Monday, July 18, 2011

Surprise, surprise

Regular readers can probably guess I'm not a big fan of Family First. There is one thing I agree with them on, though: they said repeal of S59 would result in parents being harrassed by govt officials and even given criminal records for doing the job of parenting, and they were right.

Well, of course they were. It was blindingly obvious to everyone except the childless and the hand-wringing wet liberals that this would be the result. And the results have been as unpleasant as expected, as I discovered in posts from Lindsay Mitchell and Big News yesterday.

The posts refer to the Family First video embedded at Big News. Lindsay Mitchell also links to advice from multiple lawyers that if you're contacted by CYFS or the Police about incidents involving your children, you should say nothing. Answer no questions, keep your mouth shut except to warn them you'll say nothing without legal representation and to ask them to leave. This is of course always the best advice when talking to servants of government with whom you haven't initiated the conversation, but in this case we're talking about whether your children get to continue living with you or not, so it's not trivial.

When you look at the examples in the video, one thing becomes obvious. This is like the situation with collecting fines, in which Dept of Justice decided to concentrate on collecting unpaid fines from nice, middle class types who only had one fine because they'd be a softer target than the munters who'd built up thousands in unpaid fines and were quite likely to turn violent with people turning up at their door to urge them to pay. CYFS staff are going hard on nice parents who haven't come to Police attention before, because turning up at houses in the neighbourhoods where kids get beaten to death and asking those parents questions about their disciplinary habits could get your face smashed in.

CYFS staff are human beings and their behaviour is therefore to be expected. Politicians had a lot more freedom of action - they're the ones to hold to account for this.


Lindsay Mitchell said...

Thanks for the link. I have attended personally two cases that went to court in the Hutt Valley - one a travesty, the other possibly with more substance. But you have to sit through them to believe the process. And the vilification by the media is especially harrowing. We need to keep the heat on with this issue and like you PM, there are a number of positions Family First takes that I won't agree with but McCoskrie has done a sterling job in this area. In keeping the issue alive and supporting parents who fall foul of the new correctness.

Anonymous said...

The sooner we get binding referenda the better - it would stop this nonsense in its tracks.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Did you notice the way the headline writer portrayed the mother as the villain?

Nice. Really nice.

MacDoctor said...

Now that we have evidence that good parents are being prosecuted, can we expect that nice Mr. Key to stick to his word and review the repeal?

I feel a Tui ad coming on.

And a complete and utter lack of surprise...

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

I should damned well hope so!