Thursday, May 31, 2012

14 yo girl found love? Of course she did.

Almost a decade ago, a fourteen year old daughter of a South African immigrant family formed a sexual relationship with a 20 something male.

A  counselor informed the girl she was fortunate to have found love.

The relationship was extended to a threesome when a male work mate of the new found love joined in.

The story was lead on the 'walrus show' last night and the more revelations that appear, the more disturbing the sordid tale becomes.

Leighton Smith ran with it this morning, including a call in from the girls father who has shifted his business to the UK to escape the appalling lines run by officials of our much vaunted child protection services and the powerlessness endured by such parents.  Several callers related cases where (a) CYFS had removed a child from school with no reference to a parent who only discovered the fact when the child failed to come home; (b) other children "at risk" were left in the care of the supposedly deficient parent and the "kidnapped" child was returned days later with no apology, comment or recorded outcome.

This whole matter on TV1 last night at no time resulted in any criminal charges for the men allegedly involved in sexual activity with the underage girl.

The parents who were trying to do the best for their child found no solace or support from the child welfare and protection system authorities have us believe they promote.  Instead, there is just chaos.
The law actually worked against these parents in that they were restrained and gagged by the lawyers acting for the girl and her advisors - paid for by tax payers. Decisions that were ruled out some years later by the court, albeit far too late.

The media often give publicity around activities in this area of the law but so much of the workings and decisions are closed to public scrutiny leading to a belief these revelations and other matters exposed on TV1 and Leighton's show are, in a word, shocking.

As one who firmly believes parental responsibility should be the expected norm when kids go bad, this rubbish behavior from those employed to work in the field, is in fact undermining parents.

That raises extreme disquiet.

Text Of The Day

From todays Hawkes Bay Today.

`A week ago I was pulled up by a cop for running a red light. Okay, I was at fault for that, but no warning? I text this because I was fined $150 for crossing on my bycycle. I think that cop shafted me  and shafted me good. In a car, yes fair enough, but on a bike? Are our police and Government getting that hard up they don't care  where or how they get the revenue? My gripe is that I'm on a bike, it's not warranted, has no rego and pay no levies on it either. Hello, the man in blue, at least a warning mate. What a rip-off. Disgruntled biker

pdms comment: Sorry lady (the tenor suggests to me this texter is a woman) you broke the law and it is a `fair cop' so stop whinging!! 


Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Clearing something up

I've just been reading this post on the Whale's blogsite that contains a lot of comments about rates increases in Auckland that are paying for Len Brown's CRL (City Rail Loop).

The most basic problem with local government is that no one gives a stuff about it.  Turnout is around 30%.  That ignorance/apathy shows in those comments on Whale's blog post.

So, to clear something up: Rates are not collected to pay for capital projects.  They are collected to pay for the operational spending of councils (wages, running of pools & libraries etc).  Capital projects such as the CRL are funded through borrowing.  That's why Len Brown flew to China a few weeks ago - he went searching for a money tree.

Of course the interest on the debt is funded by rates, and that is a problem, especially in Auckland where debt levels are projected to soar.  But rates are not increased today in Auckland to pay for an increasing interest bill today.  That increased interest bill is paid by ratepayers over the next 50-100 years - the expected lifetime of the capital project.

So give Len Brown a break.  Sure, the CRL is a dopey project.  But he's not hiking rates today to pay for it.  Your kids are the ones who will end up paying for it.



Text Of The Day

From todays Hawkes Bay Today.

`Australia is recruiting New Zealanders to fill large numbers of vacancies in mining, oil and gas industries.If we mined more of our own coal, oil, gas and gold, there would be ample opportunity and wealth here in New Zealand. But Labour and the Greens would not want that. They prefer to have everyone living on welfar or going to Australia. Unattributed.

pdms comment: Well said that texter!!

"Christie's Law" is but one small step.

Yesterday Tracy Marceau presented the petition that has been dubbed 'Christie's Law' to Parliament.

Christie was killed in November 2011 by a piece of pond scum who, two months earlier, had been charged with kidnapping and assaulting her, then  released on bail.  I understand the terms of his bailed release had very little restraint effect.  He killed Christie in her North Shore home.

The current tinkering around bail laws before the Parliament would have made no difference in Christie's case had they been in force, as the perp was a first offender when charged in September.

A freezing worker in South Otago has escaped any sanction from our murder law as he was declared "insane"  by Judge Gendall in a pretrial hearing. He caused his wife of many years to die from severe blood loss from a knife attack that followed many years of jealousy, controlling behavior and stalking, building a scenario that, with all with the advantage of hindsight, was entirely predictable to end in the bloody tragedy.
It is likely that in short time a couple of pointy heads will declare him sane again and he will be released.

Last weekend, a group of motor cyclists, on a rally run, discovered a deceased couple in forest west of Waimate. It appears the male, convicted around the millenium of kidnapping for sexual violation, after serving 3 1/2 years jail time, had set up home in the quiet rural Sth Canterbury township. Very early in the police enquiry, he was a person of interest.

Alas, it appears he picked up the 31yo tourist/backpacker on her travel by thumb between Cromwell to Timaru and she didn't make it.

The relevance of the three cases is the apparent inability for the legal system to effectively deal with many cases where it seems to be totally ill equipped to prevent tragedies that, looking back, were likely going to happen, all about when not if.   The three perps all had 'previous' and/or behavior that signalled their  ultimately tragic culmination in death of innocents.

Toss in losers such as Weatherston, Bell, Burton and the many other tragic deaths our law has failed to prevent, and a picture emerges of just what a small step Christies Law is but, that said, I applaud and support the effort the petition presenters have made to bring it to the law makers for action.

In an ironical twist, the sub committee that will consider the small step that Christie's Law addresses is chaired by Waitaki MP Jacqui Dean whose electorate  has pretty much at its geographical heart the delightful rural community of Waimate.

Maybe law abiding New Zealand will see some outcomes that make it a safer place to live and if that impinges on the "rights" of the 'bad bastards' in our midst it will be socially affordable.

That would be a suitable epitaph for Christie Marceau

RIP Vlado

Vlado Gregurek

The best steak Adolf ever tasted was consumed at Vlado's Steak House in Richmond, Melbourne in 1988.

A few years earlier Vlado's was listed in one of the world's prestige magazines as the Number 2 steak house in the world, second only to some joint in New York.

I remember the occasion of our visit well.  The Cook and I rocked up in a taxi and in we went.  I was surprised at how small and cozy the place was.  The set menu price was $28.00 and a bottle of Peter Lehman' sav was (I think) about $20.00

One was presented with a tray bearing two each of fillet, rump and sirloin and one chose one's cut.  They were enormous.  You could see old (he looked eighty back then) Vlado, massaging your steak as he held it up to the light of his mallee fire before deciding which side to cook first.

We've visited plenty of flash restaurants in plenty of countries but Vlado's is the only one whose memory endures.

What better epitaph could the old boy want?

Get a Life Jan.

Yesterday at the commencement of Parliament's day,  Maurice Williamson, by way of a 'point of order', welcomed the current contestants of the NZ Miss Universe competition who were in the gallery having been in his office in the hour before the house sat.

They were welcomed with applause and Speaker Smith in the spirit of the moment suggested that it probably did not fit with standing orders and the day resumed.

Today Green MP Jan Logie will by way of a point of order welcome some feminist groupies as a protest to what she felt was a sexist move by the males of the house yesterday.

My mental image seems dominated by Bradford, Delahuntey and other uglies but I guess Wussel will lead the applause, celebrating the moment.

The cost of corruption

I was listening to a piece about the Doha mall fire on the way home last night, about how this was a very new and expensive mall and that Qatar has very comprehensive safety standards so there would need to be a thorough investigation into how this happened.

Investigation's hardly necessary - anyone who's spent a few years as an ex-pat in a Gulf Arab country could tell you exactly how this happened without needing even to read a report on it.

First, those comprehensive safety standards.  I expect this is absolutely true and that Qatar's building and safety regulations are thorough and detailed.   I expect they're also "enforced" by low-ranking civil servants who piss off important Qatari property developers only at their great peril.  Everything will have been signed off by the appropriate personnel, but anything that met the standards probably did so by accident.

If it's anything like Kuwait's malls, this one will have been built on the cheap using indentured labour from the Indian subcontinent.  One witness mentioned the mall staff didn't take the fire alarm seriously, presuming it was yet another false alarm.  That was to be expected - given the nature of its construction, we can assume none of its more complex systems would have worked properly from the day it was built, including the sprinkler system.

The media has unconfirmed reports that two senior managers of the mall have been arrested.  If so, we can identify these as the two with the least wasta (influence), and my money's on them not being locals.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Donald Moselen, Chairman of the Otaki Community Board and sometime President of the Otaki RSA made history today by being the first person convicted under the 1918 Act which makes it an offence for a person to wear medals to which he/she is not entitled.   

What surprises me is that he thought he could get away with it.    The Vietnam veteran community is a close knit group where everyone knows everyone.   Membership of our 'club' was closed off in 1972 and late comers aren't welcome.    Moselen claims to have served in 1974 in some sort of 'spook' operation.   It is simply amazing how the many wannabes unmasked in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand claim to have been members of the Special Air Service (SAS) or suchlike. 

Reminds me of the story relayed to me by a member of the British 22 SAS along the lines that if everyone who claimed to be part of the operation to 'cleanse' the Iraqi Embassy in London following its take-over by armed terrorists in 1980 had actually been there, the Embassy balcony would have collapsed under their collective weight.

Why it is that people like Moselen who clearly has a community profile should seek to embellish that profile by leeching off the honour of those who served beggars belief.   He deserved what he got and more.

Text Of The Day

From todays Hawkes Bay Today.

`I agree with the Police Commissioner: No apology is needed. We are very thankful the Police are doing everything possible to keep us safe from these dangerous people. Why is it defence lawyers lie through their back teeth to defend these criminals? A bush traning camp? Yeah, right. Tutu.

pdms comment.  This texter says what most of us are thinking.


when they announce that Robert Mugabe, and his Zambian sidekick, Michael Sata, have been appointed United  Nations international tourism ambassadors in recognition of the promotion and development of tourism in their countries.

 The UN through the United Nations World Tourism Organisation will officially confer the status to the two presidents at a function to be held in Victoria Falls this week and officiated by the UNWTO Secretary General Mr Talib Rifai. The honour comes even though the European Union and the United States have imposed travel bans on Mugabe and many of his senior government officials due to widespread human rights abuses.

Much attention has been paid to the plight of Zimbabwe’s terrorized mostly Anglo farmers whose fields were seized under President Mugabe’s ill-conceived and disastrous land appropriation program. But the abject ruination the Mugabe regime has wrought on the small landlocked country has affected all of its citizens regardless of race or tribal affiliation. Mugabe’s fight to convert white-minority-ruled Rhodesia into the modern African state of Zimbabwe was once considered a noble cause but under his despotic rule, Zimbabwe’s decline has been absolute and has effectively turned this relatively wealthy functioning model of black-white co-existence into an impoverished country that now has one of the lowest life expectancy rates and one of the worst HIV/AIDS infection rates in the world.

Some 3,500 people die per week in Zimbabwe due to HIV/AIDS alone. Tag on the random muggings, violence, and property crime in a country with an unemployment rate hovering at around 80 per cent, and what remains of Zimbabwe’s populace is very beleaguered. One of the best measurements for determining that a country has in fact hit rock bottom is the appearance of cholera. When a state can no longer separate its potable water from raw sewage, then any sense of concern for the general welfare of the citizenry by the government is non-existent.  The country once touted as the bread-basket of Africa and a showcase of interracial harmony and prosperity has become a living hell on earth.

So the question that needs to be asked of the bureaucrats enjoying the tax-free scenery from the UN’s headquarters on Turtle Bay, is how does a destroyer of nations like Mugabe become a tourism ambassador?  I just hope the tourists read the fine print when they book their next trip to Zimbabwe.  I also wonder if they know that the country has now been listed as “very high” with respect to major infectious diseases like HIV/AIDS, bacterial and protozoal diarrhea, hepatitis A, typhoid fever, malaria, schistosomiasis, and rabies just to name but a few?

And you wouldn't want to plan on flying Air Zimbabwe.   It's stopped functioning.

Tourism Mecca not.

That'll Put A StopTo That.

Two men and four women have been sentenced to die for "dancing and singing" at a wedding in the back blocks of Pakistan.

The evidence collected by way of a video on a cellphone led clerics of "the religion of peace" to order the deaths with the men to die first.
However the men have "run away" giving a temporary reprieve for the women.

I guess forcing the men to die after the women would constitute "cruel and unusual punishment".

Inter tribal conflict was suggested as a possible catalyst in the rather harsh outcome.

Some leftard islamalover will explain the 21st century thinking that perpetrates such barbarism practiced by these stone age retards.

Certainly will prevent re-offending though a tad harsh in my view

Monday, May 28, 2012

National Weather Service Under Cloud

What has happened to those wonderful headlines from years gone by?

Look at this piece of anodyne bluuuuuurb.

NWS Facing $44 million Misappropriation Probe.

Now ain't it funny how much of this stuff is going on during Obama's watch?

Poor Julia

Australia's Julia, that is, not Obama's Julia.

This last week she doesn't know whether she's been bored or reamed, what with her own ministers signing off on a deal for Gina Rhinehart to import 1700 skilled immigrant workers for her massive 9 billion dollar Roy Hill mining project. Unfortunately for Carbon Julia, her office was briefed about the deal before it was finally signed off but her staff decided not to tell her because she 'was too busy' at a NATO conference.  She found out after she got home and the deal had been signed off.  Kinda makes all her and treasurer Swan's 'rich prick' bashing of the last few weeks look a bit stupid.  She had to rush off and bullshit the unions that it was all someone else's fault and, don't worry chaps, we'll make sure they don't take any 'Australian' jobs.

Of course the fact that it was accounted for in last year's budget seems to have escaped the notice of most.

As somebody said.- 'This government can't even get a class war right'

So today, the latest poll - this by Labor's pollster:-

Federal politics – voting intention

Q. If a Federal Election was held today to which party will you probably give your first preference vote? If not sure, which party are you currently leaning toward?
Q. If don’t know -Well which party are you currently leaning to?
Sample size = 1,884 respondents
First preference/leaning to
21 Aug 10
4 weeks ago
2 weeks ago
Last week
This week
Total Lib/Nat

21 Aug 10
4 weeks ago
2 weeks ago
Last week
This week
Total Lib/Nat

And another major national poll to follow tomorrow.

Text Of The Day

From todays Hawkes Bay Today.

`Re violent crime rising in Dannevirke. When rental companies advertise houses at $100 a week, combined with the fact there are no jobs to be had, there is an influxof the type of losers who have moved into this once peaceful little town. Unattributed.

pdms comment: is this really happening in Dannevirke and perhaps other small towns?
As an aside when I was a teenager growing up in Central Hawkes Bay and playing inter town rugby and cricket in Dannevirke it was always known as `the cleanest town in NZ'. Why you wonder - well it always had water running in the gutters in the main street.


MEAT headed Labour OAF

No Wonder The Share Price Tanked

Despite its share price having dropped from $1.90 to just $0.63 over the past two years, the worthy board members of Fairfax Media last week declined to appoint the world's richest woman and arguably most successful businesswoman to its board. 

Oh yes, she happens to be the owner of more shares in the company than any other share holder.

Adolf looks forward to further developments.  Much popcorn required.

What brought all this on?

Oh, just some sloppy reporting by their NZ flagship the Dominion Post

According to the creatures at the DomPost, 500 NZ jobs are 'at risk' because an Australian company has entered into voluntary receivership.

 The company, Hasties Ltd, specialises in a number of fields, the biggest of which is industrial refrigeration and associated  servicing activities. Adolf has some news for the journos at the dieing DomPost.

The jobs will still be there if Hasties closes.  Most likely pretty much the same people will be doing those jobs.  The jobs don't disappear because the systems still need to be serviced.  Alternative companies will snap up the Hastie employees who know their customers and their systems backwards.

Pity that doesn't lend itself to a doom laden headline.

Here's a question.  How many jobs will be lost when Fairfax finally goes broke and throws in the towel?

Homepaddock makes a milestone

On what is for me a must visit Blog, Ele announces she has made over 10000 blog posts in 4 years.

Congratulations to her for that effort as a sole blogger, awesome.
The mix of right of center perspective on matters political plus  wide ranging matters rural coupled with a very accessible comments policy, her blog is a clear leader in that world of productive New Zealand.

Leading a very busy life in business, community, education and her life at the very center of the  National Party, leaves me wondering how she maintains a Blog that rarely falters.

Congratulations Ele.

Corrected thanks Richard


On Friday I had occasion to watch the 'Customs & Excise (Tobacco Products) - Budget Measures Amendment Bill' being debated in House.

Someone will correct me if I am wrong but I suspect this was a first time a Bill proposing an increase in taxation has gone through unopposed.  

But I was amused at the speech from Andrew Williams articulating Winston First's position on the Bill.   To paraphrase ....  'Winston First does not oppose this Bill but it is nothing but an exercise by a money grabbing Government that will hit the poor and the needy in the pocket and Winston First feels for them'.

What an exercise in hubris and doublespeak.   Walter Nash would be proud of his acolyte who has clearly supped long and hard from the cup of neither for nor against.

For f**k sake Andrew.    If you meant what you said then surely you are bound to vote against it or at least abstain ... but you didn't and that leaves you open to ridicule.   About par for the course with Winston First.

Quiz Answrs

PM of NZ 2
Marc 4
Chris 3 1/2 up graded to 4 1/2.
Simon first in with a sweep and bragging rights.
Allan with a sweep also and good background info.
Was it too easy or just a bunch of brights.


1 Opotiki Beach in beautiful BOP
2 Kaikoura (Birthplace of moi) looking into Mt Fyfe from the Peninsula. A rather unique situation of geography where a mountain that carries snow much of the winter is so close to the sea on the state highway.
3 Westport municiple building in the "capital" of Buller District.
4 Mt John observatory on the SW corner of Lake Tekapo in the McKenzie Country. It enjoys viewing of the cosmos with very little "light polution" and very clear air.
5 Sir Micheal Fowler, one time Mayor of our Capital City.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Just A Vignette

Do you remember Labour's version of Baghdad Bob?

One Jordan Carter who could be relied upon to begin every commentary on any disaster with the immortal line "This could be good for Labour."  His loyalty to his party was and is commendable but they still got chucked out.

Adolf was reminded of the above characters when he saw this headline.  "Nothing Has Changed About The Election."  Introducing Jamelle Bouie, Washington's very own Baghdad Bob.

..........Mike Allen and Jim VandeHei's assessment of the last month—which has the top spot at POLITICOdescribes the Obama campaign as “stumbling out of the gate” and “struggling” with message discipline. It’s everything you would expect from a micro-focus on the election:
Obama, not Mitt Romney, is the one with the muddled message — and the one who often comes across as baldly political. Obama, not Romney, is the one facing blowback from his own party on the central issue of the campaign so far — Romney’s history with Bain Capital. And most remarkably, Obama, not Romney, is the one falling behind in fundraising.
How much of this is remarkable, and how much of this is the usual sturm und drang of a presidential election? Campaigns always see blowback on their messaging,.......

It is of passing interest to view the biographies of those journalists who regularly shill for the Democrats and for Obama.  Almost without fail, they are black.  Funny, that.

Who said Obama was not elected because he was black? Of course he was. Does anyone think a red headed corn husker from Idaho with the gift of the teleprompter and a phoney academic record would have been elected POTUS? 

Obama's antics probably have set back the prospects for really top quality competent black people in American politics by twenty years.

Kmow your Country

Subsidising a low wage economy

The Living Wage campaign has been getting a few headlines, which equates to it copping some flak from right-wing bloggers.  DPF's take on it is that it's unfair for the media to assist the Living Wage campaign by highlighting how tough some families have it, because those families are supported by the social welfare system as well as by their wages.  The argument is that these people aren't suffering deprivation due to NZ's low wages, because the taxpayer comes to their assistance via the family tax credit, state housing etc.

Which is severely fucked up when you think about it:

1. The fact that people on low wages only have enough to live on courtesy of the social welfare system highlights our low-wage status far better than the exodus to Australia ever could.

2. Support for people on low wages via the social welfare system constitutes a taxpayer subsidy to low-wage employers like cleaning companies.  The reason taxpayers are topping up workers' wages is basically so that they won't find unemployment benefit more attractive than the shit pay they're getting and stop working.

3. That subsidy helps reduce upward pressure on wages, ie it has the adverse economic effects subsidies tend to have.  I know right-wingers tend to look on low wages for the working class as a Good Thing, but if you don't see the benefit of upwards pressure on wages over the last 150 years you want your head read.

Support the Living Wage campaign and help us reach the point where we can end these damaging subsidies. 

Saturday, May 26, 2012

The World Has Run Out...

.........of other people's money.

But the Socialists haven't yet realised it.  Where can they go?  Where is Nirvana?

NZ Labour is f*****.  British Labour is P****.  Australian Labor is S******.  Obama is heading for the shitter.  Canada has woken up.

What's left?  Will they all migrate to, China?  Will the Soviets take them in?  Oh yes, Putin's mob is no more than the Soviets reincarnated.  What about Egypt?  The socialists all seem to think Islam is wonderful so maybe they could rush off and do some extended OE in one of the virtuous realms of the Mohammedan.  Make sure you don't take your rainbow faction or your moustachiod feminists with you.

Of course Adolf is forgetting those paradises of redistributed wealth, Zimbabwe, North Korea and Venezuela.

What are they to do?   Recant?

It seems vast swathes of Democrat voters in the United States are doing exactly that.


Text Of The Day

From Todays Hawkes Bay Today.

`To the woman running her dog beside her car down Wilson Road one recent morning. Really dumb way to exercise. What does it take to park, get your arse off the seat and do it right? Unattributed.

pdm's comment: The road is irrelevant but the message is easy to agree with.

A Field Day For The Left

The left would have a field day if, in early 2014, forty percent of National Party supporters surveyed by Roy Morgan in the Helensville electorate gave their party vote to National and then voted for the the Labour or Greens candidate.

The appalling Herald would carry banner headlines, Radio Left Wing would talk about it non stop for two weeks and John Armstrong would scratch his head.

Well folks, that's exactly what's happened in the US Democratic Party primaries.

More than four of every 10 Democrats who went to the polls in Arkansas and Kentucky voted against him. Obama was able to secure only 58 percent of the primary vote in each state.

This follows the 41 percent showing in the West Virginia primary for a felon sitting in a Texas jail, and the fact that 20 percent of Democratic voters in North Carolina’s primary actually voted “no preference” rather than pull the lever for their party leader and president.

Now, even Democrat registered voters have given up on the Black Arsed Jack Ass.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Time To Clean Out The Temple?

It seems to Adolf that all is not what it seems or should be in the temple at St Stephen's Presbyterian Church in Ponsonby.

This is the church which is fronting the current campaign for a so-called living wage.  The parish minister, who is a leftist political activist, appears to be the spokesman for the campaign which was launched from his church..

David Farrar has exposed the lies and deceit put out to the media, first, with the details of the Samoan family 'struggling' to get by on their wages plus assorted social welfare hand outs altogether which bring into the unfortunate household some $136,000 per year gross income- if they had been told about them..  The Reverend spokesman failed to disclose the family has monthly finance company installments of $500 but even those should be a snip when you are on $136k.

David followed up with some useful information on their next poster child of poverty.   She is a single Mum, working as a cleaner and studying for a degree.  Not initially disclosed was the fact she is still 'negotiating' with the father of the children for support payments and worse, she had not been informed of the substantial financial assistance available to her from WINZ.

Let me introduce you to the Rev Obed Unasa, self styled 'Community Organiser.' (Can you believe it?)

The first question a formal Presbytery commission of inquiry into the antics of this minister should ask is:-

"Why did you not exercise your duty of pastoral care to you flock by making sure they were receiving all the benefits available to them courtesy of NZ tax payers?"

The second question should be:-

"How much of your time has been and is being spent on political activities which have little to do with your parish whose members pay substantial amounts each year to fund your stipend in return for which they expect and deserve the services of a full time devoted pastor and minister?"

The third question should be:-

"Has it occurred to you that your political activities might bring the Church into disrepute when you are seen to be indulging in the use of misinformation for partisan political purposes?  Can you point us to some scriptural justification for withholding material information which, were it known, would make a mockery of your campaign?"

And the final question should be:-

"Do you know how many Christians who support the centre right political parties have left the church because of your overt political activity?"

Members of the commission should examine the parish roll and, in particular, look for the names of people who have ceased to be members or associates.  Such examination will be instructive.  All the centre right supporters will have scarpered.  Funny thing is, they tend to give more to their churches than do the lefties who are remarkable mean.  That's why the membership is up but the offerings are down..

Such is the way God's servants bring about the decline of His church.

Here for readers is some background information on St Stephen's parish.  Such information is readily available from the Church's national website.


2011.............37......Adults Attending............36....Annual Offerings..$52k....Av per Adult..$1,440

2010.............28      Adults Attending............26...............................$50k..........................$1,920

2009.............28......Adults Attending............27...............................$52k..........................$1,930

2008.............28      Adults Attending............28...............................$50k..........................$1,790

Membership figures do not indicate the saving of many souls at St Stephens during this past five years. Too busy working for Labour, it seems.

Financial figures indicate a level of individual 'giving' which far outstrips the national average.  The average adult offerings for the Northern region in 2011 was $915 and there are some very wealthy Presbyterians who contribute generously to their parishes.  It looks to me as though a group of largely PI low income families are being squeezed dry to support the political activities of a leftist huckster.  He couldn't even be bothered taking them down to WINZ for an interview.

Text Of The Day

From todays Hawkes Bay Today.

`Went for a warrant at VTNZ. The guys there are awesome, so friendly. Well done great team. Unattributed.

pdms comment: I went to Hastings VTNZ about 10 days ago for WOF thinking I would accumulate some AA Smartfuel points. Not the case but then I was asked if I was a member of a club and got a 20% discount for being a member of a Chartered Club. It didn't seem right to me. I do agree with the texter that the service was fine even though there is no indication of whether they were at Hastings or Napier VTNZ.

Super Annuation

Prime Minister Key famously stated the age of entitlement for NZ Super would never be raised on his watch - or words to that effect.

On the surface that seems a daft thing for a politician to say but perhaps it's not so silly.

The problem is not the age of entitlement.  The problem is (a) the aggregate amount of the entitlement as years go by and (b) the availability or lack thereof of funds to support it.

If Adolf were PM here's what he'd flick into next year's ( pre-election by one) budget.

  1. Means test NZ Super, restricting payment to those individuals or couples having personal income less than say $30,000 with an abatement of payment starting at $20,000.  Effective immediately.*
  2. Make Kiwisaver compulsory for those individuals or couples whose gross household income exceeds $100,000. Effective immediately.
  3. Make all Kiwisaver contributions tax deductible.  Effective immediately.  This to encourage low income people who are frugal and do not smoke, drink piss or take drugs to join Kiwisaver.
  4. Introduce a top income tax rate of 46.5c on all earnings over $180,000.
Australia's 'age pension' is asset and means tested which is as it should be and of course a top tax rate of 46.5c will bring us in line with Australia.  I think they call it closing the gap.  And best of all, it will give Labour the shits because they didn't do it.

So you see folks, the idea is not to increase the age but to reduce the amount of entitlement.  All those people forcibly contributing to Kiwisaver will remove themselves from the pool of NZ Super recipients.

Furthermore, I'm not sure how much faith I'd put in anyone's prediction about what super will be costing in twenty or thirty years' time.  Hell, these are just more computer model predictions.

I reckon it will all turn out like global warming.   People will look back and ask "What the hell was all the fuss about?"

* 'Effective immediately' means as soon as the boffins can administer the changes.

Pat Finally Gets It.

Pat Lam, the under siege Auckland Blues coach, has at last worked out what many knew from the outset of this years Super Rugby Competition.

Ali Williams, Piri Weepu and Maa Nonu are just turning up to qualify for the Internationals. The trio, that with the injury lay off of Kevin Mealamu, should have stepped up to show the way in 2012 for what was the most successful franchise in the first ten years of super rugby.

Instead they, individually and collectively allowed the once proud team to wallow in indifference and ineptness as they stumbled to second to last.
 Warming the bench is way beyond the talents and form being exhibited by them so far this year.

The rest of the team many of whom were no names at season start have given their guts week in week out and the three "stars" have just frustrated much of that effort.

I am surprised to find I feel very sad for the Blues as the largest bloc, player numbers-wise, and potential fan base are left with a team that at times would struggle to beat North Otago or Wanganui.

As to the suggestion; Maa Nonu going to the Crusaders, what brought that on, Crotty and Fruen spanked his sorry arse last Saturday night.
The story Weepu wanted to return to the Canes had a little sense and reason behind it but seriously, would the current team and coach want him back with his baggage.
Ali Williams should either go to Sushiland or just walk away before he embarrasses himself further.

Equally questionable is the All Black hierarchy wanting them as mentors when the efforts they have contributed to their franchise makes that problematical to say the least.

The trio are individually just keeping rising stars from developing for RWC 2015 by blocking opportunity for others as they hang around.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Text Of The Day

From todays Hawkes Bay Today.

`Re Asian drug dealers: 17 years at $80,000 to keep them in our jail system or $2,000 to send them home. You do the maths. Send them straight home I say. Unattributed.

pdms comment: Seems a no brainer to me.

Yes Minister Update

Adolf and The Cook are off to catch the 11.00 train into Adelaide for the matinee performance of "Yes, Prime Minister.'

It is the British stage version of that fantastic TV series, Yes Minister.

If I survive the experience, further reports will follow.


It was very very good indeed.  Those fellows must have studied the TV versions of Jim Hacker and Sir Humphrey for hours.  Most impressive were the voices.  I could have sworn they were those originals.

Well worth the journey on a cold wet day.

Forgot to mention the female white trash ferals who removed themselves and their raucus voices from the train at Salisbury.

Also forgot to mention there were about 750 patrons in attendance according to the people on the door.  Some had travelled three hundred km just for the show.  Adolf and The Cook clearly were the 'yoof' representatives.

Oi! That Was Ours! You Bastards!

Adolf chuckled long and hard as he read this piece a couple of days ago.

Tax base broadening measures in Budget 2012 will target high income New Zealanders who structure their financial affairs in ways to avoid their obligations, Finance Minister Bill English says.
Speaking to media ahead of tomorrow's Budget, English would not be drawn on what those measures might be, or how much revenue the Government expected to raise with those measures. Prime Minister John Key has said there will be one new base-broadening measure in Budget 2012.

He was imagining the reaction in bowels of the Labour Party engine room.  The one where they house that dinky little 1300cc Toyota mounted on a bench, coupled to a big rubber band.

The Nats have pinched Labour's punching bag AND their gloves.  A higher tax rate for the super fat cats who earn are paid over $200,000 perhaps?  Hell, all they are doing is catching up with Australia which they promised to do - one day.

Good God, Shearer will have to stand up in Parliament and heap praise on this budget.

The best part of all is that all those National voting rich pricks are in business and can divert heaps of income to remain in the current upper bracket.  It's the fat cat Labour voters on salaries up to 5800,000, skulking in the public service, hospitals, courts, commissions and universities who will be hit.

Wonderful stuff.

 I recall someone telling me Bill English has a hell of a good sense of humour.


They run the risk of the whole issue backfiring on them.   Messrs Trevor Mallard and Andrew Little may well regret their childish attempts to prevent defamation papers being served upon them.     The Southland Times sums up the matter pretty well.   You can read it here at

Defamation action is never taken lightly. The person issuing proceedings needs to be very sure of his/her grounds. Word has it that Collins has received high level quality advice that her action will succeed. It is important to note that at this stage all she is seeking from the Court is a Declaratory Judgement and (perhaps) costs. One expects that at some stage both Mallard and Little will back off and seek to retract their comments because unless they can prove their comments were true then that is the only course of action open to them. That might be seen as too little too late.

Clearly Collins values her reputation and will act to protect it .... Mallard probably doesn’t need to worry about losing something he doesn’t have while Little might well regret playing Russian roulette with all six chambers loaded.

Disclosure Statement ... I (and every Vietnam Veteran) owe a debt of gratitude to Judith Collins. In 2004, as a newbie MP, Judith Collins worked assiduously with the late Lieutenant Colonel John Masters to correct the lie that New Zealand Vietnam veterans were not exposed to Agent Orange. She forced Parliament’s Health Select Committee to investigate the matter against the wishes of the then Minister of Veterans’ Affairs (George Hawkins) who derided the Master’s Map as ‘a piece of worthless junk downloaded from the internet’. Without her championing the cause of Vietnam veterans there would have been no Memorandum of Understanding signed between the Government and the Ex-Vietnam Services Association and RNZRSA which at least goes part way to addressing our concerns.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Comment of the Year

From pongo over at Kiwiblog:

"Shearer seems to object strongly to Chinese buying farms but when they buy citizenship well that is fine."

So Lets Have A Claytons.

As Jones pathetic story telling muddies the waters in the Labour Party,  Shearer,  obviously having consulted New York, has demoted Tugger from the front bench and called the Attorney General to look into the Liu Case.

Classic H1, wasn't that her first effort to bury the Philip Field carcase as the smell became more embarrassing.

The AG may or may no get involved but it might remove the stinking remains (they are more than three years old) while Labour try to make some headlines around the budget.

Text Of The Day

From todays Hawkes Bay Today.

`The terms `professional con' and `career criminal' are a joke! They are not doctors, pilots, teachers or any other professional career! As for `known criminals' ....betterthe devil you know? Call them what they are....scum! Unattributed.

pdms comment: most will agree with this texters conclusion.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Do N Z Judges have to write a speech first?

Lowlife scumbag schmuk Turner,  convicted yesterday of murdering Emily will be sentenced tonight, NZ time.

That is justice as it should be for Victims of Crime and surviving family.

Oh, as an Idea, how about an actuary estimate how many years of Emily's life Turner took then make that a start point for sentence and add on for the ghastly bloody charade that defense counsel used in the "trial", lack of remorse etc. etc. as cumulative time.

Foreign Fishing Boat Ban

Foreign flagged fishing vessels will not be permitted to operate in NZ waters after 2016.

And that's a damned good thing.

Of course these boats will still be able to operate, subject to NZ law and especially NZ's standards of safety and working conditions.  You know, just like those enemies of the people, the Talley family interests, do now.

Perhaps our commenters can provide a list of the current companies availing themselves of the sub-standard current fleet?  Would that list happen to include any businesses owned by our darker brethren?

Text Of The Day

From todays Hawkes Bay Today.

`If my husband didn't get get assistance buying clothes you would follow him down the street laughing.' Unattributed.

pdm's comment: There are two sides to every story - and this contributor could will be mrs pdm.

It Takes More Cheek Than....

.....a self styled Kenyan Ayrab from Hawaii to go cadging campaign money from the very people you have been publicly abusing.

I wonder if the BAJA has been aknockin' at the door over at Bain Capital? 

........One of his top bundlers is in fact a managing director at Bain who was an executive at the firm in 2001 at the time that GST Steel went bust. GST Steel is the firm at the center of Obama’s attacks on Romney, whom the campaign has dubbed a “vampire.” Romney had left the firm two years before, so who is Obama calling a bloodsucker?

Obama, whose campaign is spending money at a staggering rate, is very dependent on the financial sector for its ongoing support. This creates a problem because Obama’s most powerful weapon against Romney is the effort to paint him as greedy and cruel.
The idea is Obama wants Wall Street to give him money so he can depict Romney as a wicked, wanton capitalist. But since Romney and Bain are well respected in the business for their success, even pro-Obama moneymen have reason to wonder if this swing-state populist pitch won’t end up stoking resentments against the entire financial sector.........
Apparently he has.

Jones - Humanitarian

It was all done out of humanitarian concern.

Yes, of course!   It would have been inhuman to have allowed the Labour Party to forego all those tens of thousands of lovely dollars.

Perhaps Mr Jones or Mr Mallard or Mr Cunliffe could enlighten the public as to exactly hw many of those dollars were actually donated/fund raised by this oriental scarlet Pimpernel?

Ching Chong Ming

The other day Adolf posted commentary on the peculiarly leftist habit of enhancing one's curriculum vitae as the opportunity to cash in on 'affirmative action' benefits arises.  The heroes of this particular post were first, a blond headed blue eyed chickory Cherokee and second, a black arsed charlatan who managed to get hisself elected POTUS.

Inevitably, an anonymous commenter took umbrage at some of my colourful prose.

Lo and behold, within minutes of his comment appearing Shane Jones provided the classic rejoinder:

Ching Chong Ming" On the phone, how Shane Jones referred to the Chinese millionaire on fraud charges. (aka Yong Ming Yan)
(Well, they all sound the same, don't they?)

Hey, the whole bloody issue is about colour.  It's about giving special preference to wogs, blacks, coconuts, wops, dagos, slanty eyes, injuns, horis, poofs, abos and anyone else who is not of Caucasian extraction and from a two parent, employed family and, in particular, about the way dishonest people like Obama and Warren deliberately set out to cheat the system and steal from the long suffering tax payer.  Yep, the guy who came from a two parent, employed or employing  family which pays its taxes.

The Anonymous dick/dork commenter made one or two errors - apart from spelling:-

1  He took a swing at Adolf's nom de plume.

".........who hides behind an online handle that itself impies neo-nazi racial beliefs........"

So beware, all ye good citizens.  All people with Germanic names are Neo-Nazis. Chancellor Merkel will be so pleased to hear that, as will the descendants of those vile Mozarts, Mahlers, Bachs and Beethovens.

2  More interesting, our Dork/Dick inserted the word 'hatred' where there had been none.  You see, these guys desperately need to manufacture hatred so that they can talk gullible politicians into putting in place 'anti-hatred' legislation.  Then they can control the media by designating any dissent from their pure party line as 'hatred.'  Ask Andrew Bolt how it's done in Australia.

If you go back and read my original piece you will struggle to find evidence of hatred.  Contempt, mockery, disdain, ridicule, scorn, repugnance - yes but hatred?  No, not even a hint.

3  Dork/Dick then commits the most serious crime of blogging and asks for people who know Adolf to divulge his identity so that Dork/Dick can publish it far and wide.  This threat should produce fear and trembling in the generous Adolfian heart.  It does not.

4  The real irony is left for last when this anonymous hater of Adolf and all those who value their ability to call a spade a spade or a spic a spic puts up his untraceable e-mail address:

The dumb bastard doesn't know how funny he is.  Where did he learn it all?  Waikato University Humanities Dept?

Monday, May 21, 2012


  1. Israel will attack Iran within two months and knock out its nuclear weapons industry.
  2. Obama will step up to the plate and claim credit for the successful raids.

Is Louis Crimp still right?

On my previous post, there were supporters of Act donor, Louis Crimp.  PM of NZ was one of them.  One of the more recent comments on that post was " Mr Crimp is correct".

To those who believe he is right, do you think this is still the case?

Are Maori "savages"?  Is it true they are not "real New Zealanders"?

I gotta say, I agree that there is a growing degree of separatism in this country, which is leading this country down a dangerous path.  It is wrong.  No one should receive special treatment based on the colour of your skin.  This is definitely happening.

But "savages"?  Not "real New Zealanders"?  And why would you ask a female reporter whether she's ever had sex up against a tree?

How odd. 

Text Of The Day

From todays Hawkes Bay Today.

`My pet hate. Men in a woman's wear shop telling their partner what to buy in the way of women's clothes.' Unattributed.

pdm's comment: This texter is obviously a woman - I for one am not game enough to try telling mrs pdm what clothes to buy.

Voters Not Taken In

Labour will be mightily displeased at this example of voter common sense.

Labour cops debt blame

Churchill was right when he put his faith in 'the common sense of the British voter.'

It turns out most New Zealanders rightly sheet home to Clark's appalling regime the blame for the country's current level of debt.  All those election bribes which Labour knew could not simply be reversed in one term pf parliament.

Costly programmes put in place by Labour, including KiwiSaver, Working for Families and interest free student loans  All were endorsed by National, though it has taken the pruning shears to them, especially KiwiSaver.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Herald wastes a full magazine.

The online Herald leads its National section bemoaning the drunken behavour in the Auckland CBD at weekends.

It quotes a guy who felt compelled to accompany his Partner to work in the dawn hours due to previous intimidating behavour.

They have a followup "Poll" on solving this growing problem.

1 Reduce availability from booze shops.
2 Reduce opening hours.
3 Raise the drinking age to 21.
4 More police on the streets.
5 Nothing to be done its human nature to booze up.

Total Bollocks, maybe some interest in option 4 if they start to use the existing laws;

1 Drunk and disorderly.
2 Drunk in a public place.
3 Casting offensive matter.
4 incitement to violence.
5 Obstructing the footpath.
6 Threatening behavour.
7 Nuisance.
8 Littering.
9 Riotous behaviour.
10 Reckless endangerment of self and/or others.

I didnt bother with the idiot poll because without an option addressing self control and real consequences,  The Herald didn't only waste a full magazine they didn't even hit the freekin wall behind the target.

A Bloody Good Bloke?

So said The lobby leaker, Dover Samuels in support of his "good friend" variously known as Bill, Yong, Yan, William and who knows what other names.

The man pictured above entering the Auckland Court to answer charges relating to his gaining a New Zealand Passport in 2008, came to this country in late 2001and by mid 2002 was granted permanent residency.
He is fortunate in that he seems to have access to quite significant financial resources.

In mid 2005 he applied for New Zealand citizenship but stumbled slightly when the Chicoms suggested he had a few contretemps in Mainland China that were raised through interpol with NZ officials, was the word fraud mentioned?

That little matter caused among other inconvenient problems, the freezing of Bank Accounts in Australia, an action  seemingly resolved when dear old Bill repatriated around $4 million  to the PRC government and no admission of wrongdoing.

In April 2008 a rising star in the then ruling Labour Government, one David Cunliffe, declined to follow departmental advice requiring cancellation of the mans residency, with Cunliffe only asking that more information be produced to support such a serious step.

Then lo and behold in September 2008, only 5 months later, when the rest of us were getting involved in the Election that saw the players in this sordid little drama arsed out of the Beehive, an application came to internal affairs Minister Rick Barker's desk for full citizenship for this outstanding candidate.
Barker clearly had run out of protective gloves so he sent it to his Junior Minister, Shane' Tugger' Jones who,  within no time had over-ruled the advice of officials, granted the application and a very special swearing in ceremony was held in the Beehive before the ink was dry. Incidentally the very outcome dear old Bill had predicted to an official who had mistakenly, as it turned out, advised the esteemed oriental gentleman his application would probably be denied.

It has been claimed that had Bill been deported back to the PRC he would face execution and subsequent organ harvesting as he was a supporter of Falun Gong.
That may or may not be true but while he had residency the possibility of his deportation was an unlikely event if he faced possible execution.
As to a passport, William, Bill, Yong, Yan or whoever he is, aged variously 39, 42, already had two so clearly getting them was not an insurmountable problem for him, was it?

However persistent rumours of Labour Party Fundraisers at his Auckland Restaurant,  raising six figure sums of untraceable "Cash" donations in buckets, probably had a far greater involvement in his ultimately successful journey to becoming a New Zealand citizen than any unsupported hearsay connection to Falun Gong.

As the events unfold in the Court, many are wondering if the bit parts from Shane Te Pou aka Phillips, a serious fundraiser for Labour and his brother Daniel who are linked to this unfolding drama and Tugger will ever be asked to account for their activities.

Other Random Questions:
Some indication of his wealth sources.
Are Triads still a threat in global Crime.
Is Bill still a "high-roller" of interest to Internal affairs and Skycity management.
Is the gentleman still raising cash for Labour, I understand he has severed his connection to the Jade Restaurant.
Is it a complete coincidence that all this seemed to occur during the great socialist governments watch of nine long years.
Was the donation to Pansey Wong just window dressing or an insurance policy.
Oh and in passing, the paper clasped in his hand wouldnt be a note to the Judge with the amount to be filled in, would it?

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Those Ever Evolving Democrats

For those who have not kept up with events political in the USA there is much hilarious amusement going begging.

It seems the Democrats now 'evolve' policy and their CVs as the political mood or, more importantly, the need for money and prestige ebbs and flows.

The most spectacular such event has been the unmasking of a fake, blue eyed, blond Cherokee Harvard law professor, one Elizabeth Warren

She looks like getting laughed out of contention before the election begins in which she seeks to unseat Republican senator Scott Brown in the state of Massachusetts.

Yep, that's the same Scot Brown who nicked the previously Democrat held seat of the Chappaquiddick killer Ted Kennedy

Turns out madame didn't do so well in school, so in order to gain entry to Harvard she needed a little help.  In endemically racist America, if you can show you are of indigenous heritage you can get in on a special quota in which academic ability matters less than who your great great grand mammy was.  If you're an Injun, you're in.   Ms Warren laid claim to Cherokee ancestry and was accepted.  The rest is now history and she is today an Adjunct Law Professor at Harvard, which institution proudly proclaims her as its sole indigenous faculty member.

Trouble is, there's no documentary proof of her ancestry and when push came to shove, it appears her real ancestors were the white folks who stole the Cherokee land and drove the unfortunate natives on a forced march to a barren, far off reservation.  Some 4,000 souls perished on the journey.  When her claim to have a Cherokee great great grand mammy was found to be false, she pointed to her contributions to a Cherokee recipe book entitled 'Pow Wow Chow.'  (I kid you not.) She submitted three recipes purporting to be good old Cherokee bush tucker.

Trouble is, someone found that the recipes had been pinched word for word from a flash New York restaurant of the 1930s.

Sounds a bit like another Harvard law professor, don't it?


The black arsed jack ass currently occupying the White House had a similar problem with his high school academic achievement - or lack thereof. - when he was a young buck making his way in academia.  It seems he couldn't make the grade so he too resorted to the use of affirmative action. (Affirmative action is the practice of holding a number of places exclusively for hard done by minorities  - e..g injuns, wogs, furriners and blacks.).

If he could just show that he was a foreigner, he'd get in under a special category and get a whole bunch of grant money to boot.  Remarkably, his published biography and CV at that time stated he was born in Kenya and continued to assert this interesting fact right up until three months AFTER he launched his bid for the presidency.  Incredibly, none of the media picked this up, yet it was readily available by way of Google search.  Either he really was born in Kenya or he fraudulently gained access to affirmative action benefits. The media were all too busy chasing after dirt on Dubbya and later vetting Sarah Palin.

Well, there you go.  No wonder the Prez won't release any details of his scholastic record or applications for admittance to Harvard because there, for the world to see, will be his own signed off affirmation that he was born in Kenya.  Of course it was important to be born in Kenya way back then but now he has evolved and has to be born in Hawaii.  Hell, Jesus Christ himself managed to be born in only one place, Bethlehem.

Then you have the spectacle of Obama's 'evolving' policy on same sex marriage.  Way back then, he was for it when he needed the support of the Chicago homosexual community to get into the state senate but then he evolved to an opposite viewpoint when he needed the votes of the black Christian community to get himself elected as president and now he needs the money from the wealthy poofters who support the Democrats so he's 'evolved' right back again.. Apparently he raised four million dollars within half an hour of his latest evolution.

Only trouble is, according to opinion polls, a whopping seventy six percent of likely voters think this time he is bullshitting.

American voters are starting to wake up that they've been well and truly had.  They voted for Hope'n'Change and instead they got No Hope and Short Change as unemployment and petrol prices go through the roof.

Louis Louis, oh no, you gotta go

I don't get too worried when I see headlines that say "Act backer: We all dislike Maoris", because I have learnt over the years that you have to read the article to see what was really said, and what the article was really about. 

Unfortunately in this case, that is exactly what was said, and the article was worse than the headline.

As a long-time member and supporter of a party that encourages limited government, individual liberties and freedoms and equality, this article is disgusting. 

It's one thing for political party to take money from someone who offers it; it's another to continue to take it after such distasteful comments.  I wonder where this will lead to.
The biggest donor to the Act Party says he gave the money to Don Brash and John Banks so they could stop special treatment for Maori who were "either in jail or on welfare".

In an extraordinary interview with the Weekend Herald, Louis Crimp said he believed he had the support of Brash, Banks and other "white New Zealanders".

Mr Crimp made the largest financial contribution to the Act Party for the 2011 election with a $125,520 donation.

His comments have appalled Maori Affairs Minister Pita Sharples.
Well actually, the biggest criminals in this country measured by their financial impropriety are white businesspeople, Mr Crimp.  You know, the Petricevic, Roost and Versalkos of this world.  They ripped people off to the tune of millions.  That has caused more misery for middle New Zealand than some of "the Maoris" stealing a few cars.  However, Tariana Turia has said a few times that welfare is ruining whanau.  So Sharples needs to talk to his co-leader more.   
But the Act Party last night affirmed Mr Crimp's right to have his say - and welcomed future donations if he was inclined to make them.
Well, yes.  But you are defined by the company you keep.  Aren't you.

"I supported Act because I thought Brash would go along the way for Maoris to be treated like equal New Zealanders ... they don't get any more than a normal New Zealander and we're all the same.
Yes, agree with that sentiment.
Mr Crimp said Act should have taken a harder line on Maori during the election even if it led to public outcry. "All the white New Zealanders I've spoken to don't like the Maoris, the way they are full of crime and welfare."
"The Maoris"?  What, all of them from Cape Reinga to the Bluff?  Each and every one?
He said he had asked Dr Brash why questions about special status for Maori were not pursued harder during the campaign. He said he was told the issue had been campaigned on but had been ignored by the media.
Don't get me started on the "maorification" campaign.  It was a disaster and cringeworthy from start to finish.
"It was an embarrassment at the Rugby World Cup, [Maori] coming to shore in canoes, with hardly any clothes on, waving spears and poking their tongues out, all painted up."

He said it was intended as a welcome but would have terrified visitors.

"Every opportunity the Maoris get they have to do this war dance, whether it is for a funeral or something happy or a wedding. They feel they have to take all their clothes off, stick tongues out and wave spears. That's not New Zealand."
Maybe not for you, Mr White New Zealander from Invercargill.  But it *is* part of our culture.  Overseas visitors actually like it.  They come to New Zealand to see it.  If you ever got out of Invercargill you might realise that.
He said that when he met Mr Banks, he complained about the cost of Maori TV.
"He agrees and so does Brash but somehow or another it didn't get across to the public."
Well I agree there.  They should simply sell Maori TV to Iwi.  They have enough money now.  Let them fund it.
He said the party had to be more direct, although it was not able to position itself as "anti-Maori".
Well, too late for that, Louis. 
"I don't give a stuff what I'm called. You have to look at the facts and figures. This is the problem with New Zealanders. Most of them dislike the Maoris intensely - I won't say hate - but they don't like to say so."
He said there was such nervousness among those he expressed his views to that he would ask if they had Maori blood.

"They don't like to say anything against the Maoris. They say it very quietly with their eyes looking around."

He said Maori were over-represented in crime statistics.

"I'm an Invercargill person and there's hardly any Maoris down there so this doesn't happen. But in Auckland, you pick up the crime page in the Herald, most of the faces in the Herald are brown in the crime page.

"The Maoris in jail are 51 per cent of the people in jail and yet they are only 13 or 14 per cent of the population. They're either in jail or on welfare."

According to the Department of Corrections, as at March 31 last year Maori made up 51.2 per cent of New Zealand's prison population. Maori make up about 15 per cent of New Zealand's total population.

Dr Sharples said Mr Crimp was "out on his own ... this guy - where does he get off?"

He said he had worked well with Act Party MPs.

"If Mr Crimp told the Act Party that's the reason he's giving them the money, they should have turned him down."
More "The Maoris" again.  Well I despise "the Southlanders". 

ACT MPs have worked well with the Maori Party.  As I alluded to, both parties agree that welfare is destroying Maoridom.  But there are ways of saying things, and this ain't it.
Act's president, Chris Simmons, said he disagreed with Mr Crimp on some areas but respected his right to have a view.
Better to have said nothing, IMHO.

Overall, terrible, cringeworthy and just wrong.  


Friday, May 18, 2012

Text Of The Day

From todays Hawkes Bay Today.

`Thanks to the police for preventing Tame Iti and his terrorist-tribe from doing God knows what!' Unattributed.

pdm's comment:  Hear hear!!

This is Tragic

From Stuff.

Charismatic' woman kept meth use secret

She was warm and caring, a "charismatic" workplace star who dealt in the delicate business of people's lives.
When her life ended at the age of 39 – her body discovered face down in her bedroom with methamphetamine in her blood – those who knew Lisa McMillan struggled to believe it.
"I was totally surprised and remain very surprised that that is the outcome," said Ralph Stewart, former boss of AXA New Zealand, the insurance company where she worked. "It's a terrible, terrible thing that we lost her ... we were all very shocked and saddened to lose Lisa."
Her family did not know she took drugs. Her work colleagues were aghast. The police were mystified; an investigation into where she could have sourced the methamphetamine that led to her death went nowhere.
On the morning of Thursday, January 21, 2010, Ms McMillan's work colleagues at AXA in Wellington became worried when their manager did not show up to work. The lead underwriter for the insurance business, Ms McMillan was highly respected, a team player who was caring and easy to like.
Not turning up was out of character. Her colleagues rang her brother, who went to her house. He found her dead on the bedroom floor of her Lower Hutt home.
An initial autopsy found she had died of a brain haemorrhage. Forensic psychologist John Rutherford said he would wait for the toxicology report, to see if there was anything that could have raised her blood pressure.
To the knowledge of her fiance, family, friends and colleagues, Ms McMillan did not take illegal drugs. In hindsight, her brother and fiance recalled that she had been taking an excessive amount of Panadol in the months before her death, which they thought was for headaches.
So when methamphetamine, or P, was found in her blood at the level of 0.24 milligrams per litre, it came as a surprise.
That level is consistent with recreational use. The level associated with fatal overdose starts from 0.5.
However, Dr Rutherford concluded that the relatively high level of meth in her system was likely to have raised her blood pressure and caused the haemorrhage.
Ms McMillan had no children. She was engaged to her partner of 16 years, and the pair were planning to travel.

Although I never met Lisa McMillan I viewed her as a valued contact and a friend. Soon after she joined AXA she became the processing and contact for the New Business I submitted in my role as an AXA Adviser. This meant that over the course of a year or perhaps 18 months I spoke to her one the phone two or three times a week and sometimes every day. We developed a good rapport and working relationship and Lisa was the most efficient and reliable person in that role in the 23 years that I worked with the company.

The trust that we developed was such that when her internal staff assessment was due she asked me if I would write a reference for her as part of her review. It was soon  after that she received a promotion and our regular contact dwindled to occasional although I did still make a point of catching up  from time to time.

As we were overseas in 2010 this article is the first I heard of her death and I must say it was a shock for a couple of reasons. Firstly the fact that she had died at age 39 and secondly that she led an almost secret life in that neither her family or work colleagues knew of her use of P. 

Stuff go on.


Methamphetamine overdoses are rare, and Lisa McMillan would be one of a handful of people to die from it in New Zealand, according to Drug Foundation executive director Ross Bell.
He said it was not a surprise that someone of her age and social status could be taking P without anyone noticing. "We know that meth is used by people from all walks of life. Often people who use it don't show any obvious signs, until it becomes a dependency.
"Initially, someone using recreationally is going to be a high-performer – it's a stimulant drug, so it allows people to work hard and play hard.
"If you were the boss of someone who was a recreational meth user, you would say, `How are they able to do six days' work in a couple of days?"'
The stereotype of a psychotic and violent P-user couldn't be further from the truth, he said. The latest Health Ministry survey showed 285,000 Kiwis had used a stimulant drug like methamphetamine. "Lots of people were surprised when Millie Holmes got busted for meth use, but she is relatively typical of someone who is a meth user.
"People use drugs because of the effects, and initially the effects are very positive."
The latest drug trend study led by Chris Wilkins of Massey University found that availability of P remained high, despite increased police pressure on the drug market.
The 2010 Illicit Drug Monitoring System interviewed a total of 411 frequent illegal drug users from Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.
It found 86 per per cent of the frequent users had bought methamphetamine from a private house, 39 per cent from an agreed public location, and 13 per cent had visited a "tinny house".
They all reported it was "easy" or "very easy" to source. Dr Wilkins said P was typically smoked through a glass pipe, with very few users injecting it.' 

The loss of Lisa McMillan is a tragedy. I know she was highly regarded by her workmates and I will remember her as one of the most efficient, if not the most efficient, and capable people I worked with during my association with AXA as well as being personable and a people person. Sadly missed.. 

Her death should be a further warning of the dangers of P and a reason not to legalise Cannibis use.