Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Recessions come and go..

...but extinction is forever.

107 concerned academics and associated hangeroners want the gravy train funding to last forever.

How about they all chip in 10K each from their gold plated taxpayer guaranteed salaries.
That would be $1mil that could go directly to the front line.
They should look upon it as an investment in their future.

My opinion is that booms and recessions will no longer come and go.
They were last century's mo.
The present situation will be as good as it gets.

( someone told me the other day the definition of an academic is someone educated beyond their intelligence)


DianeT said...

I wonder if the list ever gets out of their universtiy lecture rooms and into the field to get their hands dirty?

Shane Ponting said...

Lou people don't learn the lessons of history so I think the greed and risk taking will see another boom cycle. It may take a while but I'd bet on it happening again.

Lou Taylor said...

The trouble now is that as a society we are no longer in control of our own destiny. We are price takers not price setters.
We can be as greedy as we like but previous booms have been created by both good old fashioned increased production beyond inflation and speculation.
The days of both are numbered.

Anonymous said...
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Lou Taylor said...

Thanks for taking the time to express your thoughts so clearly anon.