Friday, October 14, 2011


A nineteen yo youth is in Middlemore Hosp with serious burns following the production of a naked flame for illuminating a legal petrol syphoning incident.

How did he get to that age without getting the simple message of naked flames and flammable vapour.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...


brian_smaller said...

I raised this at Kiwiblog GD this morning. I was having trouble finding any sympathy.

Redbaiter said...


I wouldn't have been looking for that among the gutteral grunting of the legion of left wingers, liberals and progressives who are drawn to David Farrar's endless socially liberal and pain in the arse queer obsessed crap.

Anonymous said...

Hands up anyone who never did anything stupid and a nano second before impact noticed time slow to allow full comprehension of the consequences imminent while, despite the slowing of time itself, being unable to prevent them. Its just a case of degrees.

Maybe cigarette packets, matches, lighters, candles, hot air guns, wleders, fireworks and hair dryers should warn of this?