Sunday, July 31, 2011


I am struck by the parallels that exist between Winston First and the (self appointed) Bishop Brian Tamaki.

Both are seen by their followers as new age Messiahs (although in Winston's case insert 'old' before 'new').

Both leaders disregard conventional norms.

Both require unquestioning obedience of their acolytes.

Both are a cult.

Both exhibit scant regard to financial ethics (one rorts the State; the other rorts its followers).

Both would sell their grandmothers to achieve/retain power.

Both are wedded to 'do as I say' rather than 'do as I do'.

Need I go on?

And sometime in the future (soon) both will disappear into the dustbin of history as their supporters realise the emperor is indeed stark bollocking naked.


pdm said...

Vet - one difference. Tamaki has not rorted the taxpayer for $158,000 to my knowledge - yet.

Sam Hill said...

I challenge you do debate NZ First's policies, which are a better alternative for this country than the pathetic ideas expressed by our current fools in parliament

Lou Taylor said...

Pay it again Sam

The Veteran said...

Sam ... dog whistle policies are no substitute for the real thing ... and do pray tell where the dosh to finance your 'first $10k tax free policy' is going to come from ... I guess paying back the $158k NZF rorted from the taxpayer might be a start, albeit a very small won.

Bottom line ... if Winston is the answer then it must have been a stupid question and at least National had the balls to say no way never to a sad chapter in NZ politics.

Anonymous said...

I think Sam is pretty right but Winston needs to go as his slippery personality is clouding policy debate. And there is the matter of the money...

gravedodger said...

WRP is coming apart at the seams, it seems.

peterg said...


Agreed on his better policies.

How much rorting of the public purse is going on behind the scenes without our knowledge?

$1000/week for Madame Shipwreck?

Government car and chauffeur to take Bill English to barber where he took up a mobility park?

Cars from the Parliament to take the mugs to the footy in the Cake tin?

At least Winnie walked!

Clark's donations to pave the way for the UN job?

Get off the grass.

The Veteran said...

peterg ... get offa the 'grass' ... some of us remember Lord Winston's refusal to hand his Ministerial self drive car back until two months after he lost at the polls and his being pinged for using his Ministerial Credit Card during that period also.

Fascinated that NZF sources were talking up 300 members attending their Auckland convention whereas the TV pan of the audience listening to Winston's keynote speech showed 60-70 'wrinklies'
crowded into a room the size of a small bar. A place no doubt where Winston is entirely at home.

Pay the money back you bastards and then, and only then, will I debate with you. In the meantime enjoy being irrelevant to the body politik.