Friday, July 20, 2012

Will his Idea of humour be Reviewed also.

 Stuff reports "a comedian earlier discharged without conviction after ADMITTING he sexually assaulted his young daughter, will be re-sentenced today"

My recollection has the judge in a moment of gross stupidity making the discharge order with remarks that "the comedian made people laugh".
As if that was any justification along with the claimed inebriation.

Now I am yet to find anyone who shared that sentiment as disgust of his actions over-ruled any feeling remotely accepting of the gross groping of the child by a supposedly drunk man who thought he was fondling his "wife".

I sincerely hope this time justice is done and also following that, the original sentencing judge is assessed as to suitability of the role occupied in light of what happens today.


Following on from the totally inadequate action and out of touch attitude of Judge Phillipa Cunningham in her initial assessment of the seriousness of this scroats kiddy fiddling, now Judge Mark Perkins needs seven days to consider his response to what all but the more depraved among us consider to be name and shame and gaol time of five years without parole as a starter.

Another failed link in the judicial chain I fear.

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Marc said...

Unfortunately, that "original sentencing judge" has been transferred to Christchurch to further dispense her peculiar form of justice. The Justice Dept. may see it as some form of Gulag outpost, but surely, hasn't Christchurch suffered enough?