Sunday, July 1, 2012

So That's Where They Got The Idea?

Adolf watched a rerun of the old movie 'The Colditz Story' the other day and it was most enjoyable.

Apart from the antics of John Mills (Were British officers REALLY like that?) and the pathos of the poor bastard from Poland who was forced to spy by the Gestapo who had his wife and daughter, I was struck by the similarity of two characters to those depicted in TV's 'Hogan's Heroes':

Sergeant Schultz was really for real!  I kid you not.  The pommy prisoners christened their man Franz Joseph.  He was sergeant of the guard.  The prison Kommandnant, played by Frerederick Valk, bears a striking resemblance in voice and manner to Gestapo major Hockstetter.

Nowhere in the movie could I see a Colonel Klink and it is diffficult to imagine that any such character ever existed in the Luftwaffe.  In the Italian army perhaps but never in the German military.

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