Saturday, October 6, 2012

An old solution looking for a new problem

"There's no doubt that there are kids in homes where there is not a strong sense of responsibility. It's the obligation of the rest of us to do something about that."

Bill English has finally identified the problem. Well done. No sense of responsibility.Who would have ever thought the problem would be so simple.

Sadly he presents his solution to the problem.

Take money from responsible people and give it to the irresponsible via feeding their kids at school.
And in the background borrow a bit more to cover his butt.

I have no problem with charities being involved in helping out but why the heck should we be forced via taxation to feed someone else's kid, just because they lack the necessary sense of responsibility to raise their kids.

The western world is now firmly addicted to two socialist concepts
Printing debt money and removing personal responsibilities.

He is buying  into a truly bullshit concept.

With Bill now on their team, the Greens must be very happy how "our obligation" is all working out.


Viking said...

He is a sicialist. what ever do you expect?

Anonymous said...

Wow, talk about an over simplification and ignoring the real issue which is of course the rise of poverty in NZ... but hey, as long as you're ok... right?

Lou Taylor said...

Thanks for that insight anon.
Whether I'm ok or not really has nothing to do with it.
As a country we are getting poorer by the day but ignoring deficiencies in basic child rearing responsibilities by basically increasing the role of government is no solution to anything.
Our overall poverty status is a direct result of government intervention in our lives.

Repeatedly asking politicians to solve poverty and expecting a different outcome than the mess we are in is a definition of stupidity

mark said...


"If this had been a Labour idea would we still be quibbling over the size of the problem? I doubt it."

Mr Key is vowing to press ahead with National's Food In Schools programme, but he says he will no longer identify the schools which are opting in.

Lou Taylor said...

Actually Holden I don't play golf , havent been too Fiji for years and have just worked 60+ hours a week for the last 18 months to support my family and improve their life.
In my previous life I spent 20 years vastly improving the lives of hundreds of people in several African countries- a place where poverty is real and has big implications for the children. But without exception those Africans took the raising of children as their number one responsibility and did everything within their limited means to ensure their kids got the absolute best education possible. the reality of that was at a minimum paying school fees and sending the kids to school with a full stomach.
We have people here who can't even do that and tell everyone that its the governments fault. If private charities want to step in to help that's good. If they come knocking on my door for a donation I may even oblige but don't ask me to contribute through forced taxation and money borrowed on my behalf. My children's future is being encumbered with state debt so someone else's kid can get a free ride.
So don't come on here Holden and wank on about things you know nothing about.

Lou Taylor said...

I should have added not one of those Africans drank alcohol, smoked or used drugs.
Bet the people here expecting us to feed their kids can't say the same.

Marc said...

If Social Welfare made a point of visiting and investigating the homes of children who arrived at school without lunches, then I guarantee within 6 months this problem would disappear - except for the occasional true case of poverty, which could then be properly addressed with our blessing.

Lou Taylor said...

And therein lies the problem Marc.
The government would start to do themselves out of the job of running people's lives.Don't hold your breath waiting for anything to really change.

Psycho Milt said...

The big problem here is that both sides have a point. The right has increased poverty through pursuing low wages, mistaking finance company fraud for entrepreneurship and using unemployment as a tool to keep inflation low. However, the left has also increased the population of wasters through changes to the welfare system and a general policy of having the state take over responsibility for those who can't or won't do it themselves.

Which means we can't fix one without fixing the other, but there's no chance of a bipartisan approach. The left want social welfare made more generous, which will only result in further increases in the population of wasters, and the right want punitive sanctions on wasters, which will only result in further increases in the misery of poverty. I expect no useful action at all will be the outcome.

Tinman said...

PM, "increased poverty"? Please explain this "increased poverty" bit.

Lou Taylor said...

"Increased poverty" is an interesting term. Poverty is a relative.The poorest person in NZ would be considered wealthy by 80% of the world's population.
Every day as a country that we focus on solving poverty rather than "Increasing wealth" we are one step closer to real poverty.

That is why the Greens and Labour suck. They have no plan for real wealth creation. Only increasing the size of government control. Its a one way ticket to disaster.

Psycho Milt said...

Poverty is a relative.The poorest person in NZ would be considered wealthy by 80% of the world's population.

Debt is also relative. By international standards NZ hardly has any public debt. Does that mean govt borrowing isn't a problem? No, it doesn't, because "relative" is a red herring. By its logic, NZers are already wealthy so "increasing wealth" would be a bizarre priority for the country.

Please explain this "increased poverty" bit.

I'm sure you're as capable of reading the newspapers as I am, Tinman.

Tinman said...

PM, you are correct re the reading thing but I see no poverty, only nutters redefining the word to suit their own political purposes.

PM, twice in the last 15 years I have been in the situation where I didn't know where my next meal was coming from. literally!

Both times I found honest work to earn that meal.

From 22/2/2011 to 22/2/2012 my business lost money like it was going out of fashion.

I had to seriously tighten my belt and live on considerably less than those claimed to be living in "poverty".

None of those times did I consider myself impoverished, realising that not only was the answer hard work but that I had to do that hard work, not some other poor bastard.

PM, I ask you again, please explain this "increased poverty", noting of course that poverty is not relative, it is absolute.

Paulus said...

Whilst the country is getting poorer by the day the Maori Elite are getting richer.
What are their $47 billion of assets doing for Maori low income families alone.
Sweet F.A. as expected.

Psycho Milt said...

PM, I ask you again, please explain this "increased poverty", noting of course that poverty is not relative, it is absolute.

And I tell you again, read the newspapers, they cover it pretty well. And yes poverty is relative, just like wealth is relative.

Lou Taylor said...

As soon as the Maori own the water I'm sure they will arrange a trickle down to the Whanau

Anonymous said...
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