Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Just What New Zealand Needs

The Greens can rejoice.  At last NZ has the chance to install new electricity generation plants burning no fossil fuels, damning no rivers, needing no unsightly transmission lines through Mt Eden electorate and, best of all, requiring no resource consents.

Yes Sir! Clean 100% Green Power

Just trot off to Russia and buy a couple of these mobile 70MW babies and anchor them off the west coast of Northland, well outside the twelve mile limit.  Run a cable ashore into the existing grid and you've got enough juice to provide for a population of 400,000 Pakeha (Maori don't use electricity, according to Margaret Mutu - it's another scourge introduced by the evil coloniser.) or a couple of really decent milk powder plants.

Funny thing is,  Adolf was toying with the idea of whacking a few extra steam turbines into a decommissioned nuke aircraft carrier and started to research the idea.  Bugger me, the bloody Ruskies got there first.

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Anonymous said...

With you this. Put it in the Naval base at Devonport and tell the navy to turn the guns outwards and protect it.
Immediate results..
100,000+ people leave Auckland collapsing the housing bubble, no need for new road, no need for new rail, no need for new pylons littering the Waikato, no need for wind turbines blighting the landscape.
Massive win for NZ inc!!