Sunday, June 30, 2013

What if............

...Helen Clark had announced an unbudgeted, ten-year, $10Billion programme of transport funding a year out from an election in Auckland - what would have been the reaction of the Right across the country?

Just checking/asking.

Saturday, June 29, 2013


Ok, I'll admit that I have morphed from a Royalist to that of a tepid Republican provided (1) that the President is afforded figurehead status only and (2) it occurs after the death of the present monarch for whom I have considerable respect.   I guess I crossed the Rubicon when Charles mused that his greatest desire in  life was to be a tampax. 

But as an amateur historian the monarchy has a certain fascination and no one more so that the late uncrowned and generally unlamented  Edward V111.   Among his many titles and awards was that of the Military Cross which was (at the time) Britain's third highest award for gallantry (behind the Victoria Cross and the Distinguished Service Order).    The warrant for the award has it for "an act or acts of exemplary gallantry during active operations against the enemy on land".     It is a matter of record that the Secretary of State for War, Lord Kitchener, refused to allow the then Prince of Wales to serve in the front line citing the immense harm it would do should the heir to the throne be captured.    It is also a matter of record that the Prince visited the front lines on several occasions.   Nevertheless, it is difficult to see how the award could possibly be justified made even more so by the absence of any citation when the award was gazetted as part of King George V 1916 King's Birthday honours list.

I guess my cynicism was provoked by reading the letters the then Prince wrote regarding his visit to New Zealand in 1920 (available in the Alexander Turnbull Library).   He commented .... The governor-general was “revolting”, the local women “hideous”, official functions “ghastly” and the returned soldiers and their next of kin “sordid and pathetic”.

I am not in a position to pass judgement on the Governor General (The Earl of Liverpool); the 'hideous women' remark sure came back to bite the Prince with a vengeance in later life; he probably got it right with his comment about official functions but the bit that really sticks in my craw is his description of our returned soldiers and their NOK.    WW1 was not our war and NZL paid a disproportionate price for it's support of 'mother England'. For Edward to demean those who served and gave their all speaks volumes for his lack of judgement and character.

George V had it about right when he said "After I am dead the boy will ruin himself in 12 months.



Labour's A to Z

Labour's leadership woes and low ratings can only really lead to one conclusion.

They are well past their use by date.

They are now more about  protecting their various comfort zones, rather than a party determined to best serve the needs of New Zealand in today's world.

They left their relevance behind last century.

If they can't even put up a decent attempt at opposition, how can they hope to put up a relevant government.

Here is a brief guide to the A to Z of their choices

ABC Anyone but Cunliffe
GHI Goff Has It
H!  Helen!
MN Marry Norman
MNOw Mallard Now
RST Remove Shearer Today
VW Vote Winston

XYZ Reality of where they are heading

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Theory # 897564 on the Robin Bain thumb markings

David comes home and knows Robin is about to sit in his chair.  He hates him.  David has the gun.  He tells Robin he will kill him, but offers Robin the chance to take his sorry life himself.  David holds the rifle and orders Robin to insert the magazine.  He does.  Then they try to replicate a suicide, but it's nearly impossible because the stock and barrel on the rifle are too long, and Robin cannot get into a position to pull the trigger.  Remember that evidence from the trials?

So David shoots him and plants the magazine next to the body.

That's a little fanciful.  But so is the argument those markings are conclusive evidence Robin Bain killed his family without getting any blood on him and while wearing gloves to conceal his identity before leaving a note on the computer telling the world it was him.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


 One suspects the Labour caucus is a bit grumpy given the results of the latest poll.    I see in another forum one of their apologists has explained it away claiming the poll methodology was flawed and that clearly the sample was skewered towards suburbs like Remuera.

That person may have a valid point.   If the sample was taken from the likes of Mangere, Mana, Wigram, Dunedin South and your friendly local lunatic asylum then Labour would, in all probability, got to ... say 33% (just).

Does anyone else see a certain similarity between Rudd and the silent T?


When I saw the headline last week,  "The Greens support phasing out coal fired electricity", my first thought was, "finally they are going nuclear".

Stupid boy, it was NSW and their plan was to replace, in around a decade, the 80% of their electricity that is coal or CSG generated, with Solar and wind!!!!!!!.

"Allah on a bike with flat tyres", they're not dreamin they have just proved again they are totally thick.

NSW has a population in excess of of 7 000 000, how many windmills and solar panels to replace the coal and gas generation at present struggling to provide the power needs of Australia's most populated state.

Modern nuclear power plants are very cost effective in providing base load in the numbers in that state where nearly all live in and around Sydney and to continue to ignore that potential in the 21st century, is an indictment on the credibility of ALL who support the dreemin greenin luddites.

Just remember sheeple, the NZ Green Party is not at all green it is just the color of the  cloak they have draped themselves with to hide their anti capitalist, anti wealth creating , anti adoption of the modern world and other whining populist idealistic claptrap in their pursuit of a seat in a crown car.
They are, and always will be, merely a pressure group that exists in the Parliament courtesy of our very flawed MMP system.

Random thoughts.

Gillard is dog tucker.

KRudd is widely loathed in the Caucus.

KRudd is a possible lifeline for several ministers on current polling.

Independent, Tony Windsor says he will vote against a KRudd government, leaving Labor losing it.

The Govenor General Quentin Bryce is Bill Shorten's mother in law, Bill was the main man behind Gillard when she used the knife just three years and two days ago.

Tony Abbott's big question is does he want to be a PM while Labor bleeds out, or does he advise the GG to bring the election date forward.

I understand Rob Oakshott another independent propping Gillard up has tossed in the towel.

At least there is a precedent for the GG to be proactive but Boyce will have the treatment accorded to Sir John Kerr by the Labor Dogs in the forefront of her mind and probably wishes August, when she retires, cant come quick enough.

BREAKING NEWS Windsor has announced his imminent retirement due to Health issues.

Further update petition circulating for a special caucus meeting Thursday morning, rumour is Rudd will challenge.


The man has many detractors.

Last night he enjoyed a moment of the high roller as Pommy commentator questioned his sanity when with Ian Butler bowling to England 20/20 captain Eion Morgan, Bazza put Ross Taylor at slip in over 13.

Next ball Morgan OUT ct Taylor b Butler. Sensational catch, one handed full stretch.

Last over, England needing 16 to win Cory Anderson 1st ball over the rope,  10 from 5 required, 22yo Anderson holds his nerve, New Zealand win by 5 runs.

I am not a fan of pyjama cricket but this morning was a spectacle with The Oval at full house and 396 runs off 40 overs I see what the powers are chasing and both teams delivered.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


I, along with many other New Zealanders, rejoiced at the time of the last elections in Zimbabwe which saw Zanu PF defeated by the MDC and Robert Mugabe retain the Presidency in a run-off election characterised by vote rigging and voter intimidation.   

At the time many saw this as a fresh start for a country, once the breadbasket of Africa, now racked by starvation, hyper-inflation and a complete breakdown of essential infrastructure.

Four years on and with new elections due to take place in four weeks time nothing much has changed.   Inflation has gone but so has the Zimbabwean currency replaced by the US dollar and the South African Rand.     Unemployment remains at 90% plus, there is widespread hunger, electricity supply is spasmodic at best (current demand is assessed at 2,000 megawatts vs 1,000 megawatts actual), National Railways of Zimbabwe and Air Zimbabwe (if it flies at all) are but a shadow of their former selves, AIDS remains rampant while life expectancy for both males and females is less than 52 years.  

Post the election saw the MDC split into two factions (MDC-T) and MDC-N) whose MPs, with a few honourable exceptions the likes of Senator David Coltart, proved just as adept as their Zanu PF counterparts in feathering their own personal nests.   Political corruption continues to rule OK.    Latest polling indicates that the MDC has lost considerable popular support while Zanu PF can be expected to pull out every trick in the book (and not in the book) in order to defeat a fractured and fractious opposition.

The military will play a prominent role in ensuring a Zanu PF victory by fair means or foul (mostly foul).    Reports have it that they are deploying senior military officers to manage the Zanu PF campaign nationwide including;
  • Major-General Rugeji to Masvingo
  • Brigadier-General Sigauke to Mashonaland West
  • Major-General Nyikayaramba to Manicaland
  • Retired Major-General Rungani to Mashonaland East
  • Air Vice Marshall Basutu to Matabeleland South
  • Brigadier-General Sibusiso Moyo in the Midlands
  • Brigadier-General Khumalo to Matabeleland North
  • Colonel Sibanda to Bulawayo
  • Retired Air Commodore Karakadzai to Harare
  • Brigadier-General Shungu to Mashonaland Central
There can be no great expectation that this election will be fair or free.   The outlook for this sad country is bleak made even more uncertain by the fact that Mulgabe is 89 and in failing health.    What happens after he exits stage left (to thunderous applause) is anyone's guess.


Monday, June 24, 2013


An Oz military colleague of mine who is now a visiting Professor at the Australian National University in Canberra e-mailed me with his take on the Gillard/Rudd leadership debacle.

His prediction ... Gillard is safe and will lead the ALP through to after the election.   The animosity by many in the Labor caucus towards Rudd is such that she has done a deal with Shorten who will continue to support her against a Rudd challenge.    If Gillard loses the election she will step down as leader and throw her support behind Shorten.

Interesting prediction.    Seems to stack up.   The next couple of hours/days will see if true or not.

Saturday, June 22, 2013


That is in Guatemala but it is similar to the one in Christchurch that was revealed in todays 'Press'.

As if we, the long suffering citizens, needed any more evidence why we do not need our Council to attempt to be "business people", we discover not only have our beloved empire builders set up a "Compost" plant, we will now be forced to ante up eleven  million dollars to reinstate it because the freekin muppets didn't insure it.
OK so it is only around $20 each but it will not fall to all of us, only the poor bloody ratepayers at a figure many time that simple amount

But nobody will be responsible, Paul Anderson the invisible man on his six figure salary has already said so and no single change will occur in the monolith that just grows and grows, CCH.
As with any such enterprise the only evidence of the  mess will  exist in the paper to wrap tomorrows fish and chips and that will then need to be composted.

Elected officials local and central get to their place in the scheme of things by convincing voters they have all  the answers but that ability does not transfer to anything resembling commercial ability so just set up the solution by regulation and then leave the implementation to someone who knows about the big things, capital, costs, risks, finance, delivery, disposal, profit and loss and all the things that matter in business, not being photogenic, having communication skills (the gift of the gab), and a profile that appeals to an intellectually challenged voter.

Then when it goes tits up as any business can do, it will not be another burden on the captive financial backers that property owners have become.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Muppet Media.

The self opinionated media, or at least some of the legends in their own minds, are rabbiting on about the "false alarm" with much of the country waking to discover it was just wetter and no white stuff.

My mate google tells us that one inch (25mm)  of rainfall equates to ten inches (250mm) of snow.
That ratio can vary from 1 to 8 for compacted snow to 1 to 14 for powder but we will stay with  1to 10.
Over night when many forecasters had predicted snow, here in Paradise we have had around 80mm of rain. Based on Google's info that could have been as much as nearly ONE METER  of freekin snow.

'Allah on a bicycle', was that not worthy of a bloody warning.

Yes I "panic bought" one bunch of celery and a loaf of bread, but the pumpkin soup is just not the same without the celery.

Without exception all my farming mates will be relieved that so far the snow has not eventuated so how about the shallow headline seeking a bit of limelight media muppets, celebrate a narrow escape and applaud the weather gurus for getting it close, albeit a smidgeon OTT.

Comment of the Month

A superb observation from the ever vigilant Cactus:-

  1. Maybe Greens ditched their QE policy as they worked out if they make Govt the $ will tumble all on its own

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Trying to rationalise this revolution

I phoned talkback tonight for the first time in years.  I was puzzled over the announcement that Coliseum Sports Media Management has the rights for the English Premier League (EPL).  All the whizzkids tell me "this is the future - you can livestream sport onto your computer!".

I didn't get much out the talkback host except something along the line of "get used to it, this is the future!". 

Um, yeah.  I know that.  But I can't see the benefit for someone like me who enjoys watching the EPL on my new(ish) large-screen TV. 

If I've got this right, at the moment the satellite streams it into my TV aerial and I watch it on TV.  I can record it and watch it at will on MySki.  I have a remote.  I can pause and rewind both the TV and the recording.  I can watch any game I want, live or recorded.  I can fast forward the bits I don't want to watch.  I can do this from the pleasure of my home.  Downside: I can't play it on a portable device, but I can access numerous websites on my phone from anywhere to watch clips etc.

So now the feed will come in through a cable, and not the satellite dish.  The cable cannot be connected to the TV (yet) so it has to be connected to a computer or an Apple device.  I can watch the footy on that (after paying $150 per year ON TOP of my Sky subscription (which no longer gives me English football any more)) BUT to connect that to my TV and get the decent view, I have to buy an Apple TV set.  I also have the data cap to worry about, which means a further $25 per month to Telecom for my data increase that the streaming through the internet will involve.  Upside: I can have a website subscription to their fancy website and watch the EPL on an iPhone or tablet while sitting in a cafe somewhere.  If that's an upside.  I can do that now; I just can't watch every game, on demand.

So the result, I think, is this: I pay Sky TV the same amount for less products and have to pay someone else (or two) a lot more money for a product I used to get on a better screen in a more comfortable environment all for the luxury of being able to have the EPL "on demand" when I want it.  Notwithstanding I can get it on demand now, prertty much (through MySki and assorted websites).

The other thing I can't figure out is that there are livestreaming sites out there now: Justin.Tv and are but two of them.  And Triathlon has been doing this for a year or two through
Yet this is supposed to be revolutionary?  To me it sounds a little fucked up to be honest.  You see, if Sky figured out how to transfer recordings from MySki to a portable device, such as an iPhone, then I could copy my recordings from MySki and watch it on my device at my pleasure (if I felt that way inclined, which I don't). 

Real user pays sport would be great.  I'd pay nothing for Sky, and just pay $40 for the US Masters, or $10 to watch the FA Cup final, for example. 

We're a long way from that yet, but that's the nirvana IMHO. 

Is it just me, or is this "revolution" actually nothing new, rather it's just a different way of delivering essentially the same product?  

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Who really cares?

The rumours continue that Lianne Dalziel will stand for the Christchurch Mayoralty.

The woman who got the arse from a Cabinet role under the Clark administration for being economical with the truth, oh the irony.

The woman reportedly seeking to remove party politics from the Council.

A trougher with 30 years as a liabour MP.  Allegedly unsuccessfully seeking support from Sam Johnson, among others, has been weighing up exchanging a Mayoral income under 100K while enjoying her current income of double that and considering the possible plum of Christchurch "minister" in the Greybour administration  next year.

If that woman with all her baggage is the answer then it was a very stupid question indeed.

Monday, June 17, 2013

A New Form of Getaway

Hey Bro!  Gimme the money or I'll smash your knees in.


Last week Ms Gillard,  the Aussie PM, played a couple of trumps. Well she thought they were good cards, trouble is too many saw them as rags.

Abortion and Misogyny, it appears neither took a trick.

Overnight the latest Fairfax/Neilson snapshot saw the beleaguered PM slide below 30%.

Confusing the already muddied waters another agency released two polls one confirmed that under the current leadership the ALP is doomed to a growing electoral demolition, the second suggesting that if KRudd was reinstalled as PM the Coalition and The ALP were almost neck and neck.
For the second poll prediction to have validity many variables would need to align. Many current front bench ALP members have portrayed a position that is totally opposed to working under Rudd, one Peter Garrett, has said he wont serve and others such as Swan, Deputy PM and Federal Treasurer would not be facing eating a dead rat but more like a Dingo.
Key man Bill Shorten emerged late last week from three days of  no show with a  slightly weaker endorsement, his demeanor had a sick look about it, maybe it was only a lack of makeup.

All up, the political situation in our biggest trading partner is showing few signs of entering calmer waters as the Federal Parliament enters the last two sitting weeks before the scheduled election on September 14th.  Many say any leadership change will happen in that two weeks but that is not a given and in the current dysfunction prevailing, nothing is that predictable.

In an unrelated poll Malcolm Turnbull an ex leader of the senior partner in the coalition, has a higher rating than current Liberal Leader,  and often tagged unelectable, Tony Abbott.

Divide And Conquer?

Divide and Fail is more like it.

In one of the most blindingly stupid moves in politics, even more blindingly stupid than all her other blindingly stupid moves, Julia Gillard arranged for special address to a bunch of women in which she accused the Libs of being a men's party which would enslave all women if elected.  Or something like that.  (Just ignore the fact  that the deputy opposition leader is a woman.)

The latest polls give the verdict.  She gained a two per cent increase in the women's vote.  Bloody good eh?  Gillard got the Vacuous Vote.

Oh shit!!  She LOST seven per cent of the men's vote.  Do the maths folks and you'll see why the gap between the coalition and Labor is at a new record level.

Two party preferred vote at 42% ALP 58% Coalition

Friday, June 14, 2013


re my previous post.    I should have mentioned that Bill Shorten is the son-in-law of Australia's Governor General Quentin Bryce.    Now, if he were to defeat Gillard in a leadership spill and become PM what would be the constitutional implications of such a move?

Just wondering.


when you attempt to commentate on the political goings on in another country but, what the hell, I have strong links with Oz including the fact that relations of mine designed both the Adelaide and Newcastle cathedrals.

Labor and Gillard are terminal.   The only questions remaining to be answered are how much Labor will loose by and will Gillard be dumped before the election. The answer to the first depends on the answer to the second.

There was no post budget bounce in the polls for Labor and indeed, in recent days the situation has deteriorated further with some reports suggesting that Labor will be whitewashed in both Western Australia and Tasmania.    Gillard is electoral poison. Nothing she can say or do resonates any more.   The electorate has stopped listening.

A measure of her desperation is her attempt to talk up the fake menu affair by claiming that Abbott has dozens of questions to answer.   In reality it is an almost nothing story.   A restaurateur, hosting a fundraiser for the local Liberal Party candidate, dummied up a menu which poked fun at Gillard.    Now it transpires the menu was not used.   My advice to Gillard is lighten up .... at least you weren't being accused of eating babies, something that our PM has had to endure from the Left side of NZL politics.   But, I can understand her trying for the sympathy, poor me, vote.  She has nothing left.  Problem for her .... no-one cares any more.

So now we have the man she deposed, complete with blue tie, doing the rounds of marginal Labor electorates (read any electorate requiring less than a 8% swing) and presenting himself as the local MPs saviour if only they will dump Gillard in a spill.    Nothing concentrates the mind of a marginal MP so much as ones imminent fall from grace.   Gone is the 'status', gone is the salary and staring them in the face is the realisation that they are probably unemployable anyway.  So, Rudd presents a lifeline ... perhaps.

But can I suggest a second scenario taking account of the loathing and antipathy that Rudd engenders among many in  the Labor caucus.   My tip is that next week there will be a spill engineered from within the caucus which will see Bill Shorten elected as Leader.    He's an MP for a safe Victorian seat and was the ALP State President.  He has strong union credentials including sometime National Secretary of the Australian Workers Union.  Victoria is a must hold state.  Shorten should be able to limit the damage.  He has the ' smarts' including an MBA an LLB and a BA.   He is seen as a safe pair of hands and, at age 46, he is a decade younger than Rudd.   More importantly, he does not have the baggage of Rudd. 

Rudd may save a few seats but he is not a long term option for Labor.   The forces that saw him dumped once are still in play.   With Shorten as leader the ALP may be able to present as a united and perhaps credible alternative come the 2016 election.     It's a way forward.

The next two weeks should be interesting for lovers of blood sports.


Dear Dorothy Dix

My partner has a long record of money problems.  She runs up huge credit-card bills and at the end of the month, if I try to pay them off, she shouts at me, saying I am stealing her money. She says pay the minimum and let the next lot worry about the rest, but already we can hardly keep up with the interest. Also, she has been so arrogant and abusive toward our neighbours that most of them no longer speak to us. The few that do are an odd bunch, to whom she has been giving a lot of expensive gifts, running up our bills even more. Also, she has gotten religious, even though she denies it. One week she hangs out with Catholics and the next with people who say the Pope is the Anti-Christ, and the next she's with Muslims.  Finally, the last straw:  She's demanding that before anyone can be in the same room with her, they must sign a loyalty oath. It's just so horribly creepy! Can you help?
Signed, Lost. 

Dear Lost,
Stop whining Tim,  You're getting to live in The Lodge for free, travel the  world, and have others pay for everything for you.  You can leave her any time you want. The  rest of us are stuck with her until September 14, 2013!
Signed, Dorothy Dix.

Dickhead and Wanker upset at taunts during test rugby match

A young man who asked three All Blacks fans at Eden Park not to call the All Blacks names was told by the men that "it's just part of the game".

Hayden Amskypa, 24, was at the All Blacks versus France test on Saturday with his family and the three men were sitting in the row behind.

The men, believed to be in their early to mid 20s, were yelling at players, calling them "dickheads, wankers and losers".

When Mr Amskypa complained they yelled back: "If you don't like us using the words dickhead and wanker then don't come to the footy because it's just part of the game."

New Zealand Rugby and Eden Park management both said last night they did not condone the men's behaviour - but stadium bosses said it wasn't their job to be the "PC police".

The verbal abuse went on throughout the game.

"Every time they said something like that, I'd just tense up but then it got to a point where I couldn't stand it any longer," Mr Amskypa said.

After 70 minutes, Ms Amskypa, a dickhead himself, told the men their language was not acceptable and asked them to stop.

But then they turned on him for the rest of the match, calling him those names, and tapping him on the head.

His brother, Theodore, put his arm around him to console him, but no one else in the crowd around did anything.

"Since when is it okay for three men to so blatantly hate on a guy in front of a crowd and get away with it?  I was really disappointed that nobody stood up and said, 'That's not okay'.  

"In my opinion,... as long as that kind of language is still used, tolerated and condoned then we've got a long way to go before wankers and dickheads have any equality in New Zealand."

Mr Amskypa has been called a dickhead and a wanker for years, and it got worse during high school, he says.  He says he is both, but regardless of whether he is or not, he doesn't think anyone sticking up for dickheads and wankers should be a target for abuse.

He says he felt uncomfortable about laying a complaint because he seemed to be alone in his opinion of the language used.

Eden Park spokeswoman Tracy Morgan said harassment of a patron would not be condoned and the men could have been evicted for that.

But unless everyone else around Mr Amskypa was offended by the men's slurs, they would likely not have been kicked out. Ms Morgan said it wasn't Eden Park's place to "be the PC police".

"It's not our job - I don't believe - to try to move the cultural morals of society.  I mean the guy has admitted to being a dickhead himself, so what's the issue?"

General manager of public affairs at New Zealand Rugby, Mick Brown, urged anyone with concerns about other patrons to alert security.

University of Auckland psychology lecturer Danny Osborne has researched the relationship between participation in rugby, and name-calling.

"Even though the man concerned was exactly what he was accused of being, that doesn't mean he should be called that.  I mean, we don't call small people dwarfs, do we?".

Mr Amskypa said it was unlikely he would attend a test again.

"Why would I?  It's disgraceful.  My brother, Theodore is really tall, and they were yelling out "sit down you tall prick, we can't see".  

"It's just not right".

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Could be your foot in your sights Julia.

When you are desperate strange becomes normal.

Yesterday, under fire Julia Gillard,  met with a bunch of ladies in Canberra to launch the "women for Gillard" based on the nicked women for Obama in the last US election.

In her ra ra speech the PM attacked the "men in suits with blue ties " who will, under Tony Abbott trample all Aussie women underfoot.
How ironical, most of her male cabinet members have abandoned the red tie for 50 shades of blue as they distance themselves from the toxin.
One very subtle picture from the house recently had JG in close conversation with her Deputy Wayne Swan resplendent in 'his' blue tie.

What appeared to be her closing remarks focused on abortion, a matter that was widely condemned as low politics, it is a matter the Federal Parliament rarely visits as it is regarded as a "State matter".

I said 'appeared to be closing remarks',  as the film record was made and edited by the PMs dept and all media apart from a single print person were excluded.
Now that is managing the media and boy are some of them cross, very cross indeed. Many are calling for any repeat action  to be ignored or if played,  then only under an advisory that it is propaganda, pure and simple.

The SMH is reporting that her misogynistic rubbish is in lead balloon territory around Western Sydney one of the sinkholes for her administration as the rout continues.

Might have to pop down to the local Four Square, the popcorn is running low.


The Australian Federal election is scheduled for September 14, 2013.

Campaigning has not yet started officially as there are a couple of weeks sitting for the current Parliament.

There is a however a fascinating "curtain raiser" running at present that has political tragics such as moi watching almost to the point of obsession.

PM Julia Gillard is almost in the Colosseum but not with her opponent, leader of the Liberal Party, one Tony Abbot who has carried a tag of unelectability for many years, but the man she replaced as PM, Queenslander Kevin Rudd.

Rudd denies leadership ambitions, and not a single person in Australia believes him, well maybe a few preschoolers but they wont get to vote, his smarmy mug is on every TV and Paper across the nation

The Caucus is hopelessly divided with a majority supporting the incumbent.

The key player in this shambles that has the policy and programs of the ALP completely submerged by the trench warfare in the ALP headquarters, is the man who led the revolt against Rudd and installed Gillard, Bill Shorten.

Described as a  "right wing unionist" based in Victoria he does not have a lot of friends in Rudd's home state but he has an opinion of his worth that makes that minor fact irrelevant.

Current polls have the ALP under Gillard heading for decimation, Only Rudd from Queensland, Western Sydney, solidly Labor now under serious threat. WA where the mining tax caused serious loss of support and now Victoria and SA on a slide to embarrassment, Tasmania no Labor seats.
In the 150 seat Federal Parliament Labor is looking at possibly holding only 30 or less.

Polls released at the beginning of the week have a predicted 7% improvement in the ALP support if Kevin Rudd was reinstalled as PM.  That is seen as a lifejacket for many including three Cabinet Ministers, Clare, Emmerson and Garrett, facing the employment office and several others including Treasurer Wayne Swan who may not need the jacket yet but are certainly looking for a miracle to stop the boat sinking with them on board.

Pundits call Shorten the key as he would bring a crucial 7 MPs to the Rudd camp but poor old Bill has ambitions of his own and does not want Ratting on another PM on his CV.
Not a good look to assassinate two Labor Prime Ministers in four years, it has a bit of serial about it, even if it sees a return to a widely despised Rudd as an outcome.
Does little Billy want to be last man standing on September 15, not much point if the destruction is so emphatic as to leave the nearing fifty year old, too little time to rebuild the party before the knackers are called in to carry his carcass off.

One other little sideshow not in play but with memories of the Late Sir John Kerr who did in Gough Whitlam's Labor government in favour of Malcolm Frazer still in many minds, Bill Shorten's Mother in Law is Quentin Boyce the current Governor General of the Commonwealth.
Who will give who advice.

Meanwhile so called unelectable Tony Abbott only has to keep his head down and keep his troops focused and watch the greatest show in Canberra, it really is a circus.
At least three leading political commentators in the Australian media have said emphatically  in recent days, "I do not want the faceless men in the ALP to put Gillard down, I want to do it personally on September 14, 2013". LOL, not much fear of or respect for Ms Julia Gillard from increasing numbers of commenters, among whom  are growing numbers of ex Labour stalwarts totally dismayed at the current Autobahn to the Bunker scenario unfolding.

Monday, June 10, 2013


of course not.

Headline says "South Africa braces for the worst".

Ffs  was there another option. Nelson Mandela seems to be in the final days of his life.
Widely regarded as the "father"  of the modern Republic of South Africa following the collapse of the minority led 'white' rule that was underpinned by the apartheid race classification system.
Mandela, in spite of much speculation, negotiated the transition in a way that defied the predictions of an inferno of destruction that was the only way to achieve any move to majority rule by the previously disenfranchised black citizens.

The guy is 96 years old and considering how a significant part of his life was spent in leading the struggle for a more democratic system that included an extended period of incarceration on Robbin Island, reaching that milestone is in itself, cause for wonderment.

The Media treatment of all death is now contrary to all teaching on rational ways to deal with death and this is a classic emotion increasing corruption of the stages of grief that all those left behind must pass through to truly reach a state of peace and acceptance of what is no mystery but the logical and unavoidable end of all forms of life.

A much more appropriate and meaningful line might read, South African nation prepares to celebrate Nelson Mandela.
A person in the state of health that is clearly the lot of Mandela today is almost certainly ready to embrace the peace and calm that death will bring.

Any other treatment is just a search for a headline that makes his impending death mawkish corpse cuddling.

It's Not Only The Herald

Adolf and The Cook have a couple of young orange trees,planted about eighteen months ago.  They are looking a bit crook so, Adolf went ahunting for advice.

A google search brought up the ABC gardening page which gave us this gem:-

lemon tree that has lost many leaves and has dead wood might well be sick. Prune any dead wood off to encourage new growth. Problems can also be caused by a severe lack of water. Citrus trees need lots of water. In Adelaide apply about 3 to 4 centimetres of the equivalent of rain each week from spring until autumn. The way to see whether you're doing this correctly is simply to use a cup, turn on a sprinkler and see how long it takes to get 3 to 4 centimetres of water in the cup. Elsewhere around Australia use commonsense. Feel the leaves. If they feel cool and thick, the tree is fine, but in hot weather, if they feel dry and leathery, the citrus probably needs a drink. 

Australians pay 12 billion dollars to fund the ABC.  You'd think they could pay some uni student a few bob to proof read this stuff.

Any way, I gave the trees a good dollop of high analysis fertilizer and a white oil spray.   We'll just have to  wait and see what happens.

BTW, for those of you who have ever put a spade into the ground other than to lay concrete, the soil pH here is a staggering 8.5.


David has dug up some revealing info on the CIR that the beloved GP spent thousands of taxpayer dollars on in one of their failed impediments to the partial sale of state assets.

Double signings, illegible signatures, non existent persons reduced their attempted fraud and imo, miss use of funds to a total farce.

The first 'part sale' is now completed but they still ignore what thinking citizens see as a done deal in attempting with further infusions of our money to gain the shortfall in required signatures.
So far the authentication failings have been exposed by a sample, so I guess it is entirely likely that a full audit will expose further failings in what really has been, an exercise in grand larceny.

Thanks a bunch you deluded manipulators.


It seems it is TERMITES.

The long drop dunny that is the current Australian Labor Caucus Room in Canberra is decidedly smelly and the pile of excrement at the bottom just gets bigger.

The milkybar kid keeps informing all who might listen that he is only campaigning for the party as he makes every post a winning post for Krudd Inc by getting extraordinary  exposure in the MSM.

"The Leadership was settled many moons ago", he says in response to questions on his ambitions, YEAH RIGHT.

A poll published yesterday tells us that a Krudd led Labor will possibly save the seats of three Cabinet ministers who are in the Gillard camp, one of whom I posted on last week as adopting the Coalition Blue and is spurning anything that might link him to Brand Labor, one Jason Clare.
The same man who just happens to be the Minister supposedly in charge of the weeping sore that is "boat people".
Last night he was revealed on Paul Murray Live resplendent in a nicely knotted "Blue Tie".

The big unanswered question dominating discussion of the Aus body politic is whether Julia will be leading Labor in three months time when Federal Election 2013 arrives on Sept 14th.

If you believe old Vegemite's weasel words, no question,  what he is actually doing and saying is that salvation will only come to pass if he is  reinstated to "reduce the carnage".

I am not that well informed about such mundane things as "loyalty" in the ALP but from this side of the ditch it is a word significantly different to that in my dictionary.
Hate, dysfunction, factions, and polarised positions seem much more relevant to all the players at present contributing to the seemingly inevitable demise when an ounce of loyalty might just make a difference.

The man anointed by some as the next Labor Leader after Julia's seemingly inevitable death in the 'Bunker' is Bill Shorten, who may bring around seven votes to Krudd should the three endangered species convince him to rat out the PM, namely the aforementioned (now blue) Home affairs Minister Clare, ex pop singer (Midnight Oil) Peter Garrett who has been front footing the Education Shakeup and Craig Emmerson the Trade Minister.

We do not see much from our "trained and skilled" journalists on the significant sinkhole swallowing the ALP in our near neighbour where a significant number of our citizens reside but in most cases are precluded from voting.
The Western Island is of enormous import to our little Nation but it seems the current tumult is not worth noting.
Of course that may well be because nobody is handing out the Press release that is the staple source of Information they rely on for copy.
So much more important to speculate on who is doing the impersonation of Russell Packer behind the Goal Posts in Wellington.


The Boys have demolished Sri lanka in 37 overs for 138.

Successfully negotiated 6 overs before lunch at 26 for the loss of Luke Ronchi, 7.

Now need 113 in 44 overs.

Go you good things.

UPDATE, phew that nearly got derailed by Malinga but it will be recorded as a win and two points to the boys currently sitting at the top of pool A.

Sunday, June 9, 2013


Every now and then a group of rodents suddenly all rush to their deaths in a co-ordinated mass march, they are called lemmings and afaik their is no consensus as to why, just lots of theory.

In the wake of "the Dunne affair" many who have a lust for getting the socialists back into the Beemers are calling on sad old stupid Peter to leave the Parliament in the vain hope such a move will bring their wet dream to pass.

With all the Opposition parties either broke, in disarray or any combination of both, that notion has a distinctly "lemming " look about it.

Mr Sensible has morphed into Mr Stupid but he is an electorate MP and even if he stood down it is almost a given he would either win (not entirely impossible) or he would be replaced by a Nat, Ohariu voters have displayed a remarkable understanding of how MMP works and are smart enough to continue to give the Melons and Winston First the arse

The other biggy is that inspite of the hoped for wet dreams of Peters, Mike Williams, Abnormal et al there is no valid reason for Mr Stupid to resign his seat.
Stupidity is not a reason, god knows there are multiple examples, past and present,  however attractive getting his sad sorry mug off the front pages would be to the benefit of Keys Government

Unless The Maori Party want to become lemmings, Confidence and supply are assured even if Dunne retires from the increasingly murky world he has moved to.
Those same MP MPs should have a long hard look at where they might be in 2014 if they are not sure of what faces them on current polling, why would they want to leap into space.
Mr Key's astute move in the wake of election 2008 looks very sensible now.

If those wanting a wet dream in spite of the fact they might just have an horrendous nightmare visit them for precipitating a snap election,  my humble advice to Williams, Peters, and the melons is to start saving, as the current mood of around 50% of those who will make the decision are pretty comfortable with the current outfit.

Such a move might go someway to explaining the lemmings behavior though, in the interests of science of course.

Saturday, June 8, 2013


Phil Goff did a service by releasing the ‘Don’t Come Monday’ letters sent to members of the armed forces made redundant as a result of the 2010 Review of the New Zealand Defence Force (the Dean review).   

It is not my intention to debate the recommendations of the review.   In the last little while many countries including the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia have chosen to ‘rebalance’ their military.  In doing so they shed manpower.   

Where the New Zealand Defence Force stands out is the way in which this process was mismanaged.   The tone and style of the letters sent to those being let go were appalling in their lack of sensitivity.    They said (and I paraphrase) that the person being made redundant had contributed nothing and had nothing to contribute.    Those selected for the bullet were made to feel worthless and were let go without a by-your-leave or thank you.     

Word around the traps is that the letters were composed by a committee of Human Resource ‘specialists’ and psychologists.   If that were the case then I would hope it demonstrates the danger of relying on faceless backroom staff attempting to apply corporate norms to an institution where trust and respect up, down and sideways should and must be paramount.     Can I develop this point.

Service personnel work to an unstated but nonetheless special contract.  They accept that certain of their rights as citizens are abridged by law.  For example, they must obey lawful orders including those standing them deliberately into combat danger, which requires them to suspend all natural instincts for survival.  Other provisions under military discipline codes have no equivalent in civilian life.  Yet others may be common to both military and civilian codes but some have sterner consequences of punishment under military law.  Accordingly, service personnel present themselves for service, to undertake training, to obey orders and instructions, to maintain their health and fitness, and to engage without question in combat or other military activities.  They can be ordered to put their lives and physical well-being at stake for whatever causes the elected government and their fellow citizens require them lawfully to do.

By definition in civilised society, however, there is more than one side to every contract.  In the case of military personnel management, the reciprocated obligations impose much tighter requirements on commanders than the HR processes found in commerce.  But it is a serious mistake to imagine that such requirements are best met in the military by orders bellowed on the parade-ground, or other high-handed edict.  In paradox, and in view of the mortal nature of the contract, they can call for deeper understanding of the human condition, and greater sensitivity, than those involved in civilian HR are ever likely to encounter.  Perish the thought that the HR syndrome has finally encroached upon and corroded the high demands of military command responsibility, but that is how the letters read.  Our soldiers, sailors and airmen deserved better. 

But it doesn’t stop there because the letters were signed off at the service chiefs level.   Just how hitherto respected senior officers, some still serving, lost the plot so completely beggars belief.    It is a privilege to command and a privilege not to be taken lightly especially given the fact that the military, unlike their Police colleagues with their Police Association and the Police Officers Guild, do not have a professional association to represent their interests to senior management.    The service chiefs have a duty of care to get it right.     This time they bottled it.

I can understand Goff making a political point and sheeting home blame to the Government.  In an abstract sense, he is right.  But this was an operational matter and the form and content of the letters sent out was entirely in the hands of the military. 

Those that were let go should have been let go with dignity.   The process was mismanaged and the damage it caused was incalculable.    I agree entirely with the Controller and Auditor General (Lyn Provost) when, in her Report into the matter released earlier this year, she said ..... “Discharging military staff has to be carried out with great care to avoid damaging the bonds of camaraderie, integrity, and commitment that are part of NZDF culture.  Instead, NZDF chose a course that led to a drop in morale and an increase in attrition resulting in reduced capability.”

Chief of Defence, time for you to front up and acknowledge the process was screwed up and say sorry for the angst and hurt caused to sailors, soldiers and airmen under your command.     Fronting up and acknowledging your mistake is a sign of true leadership .... a studied silence is leadership of the ersatz variety.

This is perhaps the hardest post I have ever written .... going where angels fear to tread and all that.   The easy option may have been to remain silent but that would be a cop out.     I have huge respect for the institution and those who serve.   My uniform was brown but I have strong personal and family links with both the navy blue and air force light blue.     My sincere hope is that that were lessons learned from this debacle.        



and John Key understands it.

One serious underlying fault of government in New Zealand is an inherent instability that issues from the  three year maximum term of each parliament.

I have been around for three General elections where the Prime Minister employing the discretion to hold a Snap Election, has done so, two with very favorable outcomes and the third when a drunk Rob Muldoon brought his political execution forward in a brain fart, by four months.

In 1951 bolstered by the successful crushing of the 1950 Waterfront strike/lockout Sid Holland went a year early on the theme who should govern, the people or the unions, and won well.

Then in 1984 Muldoon's rather spectacular Fail landed in the lap of Lange and Co.

Master political manipulator Helen Clark went early in 2002 and put a seriously deficient National under Mr 21% aka Bill English to the sword.

Other than that with some minor adjustments for Rugby and previous elections bringing changes to the accepted date of last Saturday in November, we have enjoyed remarkable stability on dates and terms.
I am firmly of the opinion that unless it becomes apparent otherwise  to the GG, we should have a fixed date of the second Saturday in November allowing a successful Govt whether re- elected or  new, a clear month to bed in before NZ Inc closes for it's annual holiday. Or in the case when the venal pinstriped dwarf more time to play sillybuggers.
 It also gives certainty to the voters and proscribes the power of the PM.
Boy have some of them clearly portrayed many reasons for such curtailment.

A Government failing to hold confidence and supply either rearranges its affairs within the elected parliament, or the leader of the opposition is called to The Big house.
Particularly under the MMP system of multi party representation we endure,  an early election should be almost unnecessary.
Allied to all  that, a four year term to avoid the constant election mode that can and often does permeate our political system.

It is all too much to have the discretion held in the hands of a ruling PM. They hold enough aces already and General Elections are too important and expensive to be available as an opportunity tool in other exceptional circumstances and this latest contretemps does not qualify.

The so far suppressed anarchist in my psyche would just love the GG to call the wool gatherer to Govt. House to have a go for the next 16 months.
It would give a  preview to the people as to what a clusterf##k, Mumbles, Commie, McGillycuddy, Senility and Master Racist along with the three other Racist MPs can deliver in the 16 months remaining thus reducing somewhat their opportunity to totally destroy this wonderful country.

Whatever happens to Dunne and his probable demise, John Key is too pragmatic and smart to go early and if the ever so lucky Maori Party members are too thick to see which side their bread is buttered, then that would be the tipping point for my fantasy to be played out but only for the remainder of the current term.
Sort of APRO deal that might even appeal to the extremes of politics in NZ and that aint where John Key and Stephen Joyce sit.

Dick Downs Dunne?

Or oi it seems. David Farrar manfully ignores the mountain of circumstantial and claims all are innocent.

A priceless comment from Kiwiblog:-

"Will the love child be called:'Dunce?'

Some questions:

Who supplied Peters with all the inside information?

Who will win the seat of Ohariu?

An observation:-

The Ohariu Cowlick has managed the impossible.  He has literally f****d himself.


Why you need literate sub-editors

In what could become a very long-running series, here's why you shouldn't hire subeditors for whom English is a second language:

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Sixty-nine Years Ago Today

D Day

And I bet there will be a goodly number of ninety plus year old veterans quietly remembering that great day in history, June 6th, 1944..

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Is Hone Harawira using Colin Craig's polling company?

From some taxpayer-funded Mana Party apparatchik anonymous blogger over at the Daily Blog:
“So much for all the talk about this being a Labour Party seat” said MANA Leader and MP for Te Tai Tokerau Hone Harawira. “If the polls mean anything then the Ikaroa-Rawhiti race is wide open, with Te Hamua out in front by a long way”.

“Radio Waatea ran a poll that put Te Hamua on 53% and the Labour candidate on less than 10%. He’s ahead on the Radio Ngati Porou poll, he’s ahead in the Gisborne Herald poll, and he’s ahead on all the Facebook polls as well”.

“And for those who aren’t into polls, I can also report that over the weekend, our people door-knocked more than 1,000 houses and support for Te Hamua was more than 70%”.

“People can be sceptical of polls and door-knocking exercises, but the evidence is pretty overwhelming”.

“Te Hamua is more than just a candidate in this race. He’s the clear leader with the others struggling to match his support in the polls and on the streets”.
Not only is this taxpayer-funded Mana Party apparatchik anonymous blogger over at the Daily Blog using taxpayer funds to blog, he/she is also in cahoots with Colin Craig: It is obviously Craig's polling company that he/she is using.  The very same company that had Colin Craig a squillion points ahead in Rodney in 2011.

Labour will win the by-election out of sympathy votes alone.  I suspect most voters will simply vote Labour because that is what they have always done, and Parekura was a good guy so let's give the new Labour candidate a chance.

So this press release is a lot like the Mana Party itself: A complete larff.

Will Hone ask Colin for his money back when Te Hamua comes a poor fourth?


Lindsay Mitchell is always worth a daily visit.  Especially so, if you definitely adhere to the theory that welfare 2013 is not the solution but the problem.

I do think that but todays effort  is pure gold as Lindsay comments on a Colin James column on libertarianism.


Who will forget the cowardice of the NZLP as they plunged headlong to defeat in 2011.

Leader Phil Goff was virtually declared a non person even to the point of being left off virtually every hoarding outside his home electorate of  Mt Roskill.

In the upcoming Australian Federal elections set for September  this year Julia Gillard is facing not just defeat but words such as annihilation  are commonly used.
The situation for labor on current polling is very serious and many supporters particularly the army of sitting members contemplating a new job are putting on a brave face but the reality is bleak.
A similar situation albeit nowhere near as serious, faced The NZLP in the leadup to the 1990 election with the PM Palmer sliding to an inevitable defeat and many of his caucus facing the employment office queue.  Their answer was to limit the carnage by installing the more effective campaigner Mike Moore for one of the briefest terms as Prime Minister. Most accept the ploy worked although Labour still suffered a significant defeat.

Any talk of Gillard stepping aside with a couple of weeks of the current Parliament remaining and 100 days to the election is apparently a total non starter.
 Risking accusations of  my invoking Godwins law she is in the bunker and will destroy her supposedly much loved Labor party along with herself in a suicidal last stand
Two factors at play here, the no 1 challenger is the widely disliked Kevin Rudd who Gillard defeated to take the Premiership and has seen off subsequent moves to reinstate him with little trouble.
The second is that with a significant body of the experienced  old guard seeing a massive defeat looming have taken the gap leaving very thin pickings from which to find an alternative.

Quoting poll results are of little moment to Kiwis as the Australian system is transferable votes with  preferences and no Party vote.
However anywhichway labor are as popular as a dingo at a childs birthday party.

One very quaint reaction to the chaos in Labor ranks are moves by cabinet ministers to run as pseudo independents avoiding much of "Brand Labor" and any connection to Gillard.
Federal Treasurer Wayne Swan is tooling around his base in Brisbane in a lime green ute sans any signage or connection to his party or his leader. Current polling has him out on his sorry arse.
In fact Queensland Labor who under Anna Bligh suffered their own Armageddon in the last state elections will have Federal Labor only holding  one Queensland Federal seat in September, the one held by K Rudd.
Even more bizarre, Home affairs minister Justin Clare has his campaign team in Liberal Blue sans any thing resembling his connections to Labor.

Creative marketing eh, if that is his house or office will they paint the roof as well?

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


When avaricious manipulative politicians employ fear, falsehoods, guilt and massaged statistics to fund their Utopian dreams it rapidly reaches "despicable".

Climate vs Weather?
The average punter, who is just cannon fodder for Polies and given similar value as that accorded Tommies  by General Haig, has little understanding of the gulf between the two. However did they ever see a way to commit grand theft

Much of the Northern hemisphere has endured a pretty severe winter while we in this country, apart from a few who rely on favorable  weather to progress economically, have had a summer we thought only existed in our minds and that might have been a suspect memory. That was weather and it was very nice weather to boot.

Many millions of dollars and other currencies have been redirected by what started out as a perceived threat to planet earth, from human activity  increasing carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere but  that very skinny theory rapidly morphed into a pure income stream based on dodgy science and theft.

Measured levels that recently approached a "disastrous"  figure of 400, a level that has been estimated to be a new world record, have been employed in a failed last ditch attempt to reignite the mantra. High levels of carbon dioxide and still hundreds if not thousands died from hypothermia related circumstances.
How the hell did that happen?
400 what, you ask, it doesn't matter, along with computer modeling, funded research grants, fear tactics and political spin it is just one more ploy in the latest exposure of the greatest 'ponzi scheme' ever devised, as it  unravels.
A scheme that has enabled many people to access money removed from productive enterprise that has at most times only had a chilling effect on efforts to grow the pie and no effect whatsoever on the weather or the bloody climate.

Now I consider I have a grasp of much what applies to weather as opposed to climate but have never had any truck with the minimal effects of  burning carbon by man as he attempts to progress to better standards of living for himself and everyone else, might deliver. It was far too obvious to me when I considered who exactly was getting benefit from the system and what drove them, ie POWER over the weak, the compliant and the peasants.
If high levels of CO2 were the problem then last 12 months should have been very different.
I well recall the spring in NZ that followed the Mt Pinatabo eruption, cold temperatures, weak sunlight, and resulting poor plant growth graphically illustrated what atmospheric pollution can deliver.
Anecdotal evidence of similar influence from pollution revealed by contrasting our sunny skies to those in Mainland China for instance, abound, yet the climate of that vast polluted country does not seem to reflect the outcomes Gore and his thieving fellow travelers predicted. Health issues around inhaling and ingesting the air,  yes but weather and/or climate, not so

As the AGW, climate change BS diminishes in the thinking minds of the rational as a problem, another serious effect has been promulgated by the science world that I understand as cyclical solar activity.
This possibility has a resonance to me as with that enormous furnace situated so close to planet earth with it's constantly changing activity,  it must have a far greater potential to alter both climate and weather than some old bugger dragging his 'turtle shell' along the road, let alone Gary Hughes flying hither and thither to preach the gospel of the mad marxists.
The only pertinent facet now is how will the numpties and manipulators who have enjoyed such largess from their totally fraudulent use of the rubbish AGW and associated rorts, extracted by shallow science and grasping legislators, make CSA a paying proposition.
First they need to blame someone with accessible funds and then purloin some of it by way of taxes and imposts.

Rest assured the bastards will find a way and many many people won't have a clue why but will get ripped off anyway.

I guess this is why right-wing blogs don't mention Roy Morgan any more...

...because Roy Morgan's results look like this:

No wonder Joyce and Collins have started jockeying for position.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Never Mind The Politics,........

......just savour the slogan:-

A Red Head You Can Trust

Wonderful stuff!

Should they play Test Cricket in their pjs

I know it is a different game but McCallums men have scored 359 for 3 in 50 overs at Southampton.
Could have been more if one Umpire Joe Bailey could see where the wide on off stump was and at the other end, Steve Davis could see an above the waist no ball  in the closing overs.

To win England need to score their highest ever reply in an ODI.

Possible yes, good wicket, fast outfield and a large ground, New Zealand made many twos but the highlight so far was Martin Guptil  183no, batting the whole 50 overs.

That early night just went out the window, sheesh it's nearly 2 am now.

Saturday, June 1, 2013


Has someone removed all sharp objects from Sir John's box and anything that could be a weapon from the Blues dressing room.

Someone tell JK they got an opportunist try to get 7 back, he might have missed it heading downstairs, its been dreadful for the Aucks.

Highlanders 29 Blues 7 end of first half.

Weepu concussed, didn't move for over 3 minutes and none of the officials noticed, Player safety Pffft.
Yeah I know you can watch Piri  for three minutes and nothing happens but this time he was prone, arms  spread and still, after contact.


Wed Wussel's credibility took another hit today with a pointless inaccurate suggestion that John Key is another Muldoon.

Clearly history did not figure anywhere in his substantial if useless education,  Phd Pffft more like.

You might get some acceptance from your well intentioned GP audience Wussel but any thinking New Zealand voter with a smattering of the reality of the Muldoon years will see it for the bullshit it is.

Some wag suggested Wussell was making shit when Muldoon was running things but it was yellow , now it is green and still shit.

Chalk and Cheese is not even close.

What a Surprise Rachel,

did you work that out all by yourself?

 Rachel Smalley revealed on "The Nation" that there might be "factions" in the National Party, aint that a surprise.
She also breathlessly gushed that when John Key steps down there will be competition for the top job, golly gosh who knew that.

I guess when much of your perception is based on the extremely narrow base of the NZLP it could need explaining. Labour is increasingly in the thrall of a disconnected educated elite who have never had any exposure to the commercial world other than as an abstract theory  along with the remnant, increasingly irrelevant union rump that formed the party a century ago and in earlier days formed almost the entire party and its support.

When HC departed for the job she had been planning for some time, Goff was installed with indecent haste. When he failed, a result many of his remnant party surreptitiously worked for, the party dithered and delivered a compromise, Shearer, leaving the candidate many thought a shooin, gasping on the bank wondering what happened.

National has always been a broad based 'church' dominated in the early days by farmers, a fact not always entirely beneficial but understandable at the time of pre urbanisation.
Currently dominated by people successful in a wide range of backgrounds including the odd rustic agrarian, many often taking a significant paycut to serve.

Lusk is but one of many in and around the Nats who accept the increasing number of professional politicians as the future but I understand wants most wannabees from that track to enter at Local government  levels both to prove themselves and learn the trade.

I wonder why your background of Mr Lusk did not include dogs and  hunting, couldn't keep up eh. Had you included such info it would have bolstered the dark, brutal, basic image you were seeking to portray. That fishermen looked a harmless bugger to me.
What is not disputed Lusk has definite and strongly held views and has assisted some MPs to win and win well. That's not news but he has a better CV than most of the socialist idiots that work the dark arts.
Simon Lusk values his privacy, gee another state secret is revealed.
Some, not enough in the opinion of many, in the National party have conservative views and philosophy, Rachel sure was learning lots this week.

Sad that the people she would have wished to watch her expose were absent but it still gives an opportunity to lace what TV3 News call the "News Hour" with some further innuendo and rumor about nonexistent maneuvering  in the National Caucus.

Next week Greg Presland, Mike Williams or maybe an outing of someone we know nothing about.

Not your best work Rachel but might impress someone.


Stuff has a poll running "should MPs be forced to leave parliament if they quit their Party"

Nearly 1500 respond, over 80% yes. 13% no.

When the over-rated MMP was confirmed, it cemented the system in place for the forseeable future.

A major plank in the farce, is the concept that a party's seats in the Parliament will be fixed as close as possible to the share of the Party vote garnered at the last election.

To get that share, a Party publishes a "list".

When for any reason a MP goes rogue his/her part in the List is altered potentially, to an opposite effect to that sold to the electorate at election time.

There is absolutely no connection to the perception, Ms Alamein Kopu, at election time was in any way connected to the NZ National party's pitch to the electorate but suddenly that vote was transferred to National to perpetrate Jenny Shipley as Prime Minister and Preserve National's hold on the treasury benches.

Yes a ship jumping law would have a potential to give power to a party leader to punish a renegade but that must be measured against the unbridled power that rebel may be handed by departing the whip's discipline.
An expelled MP would be replaced by the next placed on the "for Sale Document"  so if the expelled MP represented a groundswell of opposition to the leadership then rational thought dictates it would continue unabated.

MMP is, was and always will be a dog but any idea that The Weatherman should be sitting at the back of the house as an independent just makes the farce more unattractive to my view of Democracy.
My opposition is largely predicated on the simple premise that if a candidate cannot convince a simple majority of voters to vote for them they have no right to even get to the Parliament.
Run off ballots or preferential ranking systems would be as far as my acceptance for change would extend.

Is it not sufficiently serious that Dunne, Banks and Hadfield can sit in the parliament when the Proportion dictates they should under the  share principle of MMP,  be pruned and removal of their head will do nicely, no, we get "overhang".  At least the three named above, by what ever means, did actually get an electorate win

Where were those 80+% when Simon Power's departing gift to the nation was delivered.