Tuesday, October 16, 2012

How Long before He Collides with Justice Again?

William Curtis, the gang related father of the two young warriors who assisted Nia Glassey's exit from this life, is to be released from his pathetic sentence in the washup of the tragic death of the little girl.

Having moved into the "home" that Lisa Kuka and Wiremu Curtis had established in Rotorua,  assaulted and severely damaged the little one before his sons and others finally ended Nia's life in a case that Nigel Latta covered in his "Darklands" program recently, he had incurred a sentence of just over 4 years.

Orewa Kemp, another involved, re-entered the media with revellations she is pregnant.  Wiremu Curtis, his brother, and Kuka still are our guests in the care of Corrections.

Meanwhile, the cancer that is welfare is still tinkering around the edges of the child abuse problem, statistically revealed as a major Maori problem but one that Maori as a demographic refuse to even acknowledge, let alone attempt to resolve. Oh, they do address it occasionally but only to blame others for what they do with their own hands, often while abusing substances at the same time.


IHStewart said...

I guess we can be grateful that his sons at least got 17.5 non parole. I suspect we will be seeing Kuka some time soon.

Anonymous said...

Oriwia Kemp has an open Facebook page, with a fuzzy, insulting picture, giving the fingers to the public. And she is about to have twins. Does she get to keep them? This would be an insult to the savaged Nia's memory as well.
A country with proper justice would have them all locked up for twenty years, at least. The Darklands programme was quite kind to them all, I thought.

Anonymous said...

I'd start with welfare - in these cases it simply stops, permanently, at any conviction for these type of offences. The family would need to support them.


Anonymous said...

I am assuming the latest sperm donor will be making an honest woman of Ms Kemp, he is gainfully employed & willing to support his partner & offspring. Or is that expecting a bit much?