Monday, July 9, 2012

Quiz answers

Marc got a 100.10 (used to be a miniature rifle shooter) with a very accurate answer but bragging rights to Phil, who only needed to exercise the confidence of his convictions re the bridge, but still wins for getting in first.
Didn't realise when compiling but for Hp  it was a bit of a gimme. Thats a result of her living in a part of our country I enjoy so much.
1 Dame Margaret Bazely, consumate Public servant, first met her socially almost 20 years ago and have no idea of her political leanings then or now.
2 Pahatanui inlet where SH 1 crosses taken from Whitby, West of where Transmission Gully will be built.
3 The old wooden bridge over the Waitaki at Kurow, a real relic from yesteryear.
4 The Dunedin Railway station, now that is an historic  building worthy of keeping,  just hope an earthquake doesn't get it.
5 Orakei Korako, a must visit in our 'thermal wonderland'.

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