Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Dress in a Hi Vis jerkin and become a Jerk.

The wires today are carrying a tale of a family in Aus who have a "cubby" for their kids.
I guess we might call it a "play hut/house".

Around 2/3 Sq M, built from building surplus without consent and a possible "bushfire" risk.

Failure to remove the offending structure could incur a fine of over a million dollars and a daily fine over $100k for each day the transgression continues.
Of course had it had "wheels" then it would be moveable and not outside the law.

When we were little buggers, we dug caves and survived (albeit fortunately), made platforms in trees, had clod fights, swam in uncharted waters (at least we could bloody swim), had fights, feigned and real, didn't come home for tea in time and were sent to bed hungry (bloody consequences Eh) and apart from a concerned adult, the dreaded "bobby" or shit oh dear some interfereing busybody telling Mum and Dad, what the hell.
Most of us survived unhurt, at least seriously.

Now we have a swimming pool within meters of an irrigation race required to be fenced, Play ground equipment in a bed of approved ground cover, all cyclists wearing head protection, toys having to comply with any number of requirements as regards safety, and a seemingly endless series of pronouncments from the coroner addressing the dangers to society of everyday encounters that could maim or kill but are avoided by nearly all caring parents.

During the recent troubles in the City of the Damned there have been many instances of "Capn Mannerings" donning a hi Vis jacket and immediately morphing into a gestapo man. Oh for a return to personal responsibility and a cogent assessment of risk by responsible citizens but sadly it aint gunna happn as we are all too thick and ungrateful for the wonderful people who deem it their duty to protect us from ourselves.

Hi Vis Jerkins, the scourge of the early years of the 21st century, wern't bureaucrats in leather elbowed tweed jackets bad enough.


Anonymous said...

And the high-viz morons always appear in multiples of two.

Your tax/rates dollars at work - just for you.

PM of NZ said...

And in the VoD, the illustrious leader of those in hi-vis has a never ending supply of orange overalls. Ever ready for the next live-cross on the telly.

Tinman said...

That's "City of the Damned Good". ;-)

On the tree house/hut thing, it was built on someone else's land. Good on the outfit that threatened a $1M fine.

Agree re the rest.

Anonymous said...

The bush fire risk in Oz relates mainly to gum trees that you aren't allowed to touch because stupid Greenies are in control. Prove them stupid and they scowl, walk away planning how to get you later for daring to have an opinion.