Sunday, December 11, 2011

Conservative Party campaign manager opens mouth and inserts foot

From Big News:
Kevin Campbell is the campaign manager for the Conservative Party. Prior to the election he was very happy in using Facebook to promote the party and most comments were of a political nature. But after the election he appears to have closed ranks after something he posted that many found offensive....

Campbell questioned whether new Green MP Mojo Mathers, who is the world’s fifth profoundly deaf MP, should even be an MP
as she didn’t have all her “faculties” - and only people who have all their faculties should be MPs. In other words, because she was deaf, she was unsuitable as an MP. Mathers became an MP after special votes were counted.

I was one of many who pulled him up on this. Just after I did this, my comment was deleted, I was defriended, and Campbell changed his profile picture.
He has now taken the post and all its 30 -odd comments down after he reiterated that there was nothing wrong with what he said, adding that because Mathers was also a Green MP she, by definition can’t be effective.
That last comment is the very reason why people such as Campbell will never achieve anything in politics.  Ever.

Politics involves a lot of things.  But mostly it is about people.  As with life in general, to achieve anything in politics (if that's why you're in it), you simply have to get along with many different types of people, and personalities.  I believe that is the main reason John Key would have nothing to do with Sir Roger Douglas after the 2008 election - because Roger cannot compromise and is stuck in FPP mode. 

I don't like MMP any more than Jordan Williams.  But we have it and we must work with it.  For small parties, MMP is all about trading on the margin of opportunity.  And if that means working with the Green Party on something, then so be it.

I recall both Rodney Hide and Keith Locke being strongly against Trevor Mallard's Auckland waterfront stadium a few years ago, and they worked together to stop it.  They had different reasons for not wanting it, but they had the same goal.  Campbell would have cut off his nose to spite his face.  According to Campbell, Locke was not effective in stopping that, because he was a Green MP.

As for Campbell's view on Mojo Mathers' deafness, the less said about that the better.  There are two young boys who are friends of our family who were born profoundly deaf and mute and they excel at school, and at life in general.  Readers can judge those comments on their merits.  If true, they're disgraceful. 

And this is not the only time Campbell has had an embarrassing brain fart.

If these comments are true, Colin Craig should sack him and expel him from the party.


Shane Ponting said...

I would be interested to see how one debates with a deaf person.

Unless you understand sign language you will be waiting on the translation which surely has got to kill the heat of the argument (which may or may not be a good thing).

There is not an opinion on the matter in the above paragraph so stop looking for it...

Tinman said...

I make no comment on Mr Campbell nor the non-event that is the CCCP.

I do, however, note that a suggestion that the Reds are toothless as minority opposition is rather accurate.

I also suggest that Mojo's handicap (i.e. being in the communist party) is both severe, undeserving of sympathy and irreversible.

Anonymous said...

If as you say "the less said about it the better" why did you devote an entire blog post to it?
Are you just trying to get at Kevin Campbell?

Nick K said...

I spent most of the post discussing the bit where he claims Green MPs are ineffective.

My view is that Sue Bradford is the most effective MP we have seen in years, perhaps apart from Helen Clark.

Redbaiter said...

Quaking in your boots aren't you, you culturally Marxist wanker.

Nick K said...

Yes. Shitting myself.

Psycho Milt said...

Funny - I saw this post earlier this morning when it was rated 1.0 by 1 person and wondered if Redbaiter had been to visit, but decided that was unlikely because Redbaiter would have stopped long enough to call Nick a 'progressive' or 'cultural Marxist.' Few hours later I come back and this time Redbaiter obviously has been to visit.

Redbaiter said...

I try not to patronise blog sites inhabited by progressive slimy cowardly scum like Barnesly Bill Milt, but I will occasionally drop by and leave something to inspire you.

Anonymous said...

The island of Martha's Vineyard has the highest proportion of deaf people in the US. [some towns were 1 in 25] They had their own sign language and deafness was thought of as normal in society. There was a famous case where some ratbag politician whose Massachusetts seat was teetering was dependent on the Vineyard vote. They didn't want a bar of him. He tried to get legislation passed that outlawed their vote on the basis of them not being able to comprehend the stump speeches hence they couldn't know what they were voting for. It was struck down.
I see that as if its good enough for the electors, it must apply to the electees.
Kevin Campbell should be rebuked with the universal signing for "up yours". If two fingers are too complex for his comprehension, then try for just the middle finger.


The Veteran said...

Redbaiter - something to inspire -
Hmmmmmmmmm, hardly. Something to offend, probably. Something to be consigned to the trash-can, yes.

With luminaries like Campbell and Redbaiter the misnamed Conservative Party sure doesn't need any enemies.

Anonymous said...

"I try not to patronise blog sites inhabited by progressive slimy cowardly scum like Barnesly Bill Milt..."

And like everything else you've tried your hand at (procreation included) you fail badly, Russell.

Anonymous said...

Cambell was not campaign manager of the CPNZ, read their website, the fact this blogger couldnt even get that right does not bode well for the rest of the sad ugly twisted vendetta slater has been building against Cambell and the CP.

Anonymous said...

I was in the act party with Kevan Campbell and he walked like thousands of others, who dreamed up this second rate tabloid shit?