Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Case Proved

No not Ewen McDonald although I would give him the same advice I gave Bain just accept you dodged a bullet.

Barry Soper is a tool On Prime News at 1730 in his desperation to deliver a kick to the current government he announced that the New Zealands two Frigates Te Kaha and Endeavor were being denied port facilities at Pearl while on exercises.

Well Soper you idiot Endeavor is a supply and support vessel, Tosser.


Anonymous said...

And maybe the Endeavour is up there because the navy guys knew Te Kaha would need provisioning as Pearl Harbour was out of bounds?


gravedodger said...

More than possible Para but Endeavour is not a frekin frigate.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


Did you stop long enough to wonder how civilian ships are provisioned in Hawaii?

Anonymous said...

Soper would not know shit from clay.

Ols Chas said...

As one who has been there (in a RIMPAC exercise pre-"not allowed to play with the yanks" days :
Wow - I wish WE had been berthed in Honolulu instead of PH with all the other nations looking for a fight lmao!
Oh - and woulda saved us heaps in taxi fares getting to the fun places too!