's retirement. Even a mature Michael Carberry who had gained the second openers spot became damaged. The only England player who seemed to cope was Chris Broad who after an infamous failure to walk at Trent Bridge, was promoted to "most despised" by the Aussie spectators, an action that seriously backfired when it seemed to actually make him stronger.

When Trott departed it was due to "stress" issues and his mental state was advanced leading to a very sympathetic and softly softly treatment in all media.
A recent publication of his take where he referred to his being seen as a "nutcase' and "crazy" has pretty much demolished his mental illness excuse for suddenly running out on his team mates and is now seeking restoration.

Trott just lost his bottle when facing a focused and on fire Mitchell Johnston sending down 150kph rockets and for respite Harris and Siddle only slightly slower but equally searching.
What Trott could have done was to have a cup of cement and even if dropped just stuck with his mates with support and assistance from his many years experience.
Then again he is not a "true Brit", he is another Saffa who has found fame in English cricket, joining a list that includes Basil D'oliveira, Tony Gregg, Kevin Pietersen, Andrew Strauss, Alan Lamb, Robin Smith.

One of the basics for modern treatment of depression and related mental health issues is acceptance it happens, can be treated and or minimised,  resorting to terms such as crazy and nutcase are very counter productive in any such moves.

IMHO Trott was more concerned with his "test averages" and "reputation" and took the cowards way out, I am OK with that but he should have withdrawn before the tour, possibly the most charged since Jardine brought Larwood and Voce to The Lucky country over seventy years ago, began instead of waiting until he was exposed with scores of 10 and 9 using shot selection even Monty Pannesar would avoid.

Yorkshire hardman Mathew Hoggard has joined Vaughan in opposing Trott's bid for reinstatement and this aficionado of cricket is very much of the same opinion.


How satisfying to see the Gnats over 50%; Labour below 30%; and Peters far far below 5%.

When your party has a dead dog's donger for its leader it hasn't got much show.

All that remains to complete the quadfecta is for the Greens to do a Tasmania and shed half their support.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

My theory on MH370

When I heard the airline premise that "planes don't just fall out of the sky unnoticed" my immediate thought was "okay, then it didn't". 

That meant something else.  When I watched a live press conference on CNN during the week, my next immediate thought was "these guys (the Malysian officials) cannot be believed".

Then I read about the Australian girls who were invited to sit in the cockpit for the entire flight with the same pilot in 2011.  And so my next thought was this:  If a terrorist outfit heard of this pilot's predilection
towards young women on his planes; and they managed to get a female on that flight who was sympathetic to their cause and who either knew how to fly a plane, or maybe knew how to communicate with someone who could tell them how to, then it would simply be a matter of the Femme Fatale  gaining access to the cockpit after batting her eyelashes to the wide-eyed pilot and viola, you take over a plane.  Once in there, the pilots can be "disengaged"; the crew needn't know any different for the 8-14 minutes that the communication systems were disabled and then you can pretty much do what you want. The passengers and crew don't know anything is "up" because as far as they are concerned the plane is flying towards its destination.


Well it's about as realisic as all the other theories that have been flying around (pun intended); but only time will tell how good my detective skills are.

Bin Fishing.

An catchin up with a few mates.

Only connectivity an inverter powered SkyTV.

Just a little mystified at what seems a total beatup on a government Minister who has not just been helping constituents but has made efforts to repair a few fences around Fonterra's over egged "botulism Scare" that was revealed to have zero connection to the family relative of a modern cosmetic aid.

Fonterra has one biggish involvement with the Chicoms and anything any senior NZ Poly can do to re-establish the reputation of the largest industry underpinning NZ Inc should be welcomed.

It seems the socialists and their complicit media numpties, think otherwise and have made a very minor promotion of a minor operator in our global dairy trade a hanging offence.
Whatever happened to the "nothing to see here" protocol that surrounded so much of the M O of the Clark administration as they pulled every conceivable string to keep the keys to the Crown Fleet?

Peters donations,
Electoral fraud,
Bribery and vote buying,
Phillip Field's assisting constituents that cost eventually by gaining him an inside view of our prison system,
A speeding motorcade that was un-noticed by a PM passenger yet landed the driver facing possible legal  problems,
Drunken ministers at the wheel, lying ministers at the table,
Piddling drunk caught short in a Hotel Foyer,
An extremely dodgy treatment of  citizenship for a very supportive mystery asian with an interpol advisory out standing ,
Commission of an art fraud and destruction of evidence by political operatives,
The rescue of the sham "Husband" of the PM with rendition from Los Angeles after an "incident",
And by no means last in a seemingly endless list, the Hawkes Bay health scandal involving a former Minister of Health, the then current Minister of health, now aspiring Prime Minister, an apparently seriously conflicted appointment as Chairman all within the close proximity of the former MoH's husband, one Ray Lind.

What the fuck did Judith Collins actually do to invoke such reaction, pray tell, was she supposed to pay for the freakin glass of milk?

I'm off fishing again soon and I know who I would rather house sit for me.

Cripes the dopey old Dental nurse might involve that nice Darren Hughes and my driveway is not quite as smooth as her street for nocturnal naked olympic sprints, no lighting for starters.

Saturday, March 15, 2014


Calling it quits in a few moments as I have to be up early to catch a plane to ChCh (assuming the BoI Airport is operating) for a week down south doing God's work.    But I have to say that tonight it's been joy to the soul watching the ALP and the Greens getting smashed in the Tasmanian State election.

Tasman is a basket case economy destroyed by the outgoing Labor Government.   It has the highest unemployment rate of any State at 7.4%  trending up.    Six weeks ago it was a Labor/Greens Coalition Government until the Labor Premier, with the writing on the wall, booted them out of Cabinet.     Tonight both Labor and the Greens have been routed and the Liberals will govern in their own right with a four seat majority in a 25 seat legislature.

Labor's game plan of trying to turn the State election into a referendum on the Abbott Government backfired spectacularly.     It was always going to be a referendum on how well Labor and the Greens had governed the State.

Absolutely fascinating and instructive to hear a procession of Labor luminaries slag off the Greens as a toxic and destructive force in politics and how they found it impossible to work with them in Government.      The ALP in Tasmania now has three years to reflect on their decision to cuddle up to the Greens.    They have already vowed never again.     Sage advice for the NZL Labour Party.


Just Passing By


It had been a relatively good 'weak' for Labour until Shane Jones decided (once again) to upstage his Leader to mount a sad and personal attack against Judith Collins and her family.   Comments which were disowned by his Boss and for which he was subsequently forced to apologize. 

Sorry Jones, too little, too late and too off-hand for it to be sincere.    You reap what you sew and, while others may be prepared to turn the other cheek, I'm not and so some questions.   

Why do you feel it necessary to get down and dirty ... is it because you are comfortable in that space and, while we're at it, do you agree  with your Cousin Hone that relationships between Maori and Non-Maori are to be deplored?   

Why is it that you feel a need to view hard porn if (as you said) you are in a stable relationship with your partner and/or mistress.   

Why did you wait until you were pinged to fess up and came clean that you had indeed rorted the taxpayer when you deliberately misused your Ministerial Card-card to pay for you to get your rocks off and indeed, what differentiates you from disgraced Australian Labor MP Craig Thompson found guilty of the same offense and now awaiting sentencing.     Did he learn from you or vice-versa.        

Finally, will you apologize to the Pakeha Anglican community who funded your education at St Stephens and who, right now, must feel betrayed that the 'boy' from the North that they put so much trust in has gone rogue.  

So many questions, so few answers. 

Thursday, March 13, 2014


From Radio New Zealand two days ago:

The Real Estate Institute says sales numbered about 6100 in February, a drop of 8 percent compared with February last year. That's the third successive month they've fallen, following the introduction of lending restrictions to cool the property market.

The national median house price rose 9 percent to $415,000, but it is increasing at a slower pace.


Ms O'Sullivan says first-time buyers have largely disappeared from the market since the introduction of lending restrictions for those with small deposits last October.
Analysts expect the property market to cool even further this year, due to expected interest rate rises making it more expensive to own a home.
And of course the last paragraph bore truth today with the OCR heading north.

The result of successive governments and councils failing to attack the supply side of housing is this.  And then said politicians have the gall to say they care about first home buyers.

Yeah.  Right.

Go Take A Hike - Herald

The God awful Auckland rag is at it again.

Apparently an interest rate rise of just one quarter of one percent is deemed to be a 'hike.'

I thought it was just a marginal increase which most prudent borrowers and lenders would have factored into their calculations at loan commencement time.

I the rate had gone from 0.25$ to 2.75% then you could call it a hike.

National to get Winston over the line

That's all you can conclude from this article.

They're handing this to Wenston Piters on a plate with headlines like this.

PS: Yes, I have deliberately mismatched his name because he's a f***wit.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Just when you thought things couldn't get any worse for Labour and along comes this from media commentator and Labour Party stalwart Chris Trotter on his blog 'Bowalley Road'.

You can read his prediction that the election is all over bar the counting here.

With friends like Chris, Labour certainly doesn't need too many more enemies.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


United Tribes flag I think the Prime Minister made the right decision to decouple the debate over a possible change to our national flag from the election campaign.   It would have been a distraction.     Nevertheless I think the time is opportune for us to have an intelligent conversation over the issue.      The road-map outlined by John Key seems a sensible way forward.

Cards on the table.    In recent times I have changed my view about the flag which probably puts me at odds with mainstream RSA opinion.    I now hold the view that if the agreed alternative is endorsed in a referendum with two thirds support (it should not be a simple majority) then I would no longer 'die in the ditch' in opposing change.      That is not to denigrate what has gone before but I do accept now that change is both inevitable and desirable as we mature as a nation with our own pacific identity.

Do I have a preference.   Not really although for me a stylised Kiwi or silver fern leaves me slightly cold.

As an amateur historian I hope the panel would at least consider the flag designed by the British Resident, James Busby back in 1834, to be flown by New Zealand 'flagged' ships (pictured at start).   It is a matter of record this flag was subsequently adopted by the Chiefs of the United Tribes of New Zealand (essentially Northland tribes) where it continues to be flown on the Treaty Grounds flagpole at Waitangi.    To my mind the flag is distinctive and bold and provides a link to the past. 

It should not be dismissed out of hand ..... although I suspect that much of Maoridom south of Whangarei might say it should.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Will Labour supporters suffer for the cause

With the election announced for September 20, that means campaigning during the wettest and coldest months of the year - July & August. 

Will that excite Labour supporters to get out and deliver stuff; knock on doors and generally campaign?

I'm not so sure and I reckon September 20 gives the centre right another small advantage.


While the tragedy of MH370 is fresh on our minds here's some useless information regarding aircraft safety.

Were the airlines to introduce rear facing seating it is assessed that a passengers chance of a making it out of a survivable crash is increased by approximately 50%.    I say useless information because it won't happen anytime soon.   Studies have shown the concept is impossible to 'sell' to passengers.   They want to face forward.

Many of the tactical military transport aircraft I have flown in had rearward facing seating with the notable exception of the C130 where the web seating had you in rows of 30+ facing sideways.

So, next time you see your 'trolly dolly' strap herself into a rearwards facing bulkhead seat you now know the reason why.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

How TV3 manipulates politics

I was informed of this today regarding the Act conference last weekend - summarised in my own words:
I can tell you that...the conference was very successful and the press has not been too bad.  For those...who saw the report on TV3 I can tell you that the audience shot attributed to Jamie's speech was...actually...taken at an earlier time of the conference when people hadn't arrived.  There were no empty seats when Jamie spoke to about 260 people; in fact it was standing room only.
 TV3 shows a half-filled room and attribute it to the audience who was at Jamie Whyte's speech.

When it actually wasn't the audience at all.

Sure, no big deal in the overall scheme of things.  But something to consider next time you see or hear anything coming out of TV3.


It may take some time before the circumstances regarding the 'disappearance' of MH370 are fully known.    What I am having a little difficulty getting my head around (as a pilot, albeit with less than 1,000 hours in his log book) is the silence regarding the reported two 'oil' slicks.

To my mind it should take less than a couple of hours to determine whether a sample from the oil stick matched the fuel the plane was carrying.   It's really no big deal and if it does then the search area can be narrowed down.

But being an 'armchair' analyst is a very easy thing.    This is a tragedy and the authorities will throw everything they have to determine what happened early yesterday morning.

Could be Hard to Tell.

American News reports a scam where a pair of dodgy bastards have been caught marketing counterfiet  copies of common health and beauty products in supermarkets, including such common articles as "chapstick" lip balm.

First thought was why would you but a million units at 10c clear profit, soon its real money.

How to pick 'cheap replacements' advice was offered including checking packaging in a similar way one might check if a $50 note is good.

Now one of the most annoying things in shopping for grocery is the complete revamp of a well known and oft purchased product only to find after wasted time and a trip to the help desk it was there, hiding in clear view all the time, only some young gun marketing guru has given the product a "new image".
My latest, the new compact 100gm Nestles Classic Instant coffee, about the volume of two match boxes it is the same content as the 120mm x 40mm packet in use for ever.
Got out the reading glasses and read the small print and heavens to betsy it contained the same 100g, didn't check the price but it is a dead certainty it wont be less'.

When should I start to consider it may not be what I thought, it just might be counterfeit.

A Complete Mystery.

Over a day has passed since Malaysian Airlines 777  Boeing en route KL to Beijing just evaporated and is now presumed to be in the gulf of Viet Nam where two oil slicks are visible.

No radio warning, it just to all intents and purposes vanished from every monitor available so far, two hours into a 5 hour flight.

It took two years to locate and recover the "black box and cockpit voice recorder from the Air NZ  A320 Airbus that crashed into the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Southern France while on pre delivery flight checks.

A wait that long will be pretty hard to take for everyone involved to whatever degree.

Just Another Example of David 3rd and His Concept of Trust.

Mr Cunliffe has yet another little dark secret that relates to his concept of what Joe and Josephine Average might understand about truth, trust and honesty.

A HoS reporter asked Mr Cunliffe about a suggestion he had been involved in the sale and purchase of a $4 000 000 beach side property just North of Auckland and received a categorical assurance he was not involved.

Now, an in the know real estate agent has given evidence that the wannabe Prime Minister did inspect the luxury property and it was then  purchased by none other than one of the three donors to his leadership trust fund to be outed of the five stooges.

It appears the temporary leader of the parliamentary wing of NZLP either has a concept of truth trust and honesty that is markedly different to many of us or he considers himself untouchable.
Forget how the evidence of all of his missteps, mistakes, lapses in judgement, misdirected emails and policy documents, either David 3rd is seriously deficient in cognitive function or he is the victim of a further attack by the ABC faction. Whichever it is, it's not healthy for our system of government but it couldn't happen to a nicer person.

While addressing the saga that is Cunliffe, a random question, who will be the more embarrassed if the other two two donors to his leaders trust are exposed?
 I tend to the opinion it may be Cunliffe as the donors may be already known to those closest to them!

There have been the usual suspects in Tricky Cunny's defense on this latest "dance on a pin head" plus some surprises, one suggestion The Messiah's privacy might have been breached.
Well color me pink, wasn't that the sort of dirt Mr Mike Williams, past president of NZLP went to excavate in Melbourne for days in the lead up to election 08.

Nothing wrong with having a gander at a property a mate was looking at but the dissembling denial is what is causing another hole below his waterline.

Pride cometh before a fall

I haven't paid much attention to the stories about Cunliffe using a trust to keep donations for his leadership bid anonymous.  It was a pretty stupid thing to do, as it left him open to charges of hypocrisy and making him fall back on "It was within the rules," as though he was some kind of National Party cabinet minister.

Unfortunately, doing stupid things seems to have been a feature of the Labour leadership since Clark left, so this latest one didn't come as any great surprise.  However, the stupidity seems to be catching - what really did surprise the fuck out of me was that National would decide to pick a fight over, of all things, anonymous fucking donations.  Seriously, anonymous donations? In terms of self-defeating idiocy, this would be on a par with Labour claiming National is selecting too many candidates who've only ever worked in politics or lobbying.

Sure enough, it didn't take long for Gower to sit down with the PM and ask him about his new-found concern for transparency and the right of the public to assume that anonymous donations involve a quid pro quo - specifically, whether he would now be announcing who provided National with anonymous donations a couple of orders of magnitude greater than those he's been bothering Cunliffe about.  Which, sure enough, left Key spluttering that these anonymous donations were different, and falling back on "it was within the rules." Between this and Judith Collins helping her husband's company out, "it was within the rules" is getting to be Key's catchphrase.

I guess hubris gets its appropriate punishment, but this was so easily predictable it's more like a Darwin Award.  I can only assume that the media has so helpfully run National's lines the last few months that they started to think of the press gallery as an extension of their comms team.  It's really not.

Would The Real David Cunliffe Please Stand Up.

For me who cares but increasing numbers of people are quite confused, even amongst his supporters, both real and imagined.

A person I know reasonably well and whose politics are a complete mystery although should I discover he had supported Labour and possibly the Greens in the past it would not elicit any surprise, made a high impact statement recently that not only surprised but  left me gobsmacked.

In a discussion about a thoroughly disgusting individual who was ripping off vulnerable people my mate blurted out " Sheesh I would trust Cunliffe over that prick". For me, very revealing on several points, has Silent "t" replaced both used car sales and real estate sale people as reasonably low on scales of trust, truth and basic honesty to the point of becoming a benchmark of his very own creation.

Friday, March 7, 2014


The Roy Morgan Poll out this afternoon (the one Labour apparatchiks swear by as the Real McCoy) confirms that the Cunliffe led Labour Party is in serious trouble.

National is up 0.5% to 48.5%.   Labour at 30.5% is perilously close to a poll number starting with 2.    The Greens dip 1.5% to 10.5% while Winston First drops below the 5% threshold.
On these figures National with 62 seats) + ACT (1 seat) and United Future (1 seat) could govern without the need to do a deal with the Maori Party.

Much water to flow under the bridge yet but I would far prefer to be in Mr Key's shoes than Cunliffe's .... and this poll was taken before the news of Mr Hypocrite's secret Trusts broke.

Anyone know of BBQs scheduled for this weekend?


Reproduced below is a post from 'Fisiani' at Kiwiblog.     He has done NZL a service.   Read and you now understand ........

"This latest outburst from Cunliffe confirms my clinical diagnosis of him being in the 1% of the population with narcissistic personality disorder.   I say this not with any sense of hubris or schadenfreude but with huge concern that if Cunliffe was elected we would have another Muldoonist demigod ruling and ruining New Zealand.
People diagnosed with a narcissistic personality disorder are characterized by exaggerated feelings of self-importance. They have a sense of entitlement and demonstrate grandiosity in their beliefs and behavior. They have a strong need for admiration, but lack feelings of empathy.

Symptoms of this disorder, as defined by the DSM-IV-TR include:
Expects to be recognized as superior and special, without superior accomplishments
Expects constant attention, admiration and positive reinforcement from others
Envies others and believes others envy him/her
Is preoccupied with thoughts and fantasies of great success, enormous attractiveness, power, intelligence
Lacks the ability to empathize with the feelings or desires of others
Is arrogant in attitudes and behavior
Has expectations of special treatment that are unrealistic

Other symptoms in addition to the ones defined by DSM-IV-TR include: 

Is interpersonally exploitative, i.e., takes advantage of others to achieve his or her own ends, has trouble keeping healthy relationships with others, easily hurt or rejected, appears unemotional, and exaggerating special achievements and talents, setting unrealistic goals for himself/herself.

Narcissistic personality disorder is characterized by dramatic, emotional behavior, and an over-inflated sense of self-importance that is in the same category as antisocial and borderline personality disorders.

In addition to these symptoms, the person may display arrogance, show superiority, and seek power. The symptoms of narcissistic personality disorder can be similar to the traits of individuals with strong self-esteem and confidence; differentiation occurs when the underlying psychological structures of these traits are considered pathological. Narcissists have such an elevated sense of self-worth that they value themselves as inherently better than others, when in reality they have a fragile self-esteem, cannot handle criticism, and often try to compensate for this inner fragility by belittling or disparaging others in an attempt to validate their own self-worth. Comments and criticisms about others are vicious from sufferers of NPD, in an attempt to boost their own poor self-esteem.

Another narcissist symptom is a lack of empathy. They are unable to relate, understand, and rationalize the feelings of others. Instead of behaving in a way that shows how they are feeling in the moment, they behave in the way that they feel they are expected to behave or what gives them the most attention." 

Cunliffe nailed to a 'T'.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

That was a Bastard of a Storm.

Many images of the last three days are on the Net and very few convey the reality many citizens are enduring. The pictures don't convey the damp, wet and totally demoralising effects beyond control.

Here in Paradise the electricity came and went all day Tuesday finally ending with what turned out to be a twenty hour cut at around 2000 hrs Tuesday night.
Landline Phones nearly all require mains power to work, Cell coverage through Telecom reduced to emergency use only, Vodaphone for me not available.

The trusty 2Kva Honda generator that gives us Mains power for the mobile home was already in situ, so with a gas hob,  a gas fire and a roll around 9Kg heater our comfort was assured.
However that wind was something else. Gusting well in excess of 100 kph and sustained for nearly 40 hours, scary/ frightening, barely covers it.
Since the seismic events that began in 2010 most structures appear to have more movement within their basic integrity. We have a 300 meter brick clad on a floating foundation and during wind events such as we have just endured, big gusts present a far greater apprehension than that prior to Sept 2010.
Our fears fade into irrelevance though, when images of poor buggers in many parts of Christchurch are viewed.
Parts of the Village of the Damned have lowered up to half a meter during the now well over 10 000 tremors, creeks have narrowed, creek beds are seriously silted and water tables are now very different.
The potential for flooding is elevated to alarming levels.

So serious debate must occur as to retreating from many areas of the city. I have referred to an old map  I have in my possession c1930 that shows no residential development in the areas of our city that were worst hit with quakes and now are the most flood affected.
Up until what that map reveals, town planning had little input, building codes were what a builder delivered, the RMA was not even a wet dream for socialists of those days, and yet Dallington, Bexley, Aranui, and all those suburbs now leading disaster TV, were untouched for housing.
Millions of acres in a crescent from Prebleton to Yaldhurst have been largely ignored as development happened on the Eastern Swamps.
Norman Kirks government initiated a move to make Rolleston, Christchurch's Hutt valley, just never flew. Now I am not waving a flag for big Norm, what has emerged as a result of seismic and now associated flooding was not from visionary thinking it was all about space and cheap land deemed unsuitable for intensive use. That crescent is now where the city is being rebuilt and it includes to the West as far as West Melton, all on shingle and higher above sea level.

That was a bitch of a storm, I was based in Masterton when Bola hit Gisborne and the East Coast, it did not have anything like what that bitch delivered here. That said Bola was seriously alarming for many then in and around Gisborne.

Before any Gorebullshit advocates, use current misery to bolster their crap money making frauds check Southern England c 1287 not flash then either.


The third test at Newlands was a classic addition to the saga of Australia vs South Africa and as announced on day three, Saffa skipper Graeme Smith's swansong.

After a comprehensive win to Clarke's men at Centurion followed by an equally rated hammering at Port Elizabeth these two cricket powerhouses squared off for a decider.
Australia prevailed with four and a half overs remaining on the fifth and last day when aussie quick Ryan Harris, took Steyn with a yorker and cleaned out number 11 Morkel with balls 1 and 3 of what was a last throw of the dice for him as Michael Clarke made increasingly desperate moves to get the win
Graeme Smith's men made a tremendous fight to salvage a draw, hanging on for over five sessions with no realistic chance of winning, a feat the test aficionados recognise as an Everest like challenge.
To fall short by such a narrow margin was still a fitting final curtain on the career of one of the great cricket captains in history.

Appointed at the age of 22 to lead a country that has a very proud history with the unique problems all sport and in fact life in the Republic throws up, he took South Africa to number one test nation and leaves with that record intact.
Smith will be the first to admit his form in what became his last series was very ordinary but that his team went so close to saving a test that very few teams could ever have  achieved, was a testement to his outstanding leadership.

So to Graeme Smith farewell and thankyou, enjoy your new life.

The buck never stops here

King Gerry 1 of Christchurch is surrounded by imbeciles:

A humiliated Gerry Brownlee has apologised to Labour MPs he sledged over their workrate on behalf of earthquake victims and says he feels let down by EQC.

The thing is, O Mighty One, the NZ government made you absolute dictator of Christchurch, with unlimited authority to do what you saw fit.  A cabinet minister can be let down by their officials, but an absolute ruler gets absolute responsibility.  Suck it up, milord.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014


If the word I am hearing round the traps that one of the two mystery donors to Cunliffe's secret Trust is crimdotcom is true, then I predict Mr Hypocrite is politically dead.

Cunliffe needs to come clean and preferably by lunchtime.

It just gets better

Surely David Cunliffe doesn't have an American bagman?  And please tell me the President of the ABC club, Trevor Mallard, knew about it.

Perry Keenan is a New Zealander who is now senior partner at the Boston Consulting Group in Chicago.