Friday, December 16, 2011


TV is completely under-whelmed by the quality of candidates presenting themselves to be the Republican challenger to President Obama. The political shenanigans now on show in the Republican Party seem far removed from the glory days of last year when they captured the House and made major gains in the Senate.

Right now I suspect Obama is rubbing his hands with glee. So what is on offer?

#1 Newt (as in 'pissed as') Gingrich. Front runner (this week anyway). Sometime House Speaker later dumped by his Party. Made history by being sanctioned (fined) $300k by the House of Representatives in a 395-25 vote for ethical violations. Thrice married and reputedly divorced his first wife because 'she wasn't pretty enough to be the wife of the President and besides, she's got cancer'. Thinks his conversion to the Catholic faith and the power of the Confessional absolves him from all past misdeeds. Some may not.

#2 Mitt Romney. Multi millionaire venture capitalist. Rumoured to wear funny underclothes (he is a devout Mormon). As Governor of the liberal State of Massachusetts he pioneered Health Care legislation that supposedly became a model for 'Obamacare'. That coupled with his changing stance on many issues has him at odds with many in the Republican Party and especially the influential Tea Party' movement.

#3 Congressman Ron Paul. 76YO . Could almost be considered a dark horse candidate. Strong Libertarian credentials. Prepared to challenge mainstream Republican thinking on American involvement in foreign wars. More of an isolationist than many of his peers. But really, age is against him and however you dress it up he would be 81 by the end of his term.

#4 Herman Cain. Campaign suspended. Might have been a serious contender if he hadn't had a problem with his 'dick'.

#5 Governor Rick Perry. Popular three time Governor of Texas. From the conservative and Christian evangelical wing of the Party. Burst on the scene with huge creds. Since then it has been mostly downhill. Hasn't shown up strongly in the debates. Outsider.

#6 Congresswoman Michele Bachman. Founder of the House 'Tea Party' caucus and beloved by them. Like Perry she was expected to do well and like Perry has failed to perform. Outsider.

#7 Ambassador John Huntsman. Sometime Governor of Utah and 'currently' US Ambassador to China. Mormon but not overtly so. Solid creds but very much an unknown in Republican circles. Outsider but has the potential to win through. He is my pick of the bunch.

In the final Iowa Town debate yesterday and just 19 days before the Iowa Caucuses the big winners were adjudged to be Romney and Paul with Bachman also giving a good performance.

I think if the Republicans pick either Gingrich or Romney they can kiss goodbye to the While House for the next four years.


Judge Holden said...

Perry makes Bush look good. I hope Bachmann wins. That will demonstrate just how crazy the tea baggers have made the GOP. Pity Palin was just playing the baggers for cash. She would have made a great candidate. Like Goldwater only dim.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Disagree Vet.

For all his faults i think Gingrich is the only one who looks, talks, walks, sounds like a president and appears to be the only one who can and will rip Obama to bits during the campaign.

Romney is hopelessly compromised by his support of Obamacare Mk 1 and, yes, the rest are dross.

Perry was a huge disappointment.

Anonymous said...

Any of them would be an improvement on Obama. He's a human wrecking ball.

The Veteran said...

Hmmmmm Adolf ... right now Gingrich is having it somewhat easy from his fellow Republicans (well, some of them anyway) on the basis that he many be a son of the bitch but at least he is our son of a bitch.

But I would suggest his nomination as the GOP candidate would be Gods gift to the Democrats. Can just see all those TV commercials featuring the House 395-25 vote against him (and the $300K fine) on ethics charges and the soft voice over asking 'Do you REAllY want him as your President?

That would no doubt be followed by others asking aboiut the millions he gouged out of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

It is a political truism that you need to fight an election campaign from the front foot. Gingrich will be hard pressed to move off the back foot with the huge power of an incumbent President arraigned
against him.

Huntsman maybe but Gingrich no way.

There is still a long way to go and the polls are changing by the day. Post Iowa we may get a better picture but I wonder, just wonder, if Governor Mike Huckabee might be persuaded to have another shot.

Judge Holden said...

Yeah, the great swordsman and serial adulterer Gingrich will rip Obama to shreds. Actually Adolt, if that's a prediction, you just guaranteed it won't happen. You're nice and reliable like that.

Just my opinion said...

Ahh but if Newt is christian now, then all his prior sins would need to be forgiven as that is the christian way. Hilarious.