Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Verdigriz Vision

Adolf applauds the evident metamorphosis of The Greens from a whacky fringe commie nutter party to something approaching economic rationalism but with a hard core environmental emphasis. Such has been the gift of Mana for The Greens.

Part of this fundamental shift in emphasis was seen in the release by Russel Norman of the Greens' master plan for 100,000 new jobs from 'green energy' projects.

While the so-called plan raised my eyebrows in a number of respects, at least it demonstrates that at last The Greens have cottoned on to the fact that jobs and productivity actually are more important than a few lonely snails on the West Coast. That, for them, really IS a fundamental shift in principles.

But dear, oh dear. Russel Norman failed to note that almost on the same day he announced his grand scheme, the flagship of the Obama regime's 'green energy jobs' fleet, Solyndra, sunk without trace, taking more than half a billion tax payer dollars with it. Billions more has been sunk into these bottomless money pits and yet, within my commercial life time we have seen the disastrous 'wheat/ethanol' industry, subsidised to the hilt in the US and Australia, go belly up during the seventies. More recently, we have seen the international price of grain feedstock skyrocket as farmers moved from food crops to energy crops.

Did Mr Norman not study up on the major disaster which is subsidised solar energy projects in Spain?

I think Mr Norman's balloon has been busted. His scheme seems a bit like making a major investment in production of 'Zyklon B' for export in 1945.

I'd like to hear from Mr Norman how he plans to:-

  1. Find products we can design, manufacture and market more efficiently than can the Chinese. (That's what sunk Solyndra who knew they were sunk when Obama approved their loan guarantee.)
  2. Fund his grandiose plan without recourse to borrowing. Will he print more money, tax more people or just issue IOUs to the lucky recipients of gummint largess?
Oh yes. Keep an eye out for the imminent demise of another American green energy company, Solar Reserve, recently in receipt of over $700 million in federal loan guarantees. Just happens to be owned by a group of big shot Democrat officials and Obama campaign donors.


Redbaiter said...

Get a brain Adolf. Are you really that gullible?

Its a strategy.

A smokescreen.

They're still the same old Marxists bastards beavering away at the same old destructive ideology.

Always have been, always will be.

Anonymous said...

Marxist bastards under red's bed! Sick em boy! If you run you'll only die tired commie communists!

Redbaiter said...

A timely article on NZCPR-



Adolf is right in raising this issue.
We certainly have seen how Obama has used such stimulus and other government funding for 'green' jobs.
There certainly is much scope for using taxpayer or borrowed funds to feather the nests of your supporters and financial backers.
Give Obama campaign cash one year, visit the White House, have Obama visit your factory and you get heaps of government cash.
This is what we have seen with Solyndra and that one linked to Nancy Pelosi.
'Green jobs' is crony capitalism in action, or should that be crony socialism.
I commented at my place the other day that New Zealand prides itself in relatively clean government, but would this continue is our government had billions more to dish out to favoured businessses.
Clean energy funding could create dirty government.

dad4justice said...

Are Norman Gunston and Wussell Norman twin brothers?

Allan said...

As I have constantly said, the Greens are a waste of space, they are just Communists hiding under the guise of fraudulent green issues and I do not know why the MSM publish their ludicrous
utterances as they are not worth the paper that they are written on. If the Greens got anywhere near the halls of power they would bankrupt the country in a flash.