Sunday, October 7, 2012

Back to the future economics

The solution from Red Russell & the drones at the Standard to our high dollar is twofold:

1.  A tax (Capital Gains).
2.  Muldoonist control of the economy.

It's just about enough to make you cry.

UPDATE: On Facebook, Sue Bradford is congratulating Red Russell for taking a stance on...............fiscal policy.  True.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Let loose the Loons of War.

They must be pissed AND

So, you reduce the value of our currency by increasing the supply?

They've been watching Obama too long.

He's got the same money tree at the bottom of his garden.

The Veteran said...

This is all 'loony tunes' stuff.

If anyone seriously thinks we can devalue our way to prosperity then clearly they are living in la la land ... and Norman is.

Has it not occured to him that one of the many side effects of such a policy would be to accelerate the rate of foreign investment/ownership of NZL assets ... thought 'they' were against that.

Clearly the spirit of Muldoon is alive and well in the 'Left's' call for a managed economy.

Idiots all.