Thursday, October 11, 2012

Poetic Justice

Or, why governments should be careful about letting people with a sufficiently large wad of cash buy permanent residence, summed up in a single image:

Over the last month or so, support for National, according to Roy Morgan Research, has dropped a full 5 percentage points.  Confidence in the govt has taken a similar turn.  How's that business immigration policy looking now, National?


Simon said...

Yep NZ First & Greens the new BNP coalition.

Very strange.

Anonymous said...

I suspect its not that simple. I don't like the sucking up to the FBI but don't have a particular problem with Dot Com, gay marriage annoys me, the ongoing Maori troughing annoys me, the failure to sort out the partial sale of assets annoys me. I can't tell them from Labour (a few cocked up policies Labour wouldn't follow is not a significant difference) and their allies - both camps seem increasingly disfunctional.


The Veteran said...

I agree National should be concerned ... primarily in respect of it's lack of potential coalition partners.

I can't see ACT retaining Epsom.

I can't see the Conservatives taking a constituency seat and making the threshold will be a tough call.

And just where is the 'Ancell' Party in all of this?

The real test for Key/National will be their response to the Maori Council's claim to own the rain. I suspect that if they say enough is enough and on your bike they will very quickly gain the initiative ... perhaps at the expense of losing the Maori Party ... which on balance may not be an expense at all.

The flip side of this is that Peters has said he will not go into Government with the Greens ... and Peters is of course a man of his word.

So that leaves a Green/Labour/Maori/Mana Party coalition occupying the Treasury benches with their first act as Government to order new printing presses .... the Ghosts of Social Credit will be cheering ... if I recall correctly it was Walter Nash who said "if Social Credit works then nobody else will have to".

Interesting times.

Baxter said...

My thoughts exactly Anonymous.(he's not me.}

Psycho Milt said...

Our policy of letting people buy residence is a pet peeve of mine. Back in 1996 I had a brief gig as dogsbody for the NZ Consulate in Hamburg, which among many other things occasionally involved minding the phones. In between assuring anxious Jerries that yes, it was still perfectly safe to visit NZ despite Mt Ruapehu erupting, and yes that was genuinely the truth and not something the NZ govt had ordered me to say, I used to get calls from locals interested in emigrating to NZ (for some reason lots of Jerries love the idea of moving to NZ, I think it must have something to do with the fact that we don't have 200+ people per sq km, buggered if there's any other conceivable reason for it).

Anyway, I'd get to explain to these would-be citizens that, although they were exactly the kind of skilled tradespeople who've made Germany the economic powerhouse of Europe, NZ was looking for people who'd been to university or had millions of bucks to hand over so their chances of getting permanent residence weren't looking any too flash.

Any one of these callers would have been worth a round dozen Kim Dotcoms to NZ, and probably a good busload of most other nationalities, but they were lacking a BCom or a sizable wad of cash so fuck off matey. They were uniformly horrified to discover that forking over a few mil could get you into NZ. Informing them of it was a constant source of shame to me, but on the plus side it did wipe out any naivety they had about what kind of place NZ actually is.