Sunday, July 15, 2012

It Often does Not Succeed.

Three 20 somethings, two male and one female are dead when the car they refused to stop for police,  hit a power pole.
Another Female from the vehicle is stable in Gisborne Hospital.

Sadly another bunch of firies and ambos were forced to witness and participate in the cleanup, adding a further dose of the cumulative stress that always follows.

The media will not mention that ever present bit of the real world but will concentrate on the police actions that may have been present when the morons made the stupid decision to flee.
Also, naturally the dead will be having their value  to society enhanced.

Sorry I do not care one whit that three died however I am glad they did not take others to the morgue with them.


Allan said...

Is this not just another classic example of the Darwinian Theory coming to the fore.?

Lou Taylor said...

"Death by stupidity" are an endless source of cheap headlines for a media that obviously now lacks the talent and resources to come up with anything better. After a century of mankind killing himself in high speed pieces of metal you would think reporters would have thought up something new to talk about.

smttc said...

Now wait for the outrage to pour forth at the Police from the parents.

Shane Ponting said...

Teach em better car control so they can more effectively evade the police.


Anonymous said...

These deaths are in part the fault of the very same Health & Safety types who will be lamenting the loss of life. The kids know if they can outrun the police for one and a half minutes, they're away scott free with no consequences.


Anonymous said...

"The kids know if they can outrun the police for one and a half minutes, they're away scott free with no consequences."

Other than their deaths of course, Mr Genius.

Psycho Milt said...

I'm sure we can all agree that if you crash and kill yourself you haven't successfully outrun the Police.

Could be a Darwin award, but not likely since the perps were in their 20s - munters often have several kids by then.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 4.40 of course - but that's the point I was making. The youf don't think it will happen to them. The challenge is to outrun the police. That's all they're thinking as they lack the consequential thinking of a mature brain.

Didn't think I would need to spell it out. Hope there's not too many syllables there for you.


gravedodger said...

On the evidence I have seen and heard the police abandoned very early as they were "persons known" with whom they had been involved earlier that day, a good outcome all round from where I sit.
They and the car are off the road for good, ever and better.

Anonymous said...

"Didn't think I would need to spell it out."

Obviously thought your argument was so powerful it didn't have to be made. Unfortunately it was lame. You think that the way to prevent deaths in police chases is by prolonging them. Idiot.

Anonymous said...

Lets spell it out even further then for the logically impaired. If the kids knew that cops weren't going to give up after a minute or so they wouldn't be incentivised to run away. The incentive would be to stop.

I'm not saying that cops shouldn't stop chasing in some situations - just that it should be left to their discretion. As it is well known the rules say a chase has to stop quickly it becomes a game for the youf.