Monday, October 15, 2012

More Deceptive Reporting

This time, from Fox News of all places.   Doesn't matter who does it, it is an odious practice.

Here's the headline:-

North Carolina university votes to ban Chick-fil-A from campus

Here's the truth:

Elon University’s Student Government Association voted 35-11 to ask its food vendor to find another restaurant to take its place, the Daily Advance reports.
Now, the decision goes to the Student Government Association’s executive president, Darien Flowers, who can accept the vote or veto it.
Flowers said he wants to talk to students and other people before making a decision, according to the paper.
The ultimate decision on whether Chick-fil-A stays will be made by senior administrators at the private college and Elon's president, school spokesman Dan Anderson told the paper.

So, the students have voted to oust Chic-fil-A but the student president may well veto the vote and the decision lies not with the students but with the administration.

Note to Fox.

Shame on you.

Students, a university do not make.  They are merely an unseemly, obnoxious and, at times, smelly part of a university.

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