Monday, July 16, 2012

Answers to Quiz

Chris B in first with 3.
Bazza very droll  1 2/3 upgraded to 2 2/3 for a pass.
Cadwallader took it to 3 1/3.
The Baxter and Kris nailed the people in quick sucession that with the frustrating verification "Blogger" have could have well been in wrong order.
Hp 3 and a bonus for placing the people in time.

So because I can I am awarding equal BRs to Chris and Cadwallader.

1 William Ball (Bill) Sutch with 2nd Wife Shirley Smith and Counsel Mike Bungay during Bill's espionage trial in 1974. All deceased now Sutch died only months after his acquittal.

2 Queenstown and Lake Wakatipu looking towards Kingston from the top of the Gondola.

3 The Taieri Gorge Railway which runs from the Dunedin Station in last weeks effort to Middlenarch at the "lower" end of the Central Otago Rail Trail. nb always start that at Clyde as it is not downhill all the way.  Both rate in my mind as 'iconic' as tourist activities.

4 Sent in by David W a sometime visitor to KYC and at the difficult rating for most but I thought the logics out there would have got closer. A panoramic stitched from six pics (very good) looking east from Waiheke to Rotoroa with the Coromandel peninsula as the Horizon. What a view.

5 The Dansey's Pass Hotel north of Kyburn. Stayed there on a "curling trip" after a fraught journey from Tekapo having to detour through Oamaru due to the Pass being closed. Arrived at 23 30  hrs in snow that took the bus off the road once and awoke to a fairytale sunlit morning with the trees draped in snow. Will always remember the roaring fire and a tremendous meal some 4 hours later than planned.

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