Monday, December 19, 2011

Judith Collins may need hand reconstruction surgery

Such was the fearsome beating that Clayton Cosgrove inflicted upon JC's fists with his face over the last three years I fear irreperable damage may result.

David Shearer has clearly demonstrated that Clark still runs the show with his delivery today of the shadow cabinet.
In such a target rich environment it is dificult to know where to begin pouring scorn.

Jacinda Ardern.
Never had a job. From UNI to Helen Clarks office with a brief sojorn working for the last Labour govt in Britian.
Lots of free trips as the big cheese at the union of socialist youth and then back to a nice safe list position. Has lost two electorate battles.
The ultimate insider.
Has she ever strugled to feed the family or juggled power and phone bills?

Grant Robertson. The next leader of the Labour party when he defeats Cunliffe in around 18 months. Another suckhole who went from School to Parliament in an uninterrupted feed at the public trough.

Mahuta? Enough said.

I may add to this after dinner, feel free to expand in the comments. But leave Mallard. The ultimate vote repeller needs a post all of his own.


Unknown said...

Well, said. Here is my view on the front benches:

I updated the post based on this post and gave you credit. Thanks for the inspiration to do the update!

Anonymous said...

Link whore.

"Another suckhole who went from School to Parliament in an uninterrupted feed at the public trough."

You don't believe in facts do you Russell?

pdm said...

anon - if you are such a clever dickey spit out the facts so that we all know. Don't keep them to yourself.

Anonymous said...

Google it.

Psycho Milt said...

Meh. Collins does a good line in jackbooted authoritarianism but overall, competence isn't a feature of the current Cabinet, which is why Joyce does most of the work. If Labour turns out not to have a stellar lineup it won't matter much.

Unknown said...

Milt, there is more talent in National's lineup than Labour's. That is one reason why they have done so well on list and electorate seats - including now holding many former safe Labour seats.

Paulus said...

There is a distinct smell of Clark/Simpson (who is currently in NZ from NY) in this as their ex number 3 has now got the deputy job with Clark/Simpson accolite Ardern at number 4 in this lineup.
It stinks but that's all Shearer could get given to him. Robertson and Ardern will run political rings around the ex, well paid, in tax free US$, UN Mercenary.

WAKE UP said...

"Shearer's deputy is Grant Robertson '...a former political adviser to Helen Clark (and a) political insider and strategist', who has on his desk '...a photo of him and Alf Kaiwai, his partner of 12 years'. (quotes from NZ Herald 15/12/11).
Unless Alf is a girl, all I can say is: so much for "change".