Sunday, October 9, 2011

Shibboleths Shattered?

A few weeks ago some guys fired a bunch of neutrinos (whatever they are) down a four hundred mile tunnel and tipped Einstein's theory of relativity on its head.

In American politics it looks as though another matter of 'settled science' might be about to be knocked over. That is the old axiom that you need millions if not billions of dollars to win a Republican primary vote and then you need million or billions more to win the presidency. Commentators continually focus on how much money each candidate has raised each month and it has become 'lore' that without a truckload of cash measured in terms which dwarf NZ's GDP, a candidate might as well not bother to enter the campaign.

And then, along came Herman.

In a matter of just three or four weeks he has risen from the rank of unknown, ignored, outsider to front runner in the polls. So what, I hear you ask? Herman Cain has no serious money behind him and accordingly, his whole campaign is being run on a shoe string. On the other hand, Mitt Romney is a multi millionaire monied Mormon with dozens of extremely wealthy backers. He is literally rolling in dough.

All of which begs the question - For what do you need the money?

Herman Cain seems to have asked that question and decided to answer it a little differently.

'You need the money to communicate with a couple of hundred million voters' has been the conventional wisdom. Mr Cain seems to have found a way to communicate which costs quite a bit less than the method used by Mr Romney because right now Mr Cain is caning Mr Romney in the polls.

Very interesting times.

Adolf will be delighted in 2012 if a Good Black Bastard with no money beats the arse of the Bad Black Bastard with all his dishonest millions.


Anonymous said...

Cain has no chance because he's a bigoted ass clown with a dodgy past and fundamentally silly ideas. Won't stop you predicting that he'll win. When you do you will seal his fate.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Anon 1:12

Jolly good of you to drop by, ignorant prick.

And your Black Arsed JackAss incumbent is NOT "a bigoted ass clown with a dodgy past and fundamentally silly ideas?"

Anonymous said...

Spent a couple of hours recently researching Herman Cain and I really like what I see. Great to see some commonsense.

Blue Coast

Anonymous said...

Did well at Aquila didn't he? I truly hope he wins the nomination and picks Bachmann has his running mate. That would be so great. Not as good as Palin running, but then she was only ever playing right wing fools for their money, so that was never really going to happen.

Blair said...

I would love to see a Cain / Rice ticket to make the Left, and especially Al Sharpton, really shit themselves.

The commentariat here in the States are still saying Cain has no chance, because people are really just waiting for Perry to sort himself out. I think this is wishful thinking on their part - people have seen Perry's soft stance on illegal immigration and rejected him, and nothing he can do will cause him to come back.

With Palin out, it really does have to be Cain - Romney would be "acceptable", but he's the John Kerry of the GOP. As long as Cain chooses a good VP (Rice, Petraeus, even Gingrich if he reregisters his voting address), he will be a fine nominee and will wipe the floor with the half-white dude currently in the Oval Office.

Blair said...

Oops, just checked where Gingrich lives - although, like Cain, he comes from Georgia, he currently lives in Virginia, which would allow Cain to put him on his ticket (VP nominees can't be from the same state)

Anonymous said...

Cain/Gingrich!!! Man there's some baggage. What a great idea! Gosh the GOP's in great shape.

Anonymous said...

"and tipped Einstein's theory of relativity on it's head."

That would be "its head" not "it's head".
Your version reads as "and tipped Einstein's theory of relativity on it is head" or "and tipped Einstein's theory of relativity on it has head."

Anonymous said...

Cain has shitloads of money.

Interestingly he slept through the civil rights movement the same way that Key slept through the Springbok tour.