Saturday, October 13, 2012

Where do they get their qualifications?

This morning Akaroa awoke to the sound of rain on the roof, it was mild and a warm NW rain had reached our little bit of paradise, a relatively rare occurrence.

Mid morning the weather clagged from the southerly quarter  as predicted, The Sea Princess was barely visible at 800 meters moored off Wainui.

The lighters were bringing passengers ashore at the Akaroa main wharf at 100 per trip.

My good friend at the information center was very surprised that the boat had even come into the harbour let alone continued to bring passengers ashore.

Since Midday the weather has deteriorated with continuous rain and since late anoon the winds predicted to gust to 140 kph have battered us.

Some 800 passengers are unable to return to the "Love Boat" but love may be an absent emotion.

I would have said "no way jose" at 0800 hrs but clearly someone with a very advanced sence of ability has made a very different assessment and I hope the people in charge of the ship  have taken the cruise liner out of the harbour as destructive squalls are making our house shudder. They are of a strength that often results in moored yachts in much more sheltered bays break moorings and founder.

The ship is on her own, there are no tugs and precious little assistance if anything goes pearshaped

Maybe it was the captains birthday? Maybe he got his ticket on line, here's hoping it all turns out ok, hope is about all that is left.


Barnsley Bill said...

Did we just break a story?

Whaleoil said...

Perhaps the skipper is an Italian who likes to sail close to rocks?

gravedodger said...

Winds have abated a little.

Around 12 coaches have removed the bulk of the stranded to ChCh.

It appears a bullet was dodged.

Conwaycaptain said...

The Sea Princess is a P&O ship but saying that it is no where near the P&O that I knew at sea 20 years ago. It is a "Brand Name" that Mickey Arinson bought when P&O was split up.

The Master is most probably British or European but taking a large pax boat into Akaroa Harbour if fraught with danger and taking it in with the weather forecast saying that the wx was going to get worse is v poor judgement.

I am sure that having to pay for pax to be bussed to ChCh will mean that questions will be asked.

gravedodger said...

Thanks for that CC, sums up what I felt with limited knowledge and an isobar map showing tramlines running up the Islands from the deep south including embedded multiple fronts.
Still quite squally this morning so the coaches wont be rushing over the Hilltop.
Waves are making spray on the Takamatua peninsula so the lighters will be still stowed.
The very tight schedule these boats keep will be more than a little disrupted.

Bazza said...

I may be in your fair harbour on Dec 23. I shall check in to this site for a weather forecast before venturing ashore!