Monday, October 24, 2011


To all the pundits who predicted a big score, "it was finals footy FFS".
My quiet confidence took a bit of a hit when Number 3 10 fell to the curse but one point was always enough at full time.
France have too much history of coming out for the "big" game.
Good result and a fitting send off for Brad Thorn for so many reasons, a true gladiator of the 21st century.
Very good effort from Craig Joubert, clearly the top whistle in World Rugby.


Tinman said...

GD, I agree with all except "finals" footie being responsible for the scoreline.

The Wellington contingent, Mr Smith excluded, choked particularly in the first half and as a consequence allowed France to regain momentum.

With an even competent halfback and second five, and a first five allowed to be a first five instead of just a fifteenth man NZ would have been 15 points better.

Anonymous said...

Tinman, you wouldn't know what choking is. This was simply a case of immense pressure from France, tired All Black legs from the hugely vigorous semifinal match. The fact that the team was determined and the defence was fantastic is a sure sign that they did not choke.

Get a life and enjoy the occasion.

pdm said...

Tinman I am with you but would add that I thought Smith did a good impression of the `Invisible Man' for most of the game. Hurricanes syndrome I call it.

Weepu again proved he is only about the 5 or 6 best halback (forget goal kicking) in NZ and Nonu once again folded under pressure - two penalties, two or three turnovers missed tackles including one on the try score. Some one I saw yesterday that he was `escorting' a French player down the side line at one stage.

I also thought the AB's got away with a fair bit off offside play in the midfield, particularly late in the first half.