Sunday, July 17, 2011

Two Fer

Two fer the price of one.

For a gorgeous put down of both Julia Gillard and the Canberra press corps, there's none better than this effort this morning from Peter Costello on The Bolt Report.

I'm going from memory here.

The background is a week in which Gillard (a) got ripped up by a passer by when she went on a street walk in Brisbane and (b) had a Channel 7 reporter ask her at the Press Club
'How would you like us to report what you do? How can we help you get your message across?'


Bolt: So how's Julia Gillard going so far?

Costello: Take it from an old pol, when you get done over on a street walk in Brisbane, you're politically dead.

Bolt: So, what is she to do?

Costello: It's instructive to note she went straight back to the only place she feels safe, the Canberra press Club.

Boom Boom

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