Wednesday, July 31, 2013


According to Labour the Roy Morgan Poll is the only one that counts.   Disregard the TV1 and TV3 polls ... they are skewered towards the Nats.   

On that basis then true believers will be choking on their Chardonnay as they reflect on the latest numbers from Roy Morgan.  Labour, for the first time ever, has managed to crack the 30% barrier DOWN.

National up 4% to 51%
Labour down 2% to 29%
Greens down 1.5% to 10%
Winston First down 0.5% to 4%
All other Parties in Parliament remain within the margin of error

The tumbril wheels are being greased and the blade sharpened.    My pick is Goff.   No great personal agenda.   You get what you see and you see what you get.   Nuff said.  

Winston First will not be amused at Labour's attempt to muscle in on what he may consider to be his exclusive stamping ground with their policy to bar 'foreigners' from purchasing residential homes in New Zealand.

Never mind that the vast majority of overseas buyers are expatriate New Zealanders.   Never mind that, of the remainder, the majority are Australians who are exempted from the policy announcement.   Never mind that the policy is in contravention of aspects of signed and sealed free trade agreements negotiated by both National and Labour governments.

In politics perception counts and Labour is quite happy to ignore all of the foregoing in order to appeal to the latent xenophobic instincts of a certain section of the voting demographic.    Problem for them is that Winston got there first.  

But in adopting the policy (a policy that just three months ago their Finance spokesman derided as nonsense) Labour has failed to consider the huge damage done to their brand and standing with our many ethnic communities.

I would imagine that Labour list MP Raymond Huo will be about as popular in the Chinese community as a pork chop at Ramadan.    Labour has cynically written off the Chinese vote.   

Equally I would suspect that for National MPs, Melissa Lee (Korean community); Bakshi Singh (Indian community) and Jian Yang (Chinese community) this policy is mana from heaven as they work to solidify National's ethnic vote.

Helen Clark would have never allowed this to happen under her watch.   Just goes to show just how far that once proud Party has fallen in recent years as it teeters towards irrelevancy.

Gods of business

Can't seem to find the time for posts at the moment, which is a pity because there's such rich pickings.  I particularly enjoyed 3News last night, in which a story about the govt's denials that it had obtained journalist Andrea Vance's phone records turning out to be untrue, was immediately followed by a story about the govt denying that it had obtained journalist Jon Stephenson's phone records.  That's pure gold.

However, what's finally got me back to the keyboard is a couple of stories on Stuff this morning that help illustrate why NZ has become such a crap low-wage economy.

1.  Spot audit of rest home.
As with cleaning, aged care is an industry in which staffing is a major part of the cost and the staff are largely unskilled.  That means competition between providers is based on wages, working conditions and number of staff - or more precisely, how low you can bring those expensive things.  The owner of the rest home in question, Ryman Healthcare, is very profitable, which means it's very successful at lowering pay, working conditions and number of staff. 

Under those circumstances, does it really come as any surprise that the standard of care in these places isn't exactly top-notch?  You handed your mother over to the care of people who are given more patients than they can handle, paid a pittance and generally treated like shit by their employers, and those people turned out not to care as much about your mother as you do?  I'm struggling to see what exactly can be viewed as unreasonable or unforeseeable about that.  It's in the nature of the business model we're allowing to operate in this sector.

2. Skilled truckies set to be dumped
This one is a fine example of how we're still paying for the neo-liberal experiments of the 80s and 90s.  In this case, the NZ Truck Association is concerned that if the government removes truck driving from the Immediate Skill Shortage List, its members will be forced to employ and - gasp! - train New Zealanders, rather than avoiding that time, trouble and expense by recruiting from overseas:

NZ Truck Association business development manager Suzanne Hubball said the Government was "forcing" transport operators to employ and train drivers from the "unemployment queue" rather than recruit experienced overseas drivers.

What to make of this?  Why would local business owners transfer the cost, risk and effort of training and developing staff on to people overseas, and make local taxpayers cover the cost of the resulting unemployment in this country?  Well, it's because they can, isn't it.  It's because governments of the 80s and 90s not only let them do it but encouraged them to do it.  The current government also has a track record of preferring to pay unemployment benefit to NZers while bringing in immigrants to do the work, as long as it avoids having to pay to train people - ie, the Christchurch rebuild.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013


It was a quite extraordinary TV1 interview.   There he was, the ex Chief of Defence Force who signed off on the policy which designated certain journalists as 'terrorists', pointing the finger at successive Ministers of Defence, both Labour and National, as being complicit in the decision given their failure to order that it be revoked.

Apparently, in his lexicon, it matters not that Defence failed to brief  Ministers on the policy.    Clearly Ferguson is arguing that it is the Minister's responsibility to acquaint himself with the detail of every Defence Instruction.

Methinks he protestith too much, forgetting that when you point the finger your other three fingers are pointing back at you.

Was this the Air Marshal Sir Bruce Ferguson who was picked as a one star and leapfrogged over all other contenders as the professional head of the armed forces to oversee the destruction of the air combat wing, and the same Air Marshal Sir Bruce Ferguson whose tenure as head of the GCSB reportedly saw in excess of 50 apparently illegal intercepts undertaken.   

If it were you might be forgiven for understanding how Labour might well be trying to distance themselves from their appointee. 

Why Labour Hates That DPB

No, it's not the dependent person's benefit, it's that Damned Paula Bennett.

Of all people, she demonstrates the lunacy of Labour's ManBan policy which  is still alive and well.  Yes, it's been moved from electorate selection to the list selection.

What this means is that when Labour is thrashed by National and The Greens in 2014, good competent people like Shane Jones and Kelvin Davis will miss out, while some nobody bitch from Up North like Tekenui Harawira will slide in on the list.

On the other hand, National's Paula Bennet was selected on merit; won her electorate fair and square; and has performed her ministerial duties with skill and panache.

It is such a joy to see National's DPB dismantling Labour's DPB.

Monday, July 29, 2013


While rearranging the deckchairs on the SS Shearer, Mold  et al, Labour Party Policy has a distinct look of "the back of a tobacco packet" about it.

David 3 went early on the xenophobic real estate intervention, Shearer belatedly attached the NZLP to the GP CGT effort and now we have Shearer confirming the poorly thought out prohibition on certain foreign nationals buying a house.

Lets revisit the half-arsed CGT.  It will, under current policy, exempt the family home (yeah right) - and what will stop Hue, Lui and Due having their names on titles for Daddy to acquire additional family homes along with mummy, granny and grandad?
Along with the considerable "drag" until any money comes to the govt coffers, this new "Tax" will impact first and heavily on kiwi Joe and Josephine as they progress up the property ladder from the old dunger in a dog burb to Paraetai Drive, a tax will be due one each upgrade including improvements and inflation growth in the value of the home.
Yes the home.

The thieving bastards will not sit on their hands while J and J make progress that will eventually take them away from the socialists concentrating on keeping their support base trapped in dependence.

Asian investors won't be caught in this farce as they take the long view and will escape CGT unless a system of annual revaluations for tax collection is introduced  and then the costs will soon absorb any gains.

Now the latest ploy straight from the pinstriped dwarf's playbook is aimed at citizen, resident, student, work visa holder, investor, business operator or Bill Lui's grandma. Where will the line on" foreign" be drawn?
Suffice to say the idiot MSM won't bother to even attempt to make that investigation. They will just repeat the mantra "Labour will bring down house prices in Jaffaland" and the parents of offspring who have been to Bali for hols, had endless $4.50 coffees and avoided any serious attempt to save anything will buy the BS as the rush to the clifftop continues for the lemmings.

Sunday, July 28, 2013


When the MMP miracle was foisted on an electorate seeking to blunt one political party, no matter how broad based, running NZ Inc with a mandate based on electorate success, many of those ignorant on matters  practical and commercial applauded the move to diluting such power by imposing a coterie of otherwise unelectable MPs into the mix of The Parliament.

Surprise surprise then that the rent a mob still are not happy that model of  democracy many of the more pragmatic among us find obnoxious has still delivered them a wrong outcome.

We have had around 1% protesting over the weekend in various locations because that system has delivered a result they do not like and gaining MSM publicity out of  all proportion to the numbers involved.
We have control freeks among the socialists, the Melons and a handful of "names" suggesting that the flawed legislation created by the Clark cabal and discovered only recently to be so seriously flawed as to  need  rewriting by the Key Government to legitimise what had been accepted by those in the surveilance arm of the state.
To permit, with a warrant from a Judge, electronic activity by the GCSB in conjunction with the Police, the NZDF and The SIS to attempt to thwart those who would attack our nation under the cloak afforded by our free democratic traditions is acceptable to me.

As with the clearly signalled "partial asset sales",  our government has a mandate to govern and that includes introducing legislation to the House for consideration and a simple majority of one vote is all that is needed to make it into law.
Just because it is not what the rabble of unelectables would wish, it is what it is and the GCSB bill will pass.

When the inevitable happens and the mongrel ignorant succumb to bribes and false promises financed with OPMs and elect the "Quadrangle" to govern, the toxic mix of old socialists, luddite greens, a handful of carpet baggers on the coat tails of a destructive dwarf, plus an assortment of racists will have the same :mandate" to make laws and we will protest also but as with the abbominable EFA the MSM will afford precious little publicity to that.

Friday, July 26, 2013

If He Was Half as Smart as he Thinks he is......

Kevni would trot off to Helen in New York and get her to give him a UN grant of US$2 billion to fund his PNG fiasco.  (Fat chance when the UN has declared his plan to be unacceptable.)

If he did that, he would likely win an election.

Currently, his rapidly dissolving PNG solution looks like costing Aussie tax payers not just a bomb but a veritable MOAB.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Best From Both Sides of the Fence

If you want quality commentary on Australian politics from a couple of fellows with gravitas and sharp senses of  humour, look no further than Peter Costello from the Libs and Graham Richardson from Labor.  Both write well and with acerbic wit.

Former Treasurer Peter Costello:

The introduction of the Carbon Tax cost jobs. Its very purpose was to close down heavy smokestack industry. So reversing it should save jobs… That’s the reason for doing it. Yet when our Government announced it was cutting the carbon tax, it put hundreds of people out of work. It takes a special incompetence to destroy jobs when you are removing a job-destroying tax. These are the people who govern us.
Followed by Graham Richardson, former senator and senior Labor minister.

More than 90 per cent of boat arrivals are successful in their endeavours. That means that economic refugees gain access to Australia on a daily basis and Labor has done nothing to change this.

Whatever the government announces, it will need to do so quickly. The euphoria will soon be gone and the yearning for an election will return.

My final advice to the PM: go back to the Indonesians with a bucket full of money to get them to stop the boats and zip out to Yarralumla and call the election for late August.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

More Revision of History

Courtesy of the Times, via The Australian, a piece about a new museum to  be  opened in Hamburg to  'celebrate' the destruction of the city by Bomber Command during WW2.

"The myth in Britain has been that we bombed military targets and Germans bombed civilian populations, but it is almost exactly the reverse," said Professor Overy, author of The Air War and Bomber Command.

Hmmmmmmmm.  Try telling that to the people of Coventry.

Adolf was struck by the obvious contradiction:-

"The Germans tried to bomb military targets and by mid-1941 the British had given up on that idea and wanted to flatten city centres," he said.


The RAF raid by 791 aircraft on the night of July 24-25, 1943, was followed by 787 aircraft on July 27-28. Hamburg was targeted for its shipyards, U-boat port and oil refinery.

How long will it be before someone comes up with the story of those evil Jews ill treating innocent Egyptians for a hundred years or so before Moses came along and intervened?

Ruddymoon Over? Updated

Yes, I think it is.

A few early opinion polls went to his head and unleashed his mouth.

It is the last which will prove fatal.  The worst, most heinous political crime in Australia is to sling shit at or insult Australian returned servicemen.

There will be chuckles in Beijing as the PM is observed to be Ruddfucking himself.

And he's done it all on his own.

From this morning's Newspoll:-

The latest Newspoll, revealed exclusively in The Australian, has Labor falling two points from the highs it enjoyed on Mr Rudd’s return, to now trail the Coalition 48 to 52 on a two-party preferred vote …

Monday, July 22, 2013

Tricky business, propaganda

Just read a press release from Child Poverty Action Group, posted at The Daily Blog.  It's about Professor Mike O'Brien's interpretation of the latest Household Income Survey, and is centred around this interesting paragraph:

While 265,000 fall below the 60% poverty line, 175,000 children are below the very stringent poverty line of 50% median income, and most of these are in families that do not have a parent in full time work and most rely on the sole parent benefit.

Prof. O'Brien thinks this news demands that we do something about the problem, and that the something we should do is give the families involved more money.  I'm picking that most people would be in strong agreement that something needs to be done, but that they'd get to "most rely on the sole parent benefit" and come to a range of different conclusions about what that something should be, few of which would involve giving them more money.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Why Detroit is bankrupt

Update: Links fixed and edits done.  Much nicer to read now.

I'm in Hawaii enjoying a little (actually, a lot) of sun.  Waikiki to be precise.  The news here is all Zimmerman.  There are talk shows dedicated to it and they keep re-creating the scene and the trial as only Americans could.

The other big news is Detroit, which if you haven't heard, is bankrupt.  Here's why:
Much of the city’s debt to banks and bondholders is secured by tax revenue, and just how much the creditors get will have to be hashed out in court. A big chunk is owed to employee pension plans and for the health care costs of more than 18,000 retirees. So the city is caught in a time warp of sorts. It has obligations left over from the boom days, with today’s much smaller revenue base.
Some people have blamed "small" government.  Yeah right.

Auckland is currently racking up huge debt but the population is expected to grow significantly.  That's why Mayor Brown can feel so confident about taking on so much debt.   

And Detroit should be a lesson to those who don't want Auckland  to grow yet still want massive spending and debt programs.  The are plenty of current councillors, and some hoping to be councillors, who preach this.

Friday, July 19, 2013


The continuing 'aberration' in poll numbers must be perplexing for true believers like Judge et al.

The latest Roy Moran poll out this morning has National increasing its support to 47% while Labour and the Greens continue to haemorrhage votes with Labour down to 31.5% and the Greens shedding 1.5% to 11% .    The 0.5% rise in support for ACT is offset by the Conservatives shedding the same amount.   Winston First remains below the threshold at 4.5%.    The Maori Party is on 2% and Mana on 1.5%.

Roy Morgan also reports that the Government Confidence Rating is up 3.5 points to 128.5 ... the highest since mid January.   58% (up 1%) of New Zealanders think the country is moving in the right direction compared with 29.5% (down 2.5%) who say the opposite.

These aberrations in poll numbers keep coming and coming and coming and ....

Thursday, July 18, 2013


There is very little media attention in respect of the elections in Zimbabwe scheduled for later this month.

I suspect it's because the result is a forgone conclusion.   Mulgabe and ZANU will triumph through a mixture of outright electoral fraud coupled with the fact that the MDC in its two factions have proved just as corrupt (with a few honourable exceptions) as their ZANU rival.

In respect of the former and you need look no further than the fact that there were 69.000 supposed members of the Zimbabwean Police Force who applied for special votes to be cast on 14-15 July against a payroll strength of 44,133.  

Full and free election and pigs fly too.

A New Song For Labor's Lemon Cult

All praise to the Wax Eating Lemon

Sung to the tune Cwm Rhondda

Blind me oh Thou Great Deceiver
Pinko in this barren land
I want deeds but thou art phony
Wake me when you've played your hand

Bread from Kevin, Bread from Kevin
Bleed me now and evermore
Bleed me now and evermore

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


A number of media commentators in Oz opined that it wouldn't be too long before Kevin Rudd tripped over his tongue.   And he certainly disappoint with the quite incredible statement made in PNG earlier this week that "he too was a Kokoda Trail survivor".    His attempt to associate himself with the WW2 Kokoda Trail veterans who endured incredible hardship while exhibiting incredible bravery is so breath-taking arrogant as to beggar belief. 

So what comes next?   Is he going to claim a walk across the bridge at Kanchanaburi and a quick hike along Hell Fire Pass qualifies him a survivor of the Burma Railway.   Or perhaps doffing his hat at Dachau qualifies him as a Holocaust survivor.

Rudd has an ego out of control.   He cares nothing about his Party.   It's all about him and his place in history and cant and hubris matters not.

Australia deserves much much better.    


Could it happen here?

Stuff reports 8  dead another 10 seriously ill along with another 27 in Hospital, including the "cook", after 11 something yearolds were given  a "free meal" at a school in India.

A dodgy Tikka Masala or what?

Oh and it wasn't freekin free but therin may lie the cause of the disaster.

It is nothing to do with the piece of paper.

Colin Craig among others is exercised about recent stats that indicate nearly half of babies born are born "out of wedlock".

As the father of a 1960s love child (conception) and her equally wanted and loved sibling I have a few little bits of accumulated knowledge on the advantages of a stable home environment for all children.

I know of children who were technically bastards but they are among the greatest kids and now adults you could meet. Yes in those days of shame and morality pressure, there were children born to unmarried parents, if anything however those kids had the most secure home life imaginable, maybe it was a basic attitude of  obstinacy

Welfare is first and foremost the single most destructive component of dysfunctional family life. It may avoid destitution but in the absence of pride, security and stability of having parents and grand parents exhibiting self reliance and responsibility of getting out of bed to get to work, far too many of children today are born into the hopelessness and entitled mindset welfare creates.

Thank God Nick Smith wasn't there.

I guess if Nick Smith had been required to sign off the Milford Highway and The Homer Tunnel it would never have happened.

Than god for small mercies.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

And Long Overdue

Good news does not get much of a run in today's miserably media.

Two cases in point are the turn around in the efficiency of health care delivery overseen by Minister Ryall and the quite remarkable welfare reforms introduced this week by Minister Bennett.

If I recall correctly,  the pilot for welfare changes indicated a third of people on benefits removed themselves after investigation.  That is an extraordinarily high figure.  I understand a considerable proportion of these were double dipping - that is to say, cheating the tax payer - by doing work for cash and failing to declare the income.

It does not pass unnoticed that 30% or so appears to be the hard core of dumbarse Labour Party support.   National will be  laughing its head off.  The bastards would never have voted for us anyway.

Anyway, as I was saying before I  was side tracked, a third of the current benni population amounts to a bit over 100,000 so, if the results from the pilot are replicated across the nation, Mr English will reduce the welfare budget by a cool $2 billion per year.

Now THAT'S how you achieve a genuine surplus.

Monday, July 15, 2013


A GP in Marlborough, when asked by a young woman for a script for oral contraception, proceeded to give an advisory on her request, based on his belief system, attempting to deny her the lawful right to the chosen contraception method.
I wonder if a different branch of medicine is signalled, say, autopsies.

As on commenter said elsewhere, would advice against a necessary blood transfusion on similar grounds be OK.

By all means have a personal belief system Doc, but keep your opinions to your self.
The patient wanted your training and professional standards to be accessed , not your faith based beliefs.

I have always struggled with a certain belief system that grudgingly permitted avoidance of pregnancy by a timing method long considered as  ineffective,  yet proscribed a barrier such as the dutch cap or a condom.
That prohibition was continued in the face of using condoms to inhibit the spread of the Aids Virus and HIV when contraception was not even an issue.

Could someone with greater learning than I possess please explain why a supposedly celibate, elected leader of a belief system can differentiate between interfering with  natural conception with the Rhythm method and employing a barrier to sperm transfer, and later extending the opposition to fertility prevention medications.
Surely any attempt to prevent conception is a sin, or was the inherent unreliability of the Rhythm method  a worthwhile gamble in the mind of the chief of theology. Then again he might just have been a genuine one with absolutely no concept of the pleasure sexual activity could bring to the peasants.


Stuff reports that Minister Nick Smith has at long last overcome the inane objections of the many luddites in control at DOC, to end the 'smothering protection at any cost' that impinges on the desire of the true owners, ie citzens, to enjoy the vast estates that those idiots would keep behind a locked gate.

In recent years due in large part to the Tenure Review process plus some outright purchase agreements, Central Government has become the occupier of a vastly larger DOC estate previuosly farmed and largely available to be visited within constraints that the farming might deliver.

Nearly all of that previously accessable land has ended up under the control of DOC replete with their paranoid perceptions around keeping the people out, predicated in the main on inconvenience.
Who can remember all those battles from self absorbed hikers and smelly alternates, who opposed huts  mountain bikes, vehicle tracks, and other activities in the arena of actually allowing commercial activities to set up and operate for profit.

In the face of vastly increasing obligations of manning and money, DOC has consistantly employed a fortress mentality that is often revealed as totally idiotic, in their refusal to even allow investigation of activities that could become an income stream
Why should an entrepreneur with a good idea to expand opportunities for alternative use concepts, have to overcome such closed minds to even plan opportunities such as snow sports, camping, mountain biking, motocross, hunting, shooting, kayaking, bungy jumping, horse trekking among others on the misguided premise that such activities will alter what was in place previously.
Change is the spice of life and can nearly always expand to make a dollar to boot.

One of the biggest spinoff advantages of the controversial, in the minds of a very few, development of the Denniston Mine, will be the vastly improved access that will eventuate to that godforsaken place for everybody.

Yes there is potential risk from allowing mountain bikes on say, the Heaphy Track and others but surely the additional use and potential income streams to an increasingly impoverished DOC make such moves at least worth considering.

As a Mobile Home owner who much preferrs 'out of the way', over 'in the way', I am astounded when I encounter the mindless blanket policies of  Doc, who for whatever reason, allow  a large group of the unwashed to enter a DOC reserve with slabs of beer, have a night of revelry, burn whatever they can find, then depart leaving bottles intact and broken, food scraps, condoms, and other detritus and pay nothing for the use, yet have a large sign prohibiting a responsible camper with a pet dog access to that site.  A pet bird or cat are not sanctioned, nor are brats.
An "Iron Maiden" at the entrance would gain a couple of gold coins from most of my associates but I would warrant that none of the other users described above would not even put a bottle top in.

A keynote speaker at a recent NZMCA rally signalled Minister Smith's actions, he was  a  consultant to DOC, but a natural scepticism prevented any raising of false hope however it appears we could see such  a move  arise from a long established exclusion mentality, even if unwillingly.

Friday, July 12, 2013

The longest year.*

Good morning all, it has been a while since my last brainfart.
As some of  you will know I have been back in Auckland for a year.
I would like to say it has been a successful year but that would be a stretch. During the year I have had time to reacquaint myself with all the things that caused me to flee to the Far North in 2005 and have found that with one or two exceptions the city of sails is a fairly miserable place to live.

Why does the North Shore have T2 lanes when elsewhere in Auckland the lanes are T3?
Onewa road has become the worst road to navigate in the mornings and it now appears that the cunning plan of George Wood and Transit  to ensure that no traffic could ever get on the northern motorway in the mornings, thus easing bridge congestion has been successful.
The highly racist generalisation about Asian drivers would appear to me to be actually based in fact. We are now at stage two of the Asian driving menace. The parents still cannot drive but now their kids (who are also unable to drive) have failed to grasp western politeness with regard to merging and not driving like you nicked it.
Parking requires a purse too fat for this transplanted northerner.

Shopping malls.
They are all like the bar scene in the first (fourth) Star Wars movie. With the exception of Dressmart which is more like the immigration desk featured in the Men in Black movies.
Sylvia Park should be called Sylvia NO Park.

9-14 bucks a glass.

Thanks largely to the breathtaking fuckwittery of the right, the City of Sails is going to re-elect Len Brown. A man who has punished blue suburbs with eye watering rates rises while reducing the red suburbs rates. He has spent tens of millions on spin doctors and is clearly a combination of mad and bad with regard to our money.

Real Estate.
Million dollar homes in Mount Wellington.
Mount Wellington is a shit hole. It is a bubble, interest rates will eventually go up and you are all doomed.
Borrowing 700k when earning a combined 110k may be okay when money is close to free but what happens when one of you gets pregnant?

The weather.
It is cold, it has been cold for a month and is likely to stay cold for at least another month.

So, I am as of right now going to enter that one shoe on, one shoe off phase again and split my time between Kerikeri and Auckland.
I expect to start venting here a bit more regularly.

* This post may seem grumpy. It is in no way related to the fact that some chippy ocker kid just made mince meat of the finest bowling attack in the world. Agar the Orrible. 117/9 and then some child freak ruins my big bet.

Thursday, July 11, 2013


Folks .... ankle biters and computers don't mix as I have found out to my sorrow.    Having them sit on your lap while you are looking at the insides of the blog and getting distracted and whoompah .... suddenly all the comments seem to have vanished.    Brilliant.


The request by the Greens (accepted by the Speaker) for a conscience vote on legislation to provide for Sky City to build and operate  a world class conference centre in Auckland is a silly stunt going nowhere.

It is a fact that National, ACT and Peter Dunne campaigned on, and were elected on, a promise to facilitate the project.   Likewise, the Labour, Green, Maori and Mana Parties campaigned on, and were elected on, a promise to oppose the project.    So, for most MPs it's a done deal.

The only Party silent on the issue was Winston First.   In the 115 pages of turgid prose that comprised their 2011 Election Manifesto there is nary a mention of the matter.

So I guess their MPs are the only ones genuinely able to exercise a conscience vote in this regard.   However, it is a matter of record that Winston First have indicated that they will be block voting NO so I guess their minds have been made up for them ... funny that.

For me the real issue is whether Shearer, Goff, King and Cosgrove, having lined up to 'trough' themselves on Sky City's generosity, can in all conscience say f**k you Sky City, smack them round the ears and hypocrite themselves into the NOs Lobby.

My guess is that 'no conscience' will prevail.


Air New Zealand flew a rather tarnished celebrity talent show judge and his equally forgettable celebrity partner from Los Angeles to London up in the pointy end of the plane replete with their two "assistance required French Bulldogs" in their baskets on the floor, as evidenced by photos published.

Normally domestic pets are freighted in cages and even on separate flights with great quantities of paperwork, inconvenience and cost involved.

Now I see only wonderment and gratitude that sight impaired people can function so successfully in our increasingly chaotic society with the remarkable assistance of "seeing eye dogs" and take every opportunity to actively support the wonderful work that so many do, often for little or no reward, to make it happen.
Similarly trained  Dogs are also performing support roles for the profoundly deaf.
Apparently the two mutts in the instance above perform a "psychiatric" support role for the couple.
Now don't get me wrong those two may well require extraordinary care and support, I am talking about the so called celebs here but initially thought it was the dogs that had issues.

A couple of facts emerge as I consider exactly how it would work for other travellers.
One safety regulation we are continually faced with on aircraft concerns stowage, security of loose objects and maintaining clear access at all times.
Not sure how two unrestrained French Bulldogs will fit with that admirable set of regulations.
Another contemplation arises in that as this behavior expands, as it certainly will, will Air NZ  flights resemble those chaotic images one sees from crowded areas of the world where buses are laden to overload with peasants travelling with all sorts of possessions draped, hung on and clasped to their person.

Now we, swmbo and self, have two Miniature  Poodles and a Min LH Dachshund, that in our advancing years bring great joy and companionship to both of us. I wonder what barriers would be placed in our path should we attempt to travel Cattle Class to the North Island or the Western Isles with them in their little beds at our feet.
Don't see much good news in prospect there.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


It was unfortunate and bad timing that saw Grey Power's National President call for the reintroduction of Compulsory Military Training (CMT) as a mechanism for instilling "discipline" and "respect" among the nation's youth on the same day that forcibly discharged ex-army soldier Caleb Henry engaged the police in a shoot out which ended up in his being killed.

The call was a dog whistle response to an incident that saw an elderly member of the public brutally assaulted on the way home from his local RSA.   While one can sympathise with the sentiment behind the call, CMT is not the answer.

In the 1950s the Army (and CMT was 90% Army) were able to sustain the programme (just) using surplus WW2 weaponry and equipment.    Those conditions do not exist today.   The Regular Army is now less than 4,300
strong and much of the infrastructure that existed 50 years ago is long gone.   They would find it virtually impossible to manage an additional 38,000 trainees per annum (and that supposes males only), even if broken down into three intakes comprising say 13,000 personnel and lasting for 14 weeks, without seriously compromising their prime responsibility which is to train for serious conflict in all its forms.

I have seen figures which suggest the cost of reintroducing CMT would work out roughly as $40,000 per trainee.   While I have no way of verifying that figure one could properly observe that such a move would likely place a considerable impost on the economy.

Put simply.   The call for the reintroduction of CMT represents pie-in-the-sky thinking.

Can I make it clear I am no in any way denigrating the enhanced Limited Service Volunteer scheme put in place by the current Government.   This is a short (6 week) motivational course, run by the Army and funded by MSD, for 1,970 persons in the 17-25 year age group considered likely to benefit from such training. The LSV scheme is, by all reports, an undoubted success

Why Would You

allow into your country people who
  • engage in so called 'honour killing?
  • mutilate their daughters' genitalia?
  • incite people to violence?
  • treat women as chattels?
  • kill homosexuals?
  • jail the victims of rape?
  • force marriage upon their daughters?
  • hold lying to be a virtue?
  • brainwash their children to believe death for God is a glorious virtue?
  • kill those who change their religious affiliation?
  • kill Christians and anyone else not of their own religious cult
Why would you allow an MP or cabinet minister to swear an oath on a book which upholds all the above to be the sacred duty of those who adhere to it's cult leader?

If you don't think there is a problem, just go  and have a look around some of Sydney's western suburbs.

The only country I can identify which has had any success in evicting the cancerous scourge of Islam is Spain.  They succeeded but it took them a while.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


A couple of weeks into the regime of the new shiny electorally popular (for now) Krudd government, The Milky bar Kid is proposing new rules to determine how any future challenge to the leadership of The ALP will protect the incumbent.

After months of white anting and pseudo campaigning, always accompanied by endless protestations that he, Kevin Rudd Mk2, would not challenge for the top job, until in the final death throes of an increasingly toxic bunker mentality from Prime Minister Gillard, at the eleventh hour, Krudd made his move and precipitated a leadership "spill".

"Spill" sounds so much more gentle than stabbing the leader between the shoulders, eh.

Yes, Gillard and her union backers made the exact same play for the exact same reasons three years and three days earlier to remove the man destined to take the ALP down in similar spectacular fashion that Gillard threatened.

However, the defeated Krudd then played a long game of destabilisation, as if Julia needed any help with that,  and in what he now views as total vindication of his rightful place in history, it culminated in his resumption of the big seat at the top table.d

Krudd is now proposing rules similar to those in play for our largest (albeit maybe temporary) opposition party to give powers to the membership and the union backers of the party at the expense of the caucus to change a leader.  Will that bring stability? I don't think so, it will just prolong the agony and sense of leaderless perception of the party. It is no mystery why immediate  radical surgical of decaying tissue is a first action in cases of gangrene.

Carry on Krudd, pity Joan Simms, Robertson Justice and Co have departed, it is made for comedy.


For the NZLP five days feels like a month.

Yes it was only five days ago Cameron Slater at Whale Oil Beef Hooked published from  leaked NZLP documents that the Party was intending to discuss at their next conference a proposed set of rule changes to ensure women occupy over fifty percent of the party's seats in the Parliament.

In an age where excelleence is treasured as a way to advance 'personkind', nah make that  human existence, some of the warped minds at party HQ promoted the totally stupid and innapropriate agenda that quickly adopted Cam's sobriquet of The Man Ban in all media.

Humor, satire, derision and gob smacking response made no impression on the ignoraant idealogically driven muppets. Among others keen to portray their mental deficiency, such as Moroney, went out to defend the indefensible.

Finally after five days of shambolic rudderless eneptitude punctuated by a few of the endangered species attempting to make sense of it all Captain Mumbles reappeared from a sojourn of invisibility this morning to announce the proposed policy would not proceed.

Gee I wonder how that will turn out.

It is official there are still only 30 odd days in a month, five days of rubbish ineptitude such as the country has witnessed,  just make it seem a lot lomger.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Well that didn't last long.

Keeping Stock reports the Great White Hope of the ALP,  within days of claiming a new era for politics as to be practiced by his chaotic bunch of the inane has made about as petty and pathetic a  move imaginable.

In the dying days of her efforts at survival in the ALP leadership, a Womans Magazine  published a picture in an article on Ms Gillard,  knitting a woollen kangaroo as a gift to the imminent and emminent baby of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.
Krud in his spiteful past best behavior has cancelled progress on that very appropriate and quintessential effort and  announced a replacement of an "opal encrusted rattle".

The leopard will never change its spots, there in that very minor move the old Krudd reappears and it is snafu once again.
Disconnect much, as a campaigner, above average, as a political manager and people person, epic fail.

Conjecture is rife in the western Isles on the election date, whether to go early, go with the long planned September 14th or "play PM" for as long as possible. His ego tells me the third option will eventuate and that is probably the best news for the Coalition.. Give a man enough rope and all that.

The Verbal LD Rating

The other day The Cook came home brandishing a brand new blue shopping bag, presented to her by a henchman of the Federal Member fro Wakefield.

Adolf thought kid thoughts about the forgettable member for Wakefield.  Clearly this guy was on the right team, blue bag and all but no mention anywhere of Labour - or any political arty.

Imagine my surprise when a google  search revealed the Honourable gentleman is a member of the Australian Labor Party.

Such is the toxicity of Labor that the party's members deem it an electoral liability to be associated with their party.  Not only that, they attempt to pass themselves of as members of  the Liberal Party.

Those readers familiar with the study of toxicology will know about things such as the  dermal lethal dose and the oral lethal dose.

Labor has introduced a two new dimensions.  The verbal and visual lethal doses which are known now as the 'Gillard rating.'.

Such is her legacy.

The case for the prosecution.

A moment of boredom and evidence discovered.

Wittering on The Standard, the darling of the union faction has inadvertantly wandered into the clusterf**k that is the Man Ban.

Helen Kelly, in attempting to fire her rifle, imo has released a grenade with the pin removed.

"The increases in the practices of psychometric and drug testing by companies to employ and dismiss is the first. The increased reliance on them shows a lazyness in the single biggest investment  that will make companies successful, the quality of staff. That is the first problem.  They shut staff out at the front door who could be THE BEST THEY COULD HIRE.

The bold and caps are mine the words are her's.

The single biggest flaw in the crazy suggestion that some seats could be made "women only" for selection purposes, is such a  nonsensical ruling, it precludes 49% of the talent pool to select from.
That pool could include the best they could hire and the stupid Labia party want to shut the front door to exclude all men.

Well done Kelly. You just made sense of it all and I hope the ruling class at the Labia Party dont catch on, rofl.

Patsy sees a future role for Parker.

Very generous Patsy, it would be cynical in the extreme to think this sudden magnanimity as an attempt to purloin any of Bob's core support before an alternative moves to fill the clearly serious void a number of electors  might see, created by  the little old has been with clearly recorded issues around truthfulness and other baggage collected over a long exposure as an MP.

The last thing Christchurch needs to bring things together in the challenges presented by the Rebuild, is a flawed old socialist hack following in the footsteps of the Troughmaster General to attempt to create a closing chapter in an otherwise forgettable career in politics.

Oh and Patsy, a word of advice, engage brain before speaking, you aint the Mayor yet.
The price of divine intervention needed to save the City from the last failure is too steep to add to our troubles.

Shakespeare comes to mind 'a horse, a horse, my kingdom for a horse', not a freekin lame pony.

Is there no-one with youth, vision, leadership skills and imagination to inspire those who will create the City we need for the future, 50, 100, even 200 years out.
Somebody in the mould of Sir Ron Scott who delivered a Commonwealth Games that is still seen as an icon to be replicated and who came to that place of prominence largely unknown to the masses.

Saturday, July 6, 2013


In politics perception matters.     Some would argue that it rates over substance.    Others can debate that.    But,  given the reaction from a raft of Labour MPs in moving to distance themselves from the yet to be debated proposal to manage candidate selection by imposing quotas (read ban men from standing), there is belated recognition that this half baked, half cocked (no pun intended) idea has done huge damage to brand Labour.

John Armstrong (Herald columnist) is no great friend of the National Party
but he summed up the position succulently when he wrote .........................

"When you are in a hole, you can rely on Labour to dig itself into an even deeper one beside you - as it did this week with its shoot-yourself-in-both-feet potential change to party rules to allow women-only candidate selections.

This was not solely political correctness gone stark-raving bonkers. Apart from alienating one group of voters who have drifted away from Labour in recent years - men - such a rule change would be just as insulting to women in insinuating they could not win selection on their own merits.

The proposal should have been kiboshed by the leader the moment he saw it. That he didn't - or felt he couldn't - points to deep schisms in the Party."

That last paragraph is the telling one and indicates an emasculated leader of an out-of-control Party.     Not a good look.    Long may it last.



Around eight years ago Bob asked me if I would consider standing as a candidate for the local Comunity Board as an ad hoc member of a group that supported ammalgamation with Christchurch City.

Whith a basic understanding of the vulnerability of a very weak entity that should have been divided between Selwyn District and the City when the major reorganisation of local Government under the ex mayor of Palmerston North unfolded, threatening the affordability of Banks Peninsula District rates, it was not a question I dwelt on for very long.

One year later I did what very few turkeys do and voted for an early Xmas.

I returned to my enjoyable retirement and Bob went on to become Mayor of our City.

Bob Parker is a visionary with little other than a desire to the right  thing. He has no political affiliations that impinge on his vision and in the eyes of one who grew up in an era when local government was the preserve of the motovated and had no financial benefits apart from maybe getting the road to the Councillor's home upgraded, he was possibly one of a threatened species where a desire toserve and not money drives them  to seek a  position such as a Mayorality.

As events have unfolded Bob's desire for the position of Mayor of the village of the damned has emerged as a very positive thing for our troubled City. A first bit of that change came when Bob saw off the totally inappropriate effort by team Labour to install the nonentity, Megan Woods as Mayor.
The amalgamation of BPDC and CCC was seemless.
When faced with a Council that  significantly struggling to embrace a new  existance a bit like that facing the emergence of the Eastern Bloc from the disintegrating Soviet union. Labour had held a very strong hold on local politics that gave rise to the sobriquet "The Peoples Republic" and that ethos permeated throughout the system from Mayor to rubbish disposal.
Under the Chairmanship of Parker small changes became progress in the republic.

Boyed with an unerring sense of entitlement, The Troughmaster General, AKA James Patrick Anderton, one time shopping trolley manufacturer, but in reality the only man with the ability in the confines of his own mind,  to make Christchurch City his last grab for an enduring legacy.
Complete with his well documented trail of destruction of political allies that he single handedly turned into trash, he decided to become mayor of his adopted city as all other dreams of greatness disolved into history.

At the end of  the day if there is one accomplishment Bob Parker did for his home town it was, with the assistance of nature, sending that silly old socialist trougher back to his mansion in the rustic countryside where he still makes efforts to retrieve relevance. At present his target presents as   unwanted interference in the Anglican Parish as they struggle with the destruction of their spiritual base in the sad crumbling city center.

Bob Parker is human and subject to all the frailties that humans exhibit, yes he has made errors and many fell to him when they were actually the product of a crazy system. Anyone needing confirmation of how that system and its flaws can deliver examples that all too often remain hidden, the current fiasco around the large bump of work the earthquakes aftermath has delivered in the issue of Building Consents and the  associated withdrawal of recognition and now withdrawal of insurance cover,
Many have conflated the disaster that is Tony Marriot directly with Bob's Mayoralty, but it was not just Bob Parker, it was the system and there were others involved at all levels in that ongoing disaster, however, sadly many have used the unwarrented elevation of  a town clerk  to CEO and all the associated baggage as a weapon to attack Bob.

I completely understand Bob's decision to step away from the constant attacks that are led in no small way by the local rag that has emerged from the once proud traditions of The Christchurch Press where Journalists have abdicated reporting the news to an arrogant role of making the news.
Bob Parker was  exponentially better than them and it rankled.

So thankyou to Bob Parker and Jo Nichols Parker, your remarkable journey through the most trying years our city has ever endured, has been inspirational and effective beyond the perception of most.  Your leadership, communication and rallying skills have been of enormous comfort to a City rebuilding.
Whatever the future holds I wish you the  happiness and rewards you both deserve, it certainly wasn't the money you were paid.

PS I believe Bob  could have seen off the next trougher the socialists are putting up, talk about flaws, sheesh.

Friday, July 5, 2013


I wonder if the Sky Sports team of Johnson, Jones, Cooper, Robinson and Turner, and very open minded they were too, who  flew into the Crusaders Fortress, ever review their infantile comentary both the buildup and match efforts.

The buildup had them lauding the Chiefs for what under Rennie, Smith and Coventry has been a very good effort in the Last two years of Super Rugby including the title. Praise that is deserved for sure.

However they and many others have given Todd Blackadder grief for not having won the title.
FFS, apart from the very first year in 1996 when the Red and Blacks finished last, the Franchise have won 7 titles, since 2004 have finished in the top four or better and with Blackadder in charge have ended with three semi losses and a final defeat in Brisbane after the season from hell after the dramas of the quakes.

Many armchair "experts" ( of the drip under pressure type)  have decried what every other franchise would give a stadium for, year on year success. Yes success against the very best The Southern Hemisphere can construct.

Tonight accompanied by endless patronising garbage from the inane five, Kieran Read's men gave the Waikato Steers an old fashioned hiding, five tries to two with a final scoreline 43 to 15.
My Man of the Match would be Matt Todd from Skipper Read  by a short head. Todd made Cane look ordinary, sure Sam Cane's support was disrupted with the injury to Messam but Matt carried, tackled, turned over, all night and clearly won the battle of the Number Sevens.

Todd Blackadders men may not win in 2013 but they are going to be in the top six for sure, not a bad effort for a bunch of cheats with an incompetent coaching staff, and with local legend McCaw sitting in the stands.

I wonder if the perenniel whinging ignorants who carp about every Crusader success always being thoroughly undeserved will ever acknowledge what has been a remarkable Crusade over the last  17 years, a faint hope as they dont really understand what it is all about, winning rugby.

Tonight the two nails in the Chief's coffin were the try by skipper Read as the last act of the first half and Izzy Dagg's effort in the opening minutes of the second, 14 points in two minutes.

Title number eight or whatever, you guys are continuing to fashion a remarkable record, while bringing pride and inspiration to the Crusader's Fortress.

In response to the question why no title under Toddy, one wag suggested they only win with Reuben Thorne.

Thanks guys we love it, especially when you win like that.

Thursday, July 4, 2013


Growing up in the days when the Cold War and the inherent threat that one small false step or renegade act could have destroyed the entire world, Democratic principles became patently obvious as a way for a people to exert influence on Governments at an early age.

Democracy is based on freedom, freedoms of movement, discourse, opportunity, association, speech, and actions, including a vote for every citizen to be cast as the voter sees fit. There are many more but all are too often taken for granted by too many.
For example to be most liberating and empowering a vote must be cast by a person fully informed, for any  candidate of choice and a secret to anyone other than the voter. That ideal is often subverted by  a small fact that the voter may be unable to understand the issues involved but most accept that as a strength not a weakness for a true democracy.

The Soviet Union under Stalin,  the biggest perpetrator of mass killing, civilisation has ever witnessed, had a very effective and expanding doctrine to enslave the world within the orbit of  communism, all the time freely using democracy in the associated propaganda.  Very cunning though in that he avoided  pitfalls by strictly controlling information availability .

In 1956 Hungary, a country that up until the first world war had enjoyed a place  in evolving world geo politics, made a fruitless effort to break the post WW2  hegemony of the USSR, only to quickly end up with Soviet troops supported by tanks reducing the rebellion to a disaster for Hungarian independence. True democracy was still a long way off.

Twelve years later another East European country under Alexander Dubcek made the same play and again The Red Army showed the Czechs how they were also in error,  that bloody mistake gained the sobriquet of "The Prague Spring".

Now many of the members of the Eastern Bloc, were merely puppets of the Soviets and  forced to back the  suppression, included allusions to "democracy" in their national identity. Communist East Germany had the kindly  title German Democratic Republic or GDR. Had there been laws around false representation available, such complete abrogation of the  true interpretation of the meaning of the word Democracy,  would have been a shoe in for a slam dunk prosecution.
North Korea, a true oligarchic society, ruled by a first family, goes by the luvverly sounding title, The Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea, the rest of Korea, that is actually a  functioning democracy,  is plain old Republic of Korea.

With the inane propensity of what pass for Journalists today, to label any nefarious government rort as a "Gate" we now endure an equally inane use of the word Spring to label a "popular" uprising, so we have the Lybian Spring and then the Egyptian Spring.
Any connections between what we see in these Islamic Countries, when compared to the overthrow of communist states is at best tenuous
Powerful Mullahs using the Koran as an instrument to exert control over a people along with torture, incarceration and violence including death, will always succeed whereas a doctrine such as Communism was not  so secure.
As a communist state developed,  an inevitable outcome accompanying education advances  was   the populace,  using reason logic and information, soon saw the failures of a leadership ignoring  democracy, 'the Emperors had no clothes'.
Remember it was the Internet that "brought the wall down".

Such inconvenient outcomes are avoided by the mullahs as it is they who control over what the people can learn and understand. For starters most Islamic countries have massive control over the females of their  population including denial of educational opportunity,  a mystery yes, but still very effective in subjugation.

In my book the religious domination of the people by the Mullahs/ Imams,  makes any democratic dream in a  fundamentalist Islamic country, a nightmare before a vote is cast.
Turkey has been a democracy within the confines of Islam  operating as a secular state for nearly a hundred years, Indonesia and Malaya also are almost functioning democracies, albeit with the baggage of barbaric Sharia Law.
The question is, will those status endure or will faith haul democracy in and strangle it.
The portents are not great, within some states such as Iraq and Syria, Islam is at war with itself, Sunni vs Shiia, where they fight over who should be the ranking prophets and reinforce their argument with lethal violence, hardly a basis for democracy right there. Those two sects are only two of dozens within Islam, Saudi is dominated by Wahhabi, boy oh boy is that strict and anti democratic.

Democracy as I understand it would be beyond comprehension for true followers of Islam living as they do in the suffocating thrall of their religious leadership.

Arab Spring, nah, more like a long cold winter and no Spring in sight.


Many of you will have been following with increasing concern the search for the schooner Nina missing for nigh on a month now on passage from Opua, here in the Bay of Islands, to Australia.

And now the revelation that a newly released message shows the crew had survived the initial storm .....  "Thanks storm sails shredded last night, now bare poles. Going 4KT 310DEG will update course info @ 6pm".  

But here's where it gets really bizarre.   It now transpires that the phone company Iridium initially refused to release the text message citing privacy concerns despite requests from the Rescue Co-ordination Centre and the Police.

Privacy concerns !!!!!!!!!  Give me a break.   Someone deserves to lose their job over this.


A grossly overweight Sgt Schultz lookalike made an appearence in front of the parliamentary committee considering the proposed legislation to formalise some of the grey areas surrounding the GCSB and its relationships with other state organisations such as Police , the armed forces and the SIS.

Now I am led to understand at least one of our reality TV shows that masquerade as a "News Hour", gave the opening 10 minutes to that charade at 1800 hrs last night.

The prick is a guest here, is under an extradition effort by the USA to face charges of a serious nature regarding his use of the internet to circumvent copyright and intellectual property laws, and in the normal course of events would not generate more than a few centimeters of copy in any media.

Did no other submitters make any contribution to the hearing, was fatty Schultz the only news that mattered.
Allah on a bike, does Duh Con pay these muppets to give him the exposure he so clearly courts.

Seriously folks, was that the most important thing that happened yesterday

Let's Be Consistent

Adolf and The Cook have returned from their annual winter pilgrimage to Fiji where Adolf heard from many locals, Fijian and Indo, of their satisfaction with the Bainimarama administration.  Of particular interest was the confident assertion by a number of Indo-Fijians that there would be a fair election next year.

Nobody, absolutely nobody, wanted a return to the corrupt gerrymandered shambles called democracy which was put down by Commodore Bainimarama.

Which brings me to the news today of a military coup in Egypt, supported by all major religious leaders except those of militant Islam.

Adolf looks forward to hearing outright condemnation of this coup from David Farra and the governments of Australia and New Zealand, with sporting and military ties cut; bans on the entry to NZ and Australia for anyone related to anyone in the Egyptian military; and a steady barrage of false anti Egypt propaganda designed to damage the Egyptian tourism industry.


I forgot to mention there was significant new building evident in the Nandi area where we stay.  Plenty of Chinese Indian and now Russian capital coming in.

Interesting  also to see Commodore Bainimarama was visiting Moscow while the Sevens were on and he met with the Russian PM.  The abolition of temporary tourist visas was announced.

Well done NZ.  Well done Australia.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


No, not that one ... the one in  New Zealand.     I have just finished reading the book 'Fit to Fight' - the story of Compulsory Military Training and National Service in NZL 1949-1972, authored by PDF Cooke.

Page 427 details a rather garbled version of the incident that saw the crew of a M41 tank fire its 76mm main armament through the front door entrance of the Waiouru Camp Officer's Mess.    The story has passed into folklore and at the time received extensive media coverage around the world including  the 'Daily Telegraph' in London and 'The Age' in Melbourne.    As with many stories it has grown with the telling.     48 years on and as an active participant in what happened that night perhaps the time is right to set the record straight.   Names are withheld (sort of) to protect the guilty.

Back in 1965 and despite much effort to tart the place up, the Waiouru Officer's Mess was a dump ... but it was 'our' dump and, being Waiouru with not too much to do, was the scene of some spectacular Mess nights.   The 1965 Christmas Dining-In night which was held in conjunction with the National Service Territorial Officer's Commissioning Parade (which, if my memory serves me right saw 2Lt Jim McClay - later Deputy Prime Minister - receive his 'pips') was one of those occasions.

Following the dinner everyone retired to the main part of the Mess.   At that time it consisted of two areas separated by concertina doors ... the Red Room annex and the main area which included the bar.    Protocol had it that senior officers (Major and above) would retire to the Red Room leaving the rest of the Mess to the Captains and subalterns.     Not too far into the evening 2LT 'Flash' H rode a 350cc motor bike into the Mess and then it became a game of starting at the far end of the room and going as fast as you could to stop just inches short of the concertina doors ... you can guess what happened.    After a few runs the motor bike, driven by Flash and with two nursing sisters hanging on for dear life thundered down the Mess, failed to brake (or the brakes failed), and burst through the concertina doors into the Red Room depositing all and sundry at the feet of some very bemused senior officers.   From that point on and with the dividing doors shattered everyone mixed together.    I guess there would have been close to 100 present.

Queen Alexandra's Squadron (RNZAC) was at that time commanded by Major Jim Brown, a decorated Korean veteran (actually at that time there were three officers with that name ... they were known as Light Jim, Dark Jim and Black Jim).     He was Dark Jim.   With the party in full swing Dark Jim (he was also PMC - Mess President) 'arranged' for a Centurion tank (large 50t beast) to be driven to outside the Mess and with the Nursing Sisters on the back leading there was a round of 'Carol!!!' singing.   The Centurion tank then went home but it generated a gem of an idea among one officer.

Major Allan was a British Army Royal Artillery Officer on a two year exchange with the NZ Army as the Chief Instructor, School of Artillery.   He and Dark Jim were good mates.   I started this off by saying the Mess was a bit of a dump.   Later that night (or maybe in the early hours of the morning) Major Allan turned to Dark Jim and said words to that effect and that if he (DJ) had any bottle he would do the officer corps a great service if he blew it up.    I think he offered him money (in the form of a bet) to do so.

This was too much for DJ.    He instructed his subalterns to get an M41 (light 24t) tank from the tank park and liberate a couple of blank rounds from 'stores' and bring it to the Mess.    An M41 had a 4 man crew.    Driver, gunner, loader/operator and commander.    Five of his officers were involved with the fifth riding shotgun on the back.  They were Lieutenants M, F, C and S along with 2Lt M.    On the way from the tank park to the Mess the tank was waived over by Military Police as it was being driven somewhat erratically.   However the MPs decided discretion over valour ruled Ok (tank vs landrover = no contest) and backed off.

The tank got to the mess and traversed the main armament so that its snout was poking directly at the front double doors which were open.

To set the scene.   Immediately through the front doors was the foyer with two doors left and right; the left hand side leading into the Ladies Powder Room - bad name - and the right hand one into the Red Room side entrance. On the far side of the foyer was a second set of double doors leading into the Mess proper with the bar at about 10 o'clock, 5 meters distant.    The Bar Manager was a large gentleman of Greek extraction called Con.

At that time there was general cheering from the assembled multitude as the word had gotten round.   Officers were hanging out of windows daring those on the tank to fire the weapon because they clearly didn't think they would.   And then there came about one of those magic moments in time when everyone collectively and simultaneously came to the conclusion that they were.   There was a general dive for cover ... those at the windows disappeared (fortunately).

My lips are sealed as to which one of the five squeezed the tit but squeeze he did.    A 76mm blank round is quite a powerful beast fired in an enclosed space.    The foyer ceiling disappeared and a small fire started; the door into the ladies powder room disintegrated, much to the 'surprise' of the lady occupant doing her business; the side door into the red room blew inwards and landed on top of an officer sheltering behind it; the doors into bar proper also blew inwards which opened up the bar itself to the blast which cleared much of the stock and glassware and left Con, the barman (who had ducked below the bar) bemoaning the loss of his precious Ouzo.   Many of the windows in the Mess facing the road (where the tank was) blew out.

The 'Party' came to an abrupt halt hastened by the arrival of the Fire Brigade and the fact that the bar was not.    I suspect most made their way home in a serpentine fashion not believing what they had seen.

Next morning saw the entire front of the mess draped in tarpaulins.   Conversation was fairly muted.

Now, before the tut tut brigade get going, could I say that back then you worked hard and played hard and took responsibility for what you did.   The repairs which must have cost thousands of pounds were paid for by way of a 'free will' levy on our Mess Bills weighted for rank.   I know I spent a fairly spartan Christmas and I was single.    I suspect for the senior officers involved there were some interesting 'Come to Jesus' conversations with their better halves.    Dark Jim was never promoted past Major.

Therein endith the story finally told ..... best function I ever attended.

p.s.    And it only took another 18 years for the replacement Officer's Mess to be built  


Tuesday, July 2, 2013


And many throughout the world are benefitting from it every day.

Two recent pronouncements have many of those who see the real spectre of mass starvation as an acceptable outcome from global population growth, getting their knickers in a twist.

First it was  Minister Amy Adams, who made a very valid point that genetic modification technology law should reside with central government and not be subject to whimsical decisions made at local council level.

Then today  it is reported that the UK is petitioning the EU to allow GMO developements to be embraced in their region.

Now lets get a few basic facts here, GM has been occuring in nature since weeds and amoebas were the order of the day.
Wheat emerged from grass, tomatoes from a family that includes deadly nightshade, thoroughbred horses from shaggy ponies in central Asia, the list is endless.

Adams has a valid point, one of the major weaknesses of local bodies making anti GM bylaws now that science is moving the natural process along a little quicker, comes from embracing emotive considerations and groundless  risks seen by the totally illinformed opposing that science, many see as the only path to feeding an expanding world population from a declining area of land and the water resource.
Central Government is far better resourced, equipped and potentially informed to make the necessary rulings as to whether or not GM initiatives should proceed.
One Muppet drew a paralel with anti nuclearship moves, by local councils, that sums up the lunacy in their opposing GM.

One of the major planks employed by anti GM lobby,  is fear of multinational involvement with US Giant Monsanto, front and center so of course the convenient "target" is there.  GM research is very expensive,   mindless attacks by anti GM with the alligned security needs contributing significally to those costs.
The people involved in this field are committed, informed, and aware of the science. If safety concerns were an issue among those scientists, one would expect their ranks to provide some opposition but it seems to only come from rent-a-mob activists in many of the  reported cases of protest.

Can science get it wrong? of course it can I well remember Thaialidimide and had swmbo's pregnancies been in a slightly different time frame with her serious battles with Middletons affliction, morning sickness ( swmbo also was hospitalised and fed on  a drip) then we might have ended up differently.

Regulatory parameters, peer review and the clear conservative approach by those in the industry,  make both the moves  outlined in the opening paragraphs eminently sensible and practical to me.
Better yeilds from smaller areas and advances in health gains from the developed crops, win win.

How is it,  the same people protesting GM , protest fracking, oppose extraction of resources and then next week are protesting about the disadvantaged going hungry,  then logic and sense dont apply to them do they.

Monday, July 1, 2013


Judge David Harvey sent a THUG to the Big House for three years for what he accurately described as a gutless and cowardly act.

Last year three large adult Maori warriors, who had been drinking, were apparently incensed when a twelve year old boy allegedly mouthed something at them on a Blockhouse Bay Beach  as he was leaving.

The three 'men' sic. chased the boy to his house, entered uninvited and proceeded to deal out what they thought appropriate punishment for the supposed offensive mouthed words.

On leaving,  property was taken including an xbox, clothing and a necklace, referred to as Taonga .

So what,  it happens with sickening regularity, what is special here.

Well Granny was convicted a couple of decades ago for assaulting patients with mental problems in an institution.
Cuzzies of these warriors were at the violent confrontation involving the PM at Ti Ti Mare.
The mother of these Nga Puhi warriors holds an influential position on an organisation opposing violent behavior.
The Uncle of the cowards is an MP and he committed to attempt to broker a peaceful outcome but didn't get around to contacting the boy victim or his family.

Could be described as just another inexplicable act of thuggery by members of the priviledged race, but for me a sad indictment and  why I rejected a  retirement in the beautiful winterless North when we exited from farming over a decade ago.

Welfare destruction of personal pride, respect for others and acceptance of the basic tenet that we are a united people. Entitlement and un-realistic expectations emanating from the rubbish of adherence to supposed interpretations of one of the versions of the Treaty of Waitangi, led me to believe a powder keg exists in the midst of certain elements of New Zealand citizenry particularly in what should be the best retirement option in our beautiful country.

 Never a freekin Warrior, just a gutless cowardly thug, very brave bashing a twelve year old boy with two mates to help him.


One of the foundations of our judicial systems, with all its accompanying faults, is that a totality of evidence is considered as a whole by a jury or judge reaching a decision.

Juries including the original Bain jury, that sat for Watson, Lundy, Barlow(eventually) and McDonald sifted through much often conflicting evidence and came to a conclusion.
When the dust settles that totality of the evidence is disregarded as legal vultures attack small parts and create doubt that is often only credible when viewed in isolation.

All funded by a system that is viewed by many lay people as a way to employment for lawyers who when exposed to scrutiny are less that the paragons they appeared in earlier times.

AA Thomas was very different imo as his motive was very weak when viewed against those closer to the Crewes.

As for Team Bain's claim for riches from the Taxpayer, perhaps a reversion to historic principles in cases of witchcraft could be employed.
Get the Winchester rifle widely accepted as the murder weapon complete with silencer and get David Bain to demonstrate how His Dad might have taken his own life with a chambered round.
If DB succeeds then he is possibly innocent on the balance of probabilities, and if he fails he doesn't get Compo.
The best bit is if he succeeds he won't need said compo so win /win and we can all move on.

Some very interesting outcomes on that Poll on WOBH this morning including DB's innocence.