Sunday, October 23, 2011


I continue to be surprised by the almost visceral hatred by Labour of those they perceive should be theirs as of right and how dare they exercise their independence by choosing to choose an alternative political home.

John Key. Born into an essentially one parent family and brought up in a State House by a mother who sacrificed much to ensure her family had the best possible start in life. Should be part of the traditional Labour demographic and so they can't figure out why he should turn his back on them and that frustrates them to hell. Add to that his business success and his ability to communicate with the electorate and Labour is reduced to having to send their President to Melbourne to dig up non existent dirt. No apologies given and I guess none expected given the state of the modern Labour Party.

Sir Peter Leitch aka The Mad Butcher. Traditional Labour working class bloke. I suspect he has voted Labour up until now. Dared to say something nice about John Key and then the heavens opened up by way of Labour MPs Darien Fenton and Louise Wall. 'Blacklist his shops' was the cry (never mind that he had sold them sometime previously). Stick pins in his effigy through to the more extreme 'hope he dies soon'. Real classy utterances not. My Labour voting Dad would turn in his grave if he was still alive.

John Banks. Love him or hate him and Labour hates him with a vengeance. With JB you see what you get and get what you see and perhaps that is the issue with Labour. Forget he dragged himself out of the gutter, forget the rags to riches bit. Labour can't abide 'black and white politicians' (ok, not PC but who cares) and far prefer the smarmy kind who are nothing and count for nothing but are right there in asking 'how high' when the Unions say jump.

Paula Bennett. Unwed teenage Mum who got herself an education and achieved. Living proof that handups beat handouts every time. That challenges the Labour mantra that the DPB is to be admired as a lifestyle option. It's not and PB figured that out early on in life. Labour are stuck in a timewarp that sees the DPB as a solution rather than a problem. More fool them and that is why NZ is richer for the Paula Bennetts of this world.

Tariana Turia. Ratana stalwart and Labour Cabinet Minister until she got sick of Labour's patronising attitude to Maori and walked. Unforgivable to a Labour Party true believer. They believe Maori are meant to be grateful for whatever scraps are thrown them and never mind the quality of those scraps. For decades Maori Labour Party MPs were voting fodder to be tolerated as long as they did their duty (to Labour). Turia challenged that mould and they despise her as an 'uncle/aunty Tom'.

Chris Finlayson. Hold on. Gay MPs are the preserve of Labour. Gay and Labour are like Gin and Tonic minus the effervescence. The idea that you can be both Tory and Gay just ain't natural in the great scheme of things so that allows Labour to be homophobic in their treatment of CF. The charge is lead by Mallard and Cosgrove (whom one suspects are homophobic themselves) but don't have the balls to challenge the all powerful Rainbow Wing of Labour who call the shots for them.

Freud could write a book on what makes Labour tick (or not).

For myself, brought up in a household where my Father was MJS Labour and my Mother a Tory (who kept it quiet), I subscribe to the old cliche that anyone who isn't a bit socialist at age 20 hasn't got a heart and anyone who isn't a Tory at age 40 hasn't got a brain.

I have been privileged to know some good Labour people in my time. Early on in my military career I was the military aide to the Hon Arthur Falkner, Minister of Defence and sometime President of the Labour Party. He was a straight up and down, no nonsense politician, who had served his country with distinction in WW2. I do not see him as having too much in common with the current Labour mob. Likewise, I am impressed with Kelvin Davis, Labour List MP from Kaitaia who will hopefully wrest Te Tai Tokerau from the racist Hone Harawiri. But past those two not too many more. The nasty streak prevalent in Labour tends to taint them all to some degree.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

I thought Sir Peter Tapsell was a pretty good bloke.

Know Your Grammar said...

Brought up- not bought up.

The Veteran said...

TY 'Know your Grammar' ... you're right of course and no excuse although I did stay up all night to watch the Black Caps vs Zimbabwe.

The thrust of my comments stand.

There is an inherent nastiness in the Labour Party camp.

Anonymous said...

Well expressed. I can't find fault in a syllable of what you have posted. I too have known some decent Labour people but they're dead now. Sir Basil Arthur, Trevor de Cleene and Norm Kirk (not personally) all were caring humans and all pre-dated the life-hating cynicism of the Clark gang with its excremental sense of entitlements and manipulations.


kevin said...

We got Tapsell to thank for Lotto... mind you I guess someone else would have cotoned on to the voluntary tax option which is soo popular.

kevin said...

Labour certainly isn't the same beast it used to be...

Anonymous said...

The conservative party looks interesting,im a floating voter, and dont wear any colours

Oswald Bastable said...

Terry Pratchett would write a better book than Freud.

It's more his sort of material.

Nick K said...

Well written Vet.

Finla McDonald chimed in on Radio NZ during the week suggesting Don Brash and John Banks drink each other's urine. What a chardonnay socialist wanker he is.

Anonymous said...

I had the "mis" fortune to come across David Lange a few times. Arrogant fat loud mouth slob - typically Labour

Redbaiter said...
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The Veteran said...

Yes, I should have included Sir Peter Tapsell on my list.

18 years ago when I was setting up the Ex-Vietnam Services Assn Children's & Grandchildren's Trust I wrote to Peter as Speaker of the House (we had previously worked together) and suggested that it would be great if he could organise a whip round of MPs to show their support for what we were trying to achieve.

His first response was that it was unprecedented for the Speaker to be involved in such an activity but he would give it a go. He went on to say I shouldn't hold my breath as in his experience MPs were continually bombarded with requests to dip into their pockets and were pretty hard nosed about this sort of thing.

A couple of weeks later I received a letter from Speaker Tapsell (which I still have) together with a VERY large cheque. He had gone out and twisted arms and broken legs or whatever Speakers do. Every MP bar one had fronted up.

The MP with short arms and deep pockets was one Michael Laws.

The Veteran said...

Redbaiter ... you are Red Carded from my blog. I view you with the same contempt as I do the Labour Nasties.

Both of you ... perfect bedfellows.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Red's rants can be amusing but never are they close to being considered, constructive or forward looking. He reminds me of an angry biting insect with about as much wisdom.