Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Biannual Feeding Frenzy of the Tall Poppy Choppers.

Every six months we pause to honor those among us who are nearly always are quite special people.
And every six months we endure the whining, whinging, wailing and pathetic crybabys who will never qualify for any recognition other than to ignore and avoid at all costs.

For every Dame, Knight, Officer, Member or whatever created in the New Year or Queen's Birthday list there will surely be some who for many reasons will not enjoy universal approval, be it religious, political, ignorance based or just personal

To honor one who has merely done a job they were compensated for and feted for the accompanying successful achievement such awards often seem arbitrary and even capricious.
That said however we all know someone who following considerable sacrifice, dedication and personal cost are awarded a recognition in the name of Her Majesty, it is hard not to understand how it must come as a treasured personal thing to the recipient.

The Military, Fire, Ambulance and service clubs all have systems that recognise service and often do not, adequately IMO, differentiate between seat warmers and duty driven contributors who make a real difference.
The Judiciary often are rewarded similarly for above average contributions  and some seemingly for just doing the time, likewise for Politicians.

It always gives me a tremendous sense of satisfaction when a "Florence Nightingale" type gains an often inadequate award for a period of dedicated effort to make a difference in a street, community, town or city but for a neanderthal to call Trelise Cooper a "dressmaker", or Bob Parker a "time serving crat" completely misses the mark as to what actually marked them out for special mention, markers often below the radar, that can be easily measured by those who actually have knowledge of the often significant cost to their personal lives.

There could nearly always be a case against any award given but almost without exception even a cynical old bastard such as myself sees some merit in all  awards in any list.  A fact that is driven into a stark comparison with the  now widely awarded honorific, Dr for a Phd often gained in an almost stupidly inane subject that contributes nothing to the real world but is carried with an elitist aplomb that makes the charade meaningless. As an example  Wussel gimme back my fwag  Norman for a treatise on one of many failed socialist conniptions of the increasingly irrelevant socialist cause, namely The Alliance Party.
An eminently forgettable event in history that without the combined ambitions of The Troughmaster General,  a few tree huggers, some itinerant feminazies and the ever present communist left searching for relevance,  would never have gone beyond a church hall somewhere in obscurityville.
Just add a few Drs you would not consult for an ingrown toenail  and suddenly the mishmash of pressure groups morph into a political force with a starving bunch of journalism graduates in total thrall.

Two of todays awards are forever tinged with  a sad related death.
Sir Bob Parker's Dad passed away today in the knowledge his boy had been honoured, seriously ill he was informed a few days ago.
Marion "Murray" Giera was informed of his Queens Service Medal days before his passing last Thursday, after the Queen had consented to its award, for services to his community.

So my sincere congratulations to all those honored in the New Year list this morning, to the naysayers and malcontents just stfu and see if in the remainder of your boring vacuous forgettable lives you can go the extra mile and perhaps make a real difference for just one stranger, for no reward.

To quote NIKE "just do it"


Driving back to Paihia the other day we stopped at the layby just below the Mangaweka Viaduct.     Met a lovely English couple in their motorhome who had exercised their right, as freedom campers, to spend the night there.

Invited to share coffee and cake with them.   They were in a fairly buoyant mood and hastened to tell us why.    Both are fairly heavy sleepers but hubby was woken up during the night by movement and strange sounds around the vehicle but, deciding discretion was the better part of valour, rolled over and went back to sleep.

In the morning they woke up to see a hose protruding from the outlet to the onboard sewage tank situated on the other side from their fuel tank.    Seems the dumb-arse thieves got more than they bargained for when they picked the wrong tank and tried to syphon the contents out.

Clearly God is alive and well and resides underneath the Mangaweka Viaduct.

What Now Einstein?

Russian flagged ship stranded in the shrinking Ice of the Antarctic while retracing Sir Douglas Mawsons adventures of a century ago, still awaits rescue.

The Snow Dragon , an Ice Breaker from China abandoned an attempt at relief a few days ago and now the larger backup Australian vessel has also abandoned its attempt.

Rumours are, the people on board the MV Akedemik Shokalskiy will be evacuated by Chinese Choppers, no word though on the fate proposed for the trapped ship.

Anyone have an accurate picture on the potential disaster to the pristine Antarctic environment should the vessel breakup, surely Wussel and Tuatara have a solution available, a "holiday special" from Campbell Deceased will be in the (Media) works, of course.

Congratulations Mate.

Well deserved, Sir Bob and Jo Lady Parker

What The Hell Is Causing That?

The greatest influence on our climate and hence our ability to survive on this piece of terrestial rock, our sun is reversing its polarity.

Wont someone think of the residents of the Maldives and prevent this "man made" crime that threatens all low lying areas adjacent to the sea.

One of the accompanying phenomena will be catastrophic changes to our climate and weather.

We need an inquiry and massive funding for academics to bring us all to heel,  it must be "our fault".
Oh, and a few new taxes will certainly be required to fund the hysteria.

Stand by Thick Smith, get your sorry arse back to work, opportunities abound!!!
Solar Correction Impost, SCI for short, has a ring to it.
Aura Tax anyone?

Monday, December 30, 2013

Piece By Little Piece....

....the vast hoax is taken down.

Here's what you get when greenies infiltrate local government.

The NSW government will order councils to study the scientific evidence for sea-level rise on a beach-by-beach basis, amid fears that many local authorities may be undermining property values by imposing punitive planning conditions based on predictions contained in reports of the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Is Allistair OK

As the Ashes seems to be heading for 4  0, is the England Captain Allistair Cooke  in a similar space to that which claimed Jonathon Trott after The Gabba test.

Yesterday he played an almost faultless lone hand in Englands second innings collapse until the one ball that comes to undo the best intentions in all innings, cut him down at 51.
Apart from that little cameo his effort in leadership has been very suspect.
The others in his sad band, all of them,  seemed directionless and bereft of a tactical plan.

The last overs of Australia's first innings effort at the start of day three were a mish mash  arising out of committee meetings after nearly every ball, with Anderson, Pietersen and/or Bell.
Has the skipper lost his mojo.

England has held a winning hand through so much of this dead rubber match and at times in the earlier three losses, yet they always find a way to let them slip away.

Kevin Pietersen is existing largely in a different hemisphere, Bells dismissal was just so out of character, what the hell happened to Carberry with 12 from 81 balls in over two hours.
So much of what the TV reveals points to a rudderless ship heading for rocks and no one on the bridge.

Today at "the G", Clarkes warriors have a canter to victory in hand, will Cooke get his men to fight to the end or are they, and in particular the captain, mentally stuffed.

Update  with the Ockers holding it together with Chris 'Buck' Rogers getting a maiden test century on home soil and at his adopted home the MCG to cement a win to take the Ashes to four zip although the diehard Balmy Army claiming it is just 4/3 for 2013 with another chance at the SCG starting January 3rd to make it 4 all. they forget the 4/3 is 2013 and that cant change.

Absorbing cricket from a ruthless Australia and an almost schizophrenic England.

Saturday, December 28, 2013


Let's deal with the Bad & the Ugly first.   A big thank you to the five big brave 'young adults' who took to the two German tourists in Whakatane with baseball bats.   You did yourselves and your families proud.   Nothing like bashing people half to death to prove how tough you are.  

Now you will face the force of the law and I can only hope that the Courts will deal to you as you did to the people you attacked.    Mind you, I fully expect you will be well supported in Court by family and friends and assorted do-gooders along with lawyers funded by the State who will be at pains to point out your 'deprived' childhood and that really it's all 'our' fault.     Two of you will be dealt with in the Youth Court where it is likely that, following a Family Group 'kumbiyah' conference, you will be let loose on society laughing all the way to your next crime.    Perhaps it time to wind back the clock a bit in much the same way as the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 does to its predecessor.    Maybe, just maybe, Sheriff  'Joe' has it right.

Now the good bit.   I am lucky enough to live in Paihia and Paihia is lucky enough to have the Focus Paihia Community Trust.     The Trust comprises an amazing group of people who, rather than wait for things to happen are making it happen with, or without, local government support.    Their latest project has been to transform the waterfront and turn what was an unlovely carpark into a vibrant people focused community area where you can sit on the grass, eat your lunch, play boules, play the piano (provided), check out the area by way of a huge (6x4m) diorama map or amble just 5m to the huge outdoor 'over the water' bar complete with lounge chairs, tables and sun umbrellas and watch the world go by over a 'cold one'..

Special wraps to Grant Harnish (Chair) and Geoff Williams (Secretary) of the Trust.    For more about the Trust go to their website here.

And then, for dinner, pop across to the Duke of Marlborough at Russell and you won't be disappointed.   The 'Duke' is NZLs first licensed hotel and has been 'Refreshing Rascals & Reprobates Since 1827'.    The new owners, Jayne, Riki, Bridget and Anton, have transformed the place into what is now a truly dining experience.    You can access the Duke's website here.  

As I said, we're lucky to live in Paihia.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

A Warmist's Christmas

Do you remember all those predictions not so long ago that there woulds be 'no arctic ice'?

Somebody should have told these poor bastards!

There's so much bloody ice, even an icebreaker has been trapped.

Sometimes It Just Don't Work out.

Nothing that bad here in Paradise.

I hope Christmas brings joy love and happiness to all who come here for any reason.

A special greeting to my colleagues who provide the content, I hope your day brings all the best to you.

We are Darby and Joan for the first time ever until later in the afternoon when it gets busy.

Best wishes for 2014

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

About bloody time??

Today her Majesty Queen Elizabeth has granted a posthumous Royal Pardon to Alan Turing for his 1952 conviction for  homosexual acts with a 19 year old man.

Alan Turing was one of the magnificent men who worked at Bletchley Park to unravel secret German Navy transmissions using the enigma machine supporting the UBoats that were threatening allied shipping in the North Atlantic.

An extremely intelligent man, Cambridge educated Turing is regarded as a, if not 'the' father of Computer science.

Alan Turing was at one time leader of Shed 8 and is credited by many as shortening the second world war by two years and saving thousands of lives, military and civilian.

Correctly convicted under law that now seems totally benighted, Turing elected Female hormone therapy to avoid Prison, but two years later took his extremely valuable life at age 42 using cyanide poisoning.

In an extremely unusual step where normally a significant discovery of new evidence or procedural mistake, to initiate such a pardon, Alan Turing's conviction has been posthumously quashed by Royal Pardon in recognition of the tremendous contribution the man made to his country.

Amongst all the serious treachery of the "Oxbridge" reds from the thirties that went undiscovered for 20 years, this travesty of driving a very loyal citizen to take his own life has been a stain on the history of  true English patriots for over 60 years.  

Praise be, sanity and reason, albeit somewhat far too long delayed, has been delivered.
Pity he died in ignominy and disgrace, utterly tragic.

RIP Alan Turing with so many apologies and grateful thanks.

Maybe it was the wrong job?

An employee at Marks and Spencer refused to process a checkout sale when a customer presented alcohol for purchase.
Checkout chick claimed as a follower of Islam she could not scan it.

Apparently that is OK with M&S but there is a fair chance that the customer who had possibly waited for some time to be processed, may not have been so ambivalent.

Suppose for a moment the customer had been a lady of the night with significant makeup, a plunging neckline carrying a pig-skin handbag and wanting a champagne cocktail to celebrate a great nights work, getting to the till is a tad late to be assessing will I serve her or not.
Toss in a frozen Hawaiian Pizza,  a bag of bacon and chive crisps plus a pottle of pork liver pate and it soon gets a bit fraught.

Perhaps Aisha or whoever,  was not suited to be a checkout chick after all.

Monday, December 23, 2013


One of the things we can do as a writer on this blog is to look in the back door and devour all sorts of interesting statistics in respect of the various posts.

A couple of days ago Adolf did one with the label of 'Global Warming'.

That post generated 500% greater interest than the average post.   A big number.    PM will put me right but there has to be programme out there that trolls blogs looking for key words much like 'Echelon' and bombs and anthrax.

Sunday, December 22, 2013


Who, presumably in the Mayor's Office, leaked the now proven non-story regarding Cameron Brewer and his trip to Australia to the media.

Mayor Brown perhaps?    Anything to take the heat off .

My advice to that 'Gentleman' (borrowed from Oliver Cromwell) ......

Go, get you out! Make haste! Ye venal slaves be gone! So! Take away that shining bauble there, and lock up the doors.   In the name of God, go".


Returned home yesterday from a couple of weeks 'down-country'.    Had a stop-over at Parliament to present my submission to the Select Committee considering the Veterans' Support Bill.    Was given a good hearing but didn't know, until the e-mails started arriving, that the session was being webcast.    I must admit to some small surprise at the numbers of people who follow the proceeding of Parliament that closely.

The Select Committee comprised eleven members.   Six National, three Labour and one each from the Greens and Winston First.    National maintained a full bench throughout the hearing.   Labour's showing varied between one and two.   I am concerned that Phil Goff, their spokesman on Veteran's Affairs, was a no-show even though he was in the building.    The questioning was sympathetic and demonstrated that those asking the questions had clearly read the written submissions in advance of the oral submissions.    My submission related to the proposal to establish a Veteran's Advisory Board outlined in the Bill.   I argued that the veteran community had earned the right to have issues that concern them considered in a bi-partisan forum based on the legislative model that governs the workings of the Lottery Grants Board.

From there it was up to Greytown to daughters farm where, on a very hot Wairarapa day, I was greeted with the news that I was being roped into haymaking.    Can report that the 178 bales that I stacked revealed pains in places that had never experienced pain.    Still, the cold beer helped dull the ache.

A slow journey home via Taupo listening to the cricket as much as Pam would let me.   Does Jeremy Coney have to be our most insightful commentator in any sport or not?   He is a quite superb wordsmith and a pleasure to listen to.   He beats most, if not all, TV commentators hands down.

Heading back down to Bombay for Christmas.   Can I take the opportunity to wish my co-bloggers and all our commentators the very best for the festive season.    Special greetings to the 'Judge' and EtC and to my old mate Anon.     May 2014 be all you want it to be (within reason and excluding a change of Government).   

Thursday, December 19, 2013

It's Hard Being A Warmist

The temperature peaked here today at just under fortyfive degrees.

Just as the warmists were gearing up to blame Tony Abbott and global warming. it was annouunced that today was the hottest day in eighty years.

The poor bastards hadn't figured out how to explain that it was hotter in 1933.

They Don't Make 'Em Like That Anymore

Movies, that is.

Presently it  is 44 degrees Celcius (8% humidity) in the shade so one is reduced to watching reruns of old moves.

Today's are a pair of gems.  Huckleberry Finn starts in a couple of minutes and I've just watched Geordie.  I remember  my parents taking us to see Geordie when it first came  out.  It screened at the Kawakawa picture theatre.

The stand out moment was the scene in  which the young herculean highlander singlehandedly lifts the front of a crashed car to allow the rescue of the crash victim.

As soon as the victim was freed someone rushed over and stuck a fag in his gob - so all was well.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Au Revoir Colin King MP

We go back to a time before this Golden moment.

First met Colin when as a very good shearer he shore a few hundred of my greasy old corriedales in what is now the Waipara Wine district c1974.
He was a very different guy then, intelligent, well read, and smart enough to recognise that being fit, logical and organised was better than the traditional, drinking cussing, inefficient unfit model that Godfry Bowen transformed, only he was 40 years younger.

Saw Colin win the Golden Shears title at Masterton from a right hand stand, that being a lefty, forced King to waltz each of his 20 sheep through 180 degrees to align it with the handpiece and  then maneuver the shorn animal to a porthole in the wrong position. He still won and then twice more after the dinosaurs that ran the show arranged for a designated "Lefty stand"

When he stood for the Kaikoura seat nearly nine years ago he reinforced my belief that National party candidates were grounded in life skills that gave an enormous advantage in their approach to the very limited power they have to make meaningful change.

An idiotic media gave an image to Colin King based on his self made success as a shearer who used that as a basis to make a success of his endeavours. A wrong political opponents perpetrated in the mistaken belief it was appropriate when it merely exposed the significant gap in their own CV, work in the real world.
Possibly one of the last NZ MPs to graduate from hard manual work to the legislature and we will all be the poorer for that.
As the late Ben Couch said "shearers are the last workers in this country to take a towel to work every day to mop up their sweat"

So commiserations Colin, your gracious good wishes to your successor are a measure of you.
Thankyou for your service, commitment and hard work for the right of politics in the 9 years service to Marlborough and the country.
Enjoy your retirement.

Regards Murray

Will that work, really.

Aumtie Turia on her "plain Packaging" for ciggies with Hosking earlier, what a crock.

Didn't the gruesome images work out?

Intellectual property will be an expensive legal battle.

Massive duty increases have had a similar outcome in maintaining the prohibition effect so failed in Marijuana, with private tobacco growing, black market and criminal activity around tobacco trading all flourishing.

If a politician is hell bent on smoking prohibition why not try making it illegal that will give the Gangs a boost and spell electoral disaster for someone trying to get elected in Auntie's demographic.

Here is a radical idea, remove the "duty free" status for Raleigh's Weed as a starter for ten.

If education, damage awareness and the clear consequences are not working to reduce smoking, maybe it is a loser idea.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Nearly one month of domination and the Urn returns

After a bowling blitz that has England reeling and a batting lineup that has squeezed runs when needed has The Ashes return to our near neighbours.

The batting has often seen early wickets fall but always at least two put their hands up in every innings to get decent totals that had England looking for massive 4th innings totals at The Gabba then Adelaide and today at the WACA.
Failing on the three occasions leaving a total 749 run shortfall.

A massive difference has been catching Warner a screamer from Carberry, Harris  on the backward point boundary account for Cook, Johnson pulled in a high one from Bell, Haddon very solid behind the stumps and today Rogers a running catch at midoff all memorable and if they had been England attempts would not have happened.

NZ born Ben Stokes today hit the first 100 for England in the three games, next best Joe Root at Adelaide in a fighting rearguard with 87. That in the face of 7 centuries from Warner x 2, Watson, Smith, Haddon, Clarke x2.
Cook Pietersen and Bell have not fired, Carberry has promise but the Clarke gang have dominated Cooke's men who prevailed after winning 3 zip just a few months ago in England.

Productivity has been seriously disrupted so now we can concentrate on more mundane things such as getting ready for Xmas.

What are you talking about?

Recently it was reported an uncle of vunderboy Kim Jong Un, an in law, not blood, was dragged into a court and condemned to death for a very impressive list of charges and swiftly shot by machine gun.
How much will the bullets cost?
Auntie has so far been spared
A judicial process  favoured by Stalin in his purges, aint that nice.

Today Stuff reports a Christchurch man, Frank Feinstein, who monitors North Korean news for a Washington Website NK News, has discovered that around 100 000 references to the sad old uncle have been removed from the archives. That for a man who has occupied a place very close to the boy President and his late father Kim Jong  Ill.
Possibly didn't get the joke and failed to laugh.

Just leave via the basement and please don't leave a mess.

Monday, December 16, 2013

You have been elected, sworn an oath and now you have a duty.

Len Brown is not fit to lead your council or your city.

Sleep with a dog you will get fleas, oh and you will stink as he does.

He is bent, dishonest, immoral and incompetent. Sheesh he cannot even manage an affair successfully.

Just cut his funding for all but his paycheque, yes all, the whole shebang

He cannot function without his cast of supporting yes men, spinners, obsfuscators and the tame MSM

You, as councillors may carve yourselves a long term employment role in our biggest City.

A motion of censure is what "HE" wants, see if you can work out what a growing number of the citizens  really want, currently around 70%.

Just do that duty,    or,------- do you have secrets he knows and we dont?

Comment of the Month

Fom Jaffa over at Kiwiblog - on the merits of taking more exercise and eating less versus banning fatty foods.

"The skinniest people at the food bank, are the ones doing all the work!"

Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Noodle Wash Kit now available

Great to see that our scumbag Mayor has at least inspired a new product.

Apparently it has been extensively Council tested in as many real life situations as possible.

Fantastic for chairs, tables and reports as well as Mayoral limousines.
Guaranteed to clean up any mess in less than two minutes.
Also available in Bright Red.

PDB, B=Brown, D=Down, P= you choose.

Polls, Pride, Probity, Personality, Promise, Pathetic, Position, Pallor, Pariah, Perjurious, Pestilent, Petulant, Pettifogger, Philanderer, Piety, Pimp, Plunge, Plummet, Puerile---------Pants?

Recent Local body elections revealed an army of candidates espousing platitudes that included:
Efficiency, Honesty, Listening, Building, Leading, Working, Morality, Transparency, Ethics, Compliance, Inclusiveness, Prudence----- all in various guises and levels of  commitment.
In Len Browns convoluted world of reality, none of those traits exist, he is above and beyond such trivialities.

It is being reported that the recently elected Super City Auckland Council will meet this week in the rather dominating shadow of the still emerging dodgy behaviour of their re-elected mayor.
With very few exceptions, all quite recent, in a situation that has been in the media for months, it is suggested some councillors have discovered their electorate is increasingly disillusioned, disappointed and for many just plain disgusted as the news has dribbled out around some spectacular  questionable activities being laid at the Mayor's door.

Bugger the polls is not a relevant response.
 Published public soundings have support for this cretin to remain in office under 30% and the closer to the city they are measured the worse the news gets.
Such residual "support" is predicated on the turnip on a manuka stick with a red rosette uninformed vote  of the population that knows no better. That level, currently around 45% ,leaves a significant number of even them who currently see Brown as dogtucker.

Yes I am a prude as regards things based on fidelity, probity, honesty, and trust so it is no mystery that in my opinion Len Brown is totally unfit to lead "our" largest city.
In a very big and at times preoccupied world, what happens in the City of Sails is the only glimpse many will ever have of New Zealand.
The recent Americas Cup, is just one fleeting opportunity where people looking for a destination or a place to do business may pass by in a chance encounter with our very well regarded country.
To have such a scumbag little creep as the center of the imagery, is an imeasurable disaster.
Sure what adults do in their private lives is their business and not for "news" but when Browns escapades include his well documented Manakau City indulgences, his now very public tomcat activities parallelling a wife fighting cancer, his clear lack of accountability around declarations required of everyone who works in and around local government, all accompanied by an extraordinary spend of public money as he attempts to obfuscate, avoid and deny any wrongdoing from a team of spin doctors and lawyers, in a still expanding glare of publicity, clearly his time is well and truly up.

Len Browns spurious claims that his private activities do not preclude him from delivering value to his City are not just laughable they are well beyond ludicrous.

Your worship;
Gather the very few shreds of humanity still available to you and for all that is worthy just walk away.
You have no legacy, no credibility, no validity, no trust and no residual dignity.
Auckland City, New Zealand and all the citizens deserve it.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Shame Norman, Cunliffe and the media cant do basic maths.

In the  2011 General election the National party and their coalition supporters received over 50% on a voter turnout around 75%.
That was after an unprecedented naming of the date some 10 months out and after maintaining a clear promise to sell no assets or part shareholding in the first term and an equally clear policy to sell up to 49% shareholding in 5 SOEs in a second term.

The melons and the socialists have constantly claimed that result did not give a mandate for the partial sale process in spite of  the leaders of melons and socialists promoting that vote as a referendum on "asset sales", a fact at odds with the stated policy of partial sale of the shareholding.
That misstatement alone  being a significant bias in the minds of many voters.

Fast forward 2 years, following a massive publicly funded campaign to collect 10% of registered electors to gain a CIR, and only successful at the eleventh hour after a concerted second collection surge to overcome the apathy.
That was followed by an equally intensive campaign to get their vote out in the referendum 44% (just over half those who voted in the GE 2011), voted 67% against 31% to disapprove of the partial share sales.

Suddenly that is a comprehensive vote of no confidence bringing calls from XXXXwetback and thumbhead for the National led government to cease the process with only Genesis energy and Solid Energy remaining.
Now since Solid Energy is now as valuable as Kiwirail and wont make the cut only Genesis scheduled for float next year remaining on the table.

If we need any further perspective, that wonderful 67% that the numpties are calling "their mandate"  is less than 900 000 voters out of a potential over 3 000 000 registered.
The three previous CIR all ignored by the government in office, anti smacking, reduce mp numbers and harsher sentences, attracted an average vote in favour of 1 671 000 voters from the smaller total registered, a simple majority in favour of the 3 CIR.

So after all that intense campaign for their POV in the face of a big fat zero counter campaign, greypower, the unions and the melons could only muster a paltry 900 000 votes, a number that included people such as moi who wanted the full shareholding sold so voted no to partial, another bunch who saw the whole mess as the waste of  $10 000 000 and voted yeah nah , and the other nearly 60% who just did not care or wished to withhold any move in support of the charade and binned their papers.

The one remaining question that will never be answered, how many votes were intercepted in the mail, around resthomes and by committed zealots who just filled in ballots that had been ignored and left lying about.

Friday, December 13, 2013


Yesterday the Wellington City Council voted to introduce the so called 'living wage' for Council employees at an additional cost of $750,000 p.a. to the ratepayers.  

Among those voting for the motion was newbe Councillor and ex Labour MP (and self confessed alcoholic) Mark Peck.   

When challenged as to whether he would be paying his own staff the living wage (Peck owns/runs a restaurant) he said no, he couldn't afford to.

So, Ok with other peoples money, but not with your own.

Just how many ways can you spell Hypocrite?

Thursday, December 12, 2013


Judge Jane Farish has this morning informed the court all 20 charges against mine manager at the time of the explosions that killed 29 miners and saw two emerge shocked and injured from the access tunnel, were "dropped".

Pike River Coal, its directors and Whittall would allocate the 3.4 million dollars earmarked for the defence to the families of the 29 victims and the two survivors.
Farish said the decision was from "The highest level" and should not be seen as purchasing a favourable outcome.
The chance of a prosecution succeeding were very low.

I assume that is juspeak for the very pertinent fact that to expect the man who was only manager for a few  weeks before the place blewup as the one and only scapegoat was bollocks as far as justice went .
The stupid design parameters put in place to get DOC and the sandal wearers out of the way, the long rising access tunnel to save a few trees and snails, the very limited ventilation shafts, the limited self contained sanctuary areas, the clearly inadequate mine safety protocols, training and supervision, the complete absence of an indication of significant disquiet from the workforce, from a mine that had been operating for some two years after consent was given in 2004.
So how much of the unfolding tragedy was the "FAULT" of the poor bugger who was given the mine managers seat only weeks before the explosion November 24th 2010.

To follow this as an outcome that spares the man who has lost his marriage, his fellow miners, and has left a gaping hole in his CV any further bashing while ignoring all those whose erratic decision making, inane opposition, and failures as workers and under managers who allowed the disaster to develop over many months, just be thankful, an outcome that  allows an additional payment of over a hundred thousand dollars to each of the families of the dead makes much more sense to me.
Blood Money my arse, any money paid as a result of death or serious injury is Blood Money always.

To all those who inadvertantly, deliberately or by ommission of the duty of care contributed to that tragedy, search your souls, all of you had far more opportunity to prevent it than the man who came to Pike as mine manager on October 2nd 2010 just 53 days before it blew.

Graeme Pankhurst grew up in the mining lands of the coast but I was of the opinion that his inquiry did not address sufficiently, alleged ignoring of safety rules, personal discipline, and practices that had a potential to have at least a passing contributary effect to what eventuated.
To all those who are still struggling to cope with the tragedy, just take the offered money and if you choose not to keep it there are many many very worthy and needy charities on offer.

Cease any further moves to make Peter Whittall the focus of your grief. Gordon Ward, all the other managers, foremen, team leaders, the miners and contractors were all in positions of longer standing and influence at Pike River Mine with very few exceptions.

Bernie Monk, please stop eroding the remnant sympathy a very generous and caring nation has for those who are still living with their dark memories.

Good luck and best wishes to Peter Whittall, walk away to whatever life allows you.


new-zealand.gifIn my job I do a fair bit of domestic travel per courtesy of our national airline.    In doing so I get to spend a fair bit of time in Koru Lounges.   They vary greatly in comfort, facilities, service, periodicals/papers and food and beverages on offer.

Let's disregard, for the purposes of the exercise, the obvious differences between regional lounges compared with those in the main centres.    I would be interested in your assessment of both the best and worst lounge in NZL.

To start things rolling I nominate Auckland as the worst domestic KC lounge in the country.   

My best lounge will come later.

Remember we are talking about domestic lounges.    

Vote now

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Tennis Coach or Drinking Coach?

Paul Arber grey st
MISSING PERSON: Fellow tennis coaches, Mark Sheppard (left) and Nathan Hude beside the information booth in Grey St set up to help find Paul Arber.
Paul Arber

Petrol Prices

The other day someone had a moan to Adolf about the price of petrol in NZ.

So, I had a scatch around and sure enough, it appears he had something to moan about.

Adelaide price for unleaded is A$1.47  (less a discount of 12c if you shop at Woolworths etc)

Auckland price is NZ$2.19.

Currently the exchange rate is NZ$1.10 to A$1.00.  Accordingly, an equilibrium price would be NZ$1.62.  Somewhere there is a spare 57c per litre.

So, who is trousering the difference?

Lyen Brown?

Monday, December 9, 2013

Get a life you parasitic rent a mob trougher.

 Minto whining he didnt make the cut for the Prime ministers trip to Mandela's long postponed exit!!!

Nothing to stop you from funding your own effort to pay your respects.

In the light as to how The Republic has descended into one of the least attractive world destinations, and some recent comments on same from you, perhaps you should feel fortunate.

In 1981 you and your rabble trampled all over my legal rights to see the best two rugby nations entertain me.
Sad you do not see any reason to intervene on behalf of the equally threatened people of say North Korea or Syria

Maybe your rabble made a difference but that estimate is akin to following the possibilities as to what were the ramifications of Enterprise, Saratoga and Lexington being absent from Pearl on December 6th 1941, we will never know, but it is an established fact you and your rabble treated a legal event with complete disdain to act out your complete disregard for the rule of law.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Cricket match-fixing "scandal" descending into a joke

The cricket match-fixing “accusations” are bizarre. 

No one has been charged with anything; all that is happening is an investigation. Yet the players have been named. 

Compare that to other criminal matters where people are charged, and convicted, but get name suppression which stays in place long after the event. The names of sexual predators are sometimes never revealed.  But three cricketers who have not been charged, nor convicted of anything, have their names muddied all across the world during an “investigation”. It’s all arse-about-face.

Then the Herald steps up to the plate with this photo of Chris Cairns, with the relevant caption under it:

Chris Cairns has been accused of match-fixing.

Even the very considered and temperate Keeping Stock chimed in with this on Facebook:
Now that we know who the dodgy ex-internationals are, let's focus on the current players heading towards a victory.
No one is "dodgy" (yet).  Cairns has said he hasn't even been spoken to.  There's, apparently, an "investigation".  No detail.  No evidence.  No charges.  No nothing!

But Granny decides Chris Cairns has been accused of match-fixing!

The more I read the MSM the more I realise a lot of them just make stuff up.  How on earth this got past the sub-editors is beyond me.  I put a comment on their website telling them they were defaming Cairns with that caption, and it was disgraceful.  

I wonder if they'll produce that comment. 


No not Mandela's passing that happened some months ago but medicine arbitrarily interfered in the process.

This was something that is a serious connundrum for conservationists all over the world.

The environmental lobby, yes that includes the nutty greens, have in their crusade against oil, coal, natural gas and extended it to prevent Hydro on rivers as yet untapped, have totally embraced wind power as a renewable source of energy.
It only exists in one place in the world without subsidies from taxpayers, here in lil ole NZ, but and there will always be a bloody but,  there is a subsidy from consumers of electricity in that we transfer costs from cheap hydro to put up windfarms.

One serious drawback with giant turbines generating energy is they are a serious threat to birdlife.
Numerous instances are emerging of Raptors, already under threat being found dead under wind towers after obviously colliding with the blades.

Recently in the Hebridies, a bird not seen for some 22 years in the UK, only 9 sightings in over a hundred years, turned up obviously lost and many "bird watchers" rushed to get a glimpse.

Then along came Jones, I mean kama, the bitch, only for the assembled in awe,  to watch the stupid bird fly into a turbine blade and die.

Yes folks, the only White Throated Needletail seen in the UK in 22 years can be seen lying deceased under the generator of choice for the greenies.

Bald Eagles, Condors, Golden Eagles, Perigrine Falcons, Hawks flying along watching lunch loping along on the ground and WHUUMMP a freakin wind turbine blade saves the intended prey for tomorrow, to bad about the already endangered bloody bird.

My first though when I read about this was a little irreverent I must confess. When the inevitable inquiry (surely Russel will call for one) releases its findings, will any blame be attributed to the sandel wearing numpties who may well have caused the distraction that led to the rare bird altering course with the accompanying fatal consequences?

Saturday, December 7, 2013


A local (Hastings) Labour party member on HER push bike went down our street a while ago putting flyers into all letter boxes. The flyers advocated. `Send A Message - Vote NO to Asset Sales. Reply address is to the Leader Of The Opposition. Although we have two registered voters at our address we received only one flyer addressed to - wait for it - Mr pdm, nothing for Mrs pdm. Our neighbours are away for the weekend and we are collecting their mail - they too received only one flyer addressed to Mr. Neighbour. So Cunliffe's office is happy to use ladies to deliver his flyers but will not address them to female voters. Then I realised why that is happening - all of the male members of the Hastings Branch of the Labour party have resigned in protest at the `manban' - could it be?? By the way both Mrs pdm and I voted Yes. UPDATE Lindsay Mitchell has an excellent take on this same matter: http://www.lindsaymitchell.blogspot.co.nz/2013/12/who-is-labour-targetting.html

And About Time

Yesterday, the CEO of Holden Australia told assembled assembly plant workers at Elizabeth "You'll be the first to know if we decide to close the plant."

Well they were, kinda sorta.  They read all about it in this morning's Australian newspaper.

The unions have only themselves and Rudd/Gillard to blame.  They have extorted cozy 'sweetheart' deals with Holden for years, in which Holden agreed to massive over award pay rates and profligate work practices, then ran off to the state and federal gummints to demand equally massive subsidies on threat of closure and job loss.

Abbott appears to have called their bluff  and he can thanks Rudd and Gillard's extraordinary spending over six years for giving him the political cover to stand firm.  "We haven't got the money.  Your mob has already spent it.

It appears Qantas also has been shown the door.

Its that close.

Anyone thinking there is plenty of time till christmas, sorry here is proof it is nearly upon us.

About a week ahead of time for our garden  but with another fifty or so about to spring into a glorious display best have a squiz at your calender.

On This Day......

......in 1941

Thursday, December 5, 2013


my reading of Section 224 of the Electoral Act here would suggest that  David Cunliffe, in tweeting what he did last Saturday, may have engaged in a 'Corrupt Practice', defined as "means any act declared by this Act to be a corrupt practice" which, on conviction, provides for a term of imprisonment not exceeding two years and a fine not exceeding $40,000 in which case he would forfeit his seat in accordance with the provisions of Section 55(1)(d) of the Act.

Alternatively what he did might be considered an 'Illegal Act' which, on conviction, attracts a lesser penalty of between $10,000 and $40,000 in which case he would not forfeit his seat.

The alacrity with which Cunliffe ditched the tweet and his apology suggests he knows he f****d up big time.     That may count in his defence if it comes trial.   In any case, not a good look from the Leader of the Opposition.


I see one Graham McCready is planning a private prosecution of David Cunliffe concerning his foolish text on election day.

This piece fell out of the stuff article and clanged as it hit the floor.

He had earlier said the tweet was posted in error and quickly deleted.
"I take responsibility for that, the tweet was sent in error and deleted within seconds and it was reported as soon as possible to the returning officer," he said.

I wonder how many hundred thousand seconds that was, Mr Cunliffe.  Certainly enough to allow a hell of a lot of people to notice and download your tweet.

John Banks is guilty?

Don't bother with the court process, it is a waste of time.
He should resign his seat, John Key should end his fraudulent administration with no mandate to govern.

That Nice Mr Cunliffe made a wee mistake when he tweeted a direct order for Christchurch East voters to get down to the booth and vote early and often for potatos.
Steffan Browning gives a valid insight as to the depth of his understanding on safety of GM food, it wont require fencing.
Lianne Dalziel is still an independent Mayor working for all of the city.
David Hay is a non person in the history of the green melons party.
Gareth Hughes rides a bike to work and consults the electorate by way of skype, emails and conference calls.
Aussie wetbacks, well dressed fat chicks and duplitious socialists, aided and abetted by a well past prime multi party hack, racists and any other economic illiterates are the best way forward for governance of this green and pleasant land, East of the Tasman Sea.
Dairy Farming will bring about Rachel Carsons 'Silent Spring', what pesticides? cows are locusts c2013.  
The beach will never recover from the Rena grounding.
Oil exploration will bring the envionment to its knees.

Sadly half the sheeples think that is how it is while the other half are too busy paying for it all to voice an opinion.

Our soaring dollar is a complete mystery, world financial markets have it all wrong just ask a journalist.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Well Done Taylor and McCullum

Two test centuries on the first day.

Now THAT'S more like what one expects from test batsmen.

Monday, December 2, 2013


and less of the whiney snivelling vegetarian dropkick giving you grief.

                                    Jonny and Alexandra Schwass

Jonny may not be a houshold name outside of Christchurch but he is in the rebuild city.

In February a restaurant on Ferry road was one of many ventures to end up in a pile of rubble leaving owner and chef Jonny Schwass no workplace from where to ply his wonderful trade.

This man does not give up easily, after a lifelong love affair creating delights for many wanting great food this cancer survivor opened his latest venture on the corner of Montreal and Salisbury streets in the CBD last August

A feature on Sundays has been a spit roast lunch and live music from 2pm through to 6pm.

Jonny, a multi award winning chef, possessing many talents and activities promoting his forte, has created multiple efforts to make progress through the devastation of the last three years, opening his latest, Harlequin House last August.

The sad little neighbour who has employed the city council to attempt to close down the restaurant using The smell of the roast lamb and noise control needs to be placed in stocks and pelted with food scraps from Jonny's kitchen.

As people like Jonny Schwass make attempts to get up and get going the last thing we need is another, "oppose everything" muppet such as Harlequin House's neighbour using stupid processes of the city council getting in the way.

Sunday, December 1, 2013


It appears I am not alone in thinking the deal brokered by US Secretary of State Kerry and the Iranians regarding their nuclear programme bears a striking resemblance to the 1938 Munich Pact which saw British Prime Minister Chamberlain stand on the steps of 10 Downing Street and proclaim "Peace in our Time".

Seems like senior members of Obama's own Party see the agreement as a sell-out.   The link to the story is here.

Time will tell but one thing you can be sure of ... Israel will play the game by its own rules and in its own national interest should things look like turning to custard. 


Then spare a thought for the new and still current leader of the Australian Labour Party, "Electricity" Bill Shorten.

Willie Shorten joined the ALP around the mid 1980s and soon after, attended a Young labour sponsored overnight 'camp' near Victorian second city Geelong.
Also at that two day camp was an as yet unnamed, young (16yo), female labour idealist.
Evidently Wee Willie took a shine to her and after she went to her room to retire thinking she had successfully ended his attentions for now, only to have him come to her room and it is alleged force her into a bath room and have sexual connection against her will.
Following the unreported rape and there were plenty of them in those days due to the great difficulty in getting any cop to take it seriously and the even greater chance of getting it to a court let alone facing the embarrassing and inevitable failure to convict.

Since Shortens victory over 'Albo' Albanese for the top ALP job following a very news saturated campaign similar to that of the three stooges here and Bill's profile as leader of the opposition, the woman, now living and working in the North Central Coast of NSW, is constantly being given vivid, in her face, regular reminders of that dreadful event some 27 years ago.

I have little understanding as to how the state and federal judiciaries handle such historic cases but with the seemingly increasing culpability being afforded to such travails for the Catholic Priesthood it seems a distinct possibility that with the police opening an investigation, Bill Shorten's hold on the long sought leadership of the ALP is at the very least under threat.
He is credited with knifing two sitting Prime ministers, being on the right side at elevation and re-elevation at least three times, added to his past in the Australian Union Movement that is riven with rumors and suggestions  his climb to power has been achieved over a good number of bodies, and all that against a rumored suggestion he is a recent father to a child with a labour staffer.
Of course such a back story is almost necessary for an aspiring Aussie socialist.
If this rape complainant adds yet another casualty, it will come as no surprise to many and it  suggests as the electorate becomes better informed, Wee Willie Shorten will not threaten the record of leaders of recently defeated Australian political parties never making "The Lodge"  a home.

Some will ask why is this of interest, simply put, it first hit the headlines over two weeks ago as an unnamed prominent ALP politician, when most in  Victorian Labor Knew it was Shorten and the Police had opened an investigation, he, Electric Bill was not named and  his name that was never judicially suppressed has become widely known, what passes for a MSM is virtually ignoring the whole matter.The main publicity is by way of the Blogs just as Cam Slater gave Oxygen to "pants down" Brown in spite of a concerted effort of NZ Media to ignore and gloss over it somthing that was so far from the truth for many of us living a life in a mode that viewed Brown as nothing less than a "Tom Cat" in the morals department.

As it has been here with the appalling allegations and proven sleazy and possibly corrupt behavior of that recently re-elected Mayor, because Shorten is a prominent socialist it is "nothing to see here move on", and that shallow, duplitious, inept response of the fourth estate just pisses me off.
The Aus MSM spent days and days running with a story about Tony Abbott punching a hole in a wall in his university days but of course that is oh so much worse than forcing sexual contact on a 16 yo girl.