Saturday, October 15, 2011

Can We Bank On The Wales?

I expect France will win but I'm going for Wales on account of they'll be easier to knock over in the final.

Wales 13 - France 6

Here's a secret picture of the team, in a huddle while they sing their national anthem before the game.

Now, wouldn't THAT be an upset?


Barnsley Bill said...

Ref just wrecked the game. Compare and contrast the Umaga attempted murder of O'Driscoll a few years ago. Not even close to being as bad.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. These refs are fucking awful.

Barnsley Bill said...

That was rubbish. Like watching Bruno fight Bugner.
Terrible example of northern rugby at it's worst.
Of course now that France have scraped through with a shocker they will probably come out next week and play like the foreign legion on P and spank whoever wins tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

I liked it because it was a cliff hanger. Wales lost but should have won while French defended like some other race. Welsh captain will be Mr Popular for the rest of his life. At this level one needs a cool head.

Keeping Stock said...

The ref had no alternative under the IRB's guidelines. If you invert a player the drop him; red card. If Warburton had hung on to Clerc and gone down with him, it wouldn't have been an issue.

The French were dreadful, but they kicked all their goals, and Wales squandered a potential 17 points. The wrong team won, for sure, but don't blame the referee.

Anonymous said...

The ref is the one who makes decisions on the field, not the fuckwits at the IRB. Refs are supposed to use judgement, this guy showed he didn't have any. He wrecked the game and made sure the wrong team won.

Having said that, Stephen Jones could actually play rugby Wales would have won. That guy is truly useless.

gravedodger said...

The offense was at the lower end of the scale, pun intended, Union just has to get to a "REPORT SYSTEM".
It would have been more than sufficient penalty for the player and Wales if Warburton had been sidelined for a final next Saturday.
How bad were those Frogs that Wales very nearly beat them with 14 men for the last hour.
With no serious injury IMHO a warning and a penalty would have dealt with it at that stage of the game.Agree with Barnsley the two man tackle on 'Driscoll was way above that "lift"

Keeping Stock said...

@ Anon; it's the IRB and Paddy O'Brien who direct referees as to how they control games. And it's the IRB and Paddy O'Brien who make the international appointments.

Professional referees are on a retainer, and a match payment. If you want to get the games, you play by the IRB's rules. That's why I regard the IRB as more culpable than Rolland; their "system" has come back to bite them on the arse.

Simon said...

Wales choked.