Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Its Not Just Bob And It Is Just Dumb

There are some people in and about the Christchurch City Hall including Mayor Bob who are dreaming of a light rail system for the rebuilt City.

Rickshaws make more sense.

A first stage is proposed to run from the city center where ever that may exist and Ilam University.

Who is going to need to travel from the old CBD (and we have no idea what will result there from the rebuild) and Ilam.

Prior to Sept 4th 2010 all student accommodation was and still is in a crescent from Bishopdale through Ilam to Sydenham centered on Ilam Uni leaving me and many others wondering who will ever travel by the fruit loop I mean the light rail.

There is some appeal with the largely empty canvas that is much of the old city center to consider such broad brush applications but that area is still surrounded by residential and light industrial in situ and functioning.
For a city with almost all its land area flat and money from payouts fleeing to other Cities and Aus this pipedream is and will remain economic insanity.

Such pie in the sky stupidity  must be left to the people who might wish to invest their funds in the rebuild of ChCh and I bet a $k to a knob of possum shit it wont happen unless  a bunch of dreamers using OPMs to plan and build it and then go back year on year to the same OPMs to fund the operating costs that will be eyewatering.

Rickshaws, taxis and mini buses to move people is all that will be required because the city is developing in a way that strengthens the already dominating suburban "Hubs", Westfield, Northwood, Hornby, Northlands, Eastgate and The Palms.
Of those only Westfield is within cooee of the pipedream lightrail.

 I fear in 50 years time the trouser seat shiners will still be talking about a "PLAN" while the real money stays away because of over restrictive "planning, poor prioritising, stupid descisions from dreamers and ongoing arguments between every one but those holding the chips who will invest elsewhere.

A rebuilt CBD will be dominated in use by Tourism, the Law and The Judicial functions and if and when the rebuild includes a covered Stadium and a Conference center  then an efficient people mover from the airport to the rebuilt CBD may have to be created but the natural corridor for that has little relevance to Ilam as the two migrations are at right angles, Ilam Nth/Sth and the other East/West.


dad4justice said...

Bob Each Way Parker is another homo dorkland wimpster with the illusion that the Cantab rebuild will one day happen. This arse wipe like Fat Gerry Brownleech are fucking dreaming wasted space fuckwits. These illusions distort reality you parasitic scum. It's a sad indictment for scumbag useless kiwi politicians!
Master mind question; which is sillier, the CCC or Nutional? Don’t answer.
God help Christchurch!

Psycho Milt said...

...the city is developing in a way that strengthens the already dominating suburban "Hubs", Westfield, Northwood, Hornby, Northlands, Eastgate and The Palms.

A city consisting entirely of suburbs - that should cure me of ever wanting to move back there.

Marc said...

People, lets do the maths: Estimated costs of $400 million.
Interest @ 5% (conservative) = $20 mill pa, or $55,000 per day.

So, just to cover the costs of BUILDING the rail, with say a fare of $5, we would need to shift 11,000 passengers per day to break even.

Then, there's the RUNNING costs on top - add another $10-20 million to that. So we would need 16,000 to 22,000 pax per day to break even.

And that is just for a journey that can be traveled by car or bus in about 20mins.

Where are all these imaginary passengers going to come from?

Please, someone stop these lunatics with OPM in their eyes before it's too late.

Marc said...

Also, to transport 16,000 passengers per day with each train carrying 200 commuters would require 80 train movements every 24 hours, or one every 20 mins for 24 hours.

And if the trains only ran from say 0500 to 2300hrs, you would need a full train carrying 200 passengers approximately every 15 minutes! Just to break even!!

My head is hurting now, sorry got to go.

Anonymous said...

So its clearly stupid to contemplate for more than about 5 mins because that's all it takes to show its a huge loser.

Why do people long for dumb stuff?

They'd buy Chinese as well so it would be like the Springfield monorail if the Kiwirail DL experience is any indication.


Big Bruv said...

Would a rebuilt Christchurch not just be better with more roads?

Nobody uses public transport by choice.

Anonymous said...

Don't Panic Christchurch.
The old/new leader is getting all the publicity he can so he can take the Mayoralty.
Our JIM Anderton - the people's hero, is on the march saving the Anglican Cathedral first with your money. Hope he can do this with the Bascilica - his church.

dad4justice said...

What would care about Ch Ch big blouse you kiwiblog gutter snake. Edna will give you what you deserve you insipid obsessed cowardly creep. Stick too backstabbing Christians on kiwiblog you weak gutted wimp. Got a real name big bruv? Hate to mention it here as Adolf protects liberal geeks who think they’re right wing. Hey big blouse, you’re more left wing than the soon to be released Helen and Heather do the big apple with plastic things movie. Peter Davis is director and dime is the cabin boy.

Big Bruv said...

One can only hope that they do not replace that stupid old tram system either.
Some might have thought it quaint but it was a massive pain in the arse.

dad4justice said...

As I said before big blouse, you hate ChCh, so why do try and fool us all that you care. What an insane, cracked, thicko, dumbo, wacko.

Do you have GT disease?

Big Bruv said...

D4J..I would have thought that you might chill out and address the topic at hand rather than test the patience of the blog owner.