Saturday, November 30, 2013


Was on the road last week with hearings in Christchurch and Balclutha.    The ChCh hearing was scheduled to last four days but finished in three so, instead of flying to Dunedin, we had a 'leisurely' drive down.

Stopped off at Burnham which I hadn't seen since 1973.   All of my career post Burnham was either o'seas or at Waiouru.   The camp has certainly changed in the intervening period (as I would expect) but what was really noticeable to me was the lack of soldiers - perhaps they were all on leave.   Had hoped to pay my respects to the Camp Commandant, Bill Blair, who will be retiring shortly.   Bill would have to be one of the last (if not the last) Vietnam veteran still serving.   Regretfully he was otherwise engaged but, if you get to read this Bill, all the best for your retirement.  

Spent a couple of hours in the Museum which was the brainchild of the sometime Commanding Officer of 2 Canterbury, Nelson-Marlbourgh and West Coast Regiment, Ted Latter. later MP for Marlborough 1975-78.    A great little museum housed in the Detention Centre, part of the Industrial School (Reformatory) that existed in Burham from 1873-1918.   Its most (in)famous resident was the politician John A Lee, DCM, who became the Under-Secretary for Housing in the first Labour Government until he was expelled from the Labour Party.   You can view his room in the Detention Centre but be warned, it's probably easier to get into Fort Knox than it is to Burnham Camp.

From there we motored down through Geraldine, Timaru, Oamaru and Dunedin and then on to Balclutha.   As we passed Dunedin Airport the temperature hit 28 degrees and stayed like that a fair way into the evening.   The massive irrigators on the Canterbury Plains are a sight to behold as are the plains themselves, a green shade of green and nothing parched about them.

Talking to a farmer mate of mine and I was fascinated to learn that Canterbury cow numbers had increased by 107% since 2005 to reach 769,417 with the median herd now 710.   I also had the opportunity to read the ECAN Canterbury Region Dairy Report for the 2011-12 season.    It puts a lie to the Green's alarmist mouthing on the damage to the environment caused by the proliferation of dairy cattle.    The disposal of dairy shed effluent to land is monitored closely.   The Report has it that 70% of farms were assessed as fully compliant (up from 64.9% the previous year) while the proportion of farms with significant or major non-compliance issues fell to 8.6% (compared with 9.6% the previous season).

Clearly the industry is steeping up to the mark and those statistics throw into sharp relief the utter stupidity of the Greens in arguing the only way forward is to shoot half the cows ... and these clowns want to be in Government!!!!  

Equally stupid is the Green/Labour (less Shane Jones) opposition to oil drilling.   Sadly it has passed these opportunity cretins by that Taranaki has just recorded the highest growth rate of any region in the country.   That region has comes to terms with the fact that farming, tourism, and oil/gas exploration/harvesting can co-exist side by side.   No luddite attitudes there and neither in Norway which has one of the highest standards of living in Europe financed by oil revenues (and with a socialist government to boot).  

The Greens/Labour are caught in a web of their own rhetoric and can't back down.   Their vision for the future is bound up in New Zealand as a peasant economy.

And to cap all that Business Confidence is now at its highest in fifteen years.    All that is clearly at risk should the Opposition ever get their grubby paws on the levers of power.  

p.s.    It appears that the self proclaimed highly democratic Greens are somewhat intolerant of members challenging the status quo or is it perhaps that their 'nice' Mr Norman has done the soundings and determined the result might not be to his liking?

p.p.s.   'Southern' people are different.   I was waiting outside the travelodge in Balclutha to be picked up to go to Court to have two people stop and offer me a lift.   


Friday, November 29, 2013

"Where does all the money go/ Straight, straight up her nose"

Re the "shock" news that Nigella Lawson has an expensive coke habit, two things:

1.  Cocaine is the illegal drug of choice for pretty much any Tory born within the last 60 years, so it's not actually that much of a surprise, is it?  No doubt Saatchi's given his nasal passages a hammering on occasion as well.

2.  "Let him who is without sin cast the first stone."  Never having been a fabulously wealthy and impossibly sexy celebrity myself, I'm not in a position to say how much money would go up my nose if I was - and neither are the world's journos.

Thursday, November 28, 2013


Nearly a month ago on a rare, I mean rare visit to Campbell Live, well swmbo had the remote I have since had Skymultiroom installed, to  quite by chance catch the appalling ambush interview of recently vanquished ACC mayoral candidate John Pallino by a screeching harridan named Rebecca Wright. IT was so appalling in my opinion I was moved to make a complaint to TV3's parent body Media Works.

At that time I and many others were hoping against hope that someone, anyone in the media might apply a blowtorch to the creepy, dysfunctional, philandering husband of a woman recently battling cancer, exposed for a salacious, secret two year affair with a wannabe community board aspirant and appointed to an ethnic affairs committee of the Auckland  Council under circumstances that were decidedly dodgy.

But no as Media works finally reported back to me at close of play last night at the 20day limit no less, Wright was only following the necessary method to interview Pallino who was the only story to be investigated. Since Pallino had rightfully imo refused an interview, the carpark ambush was the only option.
No response on my complaint as to the shrieking, the repetitious and badgering shallow attempt or the fact that the real story was Brown who has finally by throwing his staff under a bus, sort of admitted Brown went to hongKong last January.

Media works response was of absolutely no surprise and I havn't got the time or the energy to take it to the BCA.
So I will close with a quote from Brian Edwards via Twitter; "interviewing" John Pallino, Campbell live's Rebecca Wright confuses harassment and bullying with journalism.


The now very public exposure of Michael Clarks forceful warning to James Anderson came about because the stump microphone, installed to assist commentators to make informed statements on bat touching ball, very relevant and decisive in caught behind and LBW decisions.
It has now been extended by way of accurate linking of the "snickometer" and the video feed to form a part of the DRS review system.

For many years, and rightly so. sledging has been a part of many sports with a widley accepted proviso that such behavior always remained "on the field".

Warners effort to the media was just dumb and proved to be seen by most as significantly dumber when  subsequently Jonathon Trott accepted his mental health status precluded him from continuing the tour. The biggest tragedy here was his denial for so long that  he had a problem, that said he has my very best wishes for a full recovery.

There have been many examples as to just how big The Ashes is to the only two cricket teams involved and followers of the long standing intense rivalry competition for the urn generates, is it the smallest most insignificant international trophy with its well documented origins.

My father and his generation, in my child hood, were still almost obsessed with the "Bodyline" series in the 1930s when Douglas Jardine brought a team from the MCC to tour Australia.
In that team was a stocky powerful man by the name of  Harold Larwood, who was genuinely quick and accurate.
After a period of English domination through the efforts of men including Sutcliffe(Herbert not Our Jack), Hobbs (Jack) and Wally Hammond  came the 1932/33 MCC tour of Jardine to face a resurgent Australia including a young Batting star called Bradman who had established himself in the 2/1 ashes victory of 1930 tour to England along with the outstanding efforts of New Zealand born Clarie Grimmett with nearly 30 wickets at  around 32 runs each.
Wickets were never covered and if rain fell during a game the outcome was created on a "sticky wicket".

1932/33 tour captain Douglas Jardine convinced himself that Australia must be contained from scoring runs or he could not win the 'urn', so to combat an Australian team including run machines Bradman, Pounsford, McCabe, Jackson and skipper Bill Woodfull he decided to use the "fast leg theory" that had most fielders between the keeper and square leg and fast bowlers bowling at the unprotected head of the batsman, leading inevitably to a parry with the bat popping a catch to one of the waiting fielders.
Remenber no helmet, no arm guard, no thigh or body pads. McCabe was the best equipped to deal with what was seen by many as tactics completely beyond "the spirit of the game" but with Bill Woodfull totally refusing to join Jardine in his tactics even though there was a genuine fast bowler of Aboriginal descent available who could have fought fire with fire.
After Woodfull was hit around the heart and almost felled, ironically with a conventional delivery rearing off a length, Jardine resumed the Fast leg theory and had Woodfulls wicket in short time.
At the end of days play the MCC manager Pelham "Plum" Warner went to the Aussie dressing room to apologise only to be rebuffed by Woodfull along the lines of there is one team playing cricket on that field and the other is making no attempt to.
Warner is said to have been reduced to tears by the whole incident.
I wonder if serially thick but massively talented Davy is any relation?

In the aftermath that threatened civil order and diplomatic relations the MCC ammended the rules to prevent the Fast leg theory that had become knon simply as "Bodyline" to be allowed.
Jardine an upper class twat simply retorted to a reporters suggestion that his tactics were not in the spirit of the game, "I have not travelled 6000 miles to make friends. I am here to win The Ashes!

A footnote Harold Larwood a player ie a paid proffessional as opposed to Jardine a Gentleman ie an amateur, was made the scapegoat and asked by The MCC to write a letter of apology to Australian cricket but under threat of never playing for his country again the commoner Nottinghamshire man whose team mate Bill Voce had bowled the other end in Jardines attack, told them to take a walk.
He always claimed the bodyline he and Voce delivered was on the instructions of his captain and since field placings are largely the skippers perogative, Larwood seems the more likely to be right.

So in my ever so humble opinion, the current contretempts are nothing more than a continuation of what is seen by most players and a few Gentlemen of earlier years to be total war and sledging that should never make it off the paddock is but a minor part.
Lets not assume little Jimmy Anderson had no part in the present manifestation of the behavior that has so many Mums and others up in arms, he was just never caught on the stump mike.

I will close with another link in the sledging legends still unfolding.
Douglas Jardine was reputed to have gone to the Aussie dressing room and demanded of his opposite Bill Woodful an apology from the player who had called him a Bastard. Woodful turned to his players and said, " which one of you bastards called this bastard a bastard".
The case continues, Flower is a flower, Jimmy Anderson could still get his arm broken, I hope George Bailey gets another go, Michael Clark is still a good bat and captain, and the best way to control sledging is to make stump mic remain for its primary function even if that removes it from live feed.
Oh and someone try to get Davy Warner to STFU off the paddock, Uncle Plum might be offended.

And remember it aint over till the fat lady sings, with apologies to all overweight women who sing.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

That cant be correct.

Can it?
Shane Jones Labour economic development spoke for the tumbril is undoing everything he briefly acheived by his supportive comment on the Anadarko well with a sook on high log prices cutting local mills out of timber stocks.

Evidently, according to Jones, from a whale oil post, Hanock who benefitted greatly from a NZLP led government (yes they sold family silver you know)  are now cashing in on an upsurge in log prices in Asia to the detriment of local mills.

You may not all be aware but in recent months Canterbury and adjacent areas were given a beating by severe gales that knocked over many thousands of woodlot trees.
Everyone without exception is claiming that the market for their logs has collapsed.

So who is telling porkies then?


or a sad attempt to reach a headline in the Horrid?

Newstalk ZB are suggesting failed Epsom Candidate for the Green party is challenging Wed Wussel Norman for the position of 'male co-leader'.

An indication of disunity or as I suspect todays attempt at getting in the media.

Cunliffe by way of flip flops, pinhead dancing, appeals to audiences with tailored speaches, seems to have eclipsed the Melons rising star but it is hard to see that an apparently straight, white almost normal male will have the x factor for the challenge to succeed.

Then again with the polls going nowhere for the coalition from hell and against a backdrop of Shane Jones playing a lone hand over drilling off Raglan, perhaps there is a fire under the whisps of smoke?

 Could we get lucky?
Is he gathering up a few posessions to head back from whence he came?

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Comment of the Month

From unaha-closp over at Kiwiblog

The reason people can’t afford houses are a fault line that spasmed under Canterbury and a mayor that spasmed under Bevan Chuang.

Monday, November 25, 2013

AGW, Climate Change, Whatever?

Ele @ Homepaddock does a "this day in history" that is a tremendous resource for entertainment and research.
Sure makes for something to entertain moi when Insomnia is visiting.

One of her entries this day, records the Great Storm that struck the UK November 1703,with a death toll of somewhere around 10 000 possibly as high as 15 000.

Many ships were sunk or blown to many parts of the North Sea.

Thousands of chimneys, roofs and structures were demolished.

Barometric pressures went down to around 950 mb, winds gusting over 200 kph, serious flooding from heavy rain, some 4000 oak trees destroyed in the New Forest, sort of "end of the world" stuff really.

Now this was at the onset of the industrial revolution with coal, steam, manufacturing, urbanisation all signaling  the end of the rural based economy of the UK.
Just consider what the numpty Greens and their equally economically challenged socialist cheer leaders would be claiming as the clean up from that weather bomb was under way?

Obvious that burning all that coal would not only lead to Peak coal but the resulting CO2 would destroy the whole planet. Too bad that for most of the peasants their known world only extended to the next village.
How many Coal fires would an Al Gore need to keep hiself warm, how many horses to pull his carriage to London, how many carriages to transport protesting peasants to a proposed new coal mine to save the planet, how big a pile of horse shit every day.

Pretty much a similar pile of shit  we saw last weekend when swimmers, beach goers and picnickers were added up to gain the "thousands of protesters" opposing Andarko and The Noble Bob Douglas off Raglan.

We are doomed, doomed I tell yea.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Here Is The Job For Dime.

Dime is a regular at Farrar's place with a declared proclivity for patronising houses of relief and relaxation.

The SMH reports a seriously significant rort with state run Medibank Private, funding "remedial massages" at knock shops.

Perhaps there are openings here for those who wish to get their rocks off in such circumstances, to do undercover work for the provider.

Hey is this the job that might get that ghastly bastard in the Mayoral chains, 'pants down' Brown to do what most of us would like him to do, as a next career step after resignation.
Probably wont pay $400k but at least he could rejoin the real world and even gain a bit of respect.
Afterall it would be a bastard of a job but needs doing, eh.


The faux outrage by the Indonesian Government that their electronic communications may have been  hacked by the Australians working out of their Djakarta embassy has been well and truly exposed as such by the comments of their former spy chief General Abdulah Hendropriyono saying attempts by intelligence agencies to monitor the phones of national leaders were "normal".

He went further, puncturing the claims by Indonesian Foreign Minister Marty Natalegawa that Indonesia would never tap the phones of Australian politicians, insisting it was a routine part of "black intelligence".

In an interview with Fairfax Media, Hendropriyono said of Australia's attempts to listen to the conversations of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, the first lady and their confidants: ''For intelligence, it's normal.''  He argued that Indonesia not only had the capacity to tap the phones of Australians, but that intelligence agencies had a responsibility to do it to friend and foe alike.

He went on to say ''There is no permanent friend, or there is no permanent foe.   However, there is a permanent interest … our nation's interest … How can intelligence not spy [on] anybody? He must spy himself, spy his friends and spy his enemy. It's what he should do.''

And therein is the reality of the situation.    The days are long gone (and if truth was known, never were) when US Secretary of State could say that 'Gentlemen don't read other Gentlemen's mail'.

And if anyone believes that the massive dish arrays on the Russian, Chinese and US Embassys in Wellington are there solely to access multi-channel TV then they probably also believe those 'funny' windows in the SIS/GCSB building are to stop those working there from looking out.

Friday, November 22, 2013

England Meltdown!

The Ashes.

Yesterday Australia looked out  on their feet at 132 for 6.
Brad Haddon and Mitchell Johnson took over a hundred from a pom attack on a roll.

This morning Broad and Anderson rolled up the tail under 300.
England cruising at 55 for 1 when the Aussies managed to get one more over before lunch and first ball Trott holed out to Johnson.
Pieterson and debutant Carberry took it to 85 for two then the wheels fell off, 85 for 3 KP, then three wickets fell on 87 (13 short of 100), 87 for 6, 89 for 7, 91 for 8.
Is six for nine runs the biggest collapse in Ashes history.

Can Broad make a difference to put the boot into the boorish locals again, after they lifted him to six wickets on day one.
Kama, these are sports fans who see AB fans booing Quade Cooper for repeated poor sportsmanship as bad, Ha ha ha.

As an opening to yet another Ashes Series, fascinating seems somewhat inadequate somehow.

It Was Massive.

An often asked question, on this day, of people over 40, where were you when The President was shot?

News, 50 years ago consisted almost exclusively the preserve of the daily paper augmented by weeklys,  TV had only just reached NZ, few homes had it, Radio news was only a rare news special, the only regular bulletin was on 'The National program YA network with an evening half hour of world news at 6 PM ex BBC  and a local effort at 9 PM.

The shooting occurred early on Saturday November 23rd NZ time and the news took sometime to reach many here.
When it did, it was massive, the free world was on the brink of nuclear oblivion, Hungary had succumbed to the Russian Bear after a failed  attempt at regaining Independence 7 years earlier, more recent we had watched the Cuban Missile crisis take the world to the brink, Mainland China had joined Russia in moving to world domination through sponsored revolution.
In short, freedom and democracy that we took for granted was seriously under threat.

Kennedy was a figure of hope for a future where free people could stay free even if many saw Communist domination as an inexorable force that was increasingly seen as prevailing.
Korea, Laos, Sth Vietnam, Malaya, Indonesia and almost all of Africa apart from The Republic were  threatened in a  creeping effort to extend  Communist domination in the wake of WW2 and decolonisation.
As The UK, Portugal, The Netherlands and the French empires all gave their colonies self government, in addition to the decolonisation of the territories from the defeated Axis powers, an increasingly belligerent USSR and China moved on.

It is difficult to describe and articulate how the threat to the "free world" weighed on the psyche but Kennedy by his rhetoric and actions seemed to have answers.
His 'ich bin ein Berlina' effort and the apparent facing down of Kruschev over Cuba were reassuring, The Bay of Pigs and the increasing spiral into the morass of Viet Nam were submerged in the inspired hope he provoked.

Of course there was no hint of his drug use for chronic back pain, profligate rooting, manipulation of due process, and a possibility of disguised physical weakness,  along with his Addison's disease, not revealed until the mid 1970s, we only saw the positive and it was indeed comforting.

The assassination and the subsequent circus charade of the fate of his alleged killer,  gave the events of November 1963 an almost surreal aura.
So many had a perfectly sound reason to have Kennedy eliminated.
The Russians and world Communism,  they killed opponents eg Trotsky in Mexico.
Oswald had spent time in the USSR.
Organised crime, Kennedy's brother, RFK was a threat to them.
White supremacists, opposed to Kennedy empowering the Negros.
CIA, many were not happy at JFK solving Cuba by giving way on missiles in Turkey.
FBI Hoover was an enigma with a very independent long time power base used with malicious intent.

Elected, against bias of his Catholic religion (very relevant then), and a nominal southern democratic 'Dixy' wing that was closer to the Republicans, over a well established vice president Nixon  in a cliff hanger, Kennedy had gained a considerable popularity in the 1000 days to make him an odds on for re-election.

50 years on and it is so ingrained in memory, a lot of innocence died that late autumn day in Dallas 12 30 pm local time November 22nd, on Dealey Plaza.


With the voting papers on the asset sales referendum due to arrive in your letter-box today/tomorrow please accept this as a gentle reminder that you should not indulge the collective wet dreams of Messrs Cunliffe, Norman and Peters by voting in this 9 million dollar farce.    

Rather than just 'bin' them (and in the spirit of being helpful) you may wish to consider some alternative options ... please feel free to add to the list:
  • Shred them.    Makes great garden compost.
  • Cut them into 18x12cm rectangles, staple together, upper LH corner, mail to the above mentioned at Parliament Buildings to be used as toilet paper (no stamp required).
  • Do your bit for recycling.
  • Turn them into paper logs/bricks in preparation for next winter.   To see how to go about this click here.  
  • Return them to the Electoral Commission in the envelope supplied marked 'Junk mail not wanted'.
From the positive feedback I have received, both on and off net, I can confidently predict a massive majority for the NO vote.   

Have your say and don't vote. 

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Big Mouths

One of the Ocker test cricketers called Pommy bowler Stuart Broad 'a sook.'

Broad replied by taking five Ocker wickets on the first day of the first Ashes test.

The Sook gave the Ockers one in the chook.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Good News Just Keeps Coming.

Once upon a time there was a wicked step mother, well not a mother and very much out of step, who described some who should have been  her natural allies, as "haters and wreckers".

Now is that the label, society should apply to the coalition from hell as they continue to denigrate NZ Inc?

Months ago Shearer (a previous temporary leader), Norman, Peters and Harawira set out, using copious quantities of our money, to "discover" how the Manufacturing sector was being systematically destroyed by National and her political support parties.

Assisted by a few Sycophants including the CEO of Hamilton Jet as chairman, they came to a conclusion that the high value of the NZ Dollar was causing stress in export manufacturers ability to compete in world markets and the Government should intervene to lower it. Surprise surprise who would have thought that.

Since the tax gobbling inquiry commenced to discover a basic fact of economic life, for themselves, something  patently obvious to most thinking citizens, every indicator of business health and strength has without exception suggested they were flogging a very dead horse.
Sure some manufacturing closures have occurred and the Tiwai Point smelter nearly joined those that time and world trade indicated  were finished.
The smelter was different in that as a world class producer of Aluminium and its present challenges were cyclical rather than systemic, the Government intervened to keep it going through the downturn in world  prices.

Did the economic failures applaud, the hell they did, that intervention was wrong as well.
The reality is they are just a reincarnation of the excesses of Robert David Muldoon.
They can stop the tides of world trade by standing and calling it to stop causing problems.

Never mind, the report will join other misspent taxpayer money in file 13,  the manufacturing sector along with all other wealth creating business in NZ Inc will continue for the next year at least, to grow our economy to levels that are the envy of almost every other developed country.
The idiots will continue to tilt at windmills, assisted by an equally idiotic and shallow MSM to try and present a picture of doom and gloom that just doesn't exist.

Tell me, who are the real haters and wreckers in 2013, it is not, the now in government Maori Party, or the major party in the current coalition of growth, but it actually is the now temporary leader of the NZLP, The Immaculately attired vertically (among other traits) challenged member for St Marys Bay, The ginga wetback from Queensland and the ball and chain for the Far North.

They are singularly and collectively the current Haters and Wreckers.
As a clear example, the share price of the generators, Contact sold 100%, MRP and Meridian Partially sold, are somewhat depressed in the face of the very real threat of intervention by a coalition from hell if they should reach the levers of power, yet a further sale of Shares in Air NZ possibly a very volatile class of share for any portfolio, have sold well in advance of what some predicted,  now only falling 2 cents in early resumed trading, this morning following the unloading of 20% of the 73% holding of the state.

The problem now for the government is to overcome all the misplaced negativity of the H&W mob and promote what investors and wealth creators already know and understand, to economically unaware Joe and Josephine Public.

Monday, November 18, 2013


Pam and I won't be voting in the Asset Sales referendum and we would urge all 'right' thinking New Zealanders to follow our lead.

The referendum is a farce.   National received a mandate to carry out the sales process at the time of the last election .... end of story.    By the time the votes are counted in mid December the sales programme will be largely complete.    The 'No' vote will win simply because anyone with half a brain will have worked out the referendum is a farce.  Just why would you vote on a done deal?   Better still, why are we spending  in excess of $9,000,000 to indulge the wet dreams of Messrs Cunliffe, Norman and Peters.   

For anyone stupid enough to endorse the referendum can I suggest you front up and explain the rationale of voting on a done deal to the 450 elderly (and not so elderly) New Zealanders who will have to forgo hip operations just to indulge a bunch of rag-tag politicians who care nothing about squandering nine million dollars that could be better spent elsewhere. 

The referendum is is an abuse of process pure and simple and should be treated as such.    I repeat.   All 'right' thinking New Zealanders should bin their voting papers and refuse to participate in this charade.

We are.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

It is Not Skycity's Fault.

Neil Reid has a sob story at Stuff.

Last year 49 children under age 14  were left unattended in cars in the Casino Carpark.
Up from 42 in 2011.

How many others were in pub , supermarket or tinny house carparks.

Does the Casino forcibly escort patrons from their cars into the den, compelling them to leave their much loved and treasured children unattended in the vehicle.
Or do these ignorant ferals just abandon their spawn behind the tinted,  and sometimes curtained windows of people movers and indulge themselves, all the while assuming if they are discovered it will be the fault of the evil bastards stealing  the poor peoples money at the tables.

What an interesting exercise for cyfs, welfare  and the police to combine their resources and identify the useless mongrels who abandon their spawn to any number of fates, but that would be creating victims wouldn't it. Skycity have already been adjudged guilty of that so why bother.

 Random question, must people using the Skycity carpark attend the Casino or could they park there while they attend Church,  just wondering.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

How To De-fang the ABC or TVNZ

The ABC soaked up $1.2 billion of tax payer dollars last year and used most of it to shill for Labour and the Greens.  Not surprising then that there are calls from many quarters for the gummint to cut funding for this next of vipers.  The leftist bias in ABC current affairs programmes and news broadcasts is palpable.

Adolf listens to only one radio station - ABC Clssic FM - where a superb programme of classical music and commentary on same emanates.  I would happily pay thirty or forty bucks per month to subscribe to to this station so here is my challenge to Prime Minister Abbot.

Cut their funding by at least 50% and invite them to have listeners subscribe to their programmes.  If the lefties want a constant diet of anti gummnt current affairs programmes,let them pay for the privilege.

I would happily accept corporate sponsorship of ABC programmes.  There must be good revenue waiting to be picked up.

Same goes for TVNZ and Radion NZ

Not Herbert's fault

As a contrarian, I feel it is my duty to stand up for Ricki Herbert after the so-called "mauling" the All Whites got today. 

Let's start off with this: In 1982 we went to the World Cup in Spain and lost 2-5 to Scotland; 0-3 to Russia; and 0-4 to Brazil.  That's an average of conceding 4 goals per game.  The score today against Mexico was 1-5, a gap of four goals.

Sure, there were moments where you could have legitimately believed the Spics were going to put 10 past us, but they didn't.  And 3 or 4 goals were terrible defensive lapses, which if they hadn't have happened could have produced a gap of just a couple of goals.

Have we gone backwards since 2010?

Playing Mexico at Azteca at altitude is a far cry from playing a range of teams at neutral grounds in South Africa.  In 2010, we had Ryan Nelsen, and some real cohesion in the team line up.  Today, we were minus both him, and Winston Reid.  If you think I'm wrong, try taking a corner while at the same deflecting plastic cups of urine being thrown at you from a sector of the 110,000 strong crowd, all of whom are baying for blood.

So all in all, I don't think we've gone backwards since 2010.  We've actually gone sideways since 1982. 

And that's not Ricki Herbert's fault.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

"Genuine investment reasons"

For some unfathomable reason, DPF seems to have missed this astonishing story featuring his own newly-created Taxpayers' Union. 

The story is that a large number of MPs, including the majority of the governing MPs, have discovered a lucrative scam in which you create your own superannuation scheme and have that super scheme buy a property in Wellington.  You then rent the house/apartment from your super scheme, for which you receive an accommodation allowance from taxpayers that you pay the "landlord," ie your superannuation scheme.  Any payments into that "superannuation scheme" pay the mortgage on the property, which means that for every $1 of taxpayers' money that you put into your mortgage, sorry your super scheme, taxpayers also chip in another $2.50 in superannuation contributions.  Nice employment conditions if you can get 'em.

Cue embarrassed government MPs blathering about how they created a private superannuation scheme for "genuine investment reasons" (well, duh - in this instance, laying down some cash so you can rob taxpayers blind would appear a very attractive investment) and, you guessed it, how their putting their hand in your pocket and emptying your wallet was "within the rules."

A confused taxpayer might wonder to themselves what kind of insane motherfucker would hand the ruthless sociopaths who become MPs a set of rules that let them help themselves to the voters' cash like this.  Well, it becomes a little less mysterious when you consider that the rules are set by committees of those self-same sociopaths. 

Next week:  MPs discuss what might be causing the ever-increasing disillusionment with politics among voters.


I guess many of us continue to be amazed to hear how erstwhile fine upstanding members of our society continue to be sucked in by e-mails promising them zillions of dollars in exchange some up-front money to cover 'handling' charges.  

The old adage of  'if its too good to be true it probably is' seems not to resonate when they are confronted with the 21st century equivalent of John Frum and the Cargo Cult.

But Nigeria (or suchlike) has home grown competition from here in little old NZL.   Many of you will recall the scam promoted by some wide-boys in Maoridom who promised pacific island overstayers citizenship in exchange for a little dosh.    

And now another variation of that.    Wearing another hat I was confronted with having to address the issue of a Maori lady up here in Northland who, along with a number of others, had stumped up $170 to attend a travelling roadshow by a self appointed Kaumatua/fakir peddling the gospel that every Maori had a so-called 'birthright dividend' comprising the total wealth of the country in public ownership divided by the number of 'Maori' = x dollars held in trust for them by the Government which they could access (if they knew how to and he would tell them) and use it as security for loans and/or pay off debt incurred to the Crown.

This lady was attempting to have her debt to MSD written off.    I am aware of others who tried to purchase property on this basis causing the firm involved considerable stress.   

To the best of my knowledge there are no laws to prevent the unscrupulous peddling mischief to people stupid enough to anti-up koha to hear what they want to hear.    There should be.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Misleading, Fibbing or is it plain unadulterated LYING.

During the recent local body elections, Ms Lianne Dalziel came to Akaroa with other candidates for a public meet the candidates meeting at the hostelry of my good mate and proprietor of the Tree Fellers Arms, otherwise known as The Grand Hotel.

It was Friday Happy Hour and after mine host Eric's customary greeting, hello pensioner, and my usual quart bottle of Coopers Green he introduced me to the now mayor of the Village of the Dammed.
An act that would normally have involved an exchange of pleasantries, some non confrontational polite conversation and move on, but things followed a somewhat different track on that occasion.

I spent a comfortable 15/20 minutes traversing many local issues,  among which, in answer to my expressed distaste for national political party involvement in local body politics, I received a quite definite statement that Ms Dalziel was not now Labour but in her desire to be the mayor of the whole city and its citizens, she would be an "independent".
I not surprisingly, challenged that and suggested over a quarter of a century around and mainly at the center of The NZLP, the notion was fanciful to me, and I included the fact I was involved with this blog as a admission,  if not a warning.
No, she was adamant, that was not the situation at all, she was now an independent, so although no supportive vote eventuated, I considered she may well have "moved on".
 Winston Churchill's words came to me as I went off to enjoy my beer, "If you are not a liberal at twenty you have no heart, if you are not a conservative at forty you have no brain."
Maybe she meant it, I generously thought but to say I was sceptical was pretty  much my considered position.

Some early moves in  office, including her refusal to accept a credit card and a review of the cards handed to around a fifth of the workforce, gave hope she might just have told me the truth, she was indeed a changed person.
Then doubt crept in with the co-opting of ex mayor, Ms Vicky Buck as Deputy Mayor,  now, in a move posted on, by keeping stock, forget independent, Churchill's insightful words, and protestations of independence.
Ms Dalziel has given not just an endorsement of the NZLP candidate for her old Chch East seat, but has provided it on a flyer with a NZLP letterhead resplendent with the new mayor,s photo.

In your humble opinion Your Worship, did you mislead me, did you tell me fibbs or did you just plain old fashioned "lie" to me. You are and will always be tribal labour, independent my arse.

Your documented track record that includes your troubles in keeping your seat at the Cabinet Table indicate the "leopard has not changed its spots", leads me to conclude alas it is option three.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Oh That They Be Forced To Walk In The Other's Shoes

Last night, 'Sunday' on TV One, addressed a Gordian Knot, one of many polarising intractable conundrums that modern medicine confronts, while disconnected politicians and the law, dance around on an increasingly crowded pinhead, claiming the problem and a fair, practical solution  cannot be advanced without their input.

Often right and wrong, as seen by those at the center, get drowned in the somewhat chaotic solutions, their involvement, training and observation logically leads to.
When those at the coalface come to a solution, as a result of their constantly confronting the central problem, collide with those claiming the moral high-ground, the scenario descends into insanity.
Yes the helpless and the handicapped need protections but the bloody minded claims of those opposing a rational, medically arrived at,  proven course of relief for an afflicted person, as last nights item revealed, it is just bollocks'.

Farmers and animal owners confront what some see as ethical problems all too often in everyday situations and the law regards their solving of them,  as necessary.  Any ignoring of apparent discomfort or suffering and failure to mitigate or end that suffering is deemed unacceptable and will incur judicial consequences.

For humans and in particular those charged with treatment of such suffering in their species, as presented on last nights program, the rules are very different.

Last night Miriama Kamo presented and Janet McIntyre reported the distressing situation of Eliza, 18 years old with a mental age around 4,  Eliza is severely intellectually handicapped.
Incontinent all her life and after the onset of puberty and menstruation, this young woman has now lost control of her bowel function.
A loving family of Mum, Dad, and two older brothers are all involved in the daily care of Eliza, but there is a complication with her monthly cycle in that the accompanying discharge is regarded by Eliza as bleeding, something she cannot abide or cope with, resulting in severe stress, upset  and self mutilation eventuates.
Medical opinion is clearly agreed that a hysterectomy, the removal of her uterus  will make her life less stressful and of a significantly higher quality.
Now such sterilization, to me, would in its self be a humane intervention for this young woman, as it would end the distressing one week in every four of her current existence that is so traumatic and distressing for her.
During her interviews McIntyre asked the child like young woman "would she like to have a baby". Would she have asked any other three/ four year old equally challenged toddler that question?

Enter the ivory tower advocates who have the luxury of discussing the "human rights', and the alleged "assault on Eliza's body", before returning to their well paid, comfortable and empowered position to pontificate on the legal niceties safely removed from the daily grind, Eliza's situation imposes on her family and herself.

Trish Grant, an IHC "advocate", probably does some great work on behalf of  the handicapped, wades in with her opinion that opposes and disregards long established opinions of the loving parents dealing with Eliza every day and the accompanying considered medical opinion that the radical sterilization would have on the overall benefit for the patient, her quality of life and dignity.
Graeme Inness of the Australian Human Rights Commission completely overlooks the human rights of Eliza's parents who make every decision for the helpless young woman they have dedicated their lives to, to make an informed decision on their daughter's behalf as it will infringe their childs human rights.  The poor girl cannot even clean her teeth, wears nappies every hour of every day, can barely feed herself, and has absolutely no cognitive function above that of a helpless infant, yet the "wally" requires her to make an informed decision on sterilization or it cannot happen.

A Professor of medicine, John Carter of Sydney has on previous occasions arranged for such young women to travel to New Zealand for the organ removal, a medically desirable treatment, as apparently it is less of a legally impeded treatment here. In Australia it requires a court ruling and the chance of that being favorable is around 1%.
Inness in his minuscule insulated safe world of right and wrong wants that travel, for medical relief  to be made  illegal for Australians. The guy is blind and that is sad for him but he seems deaf, and in possession of a Teliban trained mind to boot.
Proff Carter claimed he would lie down in front of 'buldozers' to prevent that  obstruction occurring but then he has an understanding of how Eliza's world actually works, day in day out whereas Ms Grant and Mr Inness have their moment in the limelight, make their idiotic pronouncements and head off home to their comfortable existence sans any of the drama that Eliza and her family live with every hour of every day.

The contrast between a Dr whose training, empathy and professional opinion with the straightened legalistic moralistic pinhead dancing could not be more stark.
Perhaps if Mr Inness and Ms Grant spent a month caring for Eliza their opinion may be modified but then again they would not have to face the 30 years it will involve the Parents along with the constant accompanying knowledge that should they become unable to cope, what would be the future for their clearly much loved daughter.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

"They're definitely watching you. This is really scary"

This is too funny.  Granny reports:

Police Commissioner Peter Marshall - whose department is under fire for its handling of the Roast Busters affair - today personally phoned a man who has been publicly criticising the police over the matter.

The man - who comments on Russell Brown's Public Address blogsite under the username Kracklite - has over the last week criticised the police as an "organised pack" of misogynists with a "very sick culture" who had destroyed the public's trust in them.
 Then, when the Commissioner phoned him:
"I hung up immediately when he identified himself," the man posted.

"Maybe he had naive honourable motives... but if that were the case, it's too little, too late. I find it personally disturbing that he can find out who I am and where I am. It's intimidating. They're definitely watching you. This is really scary."
The article continues:
However the spokeswoman said the call was not in response to comments made on Public Address.

Mr Marshall called the person because they had lodged a complaint via the police website on Thursday in relation to police behaviour at Police National Headquarters. The person had provided their full name, address and phone number, the spokeswoman said.
 No further comment needed.  Just so funny.


Clearly it has been a 'weak' from hell for David Cunliffe highlighted by his inability to even get the basics right. 

One would have thought even a modicum of research would have shown that Kiwibank was already offering insurance cover via its relationship with Tower.   But no, he ploughed on with his announcement of the establishment of KiwiAssure only to have it panned by all and sundry including an embarrassing performance in the House when he had to be rescued from himself by Grant Robertson.

Am I the only one to think that Cunliffe was set up for the fall by the ABC faction flexing its muscle?

And now the announcement that he won't appear on the farming show because 'he might not get a fair go'.    Yeh Gods.    Love her or hate her, Helen Elizabeth Clark was a regular guest on the show during her time as Prime Minister.    She fronted whereas David, by his own admission, hasn't got the 'balls' to.   Is he so lacking in self-confidence that he can't take the risk of having his opinion tested in a show hardly renowned for asking the really tough questions?   

Instead he abrogates the slot to the Green Taliban in a move hardly designed to reassure voters as to who will be wearing the pants in a Labour/Green coalition government should the electorate be stupid enough to elect them in 2017.

By that time I suspect the ABC faction will have sorted Cunliffe out.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Hot Water Cylinder - Help Please

We have no hot water, from this morning but I have been out until now - after a coolish shower.. Have checked the fuse on the switch board and had a `poke round' the cylinder.but cannot see anything untoward.

Any ideas - we will probably leave it until Monday to get a plumber in rather than pay exorbitant weekend call out charges.

Friday, November 8, 2013


represent the ugly face of the 'left'  side of politics.   Willie who thinks the Mana Party represents Maori and John  who would crawl over broken glass to get the Labour Party nomination for Waitakere.    Both have it that 13 YO girls are fair game for predatory youth.  Great advertisement for their respective parties.

Will Hone and David have the balls to discipline/disown them?   Their silence is deafening and that silence indicates either their tacit approval or a lack of moral leadership.   You can be the judge of that.     

You might argue that John has a modicum of excuse.   It is a matter of public record that his brother is a convicted murderer/rapist?.   Guess it's in his jeans/genes.

Tell you one thing.   I wouldn't let my 13 YO granddaughter within a bulls roar of Messrs Jackson and Tamahere.


From today's Australian, the only paper to  which I subscribe ($2.95/week)

IN diplomatic circles, actions speak louder than words.

And there is an unambiguous message in Australia's decision not to send a minister or senior government figure to next week's UN climate change conference in Poland.That message is compounded by the fact that, when the decisions are being taken in Poland, federal Environment Minister Greg Hunt will be at home pushing through legislation to scrap Australia's carbon tax.  For the past two years, the carbon tax has been one of few bright spots in diplomatic efforts to cobble together an international agreement to cut global carbon emissions. In terms of conference outcomes, Australia's lack of ministerial attendance is symbolic rather than practical.Nothing much is expected to happen in Poland and Australia's absence will make little difference, but it answers the question that has been asked in international circles about where the Abbott government stands on climate change. Under the Coalition, Australia has no intention of even pretending to lead the world.

Thursday, November 7, 2013


I spent last week in Christchurch doing 'gods work'.   Endeavoured to arrange a meeting/drinks with my co-blogger Gravedodger but alas, that was not to be.   Back again for another week later this month so perhaps second time lucky.   I digress.

This was my first opportunity to view the CBD since the earthquakes.   TV doesn't prepare you for it.  A ghost-like area inhabited, in the main, by tourists looking sombre with only a few oasis of life in the form of the 'container' inspired re-start programme.    But pervading everything is the noise of jackhammers and diggers and heavy vehicles as the deconstruction/reconstruction gathers pace.

Had business in Merivale/Papanui and those two areas appear to be booming.   I suspect the challenge will be to get those firms ex the CBD who have relocated to the suburbs on medium term leases to move back into the city when it is up and running.    Time will tell.

Christchurch is full of imported labour.   The Irish pubs have never had it so good.    I spoke with one major employer who bemoaned his inability to attract locals to carry out basis labouring jobs.    To my mind any unemployed local who can walk and chew gum at the same time (and ok, guess that excludes many from the dark side of politics) should be in work and if they can't/won't make the effort then their benefit should be stopped ... end of story.

p.s.   my rort story.   My cell phone was having a hissy fit so I made a LOCAL call from my motel accommodation.    29 minutes and $37.40 later!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    Live and learn.  


Even that descriptive is inadequate.

The alleged exploits of a bunch of deviant predatory mongrels in West Auckland make for disturbing revelations.

However should we really be so surprised.

When equally deviant behavior of an elected mayor whose lack of morals, abuse of power and behavior that has led to dismissal (upheld by employment law) of others involved with Auckland CC, is dismissed as private matters by supporters, the media and publicly funded spin doctors and  is merely another indicator of how far we have lowered once  laudable standards of basic behavior.

There were apparently no connotations of rape where the Mayor's despicable nose thumbing of what many saw as his private unacceptable actions were concerned.

That said, the actions of the "roast busters" that some of the female "victims" are now saying was consensual and repeated, clearly crossed into depravity and seriously  illegal when the 13 yo claims she clearly said "no".
That she apparently left that statement of her wishes so late in the sequence is of little consequence now. If the published sordid details are correct then the rapid dismount of the central freak when his accomplice said the word Rape, indicates an awareness that what they were all perpetrating was very very wrong.

As a child, my earliest memories include a very strong sense of right and wrong.
Modesty, honesty, respect for others, respect for elders, courtesy, humility, generosity, tidiness, cleanliness and acceptance of authority were ingrained as foundation principles that guided me through life.
Don't get me wrong I was no goody two shoes and my introduction to the discipline of boarding school was accompanied by many visits to "the masters study" for corrective guidance and its associated pain.
At all times I knew exactly why it turned out that way but I like to think I was naughty, careless and often just delayed my departure a little too long but behavior such as we are led to believe went on in West Auckland was always beyond the pale and could not have occurred in my formative adolescent years.

I will incur the wrath of many when I state that the actions of the roast busters were not that bad when viewed within the parameters of the published facts of what is acceptable and seen alongside the destruction of standards of personal behavior, morals and the rights of the young that has been thrust upon them without any clear boundaries from parents, teachers and their peers.

I have dollars to bet that this is but one example of such behavior, that is only unique in that this time it is exposed to daylight.

The whole village owns this problem but sadly the scroats may well bear the repercussions alone and the real perpetrators will continue down their destructive path of liberal morals and behavior paterns, chosen willfully.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

David Ruddliffe

Has anyone else spotted the similarities between the two giant  egos of Rudd and Cunliffe?

Rudd lied about his early life in order to create the impression he was just an 'Aussie battler.' Cunliffe slightly embellished his CV to create the impression he was a man of the commercial world.

Rudd told he voters what he thought they wanted to hear.  Cunliffe told the  unions what he thought they wanted to hear.

Rudd was little rich boy trying to make like an average Joe.  Cunliffe is little rich boy trying to make out he's at home in Otara.

What have I missed?

Monday, November 4, 2013


After the release of the  report from Air Accident inmspectors,  suggesting the high probability that pilot, Lance Hopping was under the influence of Cannabis when he made the seriously poor chain of decisions that left a dozen people dead in a Carterton Paddock, the government announces a crackdown.

No, not on what role Cannabis and other mind altering drugs play in accidents.

The muppets are going to make a change lowering the BAC level to drive a vehicle on the road.

The wowsers have won and another kick in the guts is delivered to rural New Zealand who cannot access crown cars, taxis, buses or shanks pony after a couple of beers on the way home from a hard days work, paying the country's bills.

In spite of very scarce evidence that the bac of 80 mg per 100 ml  will deliver a measurable change in accident stats if lowered to 50mg, nanny state has decided  that'l do for now and dope drivers can just carry on.
They wont introduce random salive testing  for other well documented drugs that impair decision making, as employed in those states who are the inspiration for this further attack on moderate responsible drinking on rural roads with traffic flow measured in movements a day not per minute.
They will pander to the chorus of illinformed wowsers with many options to cope with the change, and take the easy money way forward.

Perhaps this is a dark art ploy to deliver rural votes to the Consevatives, but that would imply a degree of nouse way beyond the easily swayed mps in the parliament.

It does cut the ground from the Palmerston North MP with two names I guess.

Gerry,  we did not need to be reminded you can probably avoid the new low in government decision making because you are a fat bastard.

Already the campaign to reduce the limit to zero is underway.

Should you need your problems putting in perspective

Today I came across a document I translated back in the mid-2000s for someone running a Holocaust debate forum and had a read through it, and the quoted piece below filled me with as much horror as it did when I was translating it.  Quoted by Wilhem Pfannenstiel in his address "Modern War as a Master Teacher of Hygiene," given in January 1944.  Prof Pfannenstiel joined the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (the Nazis to you) in 1933 and founded the German Society for Racial Hygiene, so was probably not a great bloke to have a yarn with down the pub.  He rose to the rank of Standartenfuehrer in the SS and was involved with the Belzec concentration camp, neither of which apparently hindered him living to the ripe old age of 92 - nice work if you can get it, I guess. Here he is on the importance of hygiene in wartime:

“The catastrophe suffered by the 500,000-man strong army of Napoleon in Russia was completely sealed by disease.  Even during an advance featuring only one battle, four-fifths of the French fell, mostly the victims of disease.  There were plenty of supplies in Moscow, and the soldiers recovered again.  But as the remaining 80,000 men of the French Army withdrew along the infected supply routes following the burning of Moscow, they were almost completely wiped out by dysentery, typhus and spotted fever.  By Smolensk the number of those left behind with dysentery and typhus had risen to 15,000. In Vilnius at that time 55,000 deaths were counted in 6 months.”

The gathering of troops outside Leipzig brought new severe disease outbreaks.  A report from Reils to Freiherr von Stein described the terrible conditions, arising above all from the shortage of food and hospitals:

“Leipzig, October 1813.  Your Excellency asked me to report my findings on the state of the aid stations of the allied armies on this side of the Elbe to you…. In Leipzig I found about 20,000 wounded and sick soldiers from all nations.  The wildest imagination couldn’t create a picture of woe in such bold colours as I found here in reality before me… The wounded men lie either in dark holes in which even amphibians wouldn’t get enough oxygen, or in windowless schools and high-vaulted churches, in which the chill of the atmosphere grows as fast as their corruption diminishes.

They lie in these places like sardines in a tin, all still in the bloody wrappings in which they were brought from the heat of battle.  Of 20,000 wounded, not a single one has received a shirt, sheet, blanket, straw mattress or bed.  …Those wounded who are unable to stand must defecate and urinate where they lie, and rot in their own filth.  Tubs are set out for the use of those that can walk, but these overflow to all sides because they aren’t taken away and emptied.  In the Petristrasse, one of these barrels stood next to another barrel just like it, which had the just-delivered midday soup in it.  This placing together of food with human waste must necessarily arouse such nausea as only the grimmest hunger can manage to overcome.  The most gruesome spectacle of this kind was offered by the Gewandhaus.  The entrance featured a row of these overflowing barrels, with their unpleasant contents slopping down the stairs.  It proved impossible to penetrate this cascade and enter the building from the street…

I close my report with the grisliest spectacle, one that chilled my limbs and paralysed my senses.  I found in the open yard of the Buergerschule a mountain made of rubbish and corpses of my countrymen, lying naked and eaten by dogs and rats, as though they were evildoers and murderers."

Pfannenstiel adds:

We shouldn’t try to hide the fact that in this current war on the enemy side, eg in the hell that we made for the Poles in the encirclement at Kutno, the conditions in the Polish first aid stations weren’t much different.  

He doesn't dare mention, of course, that a number of times already during that current war, similar conditions had been inflicted by the enemy on his own side - there's a lot to be said for not starting wars in the first place...

Sunday, November 3, 2013


the NZLP are only interested in gender, sexual orientation, racial make up, geography oh and being a member of a union cant but help.

One aspect that stands out with candidates for all political parties is a recurring problem, how the hell did that misfit make it through selection.

Allamein Kopu, Reg Borman, Edward Perry, Benson Pope, Phillip Field, Heather Roy, Keith Locke and even socalled safe seats can throw up a misfit Rakaia's Brian Connell comes to mind.

Aaron Gilmore is a very recent high profile, for all the wrong reasons, candidate for National who under  the vaguaries of MMP and the standing down of Sir Lockwood Smith  to London, saw list success for one so illequipped.

With electorate selection in labeled unwinnable electorates, it is a real possibility, when  to find a candidate with ability to carry the flag, major defects can be overlooked untill a swing or other aberation sees electoral success.

The Australian Liberal party had a possibly worse experience in the Labor seat of Greenway in West Sydney. After selecting Jaymes Diaz as their candidate, the plunging polls for the Gillard Government  suddenly saw a potential for Diaz to defeat rising Labor star Michelle Rowland.
It crashed and burned on opening day when Diaz could not articulate the "six points" of the liberal manifesto in a media interview. Diaz became the invisible man and Rowland suceeded against the outgoing KRudd tide.

Now, today, at their national conference in Christchurch, the NZLP have abandoned any search for excellence in seeking candidates to carry the party forward, it is now going to be all about "QUOTAS".

Skinny,  white, straight, loyal, long standing members need not apply, David the first just wont cut the mustard
As regards Trev 'the Muss' Mallard not a bad thing, maybe similar for "plughead" Cosgrove (btw you are losing the hair battle), and Damian O'Connor would be a serious loss in overall electoral appeal. Now I am not advocating for any of them but they will be under threat, Cosgrove as a Lister most of all as sitting members may hold a bit more security but the manipulations to achieve the desired "balances" will include list and electorate selection processes involving "5 member bands" to achieve 45% female in 2014 and the 50% target in 2017.
A seperate Maori list will also pervade the process and a late ammendment included recognition for PIs.

It is a complete dogs breakfast and will completely ignore an increasingly rare trait for Labour representation, talent, electoral appeal, intellect, ability and work ethic.

After  9 year reign as PM by the clearly best person to lead who just happened to be female, only married in tears at the direction of  renowned bully, The Troughmaster General as a positive for electoral success, and a ruthless political operator, the panty waists at the head of the party are going to write off Waitakere man again along with many other dismayed party supporters of a conservative bent, past and present.

Struggling in the polls David the 3rd has vacillated all around this and has held at least two positions in the last 24 hours, confused much methinks.
Smart politics, I think not, most of those this move will satisfy, will be already committed and connected, those they need to appeal to however, will just stay away.

And so many at the center of Labour politics claim to be educated, but to many of us they are stupid, in posession of feet of clay and politically vacuous.

More good news for the Nats to go with all the good economic news that appears regularly.

Cunliffe vows to support Labour Man Ban...

Seriously though we will now potentially have "KiwiBuild" rammed down our throats.

If Labour's answer to life, the universe and everything is to simply add "Kiwi" in front of a problem, then that just shows us what a shallow pool of talent they really operate under.

There are a huge number of factors which go into the affordability of housing.

It is very easy to pluck the word "affordable" out of the nearest orifice and sound like you know it all. They get away with it because I have yet to see a journalist actually ask them the hard questions or a proper analysis of costs.

As long as we have politicians and media only looking at the bits that buys them votes or sells advertising space then it is mostly waffle.

The cost of building is not rocket science but can be confusing as all interested parties put their own spin on the processes.

When actual building cost are fully researched and disclosed in a logical manner then people can decide for themselves the affordablity of the process. A good starting point is that the biggest margin in the whole process goes as GST to pay for the comfort zones of social engineering idiots like the one pictured above.

Until then, slogans like "Kiwibuild" are just empty politics.


I have always thought of David Cunliffe as a Muppet, albeit an intelligent Muppet (after all, he went to university - always assuming he didn't 'doctor' that part of his c.v. as well) but his speech to that slightly dishevelled gathering of true believers calls this premise into question.

Now I accept that among the faithful it is a given that John Key eats babies.   I also acknowledge their belief that as a member of the chosen race exposed in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion he was personally responsible for the GFC (ignoring that fact that it was Labour who failed to legislate against cowboys in the finance industry and allowed banks to lend up to 110% of valuation against little or zip equity). 

But for Cunliffe to devote a major part of his speech to the unwashed to attacking John Key for  supposedly breaking a convention that prohibits invitations being extended to members of the Royal family to visit during an election year beggars belief.  

Point 1 - I'm not aware of any announcement regarding such a visit.  

Point 2 - my understanding is that the convention only applies to the period of the election campaign.
It does not apply to the remainder of the year.

Point 3 - the Queen came here in 2002.   Someone will correct me if I am wrong but wasn't that an election year and wasn't Labour in power then and wasn't Cunliffe a member of that government?

So there it is.  Cant and hubris rules ok; smoke where there is no fire.  But why Cunliffe should squander valuable media time to expose himself to ridicule has me beat.   If this is the best he can do the faithful will be shaking their heads in disbelief.   Perhaps Edward the Confessor can come up with a rational answer for his bizarre behaviour - but I doubt it.   Rational and EtC is an oxymoron.


It survives on a basis of cross subsidy, shared office front, and a very part time staff.
And Kiwiassure will be even worse.

Kiwibank is seriously under capitalised.

Many Kiwibank customers are just using it to churn their welfare cheque into cash.

The mainstream banks and savings banks are more than happy to have Kb do the benefit distribution thing as their business model operating in the real world cannot do it economically

Kiwibank has a small exposure to the lending market but it resembles a Ponzi scheme more than a commercial bank.

Kiwibank has ridden along on the coattails of NZPost but that little "blanky" has holes, is rotting and smells so bad it has no value and is in the water without a life jacket.

Kiwicullen announced the Kiwibank parent company will put 2000 employees off and I don't see any of them as Insurance sales representatives, risk assessors, claim adjusters, investment analysts, or office managers.

Kiwiassure will make the now long gone AMI look like a bluechip company.

Will any pseudo journalist make the leadership of NZLP account for how the new company will:
Assemble the significant army of people with the skills to assess risk, write policies, invest monies that will need to be placed in good investments to sustain the capital growth needed to cover the assumed risk.

In an establishment phase of such a business launch the existing companies targeted for business share will retain their talent until the new entity shows growth, sort of chicken and egg, really.

Be able to get reinsurance at anything close to what say AIG can get and be competitive.

Find the eyewatering capital needed to establish a company that will not just be a laughing stock in the world of home insurance.

One of Sods laws of business is that a once in a hundred year event  is usually accompanied by another in short time as the one in a hundred year theory is based on long term rolling averages and that is not in the Sods Law lexicon.

Come election time and the Nats will gut this carcass and hang it on a gallows but what passes for media today will listen to the bullshit and nod sagely as though it is all apples and whipped cream, when in reality it is all nuts.
By the time election 2014 rolls along the polished turd will be established and the damage done.

Another in the long list of fables perpetrated by socialism on an ignorant electorate.
The splash and the ripples are long gone before the realisation there is a dead body in the pond, is noticed

Saturday, November 2, 2013


 Wouldn't he?

The NZLP are holding their annual conference at the Wigram Air Force Museum in SE Suburban Christchurch.

Now the irony of a party born of "conchie" socialist unionists imported from the old country and the new country, inhabited by people selected by the very best judges in that old country, desecrating  the hallowed halls of a military base.
A party that was instrumental in destroying any possibility that we could again field a credible military force when they abandoned the air wing, essential for close air support for ground troops.
A Party in government when its leader was the first in the world to join the conflict we know as WW2,  but when he needed the votes of all those conchies to introduce conscription  for expanding the regular forces had no problem apart from the well recorded "nonperson"  John A Lee whose biggest crime was to propose the Party cease covering up how debilitated and non functioning the terminally ill Micky Savage actually was.
A Party with such strong connections to the bunch of hippies who opposed the war in Viet Nam.

They now gather among the relics and memorabilia of  an iconic memorial of our military past.  

Is dripping irony, wetting, if it is they may well get bloody drowned, Kama where for art thou.

The main thought behind this post.
Lying Lennie the two minute noodle is foundation stock of the current NZLP even though that damaged brand was deemed too hot to utilise in the recent local body poll signage
He is a  Rock Star in fact.
The best man to lead Auckland Super City (his words), has just won a resounding victory in the Mayoral contest.
This same man is so intent on keeping a low profile currently, he would jump at a chance to bask in glory anywhere but his home town so he is definately available.

Why oh Why is he not the keynote speaker. He's a winner, secure, and the future.

At the very least in the considered opinion of The Herald, TvNZ News. Tv3 news and current affairs, Faifax Media, and of course The Standard, in fact anywhere apart from Whale Oil Beef Hooked, the Peoples Lover is the man of the moment.

Those of us, a significant number of NZ citizens who think the unscrupulous little poser is only a toxic poisonous little nobody,  wont be within a calf's croak of the wankfest, so that wonderful inspirational Public Relations opportunity should have occurred to someone in Timmy Barnett's ring of confidence, surely.

At least Len's relations pass muster in the eyes of the Red Team, apparently.