Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Call The Undertakers

The Antique Media has been besotted lately with the ructions going on within the Act Party. Many a prediction of the party's imminent death has been made.

Adolf is reminded of the many times one can recall families having grave concern for the health of an elderly member only to be shocked by the unexpected and sudden death of that person's spouse.

Perhaps, like the caring family members, the media has been so focused on Act that it has missed the impending death of Labour.

Here is a so called party which in the midst of a general election campaign finds itself with no money, no leader, no campaign launch, no campaign strategy, no party discipline, no credibility, no prospects and continued declining poll numbers.

Right now Labour's very much like a frail aged derelict in a hospice with all it's vital organs closing down.

Isn't it time for the few Labour people left to start making funeral arrangements prior to turning off the life support machine?


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

There will always be a place for Labour. They are presently paying the price of being gay liberal gay soft gay cocks under the thumb of Helen who, being a control freak, would not allow anyone to come up through the ranks who would challenge her. That serves them right but I note National haven't undone any of the social engineering stuff I hate. For me there is currently no choice worth the walk to the polling station.