Thursday, December 22, 2011


I'm generally against the State using its ultimate punitive and coercive arm to kill its own citizens.

But in some cases I can easily be persuaded otherwise.
A 5-year-old girl, visiting New Zealand from Europe, is in a serious but stable condition in hospital after what appears to have been a sexually motivated attack.

The girl was sleeping in a caravan with her 3-year-old brother at Club Habitat Holiday Park in Turangi last night.


Andrei said...

Yes evil exists, evil needs to be dealt with.

And so do spammers - like the first commenter on this post.

Anonymous said...

Andrei nails it - EVIL needs to be dealt with.

The only political/social philosophy that will save the West from ruin is conservatism. There has never been much of a conservative "philosophy" because none is needed. Cautious, humane and constructive instincts are all that is needed.

Anonymous said...

"The only political/social philosophy that will save the West from ruin is conservatism."

I think that view is part of the problem in that it assumes that a lesser evil is OK. At this time of the year it is pertinent to look back over history and see how man has always cocked up ruling mankind. We always descend to greed, envy and violence no matter how good the initial intentions may be. That says to me that given the right conditions we lower ourselves to base instincts which are pretty awful. Some just get there more easily and we do not appear to be able to identify and deal with them in a reasonable manner.

Jesus Christ didn't come to look at the scenery - He knows how stuffed we are and how much we need a hand up.

Anonymous said...

Try explaining the concept of evil to the hand-wringing, bleeding heart liberals. It's not in their vocabulary. Group hugs and talk-fests are what works for them. And we've seen how well that works.

Mrs Danvers

Psycho Milt said...

Dealing with spam's getting harder with the Blogger interface, it seems to cheerfully allow spammers with a Blogger account to go about their business.

Re the post, I'll reserve judgment until more's known - so far it's all a bit odd.

tired of scumbags said...

If it is indeed the Mongrel Mob behind this: John Key should publically name and shame every single patched member in the country. They should then be given 12 hours to turn their patches into a police station, after which it would be open season for members of the public to gun them down on sight.

Never going to happen but it would make for a nicer 2012 if it did.