Thursday, July 26, 2012

Politics can often be a Bit Brutal

But it depends how you view "Brutal"

Yesterday, Shortarse Claytons, the MP you have when the voters toss you out on your sorry so close to the ground arse, referred to the National Annual Conference at Sky City as a Neuremberg Rally, a sad comment that he thought hilariously funny.

He withdrew and apologised but with another nasty little aside that totally proved the insincerity of his retraction.

Then in the debate on Moroney's bill to add another 13 weeks to motherhood leave, Maggie Barrie suggested that Jacinda Adern may not be totally qualified to be so authorative on matters of parenting as she had not had hands on experience ie she is apparently childless.

Now today, even with the passage of time, exhaustion, broken sleep, smelly nappies, screaming children in pain, total revamping of priorities and routine were never adequately presented by any advice written or oral.
However the reality of the lesser joys of early child rearing were somewhat in your face when they were confronted.
Hence I didn't see Maggie's rejoinder as anything more than stating the bleeding obvious with no retraction required.

Otoh the comment by that miserable excuse for an MP,  scum lister,  considered in the reality of what the Nazi Rallies portrayed in the light of subsequent events did ring rather unfortunate. Made rather worse by the totally insincere retraction.

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