Thursday, October 11, 2012


As further disgusting revelations continue to erode the little residual  credibility of that piece of shit and his legend as a "star" of the state funded broadcaster, I am left wondering how many of those who "knew" what was going down and chose to ignore it are still sucking on the wonderful tit that is "The Beeb".

There will be those who were too scared to suggest the emperor was stark naked, understandable albeit inexcusable but more disturbing is how many  knew and accepted his moral compass was in order as Saville completely fucked with so many vulnerable young lives.

The completely abhorent attitude among pedophiles that they are bringing no harm to what I see clearly as victims, as they indulge their fantasy sick sexual world, seriously threatens to undermine my opposition to Capital Punishment.

 I see his family have removed the gravestone from his plot, now Mr Cameron, have his honours removed as well.

Edmund Burke , nailed it with; "all it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing". There must have been precious few "good men" any where around Saville.


The Veteran said...

Good post PM

Tinman said...

I notice the slime have convicted Mr Saville.

He's dead right now so it's unlikely anyone official will.

Personally this destruction of a man who can't fight back disturbs me but probably not as much as a generally intelligent man demanding a foreign PM removes something that the gods removed when they took Mr Saville's life.

Mr Saville's knighthood died with him.

Anonymous said...

Now then now then How's about that then?

He's still funny