Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Talent is Often Above Politics

Have recently been reading about the life of Erich von Manstein, possibly the greatest military leader of all those involved in WW 2. A brilliant tactical planner, a leader of forces, a very loyal German who was later utilised in the rebuild of the Bundeswher. One of the few of the OKW, with no known Nazi affiliations, to stand up to the ineptitude of Hitler,to the point that he was forced into retirement, and for that the Allies and the Russians should be very thankful.

That remarkable mans career was linked in my mind with the way many are now attacking David Cameron for employing the now seriously damaged ex senior manager of the Murdoch's destroyed Sunday Paper.
The man resigned for whatever reason, not apparent at the time and was picked up by Cameron for all the same reasons that had driven him to the senior position in what is, however you look at it, a major media arm.

Some people are born bad, some become bad and some stay honorable when it could be logically assumed they were bad by association. To pillory The British PM for employing the man of obvious talent who now is in a seriously tarnished place in media history, denotes to this simple old guy a distinct air of pack mentality by desperate wouldbe journos with very little of that talent visible in them.


JC said...

When this scandal first broke I was slightly puzzled as to the intensity of feeling it aroused.. I had thought all the British media did it.. witness the Tampax Charlie episode, the hounding of Diana to her death, Fergie's toe sucking incident and dozens more incidences of the paparazzi. I hardly think Murdock was behind all of this.

So now it seems to me that this is utu against Murdock because he played their dirty game better than they did.

The British public are deeply invested in this activity as well because they bought the papers and demanded more of the creepy stuff.. they too are turning on Murdoch with the same sense of hypocrisy.

A pox on them all.. they are a bunch of creeps.


Anonymous said...

Guess who said this?

"...Jewry is the middleman between the enemy in the rear and the remains of the Red Army and the Red leadership still fighting. More strongly than in Europe they hold all key positions of political leadership and administration, of trade and crafts and constitutes a cell for all unrest and possible uprisings.
The Jewish Bolshevik system must be wiped out once and for all and should never again be allowed to invade our European living space.
The German soldier has therefore not only the task of crushing the military potential of this system. He comes also as the bearer of a racial concept and as the avenger of all the cruelties which have been perpetrated on him and on the German people."
"The soldier must appreciate the necessity for the harsh punishment of Jewry, the spiritual bearer of the Bolshevik terror. This is also necessary in order to nip in the bud all uprisings which are mostly plotted by Jews..."

Von Manstein should have been handed over to the Soviets, who would have been in a better psoition to judge his guilt or otherwise.

gravedodger said...

That very same Russian dictatorship you suggest were the best qualified to judge E vM was the same ideologically driven megalomaniac led government that nearly allowed the Nazis to prevail by eliminating almost every senior Russian officer during the "purges" of the 30s and leaving the USSR so terribly exposed when Herr Hitler made his illadvised thrust into the East before he had finished Gt Britain. Had von Manstein and the professionals of the OKW prevailed, Europe and the Orient would be vastly different places today.

As to your vast knowledge of the Jewish influence that von M alluded to in his writings, that was widely held thinking by many of the political and military leaders of the time but IMHO there is precious little evidence that the Field Marshal had any truck or interest in the "final Solution". He was not even a Nazi.

ps it is not difficult to differentiate yourself from all the other members of the vast family who share the name you carry. It would make your appreciated response a lot more meaningful and should you desire to participate, more likely that we of the Blog will engage.

I thank you for taking the time to read the post but I was only using the E vM illustration as it leapt into my mind due to the timing alone. My main point was the baying for Cameron's Blood when he merely took the opportunity to use the guys ability and the whole Hacking thing was deeply buried.

Anonymous said...

If he was really as good as you say Hitler would have offered him the same solution he offered Rommel.

The best words on WW2 Germany I have read so far were by Guy Sajer who was French.