Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Aussie Iron Lady - Update

More entertaining than Australian politics is the Rinehart v Faifax clash.

In a scathing public critique of Fairfax chairman Corbet Ms Rinehart combines subtle insults with sledge hammer blows.  Fairfax directors now know what it was like for WWII Wehrmact commanders when General Patton approached.

"The milestone we propose is that the Fairfax Media weighted average trade share price increase from current levels to 87c per share prior to the AGM, which would represent only a 50% loss from the commencement of your chairmanship in 2009." (My italics)


"And if the five year decline in paid cirdulation and in revenue of the Fairfax mastheads do not reverse prior to the 2012 AGM, we ask for your rresignation at that meeting."

Ouch Ouch!

Roger, although you are only a 0.004% shareholder, you have extraordinary Chairman, derived from the Fairfax Media Board Governance Principles (FMBGP) you insisted I comply with.  This power includes being able to prevent directors from receiving professional advice and prevent directors from being able to discuss Fairfax Media matters with senior Fairfax executives or others.


Not just an 'ouch' blow, this last hit will prove fatal as it reveals publicly and for the first time that the directors were in fact at odds with the Australia version of the Companies Act, which requires them to be fully informed on matters pertaining to their decisions as directors. 

Update:  See sections 190 and 191 of the Corporations Act 1981.

They signed away their obligations to shareholders and handed complete and unfettered power to a weak kneed autocratic Chairman who, it turns out, himself fired an editor opining on matters political in a way of which the Chairman did not approve.

So much for all the vacuoous squealing from the left about 'editorial independence.'

Adolf looks forward to a rash or board resignations or, in their absence, legal proceedings against directors for failure to exercise their fiduciary duty.

How strange it is that there has been NOTHING in the Fairfax media about this extraordinary FMBGP document which essentially renders all the directors who signed it and the Chairman who instigated it liable for some potentially long tax payer funded holidays.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Text Of The Day

From todays Hawkes Bay Today.

`Bought a pumpkin 4 $2. Add an onion and chicken stock. Makes soup for four people for two nights with a loaf of bread and it's healthy. No excuse for kids going hungry, just lazy parents.' Unattributed.

pdms comment:   Makes sense to me.

Thursday, June 28, 2012


A High Court judge has ruled that police search warrants used to seize property from Kim Dotcom were illegal.

I wouldn't have picked this.  The raids were completely over the top and a blight on this country's systems and sovereignty.  But I would have thought the police at the very least, would have obtained proper warrants.

Unless this decision is overturned, the case fails completely because the evidence gathered is inadmissable.  I actually don't think that's a concern for the FBI; they have what they want - all his data.  And now they have it back in the USA.

I wonder if blogger Inventory2 will now retract his call for Dotcom to be removed from this country?  It seems some very senior state agents should be removed before Dotcom is.

Text Of The Day

From todays Hawkes Bay Today.

`If marriage was so important to the straight community, why don't they take it serious, people divorce after 72 days. You are ruining it yourself.' Unattributed.

pdms comment:  mrspdm and I agree on this matter - as you would probably expect after 42 plus years of marriage.. Couples do not make the effort to work through problems in a marriage and divorce is too easy. mrspdm calls them fleas as they jump out of one bed into another - male and female alike.

Let down by incompetent underlings again

It seems to be a common problem for this government's cabinet ministers - their departments insist on pursuing really stupid ideas merely because the government's required them to do so.  Poor Murray McCully seems to suffer from outrageously incompetent senior staff in every portfolio he holds, and now it's Judith Collins having to set out "tough new expectations" for a department that foolishly, maliciously followed government policy.

ACC's shameful approach to long-term claimants has already cost it the heads of most of its board, and now Collins will be changing its objectives from those shameful and malignant requirements that, er, her own govt made it adopt 3 years ago.  It should improve public confidence no end to hear that the same people who set the shameful and malignant objectives in the first place have sacked the underlings tasked with implementing them and are coming up with a new set of objectives - especially given Collins' well-earned reputation as a woman of empathy and compassion.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Text Of The Day

From todays Hawkes Bay Today

`If there were as many programmes on TV about effective parenting as there are about cooking we might actually create a far more caring society.' Unattributed

pdms comment:  I agree 100%. Masterchef in particular gives me the guts ache.

Explaining Sunstroke to an Eskimo

Swmbo,  channel surfing, lit up John Campbell trying to compare the partial sale of SOEs or as he would rather frame the debate "The sale of family silver" with the sale of Telecom, lock stock and barrel.
  A very patient PM after three attempts to inform the weasel the difference finally suggested that weasel's understanding of the issues was in deficit,

I don't think the little prick even heard or understood that fact.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

These happenings are not accidents

They have become as predictable as tomorrow's sunrise

The beautiful bit of New Zealand in the Kaipara District of Northland at Mangawhai heads is enduring a condition requiring serious "Pain Relief".

Over time beaurocrats and elected officials, drunk on OPMs, have saddled the rate payers with eye watering rates increases, much of which has come about due to a gold plated waste water system that blew out to astromonic levels to leave the rate payers holding the highest debt per victim in the country.

I live in a similar demographic here on Banks Peninsula and we have dodged a bullet by forcing ourselves into Christchurch City some years ago when the dreamworld inhabited by idealists would have led us to a similar disaster.

I live on a rural block on the boundary of the old Akaroa Borough. we collect rainwater from a colorsteel roof that design and planting denies access to,  all live stock apart from birds that use the almost redundant Tv Aerial. We use no fancy adaptations for the collection other than a 25 000 Lt plastic tank with a bottom fed overflow from which the settled water is pumped to a second tank on the ridge above for pressure as and when demanded on night rate power.
Our drinking water is filtered and all other water used is as it comes from tanks that are cleaned annually for the settler and biennially for the 25 000 Lt header. Gutters ar cleaned autumn after leaf fall and late spring.

Our sewerage is via a 20 000 litre bog standard 3 chamber septic that gravity runs its grey water to two 30 mtr evapouration beds that reveal no evidence of their operation either seepage or odour. We looked at the agitator, aerated, pump evacuated systems but went with the bog standard model.

We don't hold back on water use other than a natural tendency to conserve, eg turning off the tap when cleaning teeth and wash vegetables in a sink rather than under a running tap. Behavior instilled from 50 years surviving on rainwater systems. No insinkerator but a dishwasher and a top loader Washing machine.

The system was installed for little higher cost than a capital connection charge for water and sewer inside the town boundary, as opposed to the mains power (pseudomonopoly) that came in at nearly 20 k, so how did a place with probably equal rainfall and a vastly superior evaporation factor get to such a "pretty place" in a clearly Very Pretty Place.
Our system is contained in no more area than  a large urban section as was our Beach property at Riversdale Beach on the Wairarapa coast of 800 sq mts.

I guess a collection of well educated perfectionists ignored all the tried and trusted systems that the nation survived on for over one and a half centuries,  designed an eco friendly, environmentally safe, medically approved, very reliable gold plated system that will do everything my self designed system does. the only difference being the 50 million dollars of debt or whatever the poor trapped encumbered rate payers are saddled with in Mangawhai.
Of course I had to have my Sewer system drawn up by a "consultant Engineer" who had the necessary letters but had no idea why I wanted for example, a small drop of 10mms per six meter length of the drain pipes with the spill holes every 450 cms so the grey water would spill throughout the line rather than dump in the first two meters. Of course the Building inspector had to see the pipes level to sign the system off even though I reinstated the Fall before covering  the shebang up.

The disaster that is faced by the ratepayers of Mangawhai, and talk of a rates revolt, sorry you have been placed on the scaffold with the noose around your necks, the bastards will just attatch your title and sell it when the equity is almost gone.
It was not an accident just a manifestation of the  ignorant unbridled power of elected representatives combined with the vacuous manipulative power of the Local Body beaurocracy.

There is more of it coming throughout the nation, Mangawhai, you are just another step to the clifftop, lemmings.

Will They Find Unleaded or Avgas?

In a world first, The NZ gummint has granted permits for companies to explore under the seas for petrol.

Yes siree, you read it here first.

Well, no you didn't.  You read it at Stuff.  Only a fool with a journalistic diploma could write such inane junk.

The Government is permitting petrol and mining exploration in marine mammal sanctuaries – home to rare dolphins, whales and seals. 

The piece goes on to churn out the same old same old tired Green Party envirowank designed to ensure New Zealanders remain impoverished for ever.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Pop quiz, what happens to CO-OP members when they stop being a CO-OP?

The board and management of Fonterra have pulled off the impossible today and convinced the Turkeys to vote for an early Xmas.
I have sat through a few Fonterra meetings over the last year. I have heard all the reasons for TAF and none of the reasons to say no to TAF.

Here is how this is going to play out for Mr and Mrs Dairy Farmer;
Your farm gate price will drop. While this will be good for Fonterras domestic rivals and ultimately the domestic consumer it will be bad for young farmers and small farmers alike.
You see to create sustained demand for the unit trusts and dry shares the price of them will need to rise. And the only way they will sustain growth in pricing is to pay a bigger and bigger dividend. And that increase in dividend can only come from the farm gate price.

Moving away from a co-op model has failed the grower in every instance since Pontius was at flight school. This will be the same.

Fonterra sold this by claiming redemption risk was a scary monster. This is bullshit. Simply pulling back on the payout in times of stress covers this and they have simply moved the redemption risk to the farmers balance sheet and off theirs.
Likewise the access to capital argument, making this argument while interest rates are at historic lows is ludicrous.

And now why will it be bad for the young and small?
Marginal farms will sell down 30% of their shares  to the big farms (if the bank who no doubt holds a security over them will allow it). And as the share price goes up they will not be able to buy them back. Allowing new farms to buy the shares in years three, four and five sounds good but how much will they cost?
A lot more because the demand side pressure will force ever increasing dividends which will come out of the farm gate price which they need to buy the shares.

Fonterra are claiming in excess of 66% voted yes. That might be the case in terms of milk solids but I would like to see a farmer count.

They're Not As Dumb AS FF Thought - Updated....

Why are new Zealanders so dumb that they fall for this sort of crap?


Fortunately New Zealand cockies are not so dumb.  They just voted in favour of the scheme called TAF.

Shareholders had until yesterday to vote over the controversial Trading Among Farmers proposal, which would see dairy farmers able to buy and sell co-op shares among themselves, rather than through Fonterra, as they must at present.

The so-called expert doesn't provide any evidence as to the method by which suppliers to Fonterra might trade shares BETWEEN THEMSELVES will result in overseas ownership of shares.  Nor does he provide any serious evidence as to why that might be a bad thing.  Perhaps he's a card carrying member of Winston First.

You'd think it's the end of the world if a bit of profit is remitted overseas.

Does anyone pause just long enough to ask:
"Why does the profit go overseas?"

If they did, they might find out some poor bastard overseas delivered something of value in return for his measly little bit of profit.  And in return for Fonterra's use of his capital, he receives a dividend - NOT profit.

Profit is retained by the business to fund capital expansion.

He delivered his capital.  Capital which the dumbarse New Zealanders happen not to have available.


Dairy farmer Jones has a ten million dollar enterprise in which he holds $1.0m worth of Fonterra shares.   He owes $2.0m to ANZ and is paying 8.0% interest.

He sells $500k worth of shares to Ishtak Goldstein of New York and pays down $500k worth of his ANA loan, saving interest of $40k which otherwise would have gone to an overseas owned bank.  Our mate Ishtak gets annual dividends of say 4.5% from Fonterra which amounts to $22.5k.

As a result, retained in the hands a NZ farmer is a net $17.5k of profit which, without the sale of shares, would have been remitted overseas.

What is it that the dumbarse from Federated Farmers doesn’t understand?

(Phew!!!!!!  That's a change from American politics but not as entertaining.)

Major 'Fire' at Fairfax

It looks as though the methyl bromide gas has reached the editorial bilges of the good ship Fairfax in Australia.   An exodus of socialist  rats has begun with some senior heads being lopped.

For a good laugh, read some of the comments at the above link.

There was a telling piece on the net yesterday in which one Miranda Divine spelled out, for all to see, the way the leftists controlled which stories were told and the manner of their telling.

Laughably, the ABC reports a number of these propagandists as 'leaving' Fairfax.  Yep, they're just upping and leaving, all on the same day, quite spontaneously, at a time when unemployment generally is at record levels everywhere except at Gina Rinehart's Western Australian mines and 'jobs for journo's' has not  yet become a fully blown UN relief programme.

It Comes Down To Attitude.

In The Herald On Sunday ex MP Rodney reminisces on Life after politics.

He has recently been doing some hard yards around manual labour and it feels good.

Lindsay Mitchell who can always be relied apon for a hearty meal of reality around welfare, takes Rodney's situation a little further and relates his current situation to Georgina Beyer's,  with rather revealing results.

A mate here in Paradise has scored an opportunity in Mid Canterbury, working four night shifts of 12 hours with accommodation included followed by two days off.
Now he admits on the scale of things past, the "good Money "  he receives is not the compensation he might have thought in his days as a tradesman jeweler with a warm place of work, contact with the tourists, their money, and "office hours". However after some EQ related casual work plus some enjoyable paid gardening, following a redundancy, he is enjoying the rather drastic change in lifestyle and if it leads him to another opportunity then well and good but for now it is a worthwhile experience. BTW he is 60 years old.

Yes not all can do the yards that Rodney and my mate have embraced but to feel sorry for poor old Georgina is very difficult to accept with her published entitleitus opinions on life after her true worth has been established.

Just as with the All Blacks effort in the second test, attitude can be the key


I guess there are many reasons why Europe finds itself in the mess it is today.    One of those reasons is the huge amount paid out in farm subsidies.   Great for both producers and consumers as long as they are not taxpayers (which most of them are or should be) but the reality is that subsidies mask failure.

And subsidies lead to some crazy situations.   Here in Paihia we have 'Jimmy Jack's Rib Shack' which boasts an eclectic menu including some of the best pork spare ribs going (and Tiger beer on tap to boot - I grew up on Tiger beer in Malaysia and Singapore).       I had occasion once to ask Mine Host Len where he got his ribs from.   The answer floored me.   He imports them by the container load from Finland at a cost one-third cheaper than the local product.

Don't blame him one bit for taking advantage of the 'market' but the EEC and the CAP have much to answer for in promoting and sustaining a peasant farmer economy.

Quiz results

The Veteran in fast with the NZ "born" polly and the world renowned fish and chip outlet.
Cadwallader gets 3 1/2 right lake wrong site for photographer.
Bazza good effort at deduction but alas a single point;
HP is awarded 4 and bragging rights. great logic on the trick polly question but no tangible reward.


1 Craig Thompson, NZ born Australian MP and ex Union manipulator who seriously threatens Gillard fingertip hold on Power with his union credit card use on "entertainment".
2 Cluth Bridge on the Tarras Wanaka Road.
3 Mangonui Wharf on the East coast of Northland with a world reputation for its fish and chip meals. Personally sampled in 1990.
4 Arrowtown main street as the annual Autumn Festival parade gets underway on a beautiful day in 2012.
5 Lake Wanaka from the shore of the town looking towards TC or more formally Treble Cone ski area.

Thanks for indulging my passion for seeing this country as a mission, ta to Adolf for the Mangonui pic, accessing free pics to supplement my resource continues to challenge so another appeal for donations of pics from others.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Well Done John Key But Where Was Gillard?

Here's something our media kept pretty quiet about..Read thee whole thing, it's worth the effort.

I sent three short pieces, one of which was my speech at the EU-Asia summit in Brussels less than two years ago. There were approximately 50 heads of states or governments from Europe, Asia and Australia there. I expressed my disagreement with global governance. Four people came to me after my speech and said: “excellent”. It was the president of Mongolia, the prime minister of New Zealand, vice-president of India and minister of foreign affairs of Russia. On the other hand, those who openly disagreed were participants from the EU countries. It was not surprising.

Of course Helen Clark would have thrown rotten tomatoes at him.

Scum of our times

This article in the SST prompted me to write this as a minor contribution towards associating the name Southern Storm Fishing with slave labour. 

Not long after I arrived in Kuwait in 2003, I came across an ad in the local English-language newspaper featuring a photo of a Filipina domestic servant and some text offering a reward for information regarding her whereabouts. Her owner- sorry, employer - was offering the reward because she'd left his property two days previously "without permission" and hadn't returned.  Given that she'd have no money, no passport (her employer would have that) no work permit and wouldn't have had an opportunity to meet anyone in Kuwait outside her employers' household and his agent, you can only wonder at the working conditions that drove her to make a run for it - her prospects as a female illegal immigrant in Kuwait amounted to a future as a cheap hooker for the Third Worlders hired to build stuff for the Kuwaitis (and it really doesn't get any cheaper than that, except maybe in Bangladesh).

How chuffed I was to be a citizen of a country where you needn't expect to find such shameful indictments of your country's labour practices in the local newspaper.  And how fucking naive and just plain wrong I was about that. Here's a choice sample from the Otago Daily Times, which cheerfully admits not only to having run the ad but also to failing to find anything particularly objectionable about it.  The SST reports the ad to have been placed by our very own modern slavers, Southern Storm Fishing.  It was such a brilliant idea it's even been noticed by the US State Dept:

Some Doozy Texts from last week

I said the other day that I would save a few texts from Wednesday and here they are - retrieved from recycling.

1.  `Please, please do not vandalise the new gym equipment in Flaxmere Park.'  Unattributed.

pdms comment:  Rest assured it will be - those that graffiti and vandalise have no respect for property that is not theirs.

2.  `Everyone who has worked 40-50 years and paid tax deserves the pension. How about cutting the Dole and DPB - most of these people have never worked and paid taxes, Unattributed.

pdms comment:  This idea should get the `rent a mob' layabouts out in force.

3.  To the man who broke his baby's legs: How cruel. You are so very unworthy of having a child. There is nothing in this world my children could do to provoke me to lose it like you. You're obviously unwell but it shouldn't be allowed that you take your issues out on a baby. Shame on you and I hope you're punished accordingly. There is too much violence in Bay homes. When will the justice system stop this.'  Unattributed.

pdms comment:  Unfortunately the justice system won't stop further assaults like this. All the jusice system can do is put offenders away for a long time. The remedy rests within the families of the offenders and the victims.

3.   `

Know your Country Sunday 24th June.

June Done Busted Out All Over

The Bumptious Bullshitter in the White House was having a real bad June for a while there.  Job numbers tanked, Wisconsin kicked his arse hard, Romney pulled in more money than he did and, no matter what, he just couldn’t get a rise in the polls. Rasmussen has Romney holding a steady five point lead.

Then everything changed.  It got a whole lot worse when the Republicans cornered the Bumptious Bullshitter's nasty little mate Holder and slapped him with a contempt vote for refusing to produce subpoenaed documents.  The Brilliant Brain Box countered with an assertion of ‘executive privilege’ to block the documents’ release.
Many commentators have indicated this particular assertion of executive privilege is unlawful but that’s another story.

The real problem for Mr smarty pants Obama and his gang of Chicago gangsters has not yet seen the light of day.  It’s that dreaded word nobody wants to whisper or hear.  The “I” word. 


By asserting executive privilege in such a clumsy and inept way, Obama has shouted to the world that there is something to hide.  Not just any something, but something big time.  Something worth taking the huge risk of using a dubious assertion of executive privilege and thus bringing the 'I" word, inevitably, to the minds of all Americans.    He has created the perception of massive wrong doing when before there was none.  This, on its own, is enough to seriously damage his campaign.   It is so Nixonian, it hurts.
But wait until his enemies get hold of it.  Not just the obvious enemies within the Republican party but his enemies within his own party.  Whoever his advisers are, they surely did not think this one through past tomorrow’s evening news.  There is a growing perception that sane elements within the Democratic party have concluded four years of president Romney will be much better for the short and long term prospects of their party than four more years of  president JackAss.  They fear the damage to be wrought by the Obama gang will see the Democrats stay in opposition for a generation, at least.  Obama now is seen as their ‘Moses’ president - who will lead the party into the political wilderness for forty years but never make it to the Promised Land.

Nothing could be calculated to drive away voters more than the prospect that the candidate will face impeachment if elected.  They'll either vote for the other guy or they'll just stay home. Whether he is eventually impeached does not matter as much as the perception he will be.

Nobody who remembers the awful sagas of Nixon and Clinton will want a rerun of those, particularly at a time when Americans want their leadership focused fair and square on the economy and the plight of seventy year record unemployed..

Look for the “I” word to appear on the scene around mid to late August.  Why, you might even find it’s Slick Willy who skillfully and subtly introduces the idea in one of his speeches supporting Obama’s campaign.

Then, all he has to do is smile, sit back and watch the Republicans do the rest while Hillary prepares for 2016.


Bags of sport.  Pass the pop corn.

EURO 2012

A decade or so ago the pundits used to talk about total football. I never quite knew what the hell they were talking about but the last two early morning starts have brought me to the point where I now believe I know what total football is.
Germany and Spain literally rip the lungs from their opposition. The passing game has grown up.
From the kick off this morning the Spaniards had the ball and simply did not let it go. Watching the French (and Greeks yesterday) chase the ball without getting near it was incredible.
Germany looked like they were playing Chess til half time and I imagine they have no need for a fat Rexona sponsorship such is the effortless ease with which they destroy their opponents.

Fast forward a day and we will see a similar effort from the Italians while England rely on the long ball game to try and exist on the thin scraps that they will win for themselves.
Having watched every comp since 1970 (even 82) I have now reached the point where fanatical blinkers no longer fit and I am able to look at my team with the kind of detachment and critical cynicism that no All Black fan ever got within a million miles of.
And my conclusion.
England are rubbish.
When England pass it looks like they are trying to push the ball across a ploughed field. It never lands at the feet of a runner without interrupting their flow. Most passes are off the ground and the whole team seems to just drop their shoulders when Johnny Foreigner nips in and pinches the ball.
Added to that there is the fact that not one of the squad is a character that is likable in any way.
From Rooney and the marsupial stapled to his massive head to John Terry and his inability to whisper the racist taunts like the rest of us do.

If England manage to find new lungs, fluke a couple of goals and avoid giving away cards and penalties to the Italian Dramatic Society tomorrow it will be undeserved.

It will also be very bad for England as a country because on current form the other semi finalists will give them such a beating that England will snatch the Irish rugby teams crown as the worst international sports team of the century.

And yes, even the Portugese rent boys would pass and dive England into the ground.

Saturday, June 23, 2012


Why can't the All Blacks teach the Black Caps how to bat?

Building A Path To Victory

For those on both sides of the political fence, the New York Times has provided an excellent interactive site where you can plot your own election campaign.  To have a bit of fun, all you have to do is move the states you think will fall to either Mr Romney or the Jack Ass and get yourself and your man to the magical figure of 270.

It is interesting to note the NYT seems to think the race currently is much closer than does RealClearPolitics who have the JackAss on 221 and Romney on 170.

NYT has it at 217 v 206


I have previously opined and still hold the view that right now the race is one for Obama to lose.

But he is risking burning off public support with his decision last Wednesday week to invoke 'executive privilege' to protect Attorney-General Eric Holder from being forced to release documents relating to Operation Fast and Furious; the botched Department of Justice 'gunwalking' sting operation that went horribly wrong with innocent people killed including US Federal Agent Brian Terry.

Some will see a certain irony in Obama doing this when, as a Senator, he railed against the use of executive privilege by George Bush Junior and promised an open and transparent administration.

His move is unlikely to prevent Holder from being cited for Contempt of Congress in a vote due to be taken by the House of Representatives next week.

Some will argue this is nothing more than partisan politics with the Republicans controlling the House however I am more attracted to the view of David Graham, Associate Editor of the Atlantic, who wrote ".....
just because an investigation is politically motivated doesn't mean it won't find real wrongdoing. Presumably, there's something in the withheld documents that Holder doesn't want to make public -- not necessarily legal wrongdoing, but perhaps something that would look bad for him or Obama. By asserting executive privilege, the Obama Administration is doubling down. The White House is standing behind Holder, and bringing the president more directly into the matter than he has been before. Obama is gambling that the executive privilege claim will hold, and that he won't be massively embarrassed before November. On the other hand, the story has now irreversibly broken from the partisan fringes into the mainstream, and his action will almost certainly be fodder for attacks throughout the presidential campaign."

I note yesterday's Rasmusson's Presidential Tracking Poll had Romney at 48% vs Obama at 43% and while Obama leads Romney in the Electoral College vote by a relatively healthy margin perhaps, just perhaps, the 'Fat Lady' could be singing from a different song-sheet come November.

Friday, June 22, 2012

The Claytons MP

Adrian Bennett  writing on the Governments defeating Labour's failed attempt to fillibuster the MOM legislation referred to a Mr Clayton. That will be the MP you have when you dont have one.
Of course he had his close to the ground arse handed to him by Hon Kate Wilkinson at the last election so it was apt I guess.

Is this really news

Not sure why this is news.
Maybe " Prisoner starves to death after delusional escape up disused tower with no possibilty of actual escape" could merit a minor headline but until then, who really cares.

Text Of The Day

From todays Hawkes Bay Today.

`I have been a patient in Hawkes Bay Hospital. Great meals and staff. I was transferred to Wellington Hospital. Terrible meals and some staff can't speak English. Keep up the great work HB Hospital. Unattributed

pdms comment. Given that HB Hospital is currently administrated by members of the Board which David Cunliffe sacked - there is one change only - and the divisive Chris Clark (General Manager at the time the Board was sacked) has gone it is obvious Cunliffe mad a poor call.


I see the Greens are banging on about how terrible it was that Indonesian Major Edwin Sumanta, a member of their Special Forces (KOPASSUS), was allowed to attend the NZDF Command and Staff College.       Their principal objection was that KOPASSUS has been accused of allegedly committing human rights violations in West Papua and Aceh.     There is nothing that I have seen that tied Major Sumanta with those alleged violations.

The reality is that most countries have special forces and all special forces get to do shitty jobs and I include our own special forces in that.    But the College focuses more on the strategic level and the military/civil interface in preparing students for higher command appointments in their respective services.    And much is gained by having students from other countries.  They learn from us and vice versa acknowledging that we don't live in a perfect world.

Of course the Greens would prefer that the military was restricted to peace keeping in a benign environment where conflict was resolved by everyone gathering together and singing 'Kumbaya'.     I suspect that institutions such as the College would be at risk in their brave new world.

So I say to the Greens, at least be consistent.   The College alumni includes graduates from the Peoples  Republic of China as well as Malaysia and Vietnam all of whom, you can argue, have less than perfect records on human rights. Do you want to ban those countries too?

And why just the NZDF Command and Staff College?    Surely consistency would suggest that students from those countries should be banned from accessing New Zealand Universities as well.    In the Greens lexicon selective morality rules ok.

Disclosure ... I am a member of the College alumni (when it was the RNZAF Command & Staff College).   My class included both Singaporeans and Malaysians including Squadron Leader later General Dato' Sri Sulieman Mahmud, Chief of the Royal Malaysian Air Force.   From what I remember some of our time was spent in studying how to take out Jakarta Airport (Halim Air Base) in high and low level bombing runs.   How the worm turns.   Them wuz the daze.


Goebbels Lives On...... The NZ Herald.

Here's how a skilled propagandist plies his craft:-

Cabinet minister Judith Collins has admitted that ACC staff get higher pay for kicking long-term claimants off the corporation's books but defends the strategy as "a good thing" because it gets the clients back to work

Note the negatice wording used throughout,  'admitted' - 'kickking ... off    the books' - 'defends'

Rewritten in neutral language there would have been no story.  No faux outrage, so loved by dumbed down tabloid media.

Cabinet Minister Judith Collins has advised that ACC staff get higher pay for managing long term claimants effectively. She applauds the strategy because it gets clients back to work, with resultant improvement in their overall well being and self esteem and reduces the need for increases in ACC levies.

In other words, it's just plain old common sense.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Text Of The Day

From todays Hawkes Bay Today.

`To the security at Ragamuffin road trip event in Hastings, I want to aplogise for my rude intoxicated behaviour. Please, I hope you accept my apology for my unacceptable behaviour.' From the big drunk lady.

pdms comment:  Interesting.

The Day The Campaign Ended - Updated

Update:-  Even the Washington Post agrees with Adolf.

"The answers to his critics’ questions could have broad implications for Obama five months before voters decide whether to grant him a second term. The expected protracted legal dispute has the potential to embarrass and distract the White House during the heart of the reelection campaign.......... 

........The Constitution does not mention executive privilege, said Rozell, who noted that courts have typically ruled that it applies in cases of vital national security interests.
That might be the legal definition, but the political calculus for the White House is whether what Obama is seeking to keep private is more damaging to him than failing to publicly disclose the documents.
“Every time a president claims executive privilege, it brings up memories of President Nixon’s abuses of that doctrine,” Rozell said."

Those who have been following American politics will know of 'Fast and Furious,' a programme run by Obama's justice department in which 2,000 AK47 and other type of assault rifles and assorted automatic high powered firearms were purchased in America under departmental oversight and passed on to Mexican drug cartels.  As a result, between two hundred and five hundred Mexican citizens are reported to have been murdered by traffickers using these weapons as have two American law enforcement agents.

It is widely held that the programme was set up deliberately to show that guns sold in the US were the real problem in Mexican violence, thus justifying a move to tighten gun ownership laws in the US. Unfortunately for Messrs Holder and Obama, a whistle blower went public and the dirty secret was out.

This scandal has been bubbling away for months, studiously ignored by all the MSM except Fox.  Most Americans don't yet know about it but after today, they will.

In what is arguably Obama's politically dumbest move ever, he today has invoked a presidential executive order to prevent Congress accessing key justice department documents.  This, on the same day the House Oversight Committee has moved to have Justice Department head, Attorney General Eric Holder, charged with contempt of Congress over his stonewalling and plain downright lying to the committee on this issue..

Suddenly the MSM have found their tongues - they now have no choice - and some are spinning as hard as they can for Obama.

The bottom line is Nixonian.  It looks very much as though the White House and likely the President were involved in Fast and Furious so people will be clamouring to know 'What are they trying to hide?'

Don't worry, folks.  It won't be very long before you don't have Obama to kick around anymore.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Text Of The Day

From todays Hawkes Bay Today..

`Facts have proved that global warming is not happening. Climate change is not another name for global warming. Climate change has been happening since the universe was formed and will still be taking place long after human habitation. Only the ignorant, arrogant or politically self-serving would have us believe humans could cause climate change. JH.

pdms comment:  Brilliant - I especially liked the last sentence.

Note:  Todays HBToday had two or three other excellent Texts which I will hold over for the `dud' days.

On The Third Day He Rose

Only this time he didn’t.  He’s still as dead as a dead dog can be. 

Obama that is.

It is now four days since the belly aching buffoon announced his vote buying sop to illegal immigrants in which he unilaterally granted amnesty to 1.4 million illegal immigrants, thereby adding that number to America's already burgeoning roll of 21 million unemployed.  You’d think by now there would have been a huge boost for the black messiah in the opinion polls but no, nothing, zip, zilch, nada.

Where the hell did it go?

The bounce in the polls, that is.

Rasmussen’s rolling three day presidential tracking poll shows a reduction in support for Obama and a surge in support for Romney over the last week.  If Obama was going to get a lift from the Hispanic block you would have expected it to show by now.   There should have been three days of improved support.   Gallup, a seven day rolling average, obviously will take longer to fully react but, so far, shows no change in the president’s fortunes while Romney has improved.  Hey, it wasn't supposed to work that way..

My pick is that Americans largely have switched off Obama and among those who have not, there is a backlash against his capricious bypassing of congress and, more importantly, the direct threat to American jobs in a time of dire economic distress.  Maybe they just see “V for Vacuous.”

However, what is more important is the effect upon voting in those states with a large block of Hispanic voters: California, Arizona, Texas, New Mexico and Florida. It’s the electoral college votes that count for more than the national tally.   A bit like FFP, where the states are the electorates.

Of these, Arizona and Florida appeared to be at risk for Obama and bear watching over the coming week or so.  Current state poll results appear to be go back some weeks and therefore are of no value.


News Talk ZB reports there is Black Ice "in both directions" on SH 8 between Twizel and Burke's Pass.

Sheesh ! Never seen it moving but I have done some strange manouvers when I have encountered it just lying in wait, stationary, on a road surface.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Never Ever

...did I think I would read such an appalling story as this.

Adolf sincerely hopes someone can assist this lady to have a crack at Sky City.

One wonders if the company has installed prayer rooms for its Muslim employees so that they can raise their bums skyward five times each day?

If Sky City wants to employ Pacifica people then it had better do some quick homework and learn a little about how these people actually tick.

Text Of The Day

From todays Hawkes Bay Today.

`We seem to hear nothing but moans and blame from Christchurch, saying our prime minister is expected to fix it all.NZers have helped and supported you. Stop moaning and get on with it.' Unattributed.

pdms comment:  Is this texter being a bit tough on Christchurch people? 

Fake Advising Flake....

..... or is it Flake advising Fake?

Damned hard to tell


Apparently Mr Kerry is to coach the incomparably incompetent bonehead in the gentle art of debating without a teleprompter.  Kerry will be the President's surrogate Romney.

Is it a fake Vietnam war hero with a transparently incompetent flaky president?

Or, is it a fake president with a transparently fraudulent flaky Vietnam war hero?

Which one is the biggest bullshittter?

You be the judge.


Colin James in his Otago Daily Times column raises an interesting point about the concept of ACC.    Below is an extract from his article ....................

"The 1967 Royal Commission fixed that legal defect by proposing a no-fault scheme: the state should take over from insurance companies the injured person's "compensation".      That proposition stunned the National government of the time and it took six years, a select committee inquiry and a change of government to be implemented.

It is admired internationally.    But it is in concept an insurance scheme.   And it is unfair: ACC income support for accident-generated disability is far greater than social security support for illness-generated disability."

His point is the last paragraph is a valid one.   Should the two 'schemes' continue to be quarantined one from the other Where is the fairness and equity in a system which discriminates between accident and illness with the taxpayer picking up the tab in both instances.   Is this a conversation that we should be having?    Interested in your feedback.  

Monday, June 18, 2012

Major Surgery at Fairfax Media. Amputation Updated

Fairfax has announced the axing of 1,900 jobs, the closure of two major printing plants, the dumbing down of once worthwhile newspapers.and the introduction of an online pay wall.

In the words on one ex editor of the Melbourne Age:-

"It's a huge day. The biggest announcement in newspapers for 100 years. I think what it means is that the golden age of newspapers is dead.
"The big question is whether the golden age of journalism can continue."

Of course, the journalists will go on strike to ensure job losses are not limited to one thousand nine hundred

So far, I'm unable to see whether any New Zealand jobs are affected.

Update:  It appears all the job losses will be in Australia.  Share price up 5% this morning.  Quite a killing for Ms Rinehart.

Here's the first idiot slated for the long walk - Dan No Brains Nancarrow.  She's not even a director but, somehow, she's running the show.  Must be magic.

Gina’s taking over. Pay walls coming in and staff being slashed. = Morale and job security at an all time low. #Fairfax
Brisbane Times reporter Dan Nancarrow, via Twitter

Update:  The vipers nest of socialists at the ABC invite online readers to follow 'live coverage' (for God's sake) of events at Fairfax. Perhaps they are hoping for ritual disembowelment of journalists.  Viewers are spared a live cross to the Tullamarine printing facility.

 Meanwhile Gina Rinehart has lifted her share holding to 19%.


TV3 news on Thursday night featured a shock horror expose of Judith Collins by Patrick Gower alleging that she was playing fast and loose with the truth in denying she was involved in the decision by the Accident Compensation Corporation to refer the Bronwyn Pullar privacy breech to the Police. You can view Gower’s ‘puff piece’ at

However, when you compare that report with the Hansard record relating to QOA 12 you can be forgiven for thinking the Gower was interviewing his typewriter. See the Hansard report for yourself here at

Clearly Andrew Little is engaging in mud slinging and hoping that some of the mud will stick. Problem with that is that I suspect the Courts will take the mud slinging into account when they determine the defamation case against him. Never mind the ACC made a decision to refer the matter to the Police on 13 March and never mind the Minister was briefed on that decision on 14 March and never mind that the Minister stated in Parliament that she did not discuss the matter with Ralph Stewart, ACC CEO, prior to being advised of their decision. Truth takes a back seat to dirty politics and clearly Little has supped well from the Mallard cup..

So I guess the real question now to be asked is just what hold does Little and or Mallard (as co-defendants) have over Gower that is causing him to be their puppet mouthpiece.   Perhaps they are positioning him to do to Fran Mold what David Cunliffe has lined up for for David Shearer.     

Disclosure ... I and every Vietnam Veteran owe Judith Collins a debt of gratitude.   She took on the Labour Government and forced Parliament's Health Select Committee to put to bed the lie that we were never exposed to Agent Orange.   That does not mean I am her bag-man.    But when the chief Labour Party scum-bag and his wannabe apprentice attempt to manufacture stories about her I for one will call them out.

Quiz Answers

PM of NZ, two accepting the town was in his choices.
Chris two and two of the three musketeers. Very Ele L. with his bridge and  Craggy Range answers.
Dave got the bridge.

Then followed some rustic back row banter including a best answer to q5 from pdm.
Marc a solid three and bragging rights from Chris with 2 and 2/3.

1 Labour party President Moira Coatsworth with her new parliamentary Leadership Shearer and Robertson.
2 The Wairoa River Bridge.
3 Taumaranui, my Uncle Robert 'Bob' Thomas was the owner, editor and publisher of the Taumarunui Press for over 60 years. A memorable trigger,  growing up in North Canterbury, for my growing love of geography when the much anticipated book arrived at Christmas.
4 "Hendo's Hole", just another wasteland from his halcyon days with OPM in the Queenstown area at Fivemile Village east of Frankton. One of the Gibbston Valley vinyards is another, an untended mess due to the fact that the grape plots have nothing in common with title boundaries therefore a marketing nightmare.
5 Te Mata Peak from the Tuki Tuki River valley to the east, a favourite Paraponting opportunity. Road reaches the summit from the west through Havelock North to the very precipitous drop in the photo. Craggy Range Winery a dining experience of value near the photographers site.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Weekly Kill List

Readers will recall Adolf sensed the end of the Clark / Cullen regime when he heard hitherto life long Labour supporters whispering the word 'totalitarian.'

Just imagine, if you will, how an American who is on the president's 'Enemies List' (because he or she donated to the Romney campaign)  might feel to know the president now has a personal 'kill list' as well. 
You don't get much closer to 'totalitarian' than that.

Americans are being sent a subliminal message by their president that he is a psychopath.

Such is the folly of a bumptious, bombastic, broken arsed, bully boy in the White House.

Know your country Sunday June 17th

Time will count eventually

Random thoughts on Ireland's Heartbreak last night.

World cup winning skipper needs to reassess.

He is slowing down but just as other great ABs have, he can compensate with cunning and experience McCaw is showing signs time is the next enemy not Ireland next weekend.

He has dropped a gather and/or  lost the ball in contact more times in the two tests against Ireland than all his games in last years RWC.
Maybe an eye check or is his body just signaling the effects of his enormous exposure to the cumulative damage.
I can see no part for Captain Fantastic in three years time other than as a mentor.

Sam Cane and Matt Todd are up for it so maybe Hansen needs to act.
I hate the word or the sentiment behind "player rotation" but the current high impact and increasingly fast game coupled with a long season demands it.  Player substitution laws are being used by coaches with increasing effect, although the tried and true results from stability of selection still proves to be of major benefit,  adaptability is part of the modern game. Loose forwards and midfield backs are at greatest risk of impact injury and burnout but with the modern game demanding even wings to enter rucks to secure possession and turnover,  impact damage is a problem for all.

Head trauma and the Steve Devine doco must be giving concerns to those who love the game, Thompson and Read were damaged last night, Dagg's aerial attack on Kearney would have possibly passed notice had he thrown his arms up to indicate a charge down instead of the rather callous elbow.

And to finish these random reflections on Ireland's heroics at the temporary CHCH stadium,  although Referee Owen made an attempt to stop it, there is a growing practice of players "cleaning out" then lingering well in front of the "last feet" or standing "free" at or about the advantage line to provide screening to a halfback or a standin for a clearing kick. Both feet of an unbound player should be behind the last feet of a ruck and what Andre Watson so acurately described as "a lazy runner" should be recognised for the cynical action it nearly always is.

Commiserations to a gallant Irish team, you epitomised the words of your "anthem" with an outstanding effort.
Five years isn't fast learning imo but have we at last discovered  the true value of the dropped goal?

French Farce, Italian Opera, Greek Tragedy

Today the Greece votes for yet another new government.  It seems their decision may well result, one way or another, in the country jettisoning the Euro.  More precisely, it might be the Euro jettisoning the indolent Greeks.

Adolf has long wondered why the industrious, hardworking northern Germanic tribes, along with the Vikings, don't just tell the Frogs, Spics, Wops and Wogs to piss off and drink themselves to death in the sun.

Just imagine that!  The Austro-Hungarian Empire all over again.

 They could even rename their currency - the Austro.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Brook Sabin

TV3 knows how to pick 'em.

Journalists, that is.

I give you Brook Sabin, Qantas award hopeful, no doubt.

"We won’t name her identity because her parents don't know she's a street worker."

Shakes head in sorrow and disbelief.

Different Circles

Just got back from the four km walk to buy the daily loaf.  (On these cold mornings the remaining 6km can be accommodated mid afternoon.)

Bumped into an acquaintance who is 'right into politics.'   He seemed excited.

"Boy, have I got some goss for you!!!!"

'Really?  What's going on?"

"Mid July, they'll tap Julia on the shoulder and bring back Rudd.  He'll call a snap election and the Libs will roll Abbott and install Turnbull as leader.  Oh yeah, Abbott is screwing his secretary and Gillard's a lezzie."

He seemed deflated when I suggested (a) Turnbull would be more at home in the Labor Party, (b) there was no evidence to support the notion that Gillard is a lesbian - in fact quite the contrary,(c) it is difficult to see an opposition leader with such a huge lead in the polls being rolled and (d) Abbott would be the most unlikely candidate ever for a bit of nookie on the side.

Out of sympathy I refrained from reminding him that six weeks ago he reliably informed me Gillard would be rolled within two weeks and replaced by Simon Crean.

The Cook had a food laugh.  "He's been listening through too many key holes."

That would be progress.

I am unable to rediscover where I found it yesterday and I hope I wasn't dreaming.

TV one is reviewing its totally inane and unecessary infotainment practice of "crossing live" to a nonentity dressed in logo marked gear at the scene of an event they are pretending to report on.

The cost of it is around one million dollars a year and it adds precisely nothing to the ability for enlarging on the information flow.
Pictures of unfolding events where appropriate yes but flying a talking head to the scene of an incident, unless they have a talent for discovering additional facts it is just wasted money.

Pike River, Christchurch Earthquake, weather events all were supplemented by talking heads, beautifully dressed and coiffed with the same background as a "set" delivering nothing new.

A couple of incidents that made the shallowness and artificial groping for exposure. (Alison Mau) corrected to Wendy Petrie outside the ChCh Court when David Bain was acquitted, fist pumping when she thought the Camera was turned off and the other night when another 'bimbo' was out in "rural Canterbury" at Yaldhurst. Now for those geographically challenged that is as rural as Takanini, Silverdale and Upper Hutt.
One of the main functions of the "live cross" seems invariably to attempt to badger some poor soul to tears and little else.

Friday, June 15, 2012

The Elephant In The Room Updated

In the board room, that is.

At Fairfax Media

Update:  "Talks between Mrs Rinehart and Fairfax chairman Roger Corbett are believed to have stumbled on the convention that directors of the media company agree not to interfere with editorial decision-making before taking up a directorship."

Events, Dear Boy. Events!

(Yeah yeah, I know.  But it's the only election campaign on at the moment and they are such good sport.)

The words attributed, by some, to the late British PM, Harold McMillan, when asked by a journalist what could blow a government off course.

I wonder what events, predictable or unpredictable, will beset the respective campaigns of Messrs Obama and Romney?

First, some predictable events:-

  • The Supreme Court decision on Obamacare – due in July
  • An Israeli strike on Iran and possibly Lebanon
  • The collapse of the European Union
  • Continued deterioration of the American economy – particularly employment.
  • Stalling of the Brazilian, Indian and Chinese economies

Second,  some unpredictable:-

  • A successful attempt on the life of Obama by Pakistan based Islamists, incensed at his public gloating about ‘murder by drone.’
  • An 8.5 Richter scale earthquake in Los Angeles – death toll 20,000 plus.
  • A ‘dirty bomb’ explodes in New York.
  • An aggressive play by Russia on one or more of its neighbours

Any one of these, apart from a successful assassination attempt or the SCOTUS decision, will give the incumbent the best opportunity to capitalize and, perversely, present the greatest risk of being seen to be bereft of genuine leadership qualities.

I think this incumbent will be praying he is not put to the test.  Let’s face it, could you imagine Rudi Giuliani using a teleprompter on September the 11th?

Text Of The Day

From todays Hawkes Bay Today.

`Great. Now I find out my sex life is crap cos I have a job! Why didn't someone warn me? Unattributed.

pdms comment: does that mean that all of the men on the dole do not have `a soft bit in the middle'?

Numbers - Updated


The Bandy Legged, Big Eared, Bullshitting Buffoon in the White House has attended more fund raisers during his first term than all of the last four presidents put together. One hundred and twenty four of them (In his first term, Dubbya had attended 57.)  No wonder the economy has tanked.  The Fund Raiser In Chief was too busy fundraising and pushing through Obamacare to worry about governing.  (And Romney now is out-raising him.)

Does that remind you of someone else?  Remember all the effort put into funding NZ Labour via the Electoral Finance Bill?  Clark and Co were so busy governing for the Labour party they botched the anti terror legislation which should have put away the Urewera gang for at least ten years.


In the US today, 10.1 million people want work but can’t find a job and have stopped searching.. (Table A 16, US BLS) They are excluded from the official unemployment statistics which currently run at 8.2%, representing some12.7 million people.  (That’s how you fudge the figures.)

Add the two figures and you have the true unemployment figure for the US, 20.8 million, the figure which compares with NZ and Australia.  True unemployment in the US is a staggering 14.8%.

If that were not bad enough, I read only one in four of those in work is employed in the private sector.  (Still waiting for confirmation from BLS)  (Again, like Clark and Co did, the real disaster has been hidden from the public by shovelling tens of thousands of otherwise unemployable drones onto the government pay roll.)

The 'one in four' reference appears to be unfounded.  The US BLS has sent an excellent and prompt reply to my inquiry.  Unfortunately the only figures available are annual averages with the latest being 2011.  These show a total work force of 120 million of which twenty-one million are employed by various strata of government. 

This must be damned near the worst unemployment in America since 1930.

More than anything else, this is why Obama will lose in November.

There is a gaping bloody hole.

Dish of the day in most media is ACC in the wake of Pullar but imo there is a bigger elephant in the room and this post has no other reference to Bronwyn Pullar.

We hear about "social contract",
No fault compensation,
Funding fairness,
Failure to help many clients,
Victimisation of the weak,
Rady Rady Raa.

As with all welfare based systems that are born of need and develop as a seemingly utopic solution, once in place, become distorted for one simple reason, it is human nature to seek advantage and it will always appear to be unduly harsh when safeguards against manipulation are attempted or enforced.

I still recall long and expensive (a fact I was then unaware of)  court cases reported in "The Press", as the arbiter of who was to blame and should therefore Pay compensation following an industrial "accident", before Woodhouse delivered his what appeared to be ideal solution.
Not many events and a firm impression grew that it was more about legal abilities and an ability to portray a wrong than fairness but one thing stood out, the so called victim was exposed as to contributory responsibility. So if a safety guard was removed by a worker subsequently injured then that was taken into a damages assessment and could negate  any claim entirely. An employer and hence his insurance company was only liable if it was proved they knew it had been removed and had failed to reinstate it  or negligence proved in that  they should have known.

Under the "no fault" ACC, stupidity, carelessness, ignorance, disobedience or other contributory action of a 'victim' is of no account. We have trampers poorly equipped who require rescue, drinkers who have accidents, drug affected making poor decisions, workers on Piecework cutting corners, sports people vastly over estimating their abilities and many other people ending up in the assessment system for income, hospital care and rehabilitation and they are never called to account for their contribution to the inevitable outcome. It all falls with the people with recoverable resources in the form of levies, taxes and other people vulnerable to compulsory removal of their often hard earned money as with motor registration to finance the behemoth.
When the current mob took the treasury benches they faced an exploding cost structure that was financing  growing numbers of consumers of ACC funding with various "treatments and solutions" that were paid for but not necessarily delivered in the form of drug treatments, physiotherapy, modification to workplaces and homes  and retraining with precious little accountability as to genuine need. Part funding was a solution, the wailing was patent but it worked.

It is ACC so why should I care.
Well we all should care because the stupid, the ignorant, the manipulative, the workshy are all lining up alongside those with genuine need and the cost is eyewatering.
Debate is also rife on age of entitlement for OAPs but that is measurable and those who "do not need it" have been and still are paying into the governments coffers on a daily basis. Many of us contribute in many ways at or own cost to our communities  for free in ways that if  cost was incurred, just would not happen.
With ACC however many of those who receive, contribute nothing and there is no assessment as to their fault or contribution to their situation, and subsequent personal cost.
That is a crater to be filled in before we all end up in it.

                                        Photo Julian Apse

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Text Of The Day

From todays Hawkes Bay Today.

`How funny is it that HB Regional Council is spending $60,000 to see what may be inhibiting prosperity - am I the only one hoing HUH. Unattributed.

pdms comment: How many other councils are wasting ratepayers hard earned money on such inane projects?


I have previously opined that the Presidential race is one for Obama to loose.    There is argument around the edges concerning the likely Electoral College vote but most show Obama better placed than Romney.    For myself I think the 'Real Clear Politics' current projection which has Obama on 221 vs Romney on 170 with 147 rated too close to call about right at this time (with 270 needed to win).

So it's still looking good for Obama although he won't want too many weeks like the one just gone with his 'bumbling' Press Conference where he was forced to 'clarify' (read retract) his remarks on the state of the economy; the revelation that 'Gitmo', the Cuban Detention Centre he promised to close within 12 months of assuming office was being refurbished to the tune of several millions of dollars (including a soccer pitch for the inmates  who are now being offered painting classes and lessons on personal finance) and the appointment of two special prosecutors to investigate leaks of damaging national security information from the White House.

But in the race for the popular vote both candidates are running neck to neck +/- and that raises the question of what would happen if Romney won the popular vote but lost the Electoral College vote.    You see there is nothing to prevent an Electoral College elector switching his/her vote.  There is no legal requirement for an elector to vote the way he/she is pledged and indeed that was an important and intentional decision of how the Electoral College should function letting human judgement make the final decision.

So I imagine that if Romney won the popular vote by a margin and was close in the Electoral College vote there would be huge pressure on Electoral College electors pledged to Obama to rethink their position.   Mind you, wouldn't do much for their 'political' health as Democrats.

An interesting scenario for those of us fascinated with the US political system ... the good, the bad and the ugly.

Notable Quote.

When Constable Nick Owen graduates fro Police College he will join six members of his family currently serving on the Thin Blue Line.

Interviewed By Mike Hosking on Newstalk ZB the 20 something said "having spent much of my life around Police Stations for all the right reasons" .......

Good luck Constable Owen.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

World leader in something that matters.

Genesis Energy is well on track to be able to build a large wind farm in nothern Wairarapa farmland.

With a potential to generate around 80% of that of the  Waikato River system, at 850 MW it is big.

Of course there is the inevitable action group opposing it but we are talking one of the most sparsley settled areas of the Nation other than the SI High country and Fiordland so that is not likely to succeed.

New Zealand is unique in that we are developing renewable wind energy without government subsidy and it is still growing. Situated in the roaring 40s wind flows that are not often becalmed and in conjunction with existing hydro production and an apparent unlikely possibility for any serious growth in that option, this development is a step in the next expansion phase.

Settlements such as Alfredton pop say 10, Ihuraua maybe another 10, Tinui at 25 and Pongaroa another 100 plus the mostly larger farms will be right among the soaring towers , whooping blades and it will annoy  many   but sadly progress always has a cost and unlike Hydro there is no accompanying body of recreational water, thats tough. There will be roading to tower sites and that will be about all.

At least it is in the Island that has the greatest growh in projected consumption.

Text Of The Day

From todays Hawkes Bay Today.

`Thank you to the western-suburbs man on the sideline of the 12th-grade junior rugby game who constantly swore and abused the referee and some of the young players, until the game was called off 20 minutes early. Your arrogance and terrible behaviour ruined the game for the boys and adult spectators alike. Unattributed.

pdms comment:  There are some ignorant pricks around.

Shop Window For Primary Industry.

This morning in very cold temperatures on the banks of the Waikato River thousands of people connected to "NZ Farming Inc" will gather for a meeting of minds at The National Field Days at Mystry Creek.

In my former life it was an important connection where deals were made, the latest innovations were show cased, and an accurate fix on the state of the primary industry was exhibited.

The only thing that appears to have changed is continued expansion of the manifestation that has been growing for over 40 years. One thing that has remained constant is the cold, The damp seeping cold of June in the Waikato will again challenge all who have made the Trek. I recall one day in the early 90s skipping from exhibit to exhibit in a search for the best heat source and seeing the look of disappointment on the face of the rep when they discovered it was the basic need for warmth and not the search for their 'eldorado' motivating us.

It is a magnificent spectacle and there is a touch of noatalgia sitting in the warmth of Castle Dodger here in Paradise contemplating the inanity of Lange's "sunset industry" comment when the demand for quality affordable Food just rolls on and NZ Inc continues to lead the world in the industry's efforts to provide it.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sub NCEA Journalism

The illiterate Herald is at it again.

In an online backlash, many accused the ad of being in bad taste and condoning domestic violence. Others vowed to never eat at the chain again.
Oh well, I suppose that's on a par with being shot by a gun.

Control Freaks Hold The Line.

Further evidence of dogma trumping need.

ECAN staff are siezing on the earthquake damage to further eliminate log burners from Christchurch homes.

Homes that had a logburner as a primary heat source that often doubled as a total alternative to Electricity but require replacement due to EQ damage, are being declined any existing rights under the permit to reinstate the structure following the siesmic events of the last two years.

Using the National Guidelines on Air Quality as the gospel, these powerful little people are causing serious angst among the vulnerable.
With the weather delivering seemingly more adverse events coupled with an electrical infrastructure still in a fragile state, the need for alternative heating, water heating and cooking is more apparent than ever.

Yes the city has a problem with air polution due to geography and air flows at times of heavy frost but short bursts of 'smog' at odd times, usually localised and late at night, does not in itself make for insurmountable problems. As a boarding school pupil in the middle of last century the much smaller city had serious air polution problems with all homes heated by open coal fires, many cooking on coal ranges and a Gas works at Watham, smog would settle mid afternoon most calm winter days.

In current times air polution from Vehicle emissions have driven the share from home heating to much lower levels proportionately.

A reasonable question in 2012 would be how many health issues are manifesting due to cold homes that far outweigh problems with scattered readings of air polution exceeding the notional ideal that perpetrates the very unfair now extinguished right to a log fire for basic affordable comfort.

Modern Logburners are very efficient with dry firewood.

Oh and btw many of the state funded "heatpumps" are being seriously compromised by very cold outside air temperatures to a point that renders them ineffective.

Time methinks for the Commissioners to direct the idealogically  driven staff to be more practical in the face of clear evidence the policy is wrong headed.

Small comfort to die from hypothermia with no damage to the airway.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Text Of The Day

From todays Hawkes Bay Today.

`Chrixtchurch and Canterbury  coldest temperatures since the 70s. Global Warming - Yeah right! SM

pdms comment: just confirming what all sensible people knew.

A Rolling Average

One or two persistent, clueless and rude commenters have been making a fuss about Rasmussen poll results and, in particular, assertions that your humble blog host does not understand what the term 'rolling average' means.  Here, from Wikipedea is a slightly flawed definition.  (The author doesn't know the difference between 'mean' and 'average.')

In statistics, a moving average, also called rolling average, rolling mean or running average, is a type of finite impulse response filter used to analyze a set of datum points by creating a series of averages of different subsets of the full data set.
Given a series of numbers and a fixed subset size, the first element of the moving average is obtained by taking the average of the initial fixed subset of the number series. Then the subset is modified by "shifting forward", that is excluding the first number of the series and including the next number following the original subset in the series. This creates a new subset of numbers, which is averaged. This process is repeated over the entire data series. The plot line connecting all the (fixed) averages is the moving average. A moving average is a set of numbers, each of which is the average of the corresponding subset of a larger set of datum points.

Anyone who has spent any time in the Life industry quickly learns to understand the rolling average when calculating 'persistency.'   But dumbarse commenters wouldn't know anything about that.

Daily tracking results are collected via telephone surveys of 500 likely voters per night and reported on a three-day rolling average basis. To reach those who have abandoned traditional landline telephones, Rasmussen Reports uses an online survey tool to interview randomly selected participants from a demographically diverse panel. The margin of sampling error for the full sample of 1,500 Likely Voters is +/- 3 percentage points with a 95% level of confidence. 

Just for them, here's a hypothetical seven days polling using a three day simple rolling average.  There is nothing in Rasmussen's notes to suggest the use of anything other than a simple rolling average.  There is no suggestion it is a cumulative, weighted or modified rolling average.  However, if anyone can produce evidence to the contrary, I'll stand to be corrected.

Day 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Obama 46 45 44 45 46 36 42

Romney 44 45 46 42 41 45 41

Three day Rolling Average


45 45 45 42 41


45 44 43 43 42


even Obam +1 Obam +2 Rom+1 Rom+1