Thursday, December 15, 2011

David Shearer immediately conflates inequality with poverty

From Granny:
In the formal announcement about Labour's leadership yesterday, Mr Shearer said he did not want to see the gap between the rich and poor grow further, and wanted to be part of the Government's proposed poverty committee.
David Shearer conflating poverty with inequality
I guess the comma after the word "further" could, grammatically, be a second proposition unrelated to the rich/poor proposition.  But considering he is from Labour, my guess is that he is confusing inequality with poverty.

I explained briefly here why they are not related, and why inequality is not the problem.

NZ Classical Liberal does it better than I with this post.

If David Shearer is going to lead Labour to be a party of ideas, he'll need to ensure he's on top of basic and completely different conceps like poverty and inequality.    


gravedodger said...

One might have thought in the light of his experience in some of his UN activities that Shearer just could have seen what I call Poverty in say Somalia has no connection to the child abuse we have in NZ perpetrated by pig ignorant parents who fail to grasp the salient fact that the first call on welfare is to ensure children are housed, clothed and fed and sent to school healthy and ready to learn.

How many of those who the PAG go on about as living in poverty will buy their children books for Xmas, there are stalls at flea markets offering such gold at prices less than a bottle of Coca Cola.

It is not a funding stream for tobacco, alcohol and other self indulgent lifestyle choices for those that spawn them.

Hey Shearer you muppet, many of the misguided who supported your elevation did so in the vain hope you could somehow separate your party's indulgent wish to perpetrate a bonding system that keeps the base 20% of your party's vote secure in the abyss that is the welfare trap.

WAKE UP said...

"Shearer's deputy is Grant Robertson '...a former political adviser to Helen Clark (and a) political insider and strategist', who has on his desk '...a photo of him and Alf Kaiwai, his partner of 12 years'. (quotes from NZ Herald 15/12/11).
Unless Alf is a girl, all I can say is: so much for "change".

Anonymous said...

Give him a break. He no doubt gave away a lot of his UN tax free USD salary despite no obligation to do so. Same as that Green MP I heard about yesterday. Moan about big pay increases but when you get one suddenly "I have a big mortgage"... Shallow as puddles.