Friday, December 30, 2011

Wealth redistribution

Will those who rally so strongly against "poverty" in New Zealand, be calling for the abolition of Lotto in the New Year?

It seems that this year, we have just taken close to one billion dollars cash from the "poor" and redistributed it, in a totally random fashion, to a few new rich pricks.

But apparently this is all somehow good.

The fact is Lotto is helping trap the vast majority of people in "poverty".

According to the averages, my family should have contributed about $800 to the cause this year.

My apologies to all those out there, eagarly anticipating the opportunity to lay their hands on my hard earned cash via the luck of the draw, but I have never bought a lotto ticket in my life.

I have preferred to put my fate in my own hands, work hard and spend my money on real stuff...

... like milk for my kids.

If you see Lotto as your wealth creation opportunity then you are probably looking in the wrong direction.


Tinman said...

I don't disagree with your comments and neither do I buy lotto tickets (although I have) but until someone tries to outlaw buying these (except by beneficiaries who have NO purchasing rights) I'll continue to ignore the "game" - while fuming at their disgraceful advertising.

Lindsay Mitchell said...

Voluntary redistribution.

Good causes.

Can't fault it.

Can we run welfare that way?