Thursday, December 29, 2011

And You Think You've Got Problems?

Well, they seem to be about to have a flash flood, up country. A bit like Nelson.
Only not quite like Nelson.

It seems the crocs are a bit of a problem. Not the old crocs the Bros drive around the place unlicensed. These are REAL crocks. Big bastards.

"The last floods we had this year, I think they caught three or four crocs just in and around the community here where the kids go and have a swim.

"So that's the biggest thing. They take all the dogs and sooner or later they'll take a child."

Thankfully New Zealand has no crocodile child killers. Just sixteen year old shitheads, trying to get a Mongrel Mob patch.



It is often the case that naughty youths are sent on outward bound courses to build up their self esteem, etc.
May we suggest that the NZ justice system does likewise and sent the 16 year-old from Turangi on a crocodiles wresting course.
It would certainly do wonders for the self esteem of New Zealand to see justice served this way.

Lofty said...

Do you know for sure that this was the motivation for the ALLEGED crime, or are you just making it up to try and inflame the situation?

I detest the actions as much as you, but I also believe in the premise of innocent until proven guilty, it is a slippery slope you tred if you take the opposite view.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Lofty, do you mean to tell me there are NO sixteen year old shitheads in NZ looking to knock somebody off in order to get a patch?

simo said...

I said to the missus I bet its the mob renewing the bottom feeders, glad I'm not alone in this perception. 3000fps justice is whats needed, we all know this too!

Lofty said...

No I do not mean that at all, in fact I know for certain that you are right in the case of prospects.

I still maintain that the premise of innocence until paramount in our system.
If we are all presuming this fellas guilt, what crimes and persons etc are next?

If he is found guilty then throw the book at worries.

Christ over the last week tossers have been advocating summary justice FFS.
Blogging heros!

PM of NZ said...

Lofty, Innocent until proven otherwise is not the issue. It is the lack of effective justice once proven.

There will be a slapping with a wet bus ticket, if we're lucky, followed by much hand wringing blaming the usual suspects along with a poor upbringing. And no doubt many legal types feeding off the appeals processes.

What is required is a lead poisoning or a neck stretching summary type outcome for such crimes.

Lofty said...

@Pm of NZ yes I understand all that, and agree with you re any sentencing.

What concerns me is the presumption of guilt right across talkback, blogs twitter, facebook etc.

This guy may well turn out to be the "scumbag" he is being called, and as far as I am concerned if so, smash the little c..t.

BUT..he must be presumed innocent at this stage.

We are getting a prediliction for vigilante type justice, and this must be resisted at all costs.

If the sentence penalties are perceived as too light....change the system and consequences, until that happens we must as a society accept what we have.

Anonymous said...

Is he a gang prospect and did he do this to get a patch or are you making it up?

If you are correct its time to extend the enquiry to who suggested he do it because I suspect he doesn't think for himself.