Thursday, February 27, 2014


It was fascinating today watching Sky seeing the media dissect the Qantas announcement.   Bottom line is that the Company is a basket case.   An airline living off a reputation long gone.    An airline with weak management too scared to make the changes necessary for it to remain competitive until the decision was forced upon them.

Qantas was an airline hamstrung and dragged down by a bloated workforce enjoying gold-plated conditions that could not be sustained.    Qantas was an airline bleeding from low cost domestic airfares ($49 Melbourne to Sydney) which saw the Company loosing money on every flight.     It was a plane crash waiting to happen and now it has and there will be casualties.   5,000 of them plus an indefinite wage freeze for those employees still standing plus an asset sell off plus reductions in both routes and capacity.

And the Union reaction was to threaten strike action.    Just what the Company needed.

It would have been through gritted teeth that had one industry analyst say that all Qantas needed to do was to look at Air NZ to find out what it takes to make a profitable airline.  

Shouldn't be F**king Needed!

Going around the traps yesterday was a el cheapo video from the State Services Commission for all public services employees on remaining neutral in Election Year.

Yeah I understand I am regarded as out of touch and call me old fashioned but I believe any political beliefs entering the performance of the bureaucracy at work must degrade that performance.
At best it will detract from delivery of performance and at worst it will destroy the object of the intended purpose.

Any PS who cannot get their head around that principle should be gone in minutes, no ifs, no buts and no maybes.

What bit about "PUBLIC SERVICE" do twats that indulge miss.
If they cant leave their political leanings at home then don't go to that job, find one where it is required or at least tolerated.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

But I had cancer, Your Honour

Those who have questioned Matt McCarten's appointment because his Unite Union is a tax cheat (of which he was the "Boss") should consider Bomber Bradbury's "defence" to the allegation:
UPDATE: The bore of Babylon – David Farrar’s blog attacking Matt’s tax issues while Matt was diagnosed with terminal cancer reminds us all what a hateful little piece of work Farrar is.
It's great to know you can cheat on your tax if you've got cancer.  I must remember that one.  It could come in handy one day.

Very very sad and Entirely Unecessary.

Last night on Sky News 10pm nz summer time, a scheduled regular Wednesday Hour featuring resident lefty Graeme 'Richo' Richardson and radio jock Alan Jones, Wallaby coach in a previous life, had a harrowing expose on the Bush and its current Drought that has been running over parts of all mainland States for 18 months and continuing.

5000 cattle are dying every day, a grazier/farmer is taking their own life every 4 days, one grazier attempted to sell his last 500 sheep only to be told they were valueless and a sale impossible. He took them back home killed them then took his own life.

Australia is regarded by many, far too many, as too marginal for farming over most of the mainland.
A few salient facts;
Australia currently employs only 6% of the water that reaches the sea.
Immeasurable giga liters are allowed to flow into the Timor  and Coral Seas.
Much water flows from the great divide East while the Bush lies parched to the west.
The town of Cloncurry near Mt Isa was threatened with evacuation until a few weeks respite came in rain that did not solve the problem long term. More galling the nearby mine needs no permit to take the water it needs and contributes nothing to providing supply, I understand the Mine has a prior right to dwindling supplies.
No one will find the cajones to make any moves to find answers yet gazillions are spent to save vehicles a couple of minutes getting around Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane and billions will be found for Badgery Creek Airport so more Sydney people can sleep without aircraft noise.

Storage, diversion, and conservation are solutions but beyond the resources of those who live in 'The Bush".

Bob Katter is not everyones politician, his electorate covers an area larger than Victoria and around one third of Queensland, as an independent he is a lone voice for the farmers and is rightly deeply hurt when he has watched millions being poured into keeping a dying motor vehicle industry on life support since the second world war yet the last dam was constructed to aid rural Australia c 1952.

A very sobering hour and today it is only three days until the next bush dweller takes his own life, and sadly Charlotte Dawson has the headlines over avoidable twitter abuse, apparently


Opposition Leader Appoints Thief of Staff.



Na not Grants bestist mate, I just thought of the song and Cilla Black, no idea why

Many are expressing outrage at the antics of Shane Taurima at TVNZ.

WTF has the guy done wrong, the state owned TV channel has been a front and publicity arm for the NZLP since for ever..

David Exell, Simon Walker, Barrie Soper, Duncan Garner, Brian Edwards and his missus, Pam Corkory, Kris Fafoi,  The late Sir Paul Holmes, where did Shane move beyond the culture those icons of broadcasting exhibited and those still active, continue.

Sure he might have used a room for a meeting, so what, who knew, who cares.

The bit that rankles is the facade of neutrality the corporation likes the sheeple to believe and accept.

When however, the ardent committed socialist Bryan Bruce has a very biased and socialist friendly doco on the total bollocks of 21st century "poverty" with no balance or opportunity for an opposing view,  transmitted in a primetime slot on TVOne in the leadup to the last election and  management and governance see no bias or conflict of interest, why then should Taurima see anything wrong in his actions.
Hell management allowed him to virtually take leave for a tilt at Horomia's seat then just step back to his old job with indecent haste when the NZLP chose Meka Whaitiri instead.

TV One is joined at the hip to the NZLP and that is why Taurima is just one more in a long list to use the place as a training and recruitment opportunity. Adding finance planning and policy development might be seen as an expansion but dont blame the Maori. Cunliffe, and the senior derilects who are paid to run the place are the problem.
Gutless National Ministers also seeing nothing amiss are far more culpable than Poor old Shane.

Best solution, just sell the bloody thing, then I can be certain I am not being asked to fund the bastards while they oppose almost everything I stand for Politically.


We should all applaud honesty in politics.    But it seems to me the 'nice' Mr Cunliffe is taking honesty to a new level by talking down Labour's chances of winning in 2014 ... "if we don't win this year we will surely win in 2017".

Guess there's honest vs dumb honest and this certainly ranks in the latter category.  I can't for the life of me ever remember a leader of a major Party talk about the possibility of defeat 7/8 months out from an election.  

Just what his troops needed ... NOT.     Mr Holden won't be amused.

But Cunliffe has to be given some credit for speaking the truth even though he only got it about 50% right ..... 2014 or 2017 or 2020 or 2023 or


Many moons ago, our then SI family, embarked on a three week safari through the NI, caravan in tow and a whole island to explore.

On the fourth day traveling up Hwy 3, saw a big sign pointing East from Stratford to Taumaranui where dear old Uncle Bob and Auntie Helen had lived, since for ever.
Bob was proprietor, editor, chief reporter, office manager, ceo and publisher of The Taumaranui Press.

The whole trip was a follow the mood adventure with the only target date, the NZ Pony Club Champs at Gisborne in week three.
 So on a spur of the moment decision, it was resolved to take that wide road, tarsealed with a white line, to Taumaranui, totally  unaware that the yellow line on the Shell road map indicated it was a state highway in name only.
The wide two lane, morphed into a single lane sealed, to shingle (metal on moving to Masterton some four years later) then one lane shingle complete with a grass strip in the center after Tahora around half way to Taumaranui.

Large rigs could be heard well off, so on hearing them coming a wider bit of road was selected and a pause to allow the rig to pass then moving on when relative silence returned.

Whangamomona was a welcome relief, the pub had beer, a gin and tonic for swmbo and sarsaparilla for the spawn, and people, not many admittedly.
On to visit Uncle Bob and Auntie Helen, and one of Bob's early questions related to our chosen route, on learning, through Wanga, much surprise, a long pause then an admission the last time he had been there was to cover a political meeting with PM  Bill Massey "over fifty years earlier".

If you are still reading this, it has been to set a stage for a Hatfield and McCoy drama  unfolding in a Court in Taranaki.
Mr and Mrs Lifestyler moved to the remote ( assuming things haven't changed a lot for the better in 40 years) Tahora, where Mrs L planned to open a "chrystal Shop".
Mr Farmer and the Lifestylers as neighbours, started out mates but as so often happens, a clash of culture began and degenerated to where it is now in court with any chance of justice being delivered  probably around the low zeroes.
It will come down to dress sense, personality, image, quality of brief, quality of evidence and possible bias from a judge who in all liklyhood will have absolutely no idea of how what he/she is hearing, actually stacks up to reality.

On the published evidence I have read, no one hurt so far, a bit of posturing, groping, shouting, swearing, verbal threats and abuse and alleged grubby miming following use of the descriptive, "wanker".

Random FAQs,
 Why would anyone move to a hamlet 75 miles from town for lifestyle?
 How many buyers will appear in a Crystal Shop (I am assuming they are wearable, not ingestable or  inhaleable), at Tahora?
 Has Tahora had a significant improvement in its fortunes since c 1975?
 Why didn't Plod and the Courts just tell them both to mature and perhaps one or both parties move on?
 Has a 'reality tv show' set something up here?
 Is Mr Farmer's main crop smokeable and is Mrs L's  stock a different crystal than that I am assuming?
 Is this worthy of wider notice?

It has been a while and things change but my memories of a very ordinary road, endless "Scenic Reserves" and although I am sorry to admit it, Tahora has been lost to the mists of time for me, but a shop???
 I just might have remembered that as we all remember Wanga as an oasis in a people desert.

Meanwhile something, possibly judicially important is waiting for this "biggest thing for Tahora in fifty years" to play out.
Something to add to the GDP of The Naki I guess.

Meanwhile, Behind The Scenes

The Opposition Leader makes good progress with his search for a new Chief of Staff.  Cunliffe has on his desk, CVs from Maryanne Thomson, John  Davies and Michael Vukcevic.

Rumour has it Winston Peters fathered an illegitimate daughter some considerable time ago.  The child's highly intelligent mother named her Charlotte Anne.

The CEO of Qantas has entered into a secret deal with NZ Greens leader  Russel Norman.  Having gone broke and been denied a gummint handout, Quantas needs to cut its staff by some tens of thousands.  Norman's expertise is seen as impressive.  In just one month, he caused the Greens to loose fifty percent of their supporters by way of natural attrition.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Both Sad and Disgusting

Some things just leap out of the print and clatter all over the floor.

This is one of them, from a Stuff piece os the suicide of Charlotte Dawson.

"Charlotte Dawson revealed in her autobiography how she aborted her child with swimmer Scott Miller because he didn't want any distractions in the lead-up to the Sydney Olympics."
Dawson was found dead on Saturday at her Woolloomooloo home after a well publicised battle with depression.

The poor woman!  No wonder she was depressed, sacrificing her baby on the alter of some useless prick's selfish Olympics ambitions. 

What an  appalling example of 'Me-ism.' Maybe someone should have told him true champions actually raise children and bring up families. 


Currently in Bombay but I note that Leighton Smith on Newstalk ZB this morning rocketed into National for refusing to countenance a rise in the  eligibility age.  

Let me declare my hand.   I support a graduated increase as inevitable notwithstanding the fact the move might be seen as disadvantaging Maori whose average life expectancy is currently 7.3 years less than that of non Maori (although I note the gap is steadily reducing).

Nevertheless it's a fact that John Key gave his word that he would resign as PM should National move to initiate change .... and that's probably where it starts and finishes for now.

And while I can think of any number of sound arguments in support of change there is also one other blockbuster reason to hold off any decision in the short term at least.     Simply, were John Key to break his word on this then I suspect the fallout would almost assuredly guarantee Winston First crossing the 5% threshold with all the consequences likely to accrue from that.     This election is far too important for Winston to be able again to call the shots as Kingmaker.

Three years out and it may be a different ball game.   John Key might not be around and neither might Winston and without Winston, NZ First is nothing, nothing at all.

Maybe about right?

Yesterday Minister Simon Bridges announced the decision following the annual review of the Adult minimum wage, at $14.25 an hour.

Two groups of the commentariat immediately attacked.
Those who call National  Labour lite and those who call for Labour to move towards National lite each used the announcement as grounds to shill and they were accompanied in opposition by the unions.

Since 1935 when Labour finally reached the Treasury benches with a flagship policy of universal welfare, the NZ electorate has been a participant in expanding the Savage safety net into a massive entitlement regime that erodes dignity, a work ethic, personal responsibility and motivation, while doubling as a very convenient tool in electioneering practice.

Only one Politician in the intervening 79 years has been bold enough to challenge that disastrous state intervention in the NZ market.
Ruth Richardson who now makes a reasonable lifestyle traveling the world as a consultant, but who, here in provincial small minded NZ is treated little better than Margaret Thatcher  is/was in the UK. Hell even her leader, farmer "Spud" Bolger,  who incidentally has not done so badly troughing in the socialist based economy, couldn't find his cojones and sacked her.

What started out as a badly needed safety net to soften the blows, the adverse economic conditions The Great Depression delivered, and that was genuine devastating poverty, as opposed to the very comfortable marginal deprivations socialists bang on about today. 
No work, No shelter, No food, and No hope were real and had no way of escape. Unemployment reaching levels approaching 30% in a predominantly manual labour workforce.

Today any Government wanting to reverse the excesses and entitlements that welfare delivers would be lucky to see out a current term, so entrenched in the collective psyche of far too many voters welfare has become.
That is why I, who would support a drastic reduction in welfare, accept the nibbling approach to welfare reform Key and Bennett have followed. I also accept such wholesale attacks will only embolden the craven socialists, who just as Muldoon did, will not resile from using welfare as a bribe and a ligature to gain/hold/regain electoral success.

The minimum adult wage does partially prevent exploitation of fit healthy able workers but the downside, every such intervention always has one, is it reduces employment opportunities for the disabled, those with medical conditions, and those who are seeking casual and or part time work on an ad hoc basis.

On balance though with the current crying in the wilderness it could be said to have found a level a majority can live with and that is about all any government can ever hope for.

Monday, February 24, 2014


No, you won't be hearing this anytime soon (unless of course the next poll has Labour support starting with a 2).

It would be easy to put the boot in given the results of the Fairfax, Morgan (the poll all Labourites swear by) and TV1 polls, but I won't.   It's not in the Tory psyche to kick a dog when its down and I can only feel for the 'true believers' (with the exception of the likes of Mr Holden).   Been there, done that back in 2002.  

So, in the spirit of constructive comment, can I commend the following to that 'nice' Mr Cunliffe ....

*   Stop apologising for living in a mansion.    You and Mrs C earned the dosh to pay for it.    Well done, learn to welcome and celebrate success.

*   Forget about your obsession with trying to upstage John Key.   He makes his own running.    Stupid comments like when you said you could drink him under the table are just that.   You demean yourself with such talk.

*   And in that respect don't over-egg your achievements.    You have sound academic credentials and were a reasonably competent Minister.   Focus on that that rather than pretend you were the driving force behind the establishment of Fonterra or that you were somehow God's Gift to the Auckland City Mission.

*   Instruct your poodle MPs to cease cuddling up to crimdotcom.     You've seen what happened to Norman and the Greens over their dalliance with the Big guy.    Look and learn.

*   Look across the ditch to where the ALP in Tasmania has cut their ties with the Greens.   A Labour/Greens combination scares the bejesus out of many centre voters.   You can afford to cut the Greens loose.   They can't go anywhere and, when push comes to shove, they will always back you with Confidence & Supply.     Instead, forge an electoral alliance with NZ First and the Maori Party and, in doing so, offer Winston the Speakership.   Recognise he would enjoy putting the parliamentary screws on National especially given that in the event of you forming a government they would likely remain the largest single Party in the House..   As for the Maori Party, work on the acknowledged fact that their constituency would prefer they went with Labour.

*   Rule out Hone as Key did with Peters in 2008 and 2011.

*   Don't be spooked by the commentators calling for Goff, Mallard and King to be dumped.    They have a wealth of ministerial experience to fall back on.    Focus instead on your non-performing MPs ... Adern, Dyson, Little, Moroney, Prasad and Street and, while you're at it, promote Damien O'Connor.   He stands head and shoulders over the hangers-on as one of your very few 'good guys'.

*  Treat private enterprise as a friend and not the enemy.   Private enterprise creates wealth.  The Government doesn't create wealth.   It's job is to provide an environment where private enterprise can flourish.  

*  Trash 'rick pricks' at your peril.   Most people want to be one.

*   Somehow bury your arrogant persona.

Not that you and yours will take the faintest notice of any of this.    I see a certain similarity between the disbelieving commentators from the Left on recent poll results and the aircraft pilot flying IFR who refuses to believe his instruments preferring to trust what his inner ear tells him ... and ends up going down, upside down, at a great and ever increasing rate of knots.

Repackaged sex keeps your interest

This one's for my friend and colleague Deborah Russell, who's taken a bit of stick recently for pointing out to Air New Zealand that it's not the 1970s any more.  I've never gotten the point in having women in bikinis sell things - if you want porn, there's multiple lifetime's supplies of proper stuff on xhamster and pornhub, and if you don't want porn why are you ogling these women?  Sports Illustrated models are to porn what Kenny G and Richard Clayderman are to music.

The funny thing is, even back in the 70s people with a brain understood how companies try to play us with this shit.  Gang of Four offered comprehensive coverage of it in 1979 on Natural's Not In It:

The problem of leisure
What to do for pleasure
Ideal love a new purchase
A market of the senses
Dream of the perfect life
Economic circumstances
The body is good business
Sellouts maintain the interest
Remember Lot's wife
Renounce all sin and vice
Dream of the perfect life
This heaven gives me migraine
The problem of leisure
What to do for pleasure

Coercion of the senses
We're not so gullible
Our great expectations
A future for the good
Fornication makes you happy
No escape from society
Natural is not in it
Your relations are of power
We all have good intentions
But all with strings attached

Repackaged sex keeps your interest
Repackaged sex keeps your interest
Repackaged sex keeps your interest
Repackaged sex keeps your interest

Air NZ execs should have a listen.  For best effect, hear it accompanied by music that makes you feel like you're being flayed:

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Have the Voters finally worked the Green melons out?

Following on from Roy Morgan and Fairfax Ipsos that had no good news for the left, tonights Colmar Brunton was even worse.

The Messiah has dropped to ten percent, a result even 'snapper' Shearer failed to reach but his NZLP held steady at 34% so the dirks go back into the hose for a bit longer.

The outcome as delivered that will have the socialists tactical office checking the track to the toilets is clear, will be the 40% drop for the Melons. Another of those and they drop below the 5% required to retain their passes to the big house.

Winny also took a 25% drop, enough to end his xenophobic raving about sales to oriental gentlemen.

Rational thought, after discounting all the usual crap about cell phones, who is on holiday, rouge or rogue polls, it  seems entirely likely the NZLP has made progress in cannibalising the melons support but an equal number contemporaneously departed with their support preference to Keys mob.
 Maybe they are being seen for the flakes they actually are and although the caring souls among those who actually wear a green cloak for the environment are being seperated from the hard left who have migrated back to Labour taking GP support back to  around the 6% who form the base environmental lobby.

As for the rest they are all struggling to defeat the margin of error and electorate seats will define their prospects.

Eight months out from the probable election date it is not of great import but for a cool wet Sunday night it does create a warm feeling that the voters in that poll seem to, on the face of it, worked Norman and Tuatara out as the trash they are. 
And that is not even what a pressure group should be, let alone a potential partner in government


Stuff has an opinion piece from  Michelle Duff on human fertility.

She is suggesting a form of payment to donors of eggs and sperm to circumvent what she sees as a problem with NZ citizens going offshore to fulfill a demand for "fertility treatment"

I support science and research into understanding fertility issues that confront couples unable to successfully achieve a viable pregnancy with one significant proviso, natural barriers to successful fertilisation are sometimes just nature doing its thing.

While completely embracing Darwin's evolutionary theory over 60 years of involvement in animal breeding including dogs, horses, sheep and beef cattle, plus an abiding interest in genetics generally I have an inbuilt rejection of  much of the work around the circumventing of natures prevention of a viable pregnancy by subterfuge.

Nature often precludes a live birth, sometimes apparently capriciously, but often as an evolutionary  mechanism for removal of faulty genetic outcomes that fit with the theory Charles Darwin published in the middle of the 19th century in the "origin of the species", later referred to as 'survival of the fittest'.

I know people who for the very best of reasons and desires embark on the expensive path of fertility treatment, using sperm donor, egg donor, surrogacy, test tube technology among other interventions to circumvent natures possible safeguard in 'natural selection'.
This against a backdrop of so many children who could benefit greatly in finding a life enhanced by the now largely prohibited practice of adoption.

If one holds to Darwin's theory, as I do, is civilisation not at risk of eventually reaching a status where natural joining of a spermatozoa and a fertile egg in a womb to create life becoming a rarity and intervention becoming  the sole means of procreation. Mengele would be fascinated.

This view is not in any way shape or form advocating for eugenics however congenital problems can be seen as a sufficiently significant evolutionary problem without employing clinical interventions to overcome natures way of prevention and solution.

Procreation is a powerful driver in the human psyche but adoption, offers a substitution that in years gone by offered a solution to the desire to have and raise a family, until the social sciences found and created barriers to such a remedy.

I guess I am saying , "be careful what you wish for", those same people who research ways to initiate life with intervention well may have an alternate view on ending it with a different intervention, both can have a very high cost, monetary and moral but only at the creation side will the possible negatives  be a genetic issue.


Today at Lloyd Elsmore Park the Howick Lions Club are having a fun day with free parking and free admission and it don't come as better value than that.

One person has been "unfriended" and asked to find somewhere else to go today but will he listen?

The widely despised, discredited and now viewed as toxic holder of the office as Mayor of the Super City, Len 'Pants Down' Brown, who in previous years was a guest, has this year been requested to stay away and Auckland Councillor, athletics legend, Sir John Walker is the Guest of honor.

Good luck with that fellow Lions, the man who is claimed to have a narcissistic personality disorder, turned up to the launch of the Auckland Nines last weekend only to have that less than auspicious appearance accompanied by booing and duck calling that the organisers of todays event wish to avoid.

The only people who still support Brown seem to be the man himself, his army of paid supporters who depend on the mendacious little bastard for their current job and a handful of thickos who would not recognise an embarrassment if it stepped up and "Brown eyed them" in broad daylight.

Kerre McIvor has an opinion piece in the Herald centered on Brown's refusal to be interviewed by the Mike Hosking breakfast show on Newstalk ZB, turning down ten requests since Cameron Slater exposed the extracurricular efforts of the odious little man with a sometime employee of his council, Bevan Chuang.
"But anywhere he fears there might be a challenge he steers clear. NewsTalk ZB is the No1 rating station and it is unprofessional of the mayor to hide from such a huge audience.
It's also extremely unprofessional to shag an underling in the Ngati Whatua room, so I suppose we shouldn't be surprised."

Not sure why Kerre is being so reticent.

Have a great  day fellow Lions and to Mr Brown, could I respectfully suggest you just enjoy a few minutes in your office and stay the hell away as requested.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

For Moi It is 40 months and counting.

This afternoon it is three years since the Village of The Damned, succumbed to nature's violence.

For me, that afternoon was a somewhat surreal waiting game, available, and apart from a false callout of both fire and first response to an address that in the confusion turned out to be in Sumner two hours away, our main function was providing an ad hoc information center with a portable generator, TV and the fire and ambo comms with some input from police as they passed by.

Pretty much all quiet until late in the evening when an acute medical required an evacuation to CH CH ED for a corrective procedure.
Driving through a city largely without streetlights and intersections manned by the military was a memory burnt into my mind as a series of sepia like images.

Very little additional damage was manifest in Akaroa and surrounds as most occurred four months earlier on September 4th.
Our house has been reinstated inside, completed in 94 days ending on December 4th, however we are still waiting for approved external paths, decks and land damage to be remedied.

My thought return to those the seismic event claimed as victims, both the dead and the damaged.
After the very violent event of September 4th 2010, most marvelled that deaths were zero and injured were minimal, following the more serious degradation of three years ago I still marvel that casualties were so small numerically.The building and infrastructure damage potentially could have claimed so many more.


I have been active in the Real Estate Industry as a salesman and also held a licence in a previous life.

IMHO there are very few assetts that could be regarded as never for sale, the only matters preventing such an outcome are price and timing.

I have a good mate who had absolutely zero interest in selling his farm until a determined buyer turned up with more money than sense and to avoid two fools being present, mate sold the farm.
Three years later after some sour business matters and a minor matrimonial matter entered the equation, mate repurchased said property at a bargain price and still lives there today with extended family and a very  healthy current account.

So it is very likely the demented little bastard may be proved correct just as a stopped clock will be right twice every 24 hours, but it would appear the two matters above have not as yet aligned and the poor little man  has a serious credibility issue, however that is hardly foreign territory for that shameless little xenophobe.
Sadly many of his intellectually challenged followers will have turned off their hearing aids before the true facts emerged.
Last nights One News effort made very sure that happened.

Friday, February 21, 2014


 Labour leader in waiting has been attempting to raise his profile as Cunliffe sinks beneath the waves of mediocrity, by raising matters around Countdowns business practices over supply contracts.

It happens worldwide Tugger in all markets.

I grew Malting barley under contract to the Canterbury Malting Company in the 1970s.
They were the only malting barley producers and used their dominant position without compunction.

If supplies were short damaged grain didn't matter, a surplus and they would reject thousands of tons of perfect sample testing grain.
Malting barley was often the best price on offer, should feed barley prices head off malt price then the cnuts would buy on the contract and sell on at the higher price to the feed market.

The contracts only worked for the malt company and they were ruthless.

Same with lamb, forget the machinations of the unions, the price setters, ie the company working in concert with each other would manipulate the "schedule" around their benefits and screw the farmers fighting grading, the weather, and supply dynamics.

Someone had a crybaby piece on vehicle insurance, the big two insurers and their relationships around panel beaters. If the price wont work for the dent menders tell the assessors to naff off, they need you as much as you need them.

Its the market stupid and tugger will still look ordinary when com com answers the questions re Progressives tactics and the outcome may be a rebuke but it wont matter.
We all want the best deal and anyone who says otherwise is being disingenuous. Why else are savvy buyers of stuff buying on the net from offshore.

Fourthform Commercial practice;
Buy for less than saleprice  = profit,
Sell good value with service = happy customer,
Customer not happy no business,
 If sale does not generate profit business goes broke.
Pretty simple really.


I just heard this from Leighton Smith and it is too good to pass by: `You know when you see a mosquito land on your testicles that there must be another way to combat violence.' And so say all men.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

For The Benefit of Trolls - Updated

The trolls will hate this:

Failed illegal immigrants in U-turn to Malaysia

Mohd Amdan Kurish, director-general of the Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency, said Australia’s crackdown on boatpeople was having a dramatic impact further up the people-smuggling chain, in Malaysia.
“We have seen a number of attempts for those boats that have failed to make it to Australia re-tracking back and Malaysia is seen as the possible destination for them to retreat to,” Admiral Amdan said yesterday in Sydney.
“We have managed to intercept these people returning back from this adventure that they are trying to undertake to Australia, which they fail, and they re-track back their positions into Malaysia through the Straits of Malacca. We have seen this trend quite dramatically increasing in the Malacca Straits.”
He said the boats intercepted had been carrying asylum-seekers from the Middle East and South Asia.

Last time I wrote about boat illegal immigrants and the efforts of the Australian Coalition gummint to staunch the flow of boats, there was a rush to print by our resident trolls.  The most memorably stupid comment was along the lines of  '...but the sailing season has not yet started.'

Today's headline from the Australian seems to give he trolls a problem.

"Asylum Flow to Indonesia Slashed Says UN"

Now you know why the Indons are actively co-operating with Australia while a couple of belicose politicians make angry noises to keep the local rabble happy.

Hmmmmm.  When did it become obvious the Libs would beat Labour?

Just before the graph goes steeply downhill.

Oh, by the way it is now eight weeks since the last boat load of illegals arrived.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Whatever Happens it is a Legend Being Made.

For as long as he has been known, Brendan McCallum has attracted a heap of unwarranted criticism.

Today he may become the first NZ Batsman to make 300 runs in an innings.

It doesn't matter, he has put the Black Caps in a position no-one would have predicted two days ago when he walked out with NZ , second innings and over 100 behind, on the ropes at 94 for 5 wickets down.

Bazza  you did it and having your name on the NZ leader board three times, Turner has two and the current top man Martin Crowe has only that one in the top ten at 299.

Go that man.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Poison - By Any Name

Zyklon B

Cyanide gas, used by the Nazis to kill off millions of Jews during World War II.
The Jews thought they were going for a shower

Zyklon D  (for Dotcom)

The modern day electoral version, used by a fat Kraut to kill off dozens of Kiwi politicians.
Labour and the Greens think they are going for a friendly chat.

Bollocks Commie Norman.

If solar panels on buildings were such a great thing wouldn't that whole industry be going gangbusters?

Who stays in a house for more than the 15 years the thieving prick is proposing?

His whole set of dreamtime figures assume nothing will go wrong.

Of course the head of the industry group sees it as a good thing.

How will it benefit the worst off in society living in rented accommodation and moving regularly for so many reasons.

I have a small one for my mobile home and maintenance and various minor annoyances make it a marginal operation apart from an ability to power up when no mains power is available.

Of course when the bastard has renationalised the whole fucking industry and halved the price of power the figures that predicate such savings will evaporate  PDQ.
Or is this an admission the savings promised by his "Kiwipower" Co will never eventuate,LOL

Saturday, February 15, 2014


Just out is the latest Fairfex Media-Ipsos poll which has National at 49.4% and Labour at 31.8% (down 1.8%) and the Greens at 10%.   Winston First is polling 3.6%, the Conservatives 2% and a big 'fat' zero.

On these figures National is projected to have a ten seat lead over the Labour and Greens combined  and easily enough to govern alone before the minor parties are taken into account.

Perhaps even more importantly, 63.7% of respondents thought the country was heading in the right economic direction.

The poll surveyed 1018 voters and was taken between 8-10 February (i.e before the brouhaha).    It has an margin of error of 3%. 

Will have kinda ruined Mr Cunliffe's mourning.

Maybe That Is Why?

We enjoy the standard of living we do, well one example anyway.

At present Abbott's Government in Canberra is wrestling with corporate welfare bludging and massive deficits that have led  Treasurer Joe Hockey to make decisions, that although deemed necessary by many, are causing a cacophony of protest even from his Liberal Party MPs.

Car making in The Lucky Country is finally being forced to face the inevitable.
A very small local market, zero export interest other than New Zealand's even smaller market, resulting in Mitsubishi first, then Ford, followed by GM Holden and last week Toyota either ending or signalling the end of car making in Australia.
Despite massive subsidies it is still a loss making enterprise and Hockey has said no more money from the Federal Government.

Another corporate bludger was SPC Ardoma, a canning and produce company now owned by Coca Cola Amatil, has its begging bowl out and Hockey told them the same answer, however The Victorian Premier facing an election later this year has rolled over to hand OPMs to Coca Cola.

Now as an aside to all this, the duopoly supermarket thugs, Coles and Woolworths, have instigated a "buy Australia" policy and are refusing to stock New Zealand produce, particularly as "Home brands". 
Now of course this will not be of any benefit to the shoppers other than a few brainwashed suckers who see the whole charade maybe saving a few jobs, that survive only with corporate welfare.

I eat porridge made with rolled oats almost every morning, mainly because it has been so since the dawn of my memories. Earliest memory was "Thistle Oatmeal" purchased in linen sacks containing 25 lbs.

That dietary fact caused major trauma in the young dodger as all his rich mates had "Creamoata", a tm registered oatmeal, recommended by "Sgt Dan the Creamoata man", eaten from from a branded plate. One of my earliest memories of our personal "poverty".
As dodger's family crawled out of that poverty, a landmark in the progress came in the form of graduating to "Rolled Oats". Unknown at the time, all three products came from a factory in Gore, in heartland Southland, founded in the 19th century.

In the early 21st century the "Flemings Brand", including Thistle and Creamoata but not Sgt Dan, ended up with Nestle via Goodman Fielders and the Gore Factory was closed, much of the machinery was gutted and removed to prevent it being used to form competition product and the shell left as a monument to what those Aussies are now complaining about, change and progress.

I can still enjoy my porridge but it is from over the ditch and Uncle Toby claims to be the supplier.

We enjoy a massive range of affordable products from food, vehicles, electronics, travel and services because the market delivers.
It is not from corporate welfare but market success, who will tell those whinging Aussies the facts of  life in the world of commercial reality.

Is that why we no longer see a Blacksmith Shop in every little rural town, hell there are not even gas stations or vehicle dealerships either,  fortunate indeed to find a "ON The Spot" shop the lowest ranking franchise of Foodstuffs.
As for Progressive they barely venture out of major towns, but then they are hard nosed Aussies, aren't they. 

What TookThem So Long?

At last Australia has woken up to the fact that it's handling of Fiji has been disastrous - for Australia.

An extraordinarily patronizing editorial in today's Australian tells the story.

The money quote is here:-

One of the factors driving Ms Bishop’s dramatic move to repair the relationship is Fiji’s centrality to the whole Pacific islands region - not just geographic, but in economic, transport and cultural terms. Australia’s effective detachment from Fiji has thus in some ways locked it out of the Pacific heartland......

So where is McCully?

Friday, February 14, 2014

Just When You Heave a Sigh of Relief.........

........ the Gods laugh at you.

Three days ago saw the last of thirteen consecutive days in which the temperature exceeded forty degrees.

As of ten minutes ago we had received 100mm of rain in thirty six hours.

I just hope it doesn't stuff the grape harvest.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Yet So Many See Nothing Wrong !

If reports are true, there are quite a few to the left of center NZ politics and their vested fellow travelers, courting the wealth of a certain obese German convicted fraudster, wanted in overseas jurisdictions to face court actions,who went some way to form the Internet Party.

They see his move threatening to syphon off votes they see as "THEIRS".

Norman Green has virtually said his party will not sign off on any extradition that may be ordered by our justice system, Cunliffe has been at best equivocal, and other potential candidates to join a Labour led coalition after this years election are traveling to his rented whare at Coatsville either to beg him to cease and desist his threatening (to them) party formation and it is not beyond possibility, they will be seeking financial support for themselves with a clear promise his personal wishes will prevail.
All in very overt moves to protect that same obese German from being forced to face justice elsewhere.

Now  most if not all these "supporters", were either involved or at least complicit in Helen Clark's rather blatant moves to prevent third party involvement in our electoral process and further moves to seriously curtail financial support for her political opponents. All the while leaving her beloved NZLP to continue to enjoy considerable financial, campaign worker and other material support of the Unions.
Seen in the light of constant calls for government funding of political parties over and above the considerable opportunities to divert parliamentary services funding to party promotion, do these simpletons and charlatans not see any thing remotely hypocritical.

Of course not, one has only to watch the shenanigans of their adopted son at present pleasuring himself in the Mayoral Throne of our largest city.

For most of my life this country has laboured under a  belief our politics are free of corruption, Bill Lui in cahoots with Shane Jones, Rick Barker, David Cunliffe and Dover Samuels gained citizenship in an expeditious process ending with a "special ceremony" at Parliament,  seriously shook that belief.  These latest events seem to prove our politicians can be bought, to the detriment of the rest of us.

A line has been crossed and it is sad news.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Hastings District Council - Are The Rumours True?

Readers will be aware of the tragic situation which occurred in mid 2013 where a four year old boy ran under a council parks mower in a Hastings Park and was killed. A court case starts in Hastings tomorrow and the council employee who was drving the tractor will be in the dock. Rumour is rife in Hastings that council management are now distancing themselves from their tractor driver who is facing reckless driving causing death or similar charges which could result in up to 10 years in jail. Obviously this matter is sub judice so I am not able to make comment on the case. However I am appalled if the rumours about council management are remotely correct and I can say that my latest source re the rumours is well placed to know what council management are thinking. I guess that self preservation and saving their arses are paramount - thank goodness they are not my employers. Disclosure: mrspdm and I have known the tractor driver and his wife for about 45 years - they are good friends and of impeccable integrity. They are also distraught and the present situation is tearing them apart.

"The Guy's an Idiot!"

That is grossly unfair to all the useful idiots walking our streets.

He is actually a megalomaniac masquerading as an alternative Prime Minister.

Cunliffe is a walking disaster with minimal comprehension as to his role, his position and his actual function.

Cunliffe's badly chosen, undiplomatic and potentially harmful to himself and his country words, were right up there with Wee Willy Shorten's verbal spray to Abbott giving diplomatic advice on dealing with Indonesia.
Maybe a presser expressing a lack of effect on Key's return, as a comment.

However the Aus policy is;
Australian internal policy,
Is a policy agreed to by a Government Yeah Nah was a senior member of to sign off on a change,
Is a very workable and flexible protocol for thousands of Kiwis wishing to avail themselves of almost unlimited travel and work,
Allows any Kiwi who wants to, to return to NZ and apply for admittance as a potential citizen,
Is a very necessary filter to thwart admission to Abbott's country by those gaining a status here with our far too soft admission laws that are effectively an "open back door".
Is already  under enough strain with boat people and other refugees settling in enclaves in their major cities.

It is Australia's internal politics stupid.

I thought when Helen Clark called Campbell a "sanctimonious little creep" she was being equally honest in her choice of words.

Good on Mr Prime Minister for accuracy and brevity even if a bit unfair to some.

Monday, February 10, 2014


We buried Bill last week.   His Tangi was rich in Maori protocol as befitted the man.    Bill was a child of the East Coast, a trained school teacher, a wannabee lawyer (one paper short of his LLB) and an acknowledged activist in causes in believed passionately in.

I knew Bill as one of my Section Commanders in Vietnam where he was second to none.   He had the 'nose' for when trouble was around the corner and in a fire-fight he was cool, calm and collected.   His soldiers worshiped him.

Bill and 'trouble' seemed to go hand in glove and the history of our tour is replete with tales about him.     At the Tangi I was able to remind Bill about one of his exploits which is recorded for posterity  as part of the Vietnam War history project undertaken by the Ministry of Culture and Heritage.      Here tiz .....

It is a privilege, not given lightly, to command men in battle.   I was privileged as a young Lieutenant to command 35 fine young New Zealanders in Vietnam.    They came from all walks of life.    On operations they were second to none.   They also played hard given half the chance with much wine, women and song and sometimes all three at once.    This is about the ‘wine’ bit.

The New Zealand Embassy in Saigon (now Ho Chi Minh City but always Saigon to us) was situated directly opposite the United States Embassy.   Their embassy compound was surrounded by a high concrete wall with any number of watch towers and bunkers built into it and guarded by a Company of US Marine guards plus a platoon of tanks.     The New Zealand embassy was guarded by a receptionist with a fearsome pot plant. 

After the 1068 Tet offensive and with the wisdom of hindsight it was decided by the powers that be to detach a four man New Zealand guard detail from the ANZAC Base at Nui Dat on a one week rotation to provide embassy security.   They had the day off (sleeping????) while at night they stood guard on the now empty embassy building (that was theory of it anyway).    They took their personal weapons to Saigon but, acknowledging the need for additional firepower (to match the Americans!!!), the ambassador had obtained a pump action shotgun along with six rounds of ammunition which was given to guard commander along with the admonition not to use it unless absolutely necessary because shotgun ammunition was in short supply.

And so it was that a four of my ‘best’ proceeded to Saigon determined to do their duty.   As it transpired it took them less than 36 hours to discover that the embassy contained a store room complete with a vast array of duty free booze needed so that the ambassador could properly entertain his guests at official embassy functions.     What’s more, the key to the store room was on the bunch of keys entrusted to the guard commander.  Silly mistake.

On their third night in Saigon and after a hard day sleeping or whatever my mob fronted up for duty.     As the night progressed and with the Viet Cong showing no sign of attacking the guard decided to relieve their boredom by liberating some of the embassy booze and having a drink or two or three or four or five.    Later still the guard commander decided it would be wise to unload the shotgun (just why he thought that quite escapes me) and it was then things really turned to custard because in doing so he managed to fire the weapon which took out completely the very large window facing onto the US embassy.     Mayhem ensued.    The Americans thought they were under attack, sirens sounded, marines manned their battle stations and the tanks were fired up in preparation for a full scale assault on the New Zealand embassy which had clearly (to them) been overrun by the Viet Cong.  

This had the potential to be Tet 2.    Fortunately wise heads prevailed and WW3 was narrowly averted.   Certainly our ambassador was not amused and neither was the Commander NZ V Force stationed in Saigon.    My Cpl XXXX (the guard commander who now resides not too far from Kerikeri) arrived back in Nui Dat almost in chains along with the other three members of the guard detail who weren’t looking too flash either.     I can report that my platoon was never again called upon to provide the guard detail during the remainder of our time in theatre and neither was Cpl XXXX ever seen wearing the Long Service and Good Conduct medal.

Soldiers will be soldiers and who would ever be so stupid as to entrust soldiers on active service with the keys to a liquor store.   Answer – civilians.    Talk about an accident waiting to happen that did.

RIP Bill ... you did your duty and did it well.    Fall out.

Sunray 5/2  

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Who moved their cheese?

Cunliffe seems to have decided that recent non-stories about NZ whingers living in Australia are an opportunity for some populist politics. I really wish he hadn't, because the results are cringe-making.

In a press release about it, he says two stupid things:

1.  "Those New Zealanders contribute fully to Australian society, yet are treated like third class citizens."

2. “In this matter John Key should take a lead from Labour and insist Kiwis in Australia get a fair deal.”

Here's what's stupid about them:

First, NZers in Australia who arrived after 26 Feb 2001 aren't third-class citizens, they aren't any kind of citizens at all unless they took out Australian citizenship, which the ones complaining haven't.  To complain that non-citizens don't have the same rights as citizens is pointless - of course they fucking don't, that's why people trouble themselves to jump through the various bureaucratic hoops of acquiring citizenship of the country they've emigrated to.

Second, in demanding that the PM insist Kiwis living in Australia get a 'fair deal' (by which he means special treatment not accorded to any other nationalities wanting to live there), he's making a hell of a rod for his own back.  Doesn't he plan on becoming the PM himself at some point?  At which point, won't he now need to insist that Australia make this change? This wildly-generous-to-NZ change that it would be seriously not in Australia's interests to make?  He's going to insist on it, now?  How's that going to play out, does he think? I foresee only future humiliation ahead for him if he pursues it.

This whinging from NZ Gastarbeiter in Australia is a classic hiding to nothing. Australia removed social security provisions for NZers arriving after Feb 26 2001 due to large numbers arriving and a real problem with Third Worlders using NZ's slack citizenship requirements as a back door into Australia.  It was entirely reasonable for them to do so, and would be not even remotely in their interests to reverse the changes.  The NZ government has absolutely no leverage whatsoever on this issue.  Instead of complaining, we should count ourselves lucky that Clark was able to keep for NZers the automatic right to live and work in Australia.  As it stands, NZers are still free to live and work in Australia, they just don't get the full package that comes with citizenship unless they (uh, duh-uh) take up fucking citizenship.  If people want to emigrate, they should do it properly.

Saturday, February 8, 2014


Yet another educated idiot thinks he will save the world.

From what?

"Sugar flavoured drinks" apparently.  The dump prick should know that sugar is a substance without flavour.  Perhaps he means 'flavoured drinks containing high levels of sugar.'

The whole thing appears to have been written by The Greens.

Judging by Meteria's ever expanding girth, she must be gargling at least three litres of Coke every day.

Friday, February 7, 2014

It's War!

Ever since Tony Abbott and the Libs turfed Labur out in a Ruddslide, with boat people and the carbon tax as the main issues, the Left and its propaganda arms the ABC and Firfx have tried to run the line that PM Abbott's action to stop the Labor induced flood of illegal immigrants will 'damage the relationship with Indonesia and might even lead to war.'

I kid you not.

Well if this is war, let's have more of it.

The boats have stopped.  None have arrived for the last seven weeks.

Indonesia has despatched a further three naval patrol vessels to the Java Sea, expressly to stop people smugglers.

An Indonesian judge has advised he will sign today parole documents for convicted Australian drug smuggler Chapelle Corby.

In passing, the only damage done to the relationship between the  two countries was perpetrated by the ABC, which blurted a story about Australia tapping the phone of the Indo president's wife.  (She just happened to be also a senior government official whose phone would have been tapped by dozens of countries.)

Thursday, February 6, 2014

What Say The Tall Poppy Choppers Today?

Last October/November our National Mens Cricket team played in Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

Not the easiest place to achieve great results.
Two drawn tests against the Deshis, then mixed results in shortform games.
Sri Lanka tour was very weather affected.

All the Lazyboy layabouts and armchair critics rubbished their results.

Since then a West Indies team has toured with NZ winning the tests 2 1 and sharing the ODIs 2 all.

Then the number one ODI team and second ranked test team from India came calling.
New Zealand won the ODIs four zip with the fifth tied.

Today the first of two test started with the first at Eden Park.
Indian Captain Dhoni won the toss and bowled. with NZ at 30 for three and Ross Taylor back in the shed for 3 things were going India's way.
The much criticised Brendon McCallum with Kane Williamson put on 240 odd for the fourth wicket and then got through to stumps with Cory Anderson and a score of 329 for four. Williamson and McCallum reaching three figures ending the day with McCallum not out 143.

Question; where are all the experts tonight, oh thats right out celebrating the nations birthday, I am sure they will find their voice tomorrow if things take a turn for the worse.
Four million kiwis vs a billion Indians and so far we are winning.

Go you good things,  well done today.

Happy Birthday My beloved Nation.

So much to celebrate as we pass the 174th anniversary of the day that many consider the Nation of New Zealand was formed.

From scattered settlements of mostly men from the other side of the world moving to establish activities that they could profit from in a couple of smallish islands occupied by groups of warring tribes who had themselves settled here from Islands to the north and then proceeded to make war on each other to capture slaves and possibly enlarge territory they could exploit, the British arranged a treaty to formalise domination and British rule over all who lived here.

Many of my antecedents came soon  after that pacification and adoption of authority was signed, from appalling deprivation on the North Coast of Scotland where they had been forced to seek refuge from the "Highland Clearances".
Another having gained a trade as a ships carpenter on the Clyde up sticks and arrived in NZ via Australia from where he added a bride to his chattels. She is still a little mysterious and I wonder if the dearth of info on her getting to Melbourne may have emerged from her forebears being among those selected by Judges in England.
Some of the scottish/celtic blood included some French as a result of the cross channel co-operation with their support for the Stuarts.
In short they all settled here after an often arduous and unpleasant journey by boat, quite similar to Maori really.
Every one of my antecedents I have information on, came here to make a better life and miraculously nearly all have achieved success.
I have no relations on any form of welfare other than the OAP, all have good jobs, and none are currently or have ever been in gaol afaik.

When the TOW was negotiated and signed in 1840, what are now referred to as Maori as if they are a discernible bloc, were just many tribes with common ancestry but each a  fiefdom willing when able to slaughter another tribes warriors, enslave any surviving women and children and add the resources captured to their unrecorded domain until a stronger, more cunning or just plain lucky SOB came by and repeated the destructive behaviour.

As a child the depredations inflicted on Kaiapoi Maori by Te Rauparaha from the North Island were still stories of legend from my ancestors as in the sacking of the Kaiapoia Pa between Waikuku and Woodend where Pegasus Town grows today and the rather unfortunate failure of Akaroa Maori to seek sanctuary on Onawe Peninsula.
At that time Many Maori saw correctly, the security and certainty the treaty brought, backed by the British rule of law, justice and accompanying protection, for their way of life.

Now that "Treaty" one of many negotiated and signed by several nations during the 19th century,Wikipedia lists over 400, is one among very few with any recognition or effect today.
Such documents recorded  a face saving method of concluding troublesome historical events to bring closure and settlement so the parties could move on.
Some, such as the Treaty of Paris 1812 to bring and end to Napoleon's escapades with his Grande Armee ending in military disaster  at the gates of Moscow, failed spectacularly, to be replaced with the next ToP in 1814 when the little General was consigned a bit more distant on St Helena in the South Atlantic after Wellesley had wrecked his resurgence at Waterloo.

I havn't taken the time to read through them all, there is an international cricket test on you understand, but from memory the ToW is one of very few still being reinterpreted today.
That is because successive do gooders have seen political advantage in keeping it all going in one of our biggest industries today, the ToW grievance industry
Many things that were as yet undiscovered in 1840 have been added to what was "INTENDED".
Radio spectrum, Minerals, Television, Welfare, Seats in the Parliament and local authorities awarded simply because some feel they are different and privileged, among them.

The Tow Grievance industry is funded by taxpayers of the present, hands out billions of dosh, on whimsical "oral history" and in yet another slap for those Taxpayers paying guilt money on behalf of "The Crown", the recipients of the largess pay no tax because they are a freakin "CHARITY".

For many years here in this beautiful land, many protested race based practice in governance and exploitation, here and across the world;  "the Jewish question"', Afro Americans or as then known, Niggers, British colonialism in Asia and Africa with the biggest bogy Apartheid in the Republic. yet many of those at the forefront of such protest are completely accepting of race based separatist policies here in New Zealand c2014 .

The ToW here sustains a multitude of the descendants of those who signed the treaty to nullify actions such as those of Te Rauparaha, in harmony at the trough, including even members of tribes who never even agreed or signed it.

Te Rauparaha was just the last really, in a long line of thugs who successfully slaughtered and enslaved their  way throughout the lands so it is not hard to see a few Padres and a Governor convincing signing up for law, protection and order from a government protecting weaker leaders, as a good move.

Nga Puhi use the ToW to extort welfare and degrading lifestyle while using it again and again to prevent progress of any meaningful measure for their people.

Tainui prop up their idiotic and costly King Movement and buy the odd resort, a corporate box and some flash undies

Tuhoe, who didnt even sign it have used the tribunal to gain a measure of sovereignty over the Uruwera National Park.

Te Hue Hue of Tuwharetoa gained considerable kudos by gifting much of National Park to the Nation but now the water that runs off it into the Waikato Hydro system might just have a bit of residual value, so we will get it looked into by those wise people at ToW Tribunal.

Even Ken Mair wannabe big man in Wanganui didn't hold back when he occupied public land in that town and destroyed a statue to an early political leader.

So the rubbish carried out on our Nations birthday is pretty much within  the parameters  of how the descendants of the  savages who embraced British law in 1840, see  a moving target such as the ToW.

One irony of the charade, A living document on dead tree cells stuck together by a whitey, add that to the Toanga

For me it is a great day for a celebration of 174 years of peace as a result of a document,  so me old mate many happy returns New Zealand.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014


After a seven fatal shark attacks on WA beaches in three years, the latest last November, Colin Barnett's Liberal Party state government, has introduced drum lines to trap and kill potential killer sharks to reduce the threat.

Entirely predictable as had the State administration done nothing then they would be labeled uncaring, and anti surf swimming.

However thanks to a frenzy whipped up on Social Media thousands of Aussies have been out protesting the unwarranted attack on sharks in their sea environment.
The pic above is part of a crowd on Manly beach North of Sydney Heads.

Well they haven't got the problem that Barnett's mob have,  as the despised drum lines plus shark nets have been in use by NSW and Queensland state Govts for years. the other massive hypocrisy is that the nets, that are not infallible, seriously endanger other non target species including turtles, dolphins, dudongs.

I am guessing here but I suspect the families of the seven dead in WA are not opposed to measures to kill sharks, hell among all the clamour the media report on recovering a body as part of closure in the grief process, one of the seven dead in WA had only remnants of his swimming trunks recovered.

I am not and never have been a surf dude, lack of shade, sand, and a walk to access the pleasure often over trump desire, that said however, I see the massive attraction for surfing that exists for  the many who invade the territory of the sharks in pursuit of it.

A Southlander was attacked last week and had to use his knife to ward the beast off, made it to shore, stitched up his wound with gear from his Pighunting first aid kit and retired to a local tavern for light refreshments where he was bandaged to prevent his blood messing up their floor. That is the stuff of legends but being mauled to death by a shark is right up there for unpleasant ways out of here IMO.

I accept sharks have rights and the ghastly practice of finning live sharks and leaving their disabled carcass to sink and die is abhorrent but citizens being killed is  a greater political negative to most who see humans as somewhere above sharks on a value scale and I wonder how many of those moved to protest share my ambivalent attitude to sea swimming
Doing nothing is not an option for the WA State Govt so perhaps the thousands of Qlanders and NSW people who actually enjoy the protected beaches  they have, should first protest the measures in use for years at your popular beaches before you give Barnett's mob grief.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

How Sad

It was noticable here on Australia Day, a week or so ago, how Australians celebrated their country.

Service clubs put on free Australia Day breakfasts in their local parks, people flew Australian flags from their cars and homes, extended families gathered for Australia Day lunch.  Political activists were quietly told to fuck off.

Looking across the Tasman, what do I see?   A mob of sad arsed wankers shouting at each other.

The quality of our leaders

Fine example of how a National Party cabinet minister thinks today.

Stuff reports that the US govt is cracking down on US taxpayers living overseas, requiring foreign banks to pass on details about their American customers or face hefty fines (on their US investments).

NZ's (well, Australia's, for the most part) banks will be expected to comply, but if they were to comply they'd breach NZ's privacy laws.  Not to worry, the Nat government has a solution to this impasse:

But now the Government is stepping in with plans to "override" privacy laws to help banks meet the US demands and reduce costs.
Talks between the two countries are continuing but a bill has been introduced that would sidestep privacy protections for Americans living in New Zealand.

Awesome skills, dudes.  Just exempt ex-Americans from the privacy laws!  Some namby-pamby civil liberties types will probably squawk, but that doesn't faze the Minister involved - he knows what the rule of law is really all about:

...Revenue Minister Todd McClay said the changes would not affect most New Zealanders, only the few considered "US taxpayers".

See?  Only a small minority lose their rights, so it's all good.  It's so reassuring that we have men of this calibre overseeing our legislation...

Monday, February 3, 2014

Dont Forget to Shut the Stable Door, idjit.

Maruia Falls on the Shenandoah Road between Springs Junction and Murchison.

The scene of a drowning tragedy when a mate jumped in to help his friend swimming above the falls was then sucked over. Sadly the swimmer was saved by others but the would be rescuer drowned.

The falls had a second near miss earlier last week when a Belgian Tourist "CLIMBED OVER A BARRIER" to take a photo, slipped and fell into the water.

The Press reports Minister of Conservation, Nick 'Dopey' Smith has called for a "review of safety" as two incidents in a week "IS TOO MANY". I guess if a third stupid rejects simple self preservation as a personal responsibility and drowns it will require a commission of inquiry and resignation of the minister, now there's a thought.

You tosser why not introduce legislation making stupidity an offence with appropriate penalties.

Wilfully ignoring signs, climbing over barriers, and other mindless acts of stupidity should incur hefty fines for both those who survive and the residual estates of those that perish as a source of funding for the cash strapped department.

Ever been to the Glacier faces of Fox and Franz Joseph, the barriers are so far from the faces as to make any reasonable tourists camera redundant and observation rates of visitors obeying what seem rather OTT with safety barriers ignored by almost all who walk up the rivers to view.
It is a good walk to both and to then expect those who have done that to stop a couple of hundred meters from what they came to view is another error of understanding the human mind. more so when "guided tours" are clambering over the glacial ice.

Don't wast money on a review, leave it to your representative with oversight of the falls to do what he is paid to do and let the terminally stupid continue to dice with Darwin.


Watching ACT during the last week has been a bit like viewing CCTV footage of a fog scene on a motorway.

Brash was a disaster upon a disaster that saw a reborn Hide hung drawn and quartered for taking his squeeze to the other side of the world in an apparent misuse of Parliamentary perks he had employed in his own career as a major aid by engaging in relentless pursuit.

An old Nat warhorse albeit a bit suspect as a winner was given the task of winning? Epsom including what turned out to be a destructive cup of tea that only served to resurrect a stinking carcass many had hoped would be left to the worms.

Legend in her own mind Heather Roy attempted to save her party only to see her efforts create another hole below the waterline, and founding or was it foundering father, Sir Roger Douglas made strange efforts in support that only increased the volume of water being taken in.

Through all this, one apparent good man, a minister in his first term, a fundraiser well above average, with a national profile seen by most as reassuring and a safe pair of hands has kept the virtually destroyed vessel afloat.
Now in the latest twist of a nose to tail crash unfolding, two unknowns outside a coterie of the remnant insiders have been tasked to get the wreck to a beach, effect repairs and set sail towards an election later this year.
Good luck with that.

When the Association of Consumers and Taxpayers was launched to respond to the populist path adopted by Spud Bolger in apparent abandonment of National Party principles by sidelining Richardson's moves to consolidate the work begun By Douglas to reform and reshape the countries economic basics in moves to enable entry to the 21st century in a form that would have been far more advantageous than what has emerged, I was to say the least, more than mildly interested.
Derek Quigly's involvement only heightened that interest.

A Public meeting was held in Carterton in the leadup to the 1996 GE featuring an unknown Rodney Hide, listed as  finance spokesman.
That Man, very short, overweight, dressed in an appalling suit had the audience in his hands as he iterated the ACT fundamentals as he viewed them, as a path to stable economics in the governance of the country, along with a political philosophy that resonated with my own 
In addition to having known Quigley from his days in YFC in the Sixties, I had known Hides family in Rangiora in a previous life so with those connections and what Rodney said in his address I became a believer.

Right now my faith is being tested to breaking as I am yet to be convinced of the wisdom of completely cutting the ties to the history of ACT by severing any remaining role for Boscowan, as it appears the Board selections of Whyte as Leader and Seymor as Epsom Candidate have precipitated.
I am smart enough to recognise my historical connections and support at the ballot box for ACT are minuscule in what will happen to the party over the next maybe nine months.
It will reveal as either inspired or inept, my wish is the former so I wish the philosophers every success.
To John Boscowan, thankyou for keeping the hulk afloat to allow a repair and relaunch, as for my possible support here so far distant and remote from Jaffaland, I wish to await a convincing move towards a resurection before any decision can be reached.

Oh and please, forget the canary yellow jackets!