Saturday, July 30, 2011

That was a Hiding

All Blacks 40 Boks 7.
Man of the match between 3 Hurricanes Jane, Nonu and Hoare.
Williams (Ali) much improved.
Weepu strangely distracted.
Sonny Bill Who?
Wyatt Crocket, keep that up and Woodcock will struggle.
Afoa, was that the briefest AB appearance ever?, bugger.
Was that Maa Nonu's best game in Black?
Was Carter off song or was that very difficult wind? Pity Steyn didn't get a chance to show us.
Do the ABs have the greatest depth in the professional era and we havn't got our top 20 in a rehab camp?
Was Skinstat on the money with his comparison of the AB structured game against two long range tries by the Wallabies a week ago?
Was that one of the better games by a northern hemisphere ref in recent times?
Was that one of the most consistent backline efforts in the face of 3 major reshuffles?


pdm said...

GD I can't agree with you re Ali Williams - I thought he was `the weakest link'. Also hard to see Nonu as a man of the match as I thought Carter had his best game in a couple of years at any level with the ball in hand.

Good game by Thompson who in hindsight should have been there last year as 8 back up. He has a huge work rate.

The `sulky' Jane certainly turned it on - is he the Jeremy Coney of NZ rugby - in that the bigger the game the better he goes. He was poor for the Hurricanes all year and it seems he is prone to throwing his toys out when he doesn't get his way.

I said over at Kepping Stock yesterday that I thought Woodcock would find it hard to get past Crockett and Ben Franks - that was reinforced last night. If Woodcock is to get back in it is probably Afoa who will have to go.

Roll on the Aussies next week.

Mort said...

Sonny Bill created a couple of breaks and did his job of drawing the man and presenting his outside backs with opportunity well.
Ali Williams played well.
Jane had a hard time of it in the Cane's this year due to the 'senior players' throwing their toys, and the division between coach and players that ensued. He didn't know where his loyalties were at. The ABs environment seems to have corrected that. He is still the best wing in the country, although on last night's preformance I would have to say that Gilford is pushing him. ZG's workrate was excellent.

My MOTM would be Wyatt Crockett. His scrummaging made the Boks look like Australians.
Carter's game was excellent if you ignore the kicking for goal.

Yes the ref did do a good job, there was a few calls that went the ABs way, as is the wont in home tests.

Anonymous said...

All this show pony game did was to provide South Africa with a training film of our future tatics.(I was good to watch though)

barry said...

Ah - come on. The AB's tries came from either weak tackles or no defense. The Ausies dont suffer from that weakness.
Yes Nonu was good - but being one of those of a paticular ethnicity (ie: a darky by Hdens category) then next week he might be good or awful - one never knows which game he brings to the field.

The performance of all these guys is best judged by when they are under pressure - and we know what the Hurricanes were liker under pressure - useless.

So - take your hand off yourself an get a grip on reality rather than that other thing youre grasping at the moment.....

Anonymous said...

I'm pleased the AB's won although I think they cheated on their line to deny the SB's a try. If they lose I gather lots of women get a hiding.

Its just a game.