Thursday, October 20, 2011

Freedom Camping!

Following the lead of the "Occupy Wall St" brain fart, a group of the idle and disordily have followed like sheep and replicated the idea in Auckland's Aotea Square.

Recently our wonderfully talented legislature enacted draconian laws that they think will stop budget travelers shitting in the woods, or more disgustingly in iconic places in our country as they tour in panel vans and station wagons.
Those of us who travel a gypsy life exploring the highways and byways of our beautiful country as a lifestyle choice, know the rules will make stuff all difference to the backpacker style "tourists" who will be long gone from our shores before any serious sanction will be applied.
The new laws will only apply to those of us who have assetts and live here as citizens. The law basically ignores the lengths the responsible gypsys have gone to practically and financially removing the possible depositing of waste in any form, where we park. Our mantra is to only leave wheel marks.

Apparently the new rules do not apply to the occupiers of Aotea square as the local authority chooses to ignore what they are doing.
I can just imagine what would be the outcome if a bunch of NZ Motor Caravan Association members occupied a public space in a central city location without permission, would bring an immediate and draconian response.
How long will the grass in the square survive under the occupation , Cr George Wood was saying yesterday that a permanent communal dining/lounge area was under construction, building consented of course, yeah right.

It would appear that Len's mates are not really "freedom camping" they are "protesting"


Anonymous said... only leave wheel marks...
As opposed to skid marks?

Mort said...

why don't you organise a get together of your campervanned comrades and get them to park out on Victoria park or the domain or right on Aotea itself and then wait and see what happens.
why the hell would they need to construct any new buildings, there are already hundreds of eateries in the central city. If the misguided want to oppose capitalism, and support minority then they can choose the ethnic eateries, but my guess is they frequent maccas, kfc, buggeryourring...