Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Governments consume, and all to often waste, dollars taken from taxpayers by compulsion, funds that taxpayers normally use to 'create' additional productive jobs.

Many consider that the socialists by expanding entitlements and a bureaucracy to administer the largesse,  were creating jobs. BS to that.

The bureaucrats were just additional beneficiaries only they had progresssed from a 'client' to a 'manager', they were still on welfare.

A job is when someone through their own initiative makes something or  employs another person,  to make a saleable product that another entity wants to buy.

Sometimes in the real world, there is no market.  It may be temporary or as we move through time it manifests as a fact of modern life by being consigned rightfully to history.
Candles have only survived by morphing from absolute necessity as a light source to a decorative accoutrement.

Some manufacturers and most socialists are decrying the difficult trading conditions and reduced employment opportunities, at present being squeezed by falling demand and a dollar that is elevated in value against the $US.

The socilist solution is government intervention. That should read taxpayer levies to prop up an enterprise that has failed to adapt or is temporarily unable to satisfy a market that has for one reason or another decided it does not want to buy.

I had thought David Lange with a big contribution from Bob Jones had buried Muldoonism for ever, it appears I am mistaken. Parker, Shearer and Norman are leading another run for the clifftop, in an attempt to convince the ignorant that they can thwart every other business brain in the world and push water uphill with a rake.

Btw has anyone found out the real reason that Lemmings do that insane thing every now and then.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

GD, I'm afraid today I must disagree with you. Helen Clark 'created thousands of jobs in the public service. That's how she fudged the unemployment figures for so long.

In reality there is a real need for SOME people to carry out tasks for government. It's just a matter of how many. Some examples:- In Western Australia, the gummint runs the electricity industry (or it used to when I was there) by way of the State Electricity Commission. Most governments collect taxes so there is a need for people to administer the IRD,IRS, ATO etc.

Of course, without private industry creating real wealth, goods and services and the jobs that go with THEM, there will be no taxes to collect.

Anonymous said...

The problem is that politicians like being popular so will give stuff to their mates and support base irrespective of how sensible it may be.

We could simplify tax and other govt systems like WFF but they exist as inefficient and complicated mechanisms to confuse and control us rather than to simply collect money or administer.

The radio coverage of tax avoidance and evasion shows how thick and envious people are. They all want someone else to pay their fair share while if the boots were swapped they'd be avoiding just as fast as they could.