Sunday, July 29, 2012

Quiz results

Going to catch as much of the equestrian as possible then a day away from contact so ending things early this week.

Hp in first with a solid 1 correct and a good dose of feminine logic and lateral thinking. Ploughing lol
Chris another 1 plus.
Marc 3.
Billy  2.
Allan four eventually and a boost for our ratings.
Bazza a humorous interlude but sadly a zero for points. well maybe a 1 for the Davis connection.
George gets bragging rights with four and 3/4, very close with the fifth, am I being harsh not accepting options as answers. Definitely not the Motutapu.
and Cadwallader a solid 3 plus bonus for regions.

I have been sitting on the forbidding and fascinating terracing for weeks, I think I was hoping for someone to explain it but my thinking is it is just unusual geological shapes, possibly glacial, very LOR to us, as tourists.
Located on the Wanaka Mt Aspiring Rd west of the West Wanaka Rd  and I have mislaid the GPS numbers.


1 The Late Morrie Davis during the unfolding of the Erebus disaster. Strain clearly in evidence
2 Cromwells answer to the Ohakune Carrot situated on the northern entrance to the town off Highway 6.
3 Opotiki in the eastern Bay of Plenty.
4 The stabilisation structure on the slopes of the Cromwell Gorge to hold unforseen slipping that could have had serious repercussions for lake Dunstan. I see it as an Inca like structure. On the southern side of the lake just east of the "Miners Memorial".
5 Unusual terracing off the Mt Aspiring Rd. Quite forboding with the lighting and structures when the pic was taken and I have not captured it as I would like.


pdm said...

When I read HP's tetative suggestion of Te Mata Peak for 5 I immediately thought of the nearby Mt Erin which with the afternoon sun on it looks very similar to that picture.

gravedodger said...

Maybe pdm but definitely as stated above,. this time I was there