Monday, July 11, 2011

They Have Very Good Boats

In a minor gaffe of Dan Quayle like dimensions the PM has attributed some remarkable qualities to the boats being used by little brown cheats trying to get to NZ.

"Our very simple message to them is they are not welcome here," Mr Key said.

"It confirms what I've been saying for some time; it's only a matter of time before large vessels, steel-hulled vessels capable of navigating their way to New Zealand or Canberra or far away parts of the world, would try and make their way here, and it's vehemently possible that this boat was intending to do that.''

Canberra lies over a hundred kilometres from the nearest coastline.



Anonymous said...

Canberra is a fair metaphorical call as its where the greatest concerntration of troughers are so it atracts other would be troughers like a magnet attracts waste filings.

showmethetaxcut said...

So are you calling shit on the reporting or the slopiness of the PM's comments?

I think the gentleman made his point nonetheless. Northern Territory or WA - usually regarded as feasible. Eastern seaboard of Oz or NZ? Well maybe the day is coming.

David said...

Don't let dumb reporters get in the way of a good story Adolf. SMH reports the comments as "NZ or Canada". I have an inkling that JK knows the difference between Canada and Canberra being a well travelled man of the world.

Mort said...

The path ultimately leads to Canberra or Wellington, as these are the seats of power where the theft from the populace is propagated. You need to get in the ear of the thieves in order to be on the end of the lolly train. At least those who support you must bleat the loudest in order to get access to the beneficent rulers' gifts