Monday, December 26, 2011

Thoughts of a cricket tragic

Its Boxing Day in Melborne also, but the center of attention aint the "sales" its The MCG.

Clark won the toss and Australia is being rescued from 45 for two wickets by an ex Captain who many said was past it and a 28 year old Left handed opener on debut.

Ponting and Ed (Fred) Cowan have both made half centuries and are still batting.

Want to know why we so often fail against them, who was the last guy Cricket NZ picked as an opener who valued his wicket as 'Fred" does, 51 no from some 130 deliveries today and in front of over 50 000 fans.
NZ would not total that number of paying fans in a years cricket at any venue, and I guess an answer to part one would be current coach John Wright

The BCI has declined to employ the video technology that was viewed as a bit controversial when NZ took a rare win from the neighbours in Hobart. It will be interesting if it bites them on the bum.

Oops after a Ct behind that was given not out and looked very close it was followed by catching practice for 2nd slip and Ricky heads back for a solid 62.

Fred has been an interesting cricketer, toured Sri Lanka as an under 19 Australian Rep but although had a long career and now representing Tasmania is on debut at 28 yo.

Once handed a Baggy Blue by NSW he was awarded for a match in which he never made the 'paddock', handed it back with the words he would keep it when he had actually earned it.
Apparently grows his own vegetables to boot. Not quite a "Warnie" but does have a minor TV celeb as a partner.
Almost a legend already so I hope he gets his ton.


pdm said...

ou are well informed GD. I liked the look of Cowan but the story is a bit different now at 217 for 6 -India could be batting by stumps. Hussey was stiff but when you are out of form that happens.

gravedodger said...

Not really some of it came from wikipedia,pdm

Tinman said...

Cowan looked the goods and was seriously unlucky to have an incompetent umpire officiating.

Fantastic to watch the Ockers whingeing about the lack of the DRS they cheated with just two short weeks ago.

gravedodger said...

And the evidence for cheating was what?
I thought the back foot LBW was plumb from my lazyboy but to accuse the guys out on the park of 'cheating' is stretching it a bit Tinman.

Tinman said...

I agree GD, which is why I didn't.

I stand by my comment!

As an aside (one you raised) watch the replay of the ball hitting the pad and then obviously, judged by the line of the ball, hitting the base of leg stump squarely approximately six inches later and then the "Eagle-eye" fabrication that has the ball pitching outside leg and going past square leg on it's way to the boundary.

At that stage admit you were once again wrong, the Ocker Ch 9 commentators were both prejudiced and dishonest and join me in the call for any guesswork or corruptible technology to be banned from all real cricket for ever.